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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • jsmithlvjsmithlv Posts: 1
    I'm new to the leasing world and wanted to get everyone's thoughts on whether or not this is a good deal or not. It's the only dealership in Nevada so I don't have a lot of options unless I travel to California. Just wanted to see what people thought. Please let me know.

    2013 G37 Sport Sedan; Upgrades include Technology Package, Premium Package, Navigation Package, and Interior Accent Package

    MSRP: $47,165

    Reduction Price: $43,372

    Gross Capitalized Cost: $45,386 (included maint. package)

    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $44,446

    Money Down: $1,500 which covered first month payment, title/registration, acquistion fee, document fee, etc.

    Residual Value: $28,299

    Miles: 10,000 per month

    Term: 39 months

    Montly Payment (including tax): $460
  • jamesbond15jamesbond15 Posts: 110
    Just got a G37 sedan with premium and navi package
    MSRP $42,600
    Selling price of around $37,100 or so
    $970 at signing (first month, dealer doc fee, dmv fee...)
    acquisition fee was capitalized into the lease
    10k miles/24 months
    Monthly payment of $355 (includes 9% CA tax)
  • The leases offered on the 2013 G37 sedan (and coupe) are really good right now, the 2014 Q50 is coming in a few months (replacing the G37) so dealers are getting a lot of support to move the G37's off the lot.

    When you say "new to leasing"......have you ever leased before? Couple things to keep in mind:
    Don't put a down payment on a can pay the "drive offs" which is usually 1st payment, tax, DOC fee, Bank Fee, etc.

    Second, don't forget you are "renting" this car for 39 months.......and returning it to the dealer. If you really wanted to buy it, you would NOT lease then buy.....its a losing scenario. you really need all those packages? If you cant live without them.....then go for it. When leasing, generally, you don't want a "loaded" vehicle. The "extras" don't residualize very good, that's where dealers try to steer you......cuz the payment will be higher.

    Have the dealer run the numbers on the 24 month special lease, see if your payments go down (I think they will) there is more support on the 24 month lease.

    Hope this helps
  • tonyrvdtonyrvd Posts: 5
    Hi carman,

    Is a good deal?

    2013 g37x with nav, sport, premium packages as well as illuminated kick plates, cargo net and mud guards.
    Msrp: 46,100
    Net cap cost: 39, 820
    24 months
    10 k miles
    71% residual
    Money factor: 00027
    Down: 2495- 495 is for a spoiler and 2 is for tax and fees or so I was told. 8.875% tax
    Monthly payment: 310

    I like the msrp for the residual value but I couldn't get the msrp myself from the infi website by building the same car. Also does 2k sound right for tax and fees? What do i pay tax on, the net cap cost or just my payments? What do you think?
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Posts: 85
    edited April 2013
    I came up with $45,825 (couldnt find the cargo net) is it a trunk organizer? Who knows.......anyways:

    The NET CAP COST looks great at $39,820
    71% residual would = $32,731 (on the $46,100 msrp)
    MF = .00027 (fantastic)......that's 0.65%.......almost interest free!

    Now, the rear spoiler does not you are paying $495 to use it for 2 years (you get no credit at turn in).......personally, I would skip it......its costing you $20/mo to rent that spoiler. Up to your preference.

    When I run the numbers........I come up with:
    $287.70 + $25.53 tax = $313.23/mo (but I didn't have exact specifics in what was in the $2,000 you are giving dealer)

    Just FYI........a $25,000 Honda Accord 4cyl would be roughly this payment for a lease. So, yes the deal looks pretty solid to me.
  • tonyrvdtonyrvd Posts: 5
    Thanks lasvegasrph,

    That's the part I wasn't sure about. The 2k is supposed to be the tax and bank fees etc. So does that mean that I should only be paying $287.70 since I am paying the tax up front?

  • I have a similar problem on a different car. The quote doesn't break out the elements in "Cap Reduction". I have told him that I'll pay specifically itemized fees upfront, but nothing for capital cost reduction. Still waiting. I just want to know exactly what I'm being charged. I just don't understand why this is so difficult to deliver.
  • Just something for the community to know, when you lease an infiniti try to get a cosigner who already has an infinti that way you can get 1000$ rebate towards your monthly payments on a 24 month lease its 41$ off the lease per month which is great. I got myself a G37x back in 2012 of july for that 18 month lease paying 247$ per month for 18 months with 480$ at signing I hassled the dealers big time lol. $480 was first month payment tax on the rebate plus transfer plates. I live in NYC so that said the promotions now that are out are great as well, do not let the dealers fool you.
  • atheosatheos Posts: 2
    G37X with Premium , Sports , Navigation , Spoiler and few other accessories

    MSRP : $46955
    Selling Price :$40650
    Residual : 70%
    MF : 0.00027
    Tax : 6.3%

    $399/Month and $1000 out of pocket for a 24 month lease @ 12000 miles / year
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi 1sty. There is $3,500 dealer cash on the 2013 G37 Sedan on units that are paid for with cash or financed through an independent bank. If you lease, there is a $2,000 cash incentive.

    Yes, I think that $500 over invoice minus any available incentives is a good selling price.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You certainly are a loyal G customer, radtrax. Infiniti Financial Services' April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 G37 Coupe IPL with an automatic transmission and 12,000 miles per year are .00011 and 63% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a '13 G37 Convertible IPL are .00071 and 64%.

