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2013 and earlier Lexus GS 350 / GS 460 Lease Questions



  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    Shop around and email me and I'll help you! Get all the dealers to fight for you the gs isn't selling well so they need you! Trust me ill give you two reasons why low MF, and end of model year!
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    YesInvoice is at least 3100$ plus 2500$ rebate then do the math! Should get low 600$ first month @ 12k miles
  • mjohnson1293mjohnson1293 Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    What kind of residuals and money factors are you getting on a 27mo 12k miles per yr lease? My dealer is giving me 66% residual and .00180 money factor....the money factor seems high...
  • akersiiiakersiii Posts: 1
    Looking for the lowest payment possible. Don't care about f sport and such. I have a trade in worth 4k. What should my payments be around. 12k any months. Thanks for the help.
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    66% and 0.0008 in nj gs awd
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    Bad MF I'm in nj at .0008. Sorry! The res is legit
  • We leased this car for our business. Contacted the dealer on Wed and took possession of the car on Thursday (7/25).

    27Month, 12K
    MSRP: 57950
    Drive Off: $1500 (including taxes, fees, 1st month)
    Payment: $487
    Credit Score: 815
    Fully Loaded
    Nebula Gray / Black

    Several dealerships in Los Angeles area quoted in the low $500s, but after a little negotiation we were able to get the exact car we wanted with the above quoted numbers, no hassle.

    There is too much competition and some of these dealers quoting $600+ just don't get it. If you have good credit, you should be in the driver's seat. If you need help negotiating, feel free to contact us:
  • petermanpeterman Posts: 11
    Congratulations Mindful, that sounds like a great deal. Which dealership did you end up leasing from?
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    Just leased a new F Sport in SoCal.
    MSRP $58,617
    36 months. You pay the license for the whole year, might as well use it all.
    Zero out of pocket. They paid all fees including license ($448), Doc, etc and first month payment ($451)
    35 payments of $451 including almost 10% sales tax.
    Easiest transaction that I ever did! No negotiating, just a good enough deal for me to sign and drive away with a new car in a few minutes.
    I could have saved a few bucks per month by going with a 27 month lease, but since the 2nd and 3rd year licenses are on me I went for the 36 month lease.
    I could go on about how nice the car is, but being a Lexus we already know that.
  • petermanpeterman Posts: 11
    Congratulations Skip! That's a phenomenal deal. What color combo did you get?

    May I ask which dealership you leased from or the salesperson? Feel free to pm me.
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    I got white with black interior.
    My sons wife went back the next day and got an F Sport RX in the same color combo for about the same deal.
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    Lexus of Woodland Hills!
  • calibenzcalibenz Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    great deal Skip. What was the final selling price of the car?
    And if you can remember the Money factor and residual :)

  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    I don't have the paper work at home with me. I am sure the % rate worked out to 1.44%.
    I do remember that you could lease it much cheaper than you could buy it. As soon as I decided to lease it, the amount per month and zero down were the most important things to me. This might sound crazy, but I didn't care too much about the selling price. The car I wanted had an MSRP of $58,617.00 with the options that I wanted, and they made me a good offer which I accepted.
    Leasing this car was almost as easy as buying a loaf of bread.
  • lexusbilllexusbill Posts: 59
    hi, any chance of sharing the sales person name? thank you
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    Keith. Rules say we can't post last names. Only Keith there, I believe.
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    edited July 2013
    All do respect it doesn't sound like you understand! If there was no hassle then you left money on the table! No way taxes, fees, and 1st month equal that much! Fees alone here are 1515$ and I've seen fees at its lowest at 900@ cadillac! So can you show something! A customers score on a Credit report is all the same as long as its above 700! It's tier 1+, so what is this 815 abt! Pls make sure yr response is verifiable!
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    I would love to see the math bc these numbers are really unbelievable! Pls share
  • kainnyckainnyc Posts: 80
    edited July 2013
    For this deal to be true it means you got the car for 21.5% off msrp plus made them pay all fees, and 1st mo. I call bs. They gave you the car for 4700$ less than any offer i have heard of! lol doubt it! Benz is throwing its cars at customers @ 13-16% but you have to work for it!
  • lexusbilllexusbill Posts: 59
    thank you. to be sure this is Vista lexus of Woodland hills, right?
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    My wife and my youngest son called bs also. Took wife outside and showed her the car and the paperwork. I didn't even take a check with me. Since we have had it for a couple of weeks, I think that she believes that it is my car, for the next three years.
    I didn't post this to say that it is the best deal. I thought it was a good deal, so I took it. I am sure that there are many people out there that got a way better deal than I did. I don't care what other people paid, I was offered a certain car for a certain amount per month and I accepted the deal.
    I refuse to get sucked into haggling over price on anything. I ask for the price and if I like what I hear, I buy on the spot. If I don't like what I her, I go somewhere else. Why should a person have to lower themselves to argue over a few dollars? Life is way too short for that, and I am too old (65) to play stupid games that just waste each others time.
    The salesman was straight up with me and got two deals done in a few minutes.
    Isn't this the way that it is suppose to be?
    If this didn't happen, why is my IS350 for sale and why am I sending Lexus checks for the next 35 months?
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    The only Lexus dealer in Woodland Hills (San Fernando Valley) Ca.
  • petermanpeterman Posts: 11
    Vista Lexus changed ownership last year. It is now just called Lexus of Woodland Hills.
  • newbee16newbee16 Posts: 1
    Wanted to share this great deal I just got a 2013 GS350AWD with the help of a DIY Dealer Report from InsideCarBuying which I saw many other people have used on these forums. MSRP was $56,353 and selling price is $51,101 plus the $2,500 dealer cash. I leased it for 27 months with 12,000 miles per year, 1st month's payment waived so not a single dollar out of pocket. 26 remaining payments of $583.66.

  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    edited July 2013
    I just noticed that I made a mistake in my post. The correct amount per month should be $551. Everything else is correct. Zero out of pocket and $551 per month for 35 months. MSRP $58,617.
    Still one of the easiest deals that I have ever made. Sorry for any inconvenience that I may have caused anyone.
  • petermanpeterman Posts: 11
    Thanks for setting the record straight for everyone Skip. That is still an excellent deal and you wisely spent no money up front in your lease. Hope you enjoy your car!
  • rajivrrajivr Posts: 6
    Hi, I have seen several posts on lease prices for this car but haven't seen any purchase prices. Am looking to purchase a 2013 GS 350 F Sport RWD in Southern California with the following options with MSRP $57,950: F Sport, Navigation, Mark Levinson package, Intuitive Parking, and Blind Spot Monitor. Any idea on sales price for this car?
  • bhavinpabhavinpa Posts: 19
    I'm not sure if there would be much difference between final lease price and purchase price. I just leased mine at $52,500 with an MSRP of $58,617 (around there). You should be able to get $5-6K off the MSRP. Read through the recent posts in this forum, most of the lease deals with a montly rent of approximately $500-$550 are getting that much off the sticker price if not more.
  • I didn't pull the trigger, still thinking about it. I want to be absolutely sure that this is the best deal. What do you think?

    GS350 F Sport (MSRP 56,900)

    24 months
    15K miles per year
    $3000 down payment
    $512 plus tax (6 percent in FL)

    includes the first payment so I have 23 more of $512
  • i spend past few weeks doing HW on this car. if you were to buy it ~$500 over invoice seems right. however, if you were to lease it, dealer has another $2500 to work with on the selling price. if you are in OC, hit up HUGH at Newport, great guy, tell him Will from LA send you

    MF is 0.0005 = approx 1.2%

    Mods, please change my post if this is not allowed. thank you
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