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Infiniti M37 M56 Lease Questions



  • M.S.R.P. of $52,875.00 which includes the premium package - leased for 12k miles per year and 39 months. Got $578.00 per month with $1,448.00 due at signing and it included my transfer of plates. Car is awesome!
  • lsnhclsnhc Posts: 11
    I have recently become aware of several leasing companies in NY that seem to be offering substantially better leases than the dealers. Several have the M37X Premium w/nav for 529 - 539/mo with zero cap cost reduction, 39 mo lease/10k per year.

    I have no knowledge as to the authenticity of these offers nor the credibility of these companies, but obviously, with numbers like these, they bear looking in to. Several have websites touting these numbers.
  • Hello

    I just returned from Kings Infiniti in Brooklyn, NY and wanted to know if either of these deals are worth it. I was told the residual is 58% and money factor 1.18

    39 month lease
    10k miles per year

    Premium package :
    msrp: 52975
    invoice: 48821
    selling price : 47626
    monthly payment: 499
    bank fee : 595
    1st month: 499
    ny taxes (8.675%): 1688.25
    total out of pocket w zero down payment: 2782.25 + DMV

    premium & technology package
    msrp: 55985
    invoice: 51428
    selling: 50337
    monthly payment: 529
    bank fee: 596
    first month: 529
    taxes ny (8.675%): 1789.74
    total out of pocket with no down payment: 2913.74 + DMV

  • Your numbers don't jive based on your calculations... With an M.S.R.P. of $52,975 and selling price of $47,626 your payment should be $525.80 with $2,993.54 due at signing ($525.80 first month, $595.00 bank fee, $1,872.74 taxes) + plates. Your residual and money factor are correct. If your being offered that deal then take it... Btw, NYC tax is now 8.875%. This is a great website that taught me about car buying - - I enjoyed it so much, I now help others as a hobby!
  • In Texas, Infiniti just announced they will provide sales tax credits from now till the end of the year (1/3/11 to be exact). So, instead of paying 6.25% sales tax, you will only have to pay 1.25% L&M fee - your net saving is around $2000 or $60/month or so.... :)
  • pedro45pedro45 PhiladelphiaPosts: 17
    Would that only benefit people buying or leasing who reside in Texas?
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  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    hello sewellgsm
    this sounds like a great deal
    are you able to negotiate the price DOWN from mrsp with this deal?
    can you get this deal w/ buying instead of leasing?
    do you folks have any manager's specials left on models m37 with ~ 4 or 5K miles?
  • bklynt525,

    There is no such thing as a money factor of 1.18. Money factors are expressed with the sytax 0.00XXX. Also, based on your numbers, I've eliminated the possibility of a 1.18. interest rate. Besides, IFS, and most banks, use money factors. You probably meant 0.00118.

    I examined the first lease scenario listed. Assuming a 0.00118 money factor and no cap reduction, the gross and adjusted cap amount to 49,074.56. This is 1,448.56 more than the 47,626 sell price suggesting that you're capitalizing 1,448.56. NY dealers typically charge a dealer doc fee of $75 which hardly puts a dent in this amount. Are you financing (i.e., capitalizing) negative equity?

    The tax calculation is correct...

    8.675% x 39 x 499 = 1,688.25 if you're paying ther tax upfront as you've indicated.

    The second scenario produces a result that is significantly different from the first to the extent that there is a cap reduction of $1,000 (assuming no capitalized amounts) as the adjusted cap amounts to 49,337.46. And so, there seems to be some inconsistence between the first and the second scenario. I find this to be decidedly peculiar.

  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Car man, can you please let me know the money factor and residuals for M37 base
    for 24 and 36 months at 12,000 miles a year when available. Thanks for your help.
  • pedro45pedro45 PhiladelphiaPosts: 17
    Car Man...I realize this may not be out for a couple of days...can I have December MF and residual for RWD and AWD M37 for 36 and 42 months with 12k miles per year? Thank you.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Thanks car man for the lease figures on the M37. I was able to view your post prior to it disappearing. Updating servers is always a challenge as it never goes as easy as it should be.
  • Hi mlevine. Infiniti Financial Services' December buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2011 M37 Base with 12,000 miles per year are .00099 and 66%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00114 and 58%.

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  • Hey, I just answered it for you again, mlevine. Oh well. Yeah, I think that we lost a few posts during the transition to the new site.

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  • Looking at a 2011 M37x with premium, deluxe touring, splash, and cargo...MSRP approx price 49771. With $0 money down, and all PA taxes/acq fees rolled into the lease =
    643/month for 39 months 10k.
    659/month for 39 months 12k
    662/month for 36 months 10k
    680/month for 36 months 12k

    What say you all?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    edited December 2010
    680/month for 36 months 12k

    The 36 months 12k number of 680 does not add up based on Car_man's info (58% residual and money factor 0.00114). I ran the number through a lease calculator and put $1000 additional cost to cover the acquisition fee and document fee and come up with $590 without the tax (I don't know the tax rate in your area).. But unless you have tax rate of 15%+, your dealer probably inflat the money factor or fee to recoup the steep discount he gives you... It is still an excellent deal, just not the one you think you get... Also look into the using mulitple deposit to reduce your money factor (for Infitini you can do 9 deposit, and each additional deposit will bring down the money factor by 0.0001..It can add up to pretty good saving. The $680 monthly payment probably go down to $600 a month but you have to put up $6300 deposit).. Good luck.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    Trying to get leasing numbers on the M37 has been a challenge. Told the sales person the residual and money factor on a 24 month and 12K per year. I wanted a cap cost with all fees(legitimate and nonsense fees), but given a cap cost of 45,000. Upfront fees had 1st month, acquisition fee, dealer fee, and bank fee. Motor vehicle fee was extra unknown entity. Presented numbers was not able to get a straight answer about lease payment and down payment. If I went down to the dealership, then they would work out the deal in details. You know what happens at the dealer, they try to double or triple team you.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Car_man, what is the MF and residual of M56 with delux touring package in ca for 36 months 12k mi per year?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    You know what happens at the dealer, they try to double or triple team you.

