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Need advice on Radio

needmusicneedmusic Member Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Jeep
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee standard radio where the AM and FM will not work. The SiriusXM function does work. So there is sound. Yes, the AM/FM/SiriusXM is all in one on the same radio. Switching from SiriusXM to either AM/FM stations the radio does visually display the stations and I can switch the AM/FM stations and the visual display actually shows stations changing. However, there is no sound from any AM/FM station. Switching back to SiruisXM there is sound. All fuses are ok and I have reset the entire car by unplugging the battery for 15 minutes. Going crazy... I have googled this issue and cannot find a solution... please help.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I think am/fm and SAT run off separate antennas, so that's worth looking into. You'd probably have to pull the radio to check the antenna connections. Usually there are like two snap connectors for each antenna, each being a different color (I think yellow for SAT, white for am/fm). Maybe that's come loose?

    That's about all I can think of, given your symptoms, other than having the unit bench-tested once it's out.
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