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2013 and earlier Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I'm glad that you like this forum so much, a2_m3. Ally's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are 0.38% and 48%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease with only 12,000 miles per year are 0.38% and 50%.

    I haven't seen the US Bank program lately, so I'll have to ask around for that one for you.

    I believe that Chrysler is providing a $1,000 cash incentive on leases of this truck through US Bank right now, but nothing on leases through Ally.

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  • dzl70dzl70 Posts: 1
    Good Afternoon,
    Wanted to know your opinion on a lease that was being offered me here in NJ. It's for a 2011 jeep grand cherokee with 26x package. They offered
    2499 down 3 years 12 miles a year @ 479 a month. I am returning my end lease vehicle which is a 2008 jeep liberty which has 2 more payments of 279
    left which they are taking care of and not including in the deal....This seems a little high to me considering what other people on here are paying. What's your opinion? do you think i can push more to get a lower monthly payment or does that sound right. the MSRP on the new vehicle is about $38,000. Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 61
    Hey dzl, in a year or two from now these Cherokees will be leasing for a lot cheaper than now. They are new and the dealerships want to see what people will pay they want $600 and $700 for the limited and overland but only fools or people with a lot of money are paying that much. My advise is for the time being and unless you wanna wait a while is to lease a demo, look for one with low miles mine is a demo limited $44000 Msrp I got them down to $35500 and my payment is $509 monthly 2000 out of pocket and $19300 to buyout after lease which is awesome. I understand people don't like to have any miles on a new car but big deal its a rental. Good luck
  • miquelnymiquelny Posts: 6
    You are so right! The prices the dealers want for the new GC are absolutely ridiculous . Just 2 - 3 yrs ago these cars were sold with 25 % discount no problem. Now I have been offering like 15% off the MSRP and dealers are not even contacting me, like my offer is too far off... I am looking to lease this car in next 30 days, I appreciate any info you are posting here.
    Thanks and good luck!
  • cbarrscbarrs Posts: 12
    Hi Car Man,

    Could you post May rates for 36 month/10K miles, Laredo/laredo x trim?

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,314
    You can't compare Grand Cherokee prices (or any car that matter) to that of 2-3 years ago. The current 2011 redesign was announced back in what, 2008 or 2009? The old body stlye Grand Cherokee was literally a dead duck for the past 2-3 years. Anybody could pretty much walk into a dealership and get one for between $8,000 & $10,000 off MSRP without even trying.

    You can't expect that kind of discount on a brand new redesign in it's 1st model year. I'm not saying you should pay full boat MSRP, but there are NO factory to dealer incentives (cash back).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • karchkarch Posts: 45

    Can you please provide residual and money factor (or interest rate) for a Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2, V8, 3 yr/36K mile lease?

    I think I am finally about to close on a vehicle.

    Thank you.
  • jabberjabber Posts: 57
    Car Man,

    Can you post the money factors, residuals, acquisition and disposition fees on both the Laredo and Limited for 36 months @ 15K miles?

  • soupstarsoupstar Posts: 6
    Looking to lease a 2011 Overland (non-summit model) and wondering what the MF, Residual and any incentives there are for 36mos/10K in May. Also, are prices dipping below invoice these days? Thanks.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    I was told today the lease interest rate is 0.15%, with a residual of 49%, on a 3yr/36K lease of a Laredo.

    May sign papers in the next day or so.
  • dewarsandsodadewarsandsoda Posts: 159
    I got a 4x4 V6 limited for $700 under invoice, and the same dealer offered me $500 under invoice on an Overland. This was unprecipitated with no negotiation.

    The dealer also noted that there was $1000 loyalty rebate as well as $1000 Conquest rebate. The latter was offered to individuals who currently owned an SUV, manufactured by a competitor. It was not necessary to trade in said SUV.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    $1000 for conquest? First I've heard of it. They wanted me to have another leased vehicle.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    Just checked, it is only valid if you are currently leasing a competitive brand, not owning one (like me).
  • wmor888wmor888 Posts: 7
    The dealer today offered me the following deal on a 2011 JGC that was the owners car and has 3k miles on it. I would not be penalized on the miles.
    39 months
    10k miles per year
    $3500 total due at signing.
    $359 a month all in (including tax, etc.)

    They told me I am only getting such a good deal because they want to move the car and it has 3k miles already on it. Is this a deal that I should jump on? The color is the dark blue which I like but is not my favorite. Willing to live with it though if I am getting a great deal on it.

    Can anyone offer some advice on whether I should do the deal?
  • wmor888wmor888 Posts: 7
    ...forgot to is a base model - cloth seats, no sunroof. It does have the convenience package which gets me bluetooth, garage opener, remote start, etc.
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    I just paid $2000 total drive off (I don't believe in cap reduction, but I did $900 anyways).
    MSRP was $38425, payments are $476, DMV around $440, doc fees (around $55), etc.

    3yr/36K miles.
    It's a Laredo X, nav, tow, 5.7L, and sunroof.
  • GC Laredo X Pkg
    $3500 out of pocket plus DMV fees
    $430/ month

    Is this a good deal?
    If I don't get the x pkg then it's about $100 less a month.
    Should I ask for a better deal or ask for nav and sunroof for a bit more?
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    Since you didn't offer any information on the MSRP, you will need to look back through the posts to gauge whether it's a good deal or not.