    Do you have other dealers in the area? If the first dealer does not want to play ball and provide you with all the answer, why not go to the other one.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 349
    edited December 2010
    There is a dealer closer to me that pulled nonsense when we were going to purchase a QX56 3 years ago. In the finance department an extra $799 was added to the price. They said this is not negotiable and dangled my trade in keys in front of me. I took both sets of keys and walked out. The current dealer is further from the house, but I purchased the QX56 from them. As a regular customer one would think they would go out of there way. I suspect a big turnover in personal, hence no loyalty. I still may go back to this current dealer as my wife wants to upgrade to the new QX56.
    By the way I went with a MB E350 as the 2 year lease deal was very good and better than the 2 year M37 lease deal.
  • Hey topgun7. Here's the info that you're looking for. Infiniti Financial Services' December buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 M56 2WD with 12,000 miles per year are .00154 and 56%, respectively.

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  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Thanks Car_man..Do you (or anyone in this forum) know if Infiniti has $1000 roylaty rebate for current Infiniti car onwer? I read somewhere that they have the rebate but it is not listed in Edmund rebate section... Trying to close a deal in the last week of december .. will see how it go..
  • Bought/leased last week. Upgrading from G35x. $1000 Loyalty rebate was used in the deal. Closed the 13th, I think. Should be on for end of month. Good luck.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    edited December 2010
    Picked up our 11 M37, Platinum Graphite with Stone interior from Infiniti of Elk Grove (about 1 1/2 hours outside of San Francisco) tonight. It has Premium/Deluxe Touring/Technology/Splash guard/kick plate/trunk mat for an MSRP of 58235 (invoice 53167). The sales price for the car is 51833. Cap cost is 51833 + 595 acquisition fee + 45 document fee=52473. MF is 0.00024 (0.00114 - 9 deposit), 58% residual, monthly payment of 540.05 + 49.95 tax = 590. It is a 36 months 12k mi per year lease.

    Drive off is 590 first payment + 6100 deposit + 684 registration fee + 29 DMV electronic fee + 8.75 Cal tire fee - 1000 royalty rebate = 6411.75

    This is our 2nd infiniti from Elk Grove in the last 3 months. We leased a 10 G37 coupe when Infiniti has plenty of dealer cash back in Sept... We have very pleasant experience with the sales staff in bot occasion. So I don't have any problem recommending the dealership if one is in the S.F. bay area. Car_man, thanks for all your help... It make negotiation a lot easier...
  • deekmddeekmd Posts: 12

    Trying to decide on whether or not to do this deal-
    M37 perm package only
    39m for 15k per year
    4000 out of pocket for drive offs and msd
    1000 loyalty
    Paying last 2 months of current m35 lease at 587/m
    Cap cost is invoice (47140.00) plus the bank fee (595.00). The residual for 39 months is 55% (28198.50). The money factor is .00122.

    Does this make sense?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    edited January 2011
    Cap cost is invoice (47140.00) plus the bank fee (595.00). The residual for 39 months is 55% (28198.50). The money factor is .00122.

    I guess my question is why do a 39 month lease? You are going to pay for the 4th year of registration and the residual will be 1% more with 36 months. You didn't mention the monthly payment and whether it include sales tax, so it is hard to say if it is good or bad. But it looks like dealer pad the money factor. It should be 0.00114 (at least the 36 months lease has 0.00114 if 39 months has higher MF, why 39 months?) and if you pay any MSD at all (and you didnot mention how many MSD), it should not be 0.00122.. Each MSD should reduce the money factor by 0.0001

    When a dealer take over a leased car, the dealre is not making the payment on your behalf. They will payoff you car and sell it in their used car lot. You can make the trade in and new car purchase/lease two separate deals by taking your car to multiple infiniti dealer to find the best deal first and then shop for the best deal for new car. Chance are the dealer offer you the best price for you existing car is not the same dealer that offer you the best deal on new car. We sold our 08 LS460 with one year of lease left to a Lexus dealer before we leased our M37 a week or so ago. My wife handle the selling of the Lexus and she called 7 Lexus delear around our area and took the car to two dealers and the highest bidder pay off the car without us contributing anything. It took her about 6 hours or so (the calling part is not very time consuming.. Going into the dealer and have the used car manager check the car out take a while). Good luck..
  • I am trying to determine if the following is a good deal on a M37 lease. I do not think the money factor is correct.

    M37 premium package
    39m for 15k per year + 10k per year (25k total per year)
    3530 out of pocket
    1467 min drive off
    1000 loyalty

    Net Cap cost is 44105.00. The residual for 39 months is 59% (26029.25). The money factor is .001180.
  • Is someone out there available to provide feedback on the lease arrangement I am currently considering?

  • Car_man

    May I have January MF and residual for AWD M37 for 36 and 39 months with 15k miles/year and 25k miles/year?

    Thanks for your assistance.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    This is what I get from another forum..We probably need Car_man to confirm this.. But it looks like the MF is better than Dec...

    36month | 15k miles | residual 55% | .00054 base money factor

    36month | 15k miles | residual 53% | .00124 base money factor
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