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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • rmusicrmusic Posts: 1
    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to the car leasing world. I've never bought (or leased) a car before. I just didn't need one throughout college because public transportation was outstanding. I'm really looking into the G37x coupe. We get a LOT of snow where I live, so AWD is required. Please don't rip this post apart - I just need some advice negotiating leases (I cannot afford to buy yet) with dealers. How did you get your monthly payments down? I know its naive, but I used the Infiniti website's lease calculator, and I'm getting payments upwards of $600/mo (g37x coupe, sports package, 12k miles). I'm looking into their 10k/yr $299/mo premium deal. I really want the sports package though. Any advice in negotiating with dealers? Again - I'm new to this, so be kind. Thanks!
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,041
    Start with learning out how leasing works. Then you will know you always ignore the advertised deals. is a place to start.
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  • Reading the leaseguide is a very good idea, but don't ignore the advertised deals. They indicate the willingness of the manufacturer to negotiate on leases and dealers' abilities to provide incentives. For example, I ignored the dealer from whom I eventually leased. Their selection on cars wasn't as good. Then they announced free nav. That's about a $45/mo. reduction. It made the difference. Just remember that lowest selling price is your goal. The other factors are pretty standard, but you still need to confirm MSRP, equipment, money factor, and residual value. Never know when they're slipping something by you. Finally get the Sport. Infiniti does a great job on this trim; car drives like a dream!
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,041
    I guess I should have said instead of ignoring the advertised deals, the advertised deals are the starting point, you can always do better. And for gosh sakes never put down the cap cost reduction that Infiniti always includes on their advertised deals.
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  • Love this forum! A ton of great info as always!

    Can I get the Residual and Money Factor for the 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe!

    24 Months / 10K miles


    39 Months / 10k miles

    Please let me know! Thanks!
  • sstoykosstoyko Posts: 10
    edited August 2013
    24 Months / 10k = 0.00017, 68%

    39 Months / 10k = 0.00074, 58%
  • EandOHEandOH Posts: 24
    2013 G37 Sedan Journey
    Silver Exterior
    Stone Interior
    Packages: Premium, Navigation, Sport
    Options: Splash Guards; Illuminated Kick Plates; Trunk Mat, Net & First Aid;

    Acquisition Fee $700
    Doc Fees $0

    Residual $29,791

    24-Month Lease w/ 10,000 miles/year
    Monthly Payment $375.00

    Total OTD= $375.00

    If you want to deal with quality sales people at a quality dealership, try Modern Infiniti in Greensboro, NC. This is my 3rd leased vehicle from them. They're a pleasure to do business with!
  • Looking at leasing a 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe

    Premium Package
    Navigation Package
    Sports Wheels
    Wood Trim

    Was quoted Dealer Invoice (roughly $200 above Edmunds Invoice) Minus $3500 lease cash and $1000 loyalty rebate.

    With me paying $1250 down plus taxes ($600 because of trade in) fees and first payment my monthly payment comes out to $324 a month.

    24 months / 10k miles per year.

    Is that good? Can I go under invoice on the coupe or is dealer invoice minus incentives a pretty good deal??

    What does everyone think? Thanks!
  • sstoykosstoyko Posts: 10
    edited August 2013
    This seems like a pretty fair deal to me.

    2013 G37 Coupe, Premium, Navigation, Kick Plates

    MSRP: $47,155

    Negotiated Price: $39,333

    (No trade in, so no where to move money around)
  • ^^Which incentives went into that price??
  • sstoykosstoyko Posts: 10
    IFS Lease Dealer Cash - $2,500
    Sell Down Dealer Cash - $1,000
  • Seems like a great price. Looking at Edmunds invoice that's about $1100 below invoice before the $3500 in incentives. Solid!
  • What was the interest rate, MSRP, and selling price?
  • Just signed for a Moonlight White/Stone 2013 G37 Journey Sedan for below invoice.

