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2013 and earlier Lexus GS 350 / GS 460 Lease Questions



  • dsmerc74dsmerc74 Posts: 2
    Have family in tri-state area and they never can get the prices I can get in MA/NH and I didn't get near some of the prices paid here. I got a 27month/12K miles for $2K out of pocket and $550 a month. That was on a $59.4K list. Great car.
  • ifxgumsifxgums Posts: 5
    I leased an F Sport tonight. Here are the details of my lease:
    27 month lease with 10k per year.
    MSRP $58,268
    Monthly $534
    Drive Off $534
  • riloh05riloh05 Posts: 15
    How discount is being given off of the original 58k'ish? I have some negative equity to roll in so I need all the rebates I can find. Thanks.
  • walt1walt1 Posts: 9
    Can you share which Norcal dealer you used?
  • npf1npf1 Posts: 1
    I'm getting offered an AWD 2013 F sport $59,367 MSRP in the midwest $676/mo.

    MF .00095
    $55165 cap cost (includes $2500 cash incentive)
    15k miles
    57% resid.
    36 mo. lease
    zero down
    taxes aren't included

    Can I go lower?
  • kcar6kcar6 Posts: 2
    its was std. GS350 .. not sport. i think the MSRP came to 46k. i focused on the monthly.
  • cpeacoxcpeacox Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    Since I learned so much from this forum, I wanted to give back. Leased the GS 350 today!

    MSRP * $58,677
    Base MSRP $47,250*
    Packages $9,865
    Accessories $667
    Delivery, Processing & Handling $895

    27 months; 10K miles/yr
    $2k out the door and $539/mo (includes taxes)

    Awesome vehicle!!
  • Does anyone know if the 2013 GS 350 AWD Luxury can still be ordered? The configuration I want does not exist anywhere in the US.

    When will the 2014's go into production?
  • jim123jim123 Posts: 16
    Magnussens in Fremont. Got the same offer from Putnam in Redwood City. G Luck.
  • Are you located in IL? I got a quote from McGrath Chicago for a $59,9XX list AWD F-Sport, 36 months, 12k miles per year, zero down for $668 (INCLUDING TAX).
  • Can I get the lease numbers for July for

    2013 GS F Sport


    Thank you!!
  • urirx98urirx98 South FloridaPosts: 35
    I am looking for the best #s on the Gs350 in FLorida, went to a dealership yesterday and was offered GS350 NAVI, Around a 56k car for around 550 a month ( tax in) with 2250 down, I know thats not a great deal when i was seeing F-sports goin for 520 last month, so how were those leases possible. THere is a 2500 rebate on this car aswell, but is there any more room. I really like the car and its a strong possible replacement for my G37, Any new info for JULY would be appreciated. thanks
  • art112art112 Posts: 11
    Did you work out the price negotiation online, or in person. Sounds like an amazing deal
  • urirx98urirx98 South FloridaPosts: 35
    ANy way you can copy the lease agreement paperwork into a email or a PM on this site, Im trying to get a deal done in FLorida and the dealers still at 538 with 1500 oop on a standard GS350 navi, not even sure of other options, SHe did say that they would match other offers so if I had your offer, maybe I could get the same deal., THanks
  • boba77boba77 Posts: 5
    Hi gadawg. I'm in Georgia as well, and have not yet had to lease with the new TAVT in effect. Can you tell me how that works? Is it 8 percent of the total agreed to price of the car, or is it 8 percent of the total amount you are paying for the car (total of all lease payments)? Also, can you tell me the dealership you used? Thanks!
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 19
    Hi All, just wanted to share the deal I closed on yesterday.
    GS350 RWD F-Sport
    Blind Spot Monitor
    Illuminated Door Sills
    Mark Levinson
    HDD Navigation
    Intuitive Park Assist
    Trunk Mat, Cargo Net, Whl Locks, Rear Bummer App

    MSRP $58, 693
    27 Month 12K per year
    $1500 drive off including 1st payment, etc etc etc

    $524.00 a month including taxes (10% in LA).
  • gadawg77gadawg77 Posts: 14
    Wow,,,unreal deal...makes me crazy I could not get that here
  • gadawg77gadawg77 Posts: 14
    I think they charge you a percentage based on the lease amount...went to Nalley...
  • boba77boba77 Posts: 5
    That is one amazing deal. I hope when I'm ready to lease between December and March, they are offering something similar in Atlanta. I don't even know how they are making money off that lease! Kudos!
  • boba77boba77 Posts: 5
    Thanks man. Just another thing to have to deal with these days. Thanks Georgia!
  • Wow. Great deal. I am in So Cal, and for the same car, same lease and same MSRP I am at $640/month. Can you tell me what dealership, or is that not allowed in the forums? What residual and money factor did they use?
  • spintekspintek Posts: 2
    Just took delivery of my new GS! This car is amazing.

    GS350 RWD F-Sport
    Blind Spot Monitor
    Illuminated Door Sills
    Mark Levinson
    Intuitive Park Assist
    Trunk Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks, Rear Bumper Applique

    MSRP $58,693
    27 Months, 12K per year
    Residual 67%
    Net MF .0001 (due to MSD)
    $1800 drive off including 1st payment, DMV, and whatever else.
    $2500 refundable security deposit

    $480 a month including 9% tax
  • hey where did you get that deal. I went to the cerritos dealership in ca and they are asking for 797 with 5k down
    I have a toyota lease with 9 months left they are saying its 3grand upside down. I cant find any deals like this
  • where did you get this deal. I cant find any deals. Im in Socal and i went ot cerritos lexus and they asked for 775 with 2k down for 10k 48 months. i walked right when i heard that nonsense. they said i was tier 1 not tier 1 plus but still how can it be that huge of a difference
  • Wow where did you get that insane deal. Im looking for the same exact car with the red interior and black exterior. Im in Ca and went to cerritos they offer me 775 a month with 2k down with tier 1 credit
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 19
    I don't have the MF and Res information on me right now, but all I did was use a website to reach out to multiple dealerships and the ones that got back to me that had the car in stock I sent an email using the best deal posted on this site as my firm fixed monthly payment. Newport agreed with one email. It was so easy. At the dealership, all I had to do was wait for the car to get detailed and sign the lease papers. Took no more than 3 emails and 2 hrs. I tried getting the maintenance package included right before signing but got seriously denied. Owell....5K and 10K are free, 15K and 20K I'll find a cheap place to do it.
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 19
    I think the 2014s are coming out so these cars the dealerships are trying to move. The latest I was willing to wait was mid Aug since a few dealerships don't even have the F-sport on the lot. Good Luck!!
  • What site did you use to contact the dealership? Also, what was the lease you used in negotiating?
  • hey can you tell me how you did all those emails. Thats an incredible deal. Im looking for the f sport with everything you got with obsidian and the red interior. I went to cerritos dealership with a tier 1 score and they were offering 775 with 2grand down. I walked straight out
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 19
    Used edmonds and truecar. Once the dealerships contacted me, I sent request for 27 month and 36 month 12K/15K prices for a GS350 F-sport. The F-sport was my only absolute option, the rest are just happy to get.
    Most of the prices the dealerships provided were in the $530-$570 Plus tax range. I replied to all dealership saying all i was willing to provide was $1500 drive off and expected a $524 per month payment including taxes to two dealerships (woodland hills and newport). I used these values based on a post in this forum (which I thought was a great deal). Woodland hills responded saying they would provide the care at that price but didn't have the car just yet, and Newport said they had the car and would honor it. That's all I did....Newport is getting one with all the options I posted earlier white exterior and red interior. Email internet sales department and give them the same information. You should be able to get it...
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