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2013 and earlier Lexus GS 350 / GS 460 Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,649
    2013 GS350 AWD (I don't see any special number for the F-Sport model)
    36 mo. 12K mi/yr.. residual is 58%... for 27 months it is 66%..

    Unfortunately, Lexus MFs vary widely across different regions, and I can't find the ones for the NorthEast... They seem to be very low, just about everywhere, though... (below .0010)


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  • Hi all, does anyone know if the September deals are going to be much different than August? In other words, I was able to put together a very good deal here in August on a 2013 GS, but I am a month early buying this car as I still have one month left on another lease. My gut tells me some of the Lexus summer sales dealer incentives could go away so I'm leaning toward finishing my deal, taking delivery in the next few days and having two cars for September. Thoughts?
  • Hello all: I want to thank everyone for their words of wisdom. It really helped. Finally got my brand new RWD GS350-F white with blk. Interior, navigation, Mark Levinson Stereo, Park Assist, Blind Spot monitor, Illuminated Door Sills, trunk mat, cargo mat, Wheel Locks, and rear bumper Applique, MSRP $58,708.00.

    Got 36 Mo. Lease, 12K / year, zero down payment, at $556.16 per month, tax included. Residual is 58%. I had first month payment plus $2,500.00 for a total of $3,056.16 paid thru Lexus. Sales tax for OC is 8.75%. I am very happy. Easiest haggle free transaction. Purchased the car in OC.
  • pg78pg78 Posts: 3
    Congratulations, sounds like a great deal.

    Just to confirm you got 0 down + 35 monthly payments of $556, correct?

    Which dealer was that?
  • No down payment. Tustin Lexus
  • pg78pg78 Posts: 3
    Can we get the residual value and MF for 36 months 10k/year lease in CA?

    Also, is anyone aware is the August lease rebate is still effective?
  • Was the 0 down a promotion for current Lexus owners? If not, how did you get them to pay the $2500 for you?
  • Hi. Lexus had an incentive through 09/03 (which they may reinstate or continue) with $2,500.00 rebate on GS350, plus free 1st month payment for the total of $3,056.00. Hope this helps
  • Appreciate the info, helps very much. You got a great deal! I had a 2010 GS that I got rid of last year and I miss it, really like the new ones, especially F Sport model.
  • hi Art, great numbers. what was the sales person first name? was it inter dept?
  • Can anyone give me the key numbers (residual, MF) for leases in Texas on a GS350.
    10k miles and 36 months is my basic idea. But I'd be happy to go 33 or 42 or 48 if there is a "sweet spot" somewhere in the numbers. Thanks all!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,649
    59% and .0080 MF..

    No idea if Texas has a special program, though...


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  • .008? That is 20% interest . . . I am very surprised!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,649
    One little zero can kill it, huh?

    .00080, naturally....



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  • Hi Art, I live in So Cal and Tustin Lexus isn't too far away. Was wondering if you can give the first name of the salesman you dealt with so I can hopefully get a similar deal.

    Really want to get a GS F Sport as well.

    Thanks again.
  • Hi everyone,

    I had some serious lifestyle changes and now I need to get out of my 4.5 month old GS 350 F Sport lease and into either a Toyota truck or SUV. I have never done anything like this before (basically never been this stupid) as I just did not anticipate my current situation. Outside of the lease trading websites, any advice or information? I am in Atlanta if it matters. I have top tier credit and for the area, got a pretty solid deal for 15K miles/year for 36 months. I know I will have to lose some money but any thoughts on how to soften the blow?
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    edited September 2013
    Swapalease or leasetrader are less expensive ways out of a lease. Trading the car will cost you a lot. Expect to offer a sizable incentive if you lease is not exceptionally cheap.
  • Is this a good deal?