    Illuminated Kick Plates
    Carpeted Trunk Mat, Trunk Net and First-aid Kit

    24 month/ 10,000 miles

    MSRP $40,625
    Sales Price: $37,000
    Acquisition cost: $700
    Total Gross Cap Cost: $37,700
    MF: .00021
    Residual: 73%
    Tax: 8%
    Payment $376.34 including tax
    Total OTD: $860.68 including 1st month payment, title, license, & government fee of $8.75

    I also called another dealership to see if they had any with the sport package and they matched most of this offer for an AWD with same options for $382 payment, $832 drive off, but won't give any more specific details. Not interested in AWD, so I didn't care, but thought others on here might so I'm posting it anyway.
  • Does this quote seem high? This is for 12k miles a year 24 month lease.

    Capitalized Cost...... 37,269.61 Pro-Rata.............. 0.00
    Total A.M.O.'s........ 0.00 Cap. Reduction........ 161.65
    Service Cont.......... 0.00 Doc Fee............... 45.00
    Bank Fee.............. 700.00 Tax................... 18.60
    Total Cap............. 37,969.61 License / Smog Abate.. 368.00
    Cap Reduction......... 161.65 Gov. Fees............. 8.75
    Net Cap............... 37,807.96 Advance Pmts.......... 398.00
    Residual....72.00% ... 29,383.20 Security Deposit...... 0.00
    Total Depreciation.... 8,424.76 Total Drive Off....... 1,000.00
    Less Net Trade........ 0.00
    Depreciation.......... 351.03 Less Rebates.......... 1,000.00
    Rent.................. 14.11
    Cash Due on Delivery.. 0.00
    Subtotal.............. 365.14
    Tax................... 32.86 Rate.................. 0.00021
    Monthly Payment....... 398.00 Term.................. 24
  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 175
    edited August 2013
    Backing into his numbers with the listed options shows he got a 73% residual on a $40,810 MSRP. I believe the August buy rate MF is 0.00021. Can't tell his sale price without knowing the fees and taxes that were also capitalized unfortunately.
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    2013 G37xS Sedan

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  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 175
    The poster before you got a sale price of $37K on the same car minus the splash guards ($185 option), so there should be some room to go down on your sale price. Target $37K or less.

    Instead of applying the rebate towards cap reduction, make two security deposits to drop the MF to 0.00001, which is essentially no interest. That drops your monthly rent from $14 to less than $1 per month. Of course, that does mean that you will have a small drive off to pay, but you get back $800 at the end of your lease, which should be less than your actual drive-off, while saving you over $300 in interest over two years.

    Also, looks like they're taxing the doc fee, so you might as well capitalize that.

    With those small changes, your deal would look like this:

    Cap Cost (sale price): $37,000
    Bank Fee: $700
    Doc Fee: $45
    Total Cap: $37,745
    Cap Reduction: $0
    Net Cap: $37,745
    Residual....72.00% ... 29,383.20
    Total Depreciation: $8,361.80

    Depreciation: $348.41
    Rent: $0.67
    Subtotal: $349.08
    Tax: $31.42 Rate: 0.00001
    Monthly Payment: $380.50

    License: ~$360
    Gov fees: $8.75
    First Month: $380.50
    Security Deposit: $800
    Total Drive Off: $1,549.25
    Rebates: ($1,000)
    Cash Due: $549.25

    $800 refundable deposit at lease end

    Propose this at the end of the month letting them know that you'll sign right away if they agree and see what they say. If this was their opening offer to you, then they should not have a problem dropping the price by a couple hundred.
    2010 G37S Sedan
    2013 G37xS Sedan

    2014 QX60
    2015 Q40 Sedan
    2016 QX60
  • Thanks for the help guys! This would be my 4th Infiniti and the Edmunds community has always helped me get the most car for my money!!
  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 175
    Look at posts #7865 & 7872. Same exact car as yours and sales prices at $36,000 & $36,300. That should be the ceiling of what you should be willing to pay for your car.
    2010 G37S Sedan
    2013 G37xS Sedan

    2014 QX60
    2015 Q40 Sedan
    2016 QX60
  • lola225lola225 Posts: 20
    2013 Infiniti G37 AWD Sedan with Premium
    Illuminated Kick Plates, Splashguards, Trunk Mat/Cargo Net & First Aid Kit

