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Car Buying Advice - Negotiating to Buy 2012 Outback - Have Some Questions

gringo1gringo1 Member Posts: 72
edited May 2017 in Subaru
2012 2.5 Limited with 35,000 miles for $16,500.

The price seems good.

My questions:

1. This is the last year for the EJ engine, correct? So, did the EJ engines have oil consumption issues?
2. What is expected brake life on the 2012 Outback Limited 2.5?
3. What areas should be mechanically inspected before I agree to buy it?

The car did get service intervals at Subaru but those were mainly oil changes and routine inspections.

Any input from 2012 year Outback folks would be appreciated, any at all. Opinion of the year? The Limited?



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    BlakeBlake Member Posts: 63
    Hello @gringo1, where are you purchasing that car and is it at a dealer or private party? According to Edmunds True Market Value, which is the average price people are paying in you area, that vehicle is worth $16,800 private party and $18,676 if bought at a dealer. I used a random Colorado zip code for this appraisal and values may change depending where you are located.

    With regards to the oil consumption issues, I really do not have that information, I am not to familiar with Subaru engines.

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