    MSRP : 59,443
    Invoice : 56,045 (alleged)
    Sale Price : 54,045 less lease incentive (2500$)

    27 months 12k yr 567/month
    2106 due at signing

    66% residual
    .00080 MF
    In Buying & Sel
  • What are your monthly's, how many miles. What color is the Car inside and Out? I may be interested in taking over.
  • 670 for 15k/year. 37xx miles now. White with flaxon interior.
  • Just closed on my Nebula Gray with Black Interior F-Sport AWD. Here are the numbers I got in IL (one of the states that charges sales tax on the entire price of the car, not just the depreciation value).

    MSRP: $59,9XX
    Term: 36 months
    Miles: 12k/year
    MF: .0008
    Residual: 58%
    Absolutely nothing down, even all doc fees rolled in, literally just walked away with the keys.

    I think I did alright, but any thoughts?
  • gotscammedgotscammed Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    Reading all the posts on the website makes me really sad, this is the deal I got, wish I read through all the posts before signing the deal 3 days ago:

    GS 350 RWD with navigation:
    0 down, no first month payment
    36 month/12k a year
    san diego, california

    662/month including tax.

    Its not even an F sport.

    I wish there was something I could do.

    Here are the numbers, can someone tell me where it went wrong?

    Gross Capitalized Cost 51270
    Capitiazed cost reduction 1119.60
    = adjusted capitalized cost 50151
    residual value = 31017.24

    depreciation amount = 19134
    rent charge 2922
    total base payment = 22056

    this comes out to be 612 + 49 tax = 661.

    On the other form:
    sale price is 51270.92
    trade allowance 39000 (my audi a6)
    trade pay off is only 38833 (so i even have money left over to pay toward new car)
    total rebate 3000
    total tax 3338
    ttf amount 3338 ???

    total downpayment 1119.60
    residual amount 31017
    upfront charges 1385
    dated paymeny 661
  • Good deal...Georgia also makes you pay the tax up front which kinda sucks.
  • which dealer in SD? I went to Carlsbad Lexus and got the GS-350 fully loaded with an MSRP of $59,9?? Luxury package, navi, mark levinson, etc

    27 months
    $2,000 down
    $539/month including tax

    Even if I didn't put anything down and added it to my monthly, I would be looking at somewhere around $613/mo. This is when they had the $499 lease special on the base model with $1,500 down, so this may have gone away now?

    What was the MSRP on the car?
  • Lexus of San Diego, down in Kearny Mesa.

    MSRP is around 55k I think.

    I had a 3000 rebate applied......

    Is there anything I can do now that the lease is already signed.. 9/14/13
  • The part I dont understand is that based on the sale price 51270, minus 3000 rebate, which covers all fees, I still had 1119 to be applied toward the sale price which bring the vehicle down to 50151.32.

    how come its still so pricy?
  • I am planning to buy (not lease) GS350 2013, 2wd and want to know the prices paid or agreed by dealer to sell.

    If you have leased then I would like to know how to calculate the sale price (before TTL) using the MF and residual value.

    Any information would help me to find out how much I shd offer to the dealer.
  • pg78pg78 Posts: 3
    Car_man, Can we get the september numbers for a 36m/10k lease in CA?

    Also, what are the current lease incentives? I am getting different numbers from different sources, a dealer told me they have a $2500 rebate, while I read in another forum they have a $3000 rebate for september.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,649
    .00080 and 59% for GS350 RWD...

    I show $3000 of lease cash...


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  • Lexus Escondido
    13 LEXUS GS350 4DR SDN Odometer: 000004
    Color: NEBULA
    Trim: RED Model#: 9300
    List: 58708.00

    RWD GS350-F Sport, navigation, Mark Levinson Stereo, Park Assist, Blind Spot monitor, Illuminated Door Sills, trunk mat, cargo mat, Wheel Locks, and rear bumper Applique, MSRP $58,708.00.

    36 Mo. Lease, 12K / year
    $556.16 per month, tax included 8% tax rate
    Residual is 58%.
    $1,500.00 drive off
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