    If you were to lease with only 10,000 miles per year, these cars' residual values would be 1% higher.

    There is a $1,000 cash incentive on leases of the Coupe, but nothing on leases of the Convertible.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jayellebee. I'm not personally familiar with the tax laws in Georgia, but looking at your description it sounds like you would just multiply 6.5% times the selling price and add that to your vehicle's capitalized cost before calculating your payment if you want to roll it in or just pay that amount at signing.

    You mentioned that you're trading in your CC. Make sure to have the dealer cut you a check for any equity that you have in it rather than using the proceeds as a down payment on your lease.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi ca_1. Infiniti is not providing lease support on 2012 models any longer. If you really want to lease a G Sedan, you would be better off going with a 2013 model.

    To be honest with you, incentives-wise the deals aren't that much better on the '12 Gs either. Dealers were paid our $4,000 dealer cash for any that they had left in inventory last month. There is $3,500 dealer cash on the '13 G37 Sedan right now. Unless dealers are selling '12 models for well below dealer invoice minus incentives, I personally would rather go with a '13 model.

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  • atheosatheos Posts: 2
    I forgot to add my question in the message....

    Is this a good price for the car ?

    Invoice is $43417

    So $2700 less than Invoice price
  • g37leaseg37lease Posts: 5
    edited April 2013
    Lease - G37X MSRp $39855
    Actual $35,355
    70% residual
    .00027 factor
    payment $349
    trade in covers drive offs and $800 cap cost
    total payment $311
    12k miles per year

    whatya think?
  • g37leaseg37lease Posts: 5
    Lease - 2013 G37X MSRP $39855
    Actual $35,355
    70% residual
    .00027 factor
    payment $349
    trade in covers drive offs and $800 cap cost
    total payment $311
    12k miles per year

    whatya think?
  • You will always have tax added to the monthly payment. So it will be $xxx.xx plus $xx.xx tax = $xxx.xx

    The $2,000 up front "usually" covers:
    Bank Fee (IFS charges this, non-negotiable)
    Dealer DOC Fee
    1st month payment plus tax on that payment
    Some "Cap Reduction" or
    Little Down Payment

    You can always do a "sign and drive" lease......rolling everything into lease. I normally do that when I lease......but $2,000 spread over 24 mo = $83.33 a month added to your payment PLUS tax.
  • Sounds solid to me!
    Or you can go lease a Toyota Camry for the same brainer, get the Infiniti while they are blowing them out!
  • tonyrvdtonyrvd Posts: 5
    Not sure about that bit. Why would they always add tax to the monthly payment? If I tell them I want to pay all the tax up front, that should be that.

    The dealership that I am working with managed to put the wrong spoiler on the car... I wanted a wing spoiler which they apparently no longer make so they just decided to add the lip spoiler. Guess I'll take it if it's free.
  • ca_1ca_1 Posts: 5
    Hello Car_man, thank you for the input. What if we were to buy? We are preapproved for the loan, the local '12 sedan comes in black on black with sport, nav, premium, mats. I just want to know what to expect as far as price. I will be dealing with a fleet manager and feel like I can get an amazing deal on the car due to the upcoming Q50 release and since there are all the 2013 Gs still around.
  • I am new to the lease world but am dead set on a g37. Where are you finding these incentives with 12k miles? I see tons of incentives for under 350 but only 10k miles. I need 12k.
  • g37leaseg37lease Posts: 5
    All of the leases I see are advertised with a $700 acquisition fee. Is this standard? Do dealers waive it?

  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,041
    No they do not, nor do they have the option to. It is required by Infiniti Finance.
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  • warbernwarbern Posts: 51
    I am interested in knowing the MF and residual on a 24 month lease with 10k miles and 12k miles for the G37 Journey Coupe. Also curious if anyone in the LA area has gotten incredible discounts off MSRP on one of these. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks!
  • g37leaseg37lease Posts: 5
    For my lease I asked the dealer for 12k. As I understand it, the residual changes by 1 percentage point for a 12k lease, so fo mine it was 70 percent instead of 71%
  • i2idiniowi2idiniow Posts: 5
    edited April 2013
    I currently have a 2010 G37 with 6 months left on 39mo lease, but received the following offer for early lease this a good offer?

    2013 G37 Journey with Premium
    10k miles
    MSRP 40,845
    sale price 36,000
    Cap cost reduction 1,268.29
    Adj cap cost 34,731.71
    Residual 24,098.55
    Depreciation 10,633,16
    Rent 1,055.34

    39 months @ $323.69 (includes 8% tax)

    Due on delivery is $3785.63 which includes previous lease balance of $1889.44 and $1000 rebate.

    Please advise. signing 2nd lease, just understanding the negotiating process of leasing.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,685
    You are paying almost $1900 to get out of your currrent lease early?

    I'd wait... the lease deal on the vehicle is decent, but you are paying $50/mo. more (well.. $1900 upfront, but you get the idea) because your current lease still has 6 months left..

    What is your current lease payment?


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  • Current payment is $323 after taxes.
  • jamesbond15jamesbond15 Posts: 110
    You are pretty much making a double payment for the first 6 months (you are paying $1,900 to get rid of the old car and you are paying a monthly payment for the new car). Why would you want to pay all that? I wouldn't. Tell them if they want the deal they need to just buy your old car out at its current buyout amount.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,685
    What he said... ;)


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