    MSRP: $38,310

    Sell: $35,171
    Acquisition Fee: $700
    Wheel Locks: $99
    Total Gross Capitalized Cost: $35,970

    MF: .00038
    RV: 74%
    Term: 24 / 10K
    Zero down

    Due at Signing: $1,125 (includes first month pmt of $342 + sales tax paid in advance $605 + registration $85 + $92 misc fees such as tire fee etc. Don't feel like typing them out :))

    Monthly Payment: $342
  • Anyone know of a dealer in the northeast with a sedan AWD sport model in stock?
  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 175
    You didn't get the $1,000 IFS lease rebate?
    2010 G37S Sedan
    2013 G37xS Sedan

    2014 QX60
    2015 Q40 Sedan
    2016 QX60
  • lola225lola225 Posts: 20
    hi jkipster,
    I wasn't aware of the $1,000 IFS lease rebate and the dealer didn't mention it. I put a deposit on the car but haven't signed the lease agreement yet. Do you think I can still negotiate the lease rebate? The dealer might just say they already factored that in to the price?

    I have to pick up the vehicle by end of the month so I'm down to the wire! Your advice is appreciated!
  • jkipsterjkipster Los AngelesPosts: 175
    They must be applying it as a cap reduction so your true sale price is $36K. That is $500 above invoice. I think most of the recent posted sales have been below invoice. But since you have already paid a deposit I don't know how much leverage you have.

    You could say that you knew all along about the rebate and that you just thought that it would offset your drive off of $1,125 and that you would only have a cash due of $125? See what they say to that.
    2010 G37S Sedan
    2013 G37xS Sedan

    2014 QX60
    2015 Q40 Sedan
    2016 QX60
  • gryangryan Posts: 35
    What state are you in???I think you will be able to just the deposit back and or negotiate again, most states let you review the lease for a day and you have not been able to do that
  • After some negotiation, below is what dealer offered me. I am in State of Pennsylvannia.

    G37 AWD Premium package (does not include navigation)
    24 months, 12,000 miles
    Initial payment including first month payment, including tax and everything 2799

    Per month payment 299.99

    He has not shared other details like listed price etc. Please let me know, if this is a good deal. If not what should I aim at.

    Thanks and best regards

  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,041
    You can't tell if a lease deal is good or not unless you have the selling price. Not the list (MSRP), the actual selling price.

    I can tell you that putting down $2800 on a lease is a real bad idea. The interest rates are near zero on Infiniti leases right now, roll everything into the lease and drive off with as close to zero as possible
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    2007 G35 Sedan
    2008 G37 Sedan
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    2017 Q60 3.0t RWD - Majestic White/Graphite - Premium Plus, Driver's Assist, Leather, Illuminated Kick Plates
  • sulabhssulabhs Posts: 8
    Thanks Kingpcgeek. I will ask the dealer to revise the offer by bringing down the down to first month payment.

    G37, AWD, premium package

    MSMRP- 37555
    sales price- 34320
    Residual- 27415
    term- 24 months, 12 K miles

    Monthly- 294 (dealer reduced further 5 use)
    down- 2699 (this includes everything+ plus first month payment). I will talk to dealer on Monday to reduce this to first month payment.

    Please advise, if this is looking ok or not.
  • If you finance $2K of that drive off, your payment should be about $354. That's an ok deal on this car. I guess the lower residual now is raising the cost enough to offset the lower sales price and interest rate. Make sure the interest rate is correct (check the figures in previous posts), and make him itemize all the fees. You may be paying for some capital reduction.
  • Dear jkipster,

    I am looking to structure a deal just like your suggestion to mrbaseball using the rebates as multiple security dep. I actually sent an offer exactly like it for the same car (msrp $40, 810) at $36k sell price and was mostly accepted by the dealer. I went for a test drive and the car was great except not in a color combo I can live with. The new option is a 2wd Journey/prem/nav/wheel/trim package. MSRP is $39,760. Can you help structure a deal like the above for presentation to the dealer. I'm thinking of a sell price of around $35k. Thanks for your help as I need to pull the trigger ASAP.
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