    If I were to answer honestly, I would say probably not, but then again, if it's over $40K msrp, then perhaps it is a good deal.

    Also, how much is the tax for your area, and how is your credit?

    You really should try to do the math before committing to the lease, and make sure you are comfortable with the terms, as well as the agreed upon price.

    You can use what myself and others have posted here, or Edmunds, TrueCar, and other websites to gauge the market price of the vehicle you are looking at, with adjustments for specific options and local markets.

    Good luck. So far, I do like the Grand Cherokee, though I have only driven it a couple of times (wife's car).
  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    Not a good deal. I just leased a grand cherokee x package, blueberry pearl. payment with no money down 424/month. I added my state taxed to lease and that brought payment up to 487. I did not put anything down. also note there is no lease end dispostion fee. You can do better.
  • I'm in NY so the tax came out to about 1600
    Credit is very good over 740
    They didn't bother to offer me the msrp. I emailed my salesman for some more info.
  • Which dealer was this? I'm in NY. If you can please email be the breakdown that would be great!
  • karchkarch Posts: 45
    Not sure about NY, but here, in L.A., I have to pay 9.75% on the monthly payment on a lease, or the same rate on the entire purchase price (trade-in's don't factor in at all on the tax burden), which is one factor in why I leased.

    Mine was over $38.4K MSRP, and I shelled out $1500 and $432/mo, plus the 9.75%, so I think you are probably not getting the best pricing out there.

    That being said, there is increased sales for the dealerships, especially here in CA, because of the tragedies in Japan.

    The dealers are seeing people unable to buy many of the Japanese brands, either built in USA or Asia, due to lack of parts, not to mention some black pigments (so black may be hard to get), and I also heard some LCD screens, so NAV may be tougher to get soon (not sure, but perhaps).

    I worked very hard to get the deal I got, as I was told no black interior (wife), and I would say close to 90% of the Laredo X's have black interior.

    Also, hemi's probably makeup only about 20%, and for some reason, many of the X's don't have NAV.

    Good luck with it all. By the way, it helps to search yourself for the dealers in the area with the right GC, because even though your local dealer will make a dealer trade for you for the one you want, they will be less likely to do if for less profit.

    Also, a lower VIN number usually means it's been on the lot longer, so you may have more room to negotiate with one that's a bit 'stale".
  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    I recieved the same price quote from 2 dealers. merrick dodge and westbury jeep. I used Ally bank (which is chrysler bank), not bank of america. Bank of America has a $400 disposition fee. Vehicle was offered at $34900 and then $1000 competitor rebate.

    I bought from merrick dodge, they tried to change lease details on pick up. I waited 2 hours until they re-did lease. Be careful. I would recommend trying westbuty jeep b/c of this problem I had with merrick dodge. I notified Jeep about what the dealer tried to do.
  • litlinlitlin Posts: 11
    what does residuals mean for leasing, and all that stuff.

    I got email that this week in smithtown, they are having a 3 day sale. 250 for new 2011 jeep grand cherokee laredo for 48 months. We want to lease, this sounds like a good deal. Is this a good deal?

    what should I watch out for?

  • brizzlebrizzle Posts: 7
    I just closed a lease on a 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited MSRP $39955 39 mo 12000 miles include maint., free rental, and a full warranty for 39 mo . $2000 top and $506 tax in. u just have to shop around and be willing to walk if they don't give u what u want. I have not seen a deal that good yet on this site. I will never buy another car without checking this site . Anyone get a deal close to this???
  • andy2812andy2812 Posts: 68
    Hi Car_man

    Can you please tell me the lease rates for a Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4X4, 26E Package, for both 36 months and 39 months with 12,000 miles a year.

  • My dealer said to add the x pkg with nav and sunroof it is 100 more a month compared to the base 4X4 laredo. is this worth it? monthly payments with everything is $430 with $3500 due at signing (tax, first month, misc, bank, dmv fees).

    the lease is 12k/yr 39 months.
    with everything staying the same including the due at signing what should be the realistic monthly payments? just the standard 4X4 laredo is costing me $100 less a month.
  • venusfanvenusfan Posts: 4
    Got an offer today at a dealership in New York. 2011 JGC Laredo X package with sunroof. MSRP 37380. Owed $9000 on a '05 and these are the terms.

    Trade payed off, $2500 down, $469 a month, 39 months, 10K year.

    Is this a good deal?
  • tywebb1973tywebb1973 Posts: 77
    Yeah I am looking at the JGC Overland (Non-Summit) and was curious about the numbers - MF, residual - for a 3 year, 12K mile per year lease.

    It seems that the GCs are better deals right now than the Ford Explorers (outrageous prices and lease deals IMO) and the Durango's.

    So if anyone can provide me with the MF and residual for an Overland at 3 years, 36000, I would appreciate it.
  • tonyg41tonyg41 Posts: 17
    I put a deposit on a transfer for a 2011 GC Laredo with X package No sunroof. MSRP was 37080, with $2000 down 39 month 12k miles a year 415 a month was also offered 1500 dollars more for my trade in then most places.
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