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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • Do these numbers look right to you?
    RX 350 AWD

    MSRP (including 875 destination) 48,850
    Negotiated price 44,000
    48 months
    Residual: 46%
    Money Factor .0017
    Money Due at Signing: $301 ($1300 - 1000 loyalty)
    Monthly: 639.00
    Trade in Allowance: 19000

    1. They are using the loyalty as part of a down payment.

    2. I've used a few online lease calculators and they all show a lower payment of 639. Is this an accurate payment or a good deal?
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    I'm curious if my little excel calculator i made actually works so let me try and then maybe carman can set it straight:

    44,000 price; 46% on 48,850 msrp = 22,471 residual

    so depreciation = (44,000 - 22,471) / 48 = $449/mo.

    MF = 0.0017 so (44,000+22,471) * 0.017 = $113/mo.

    so so far payment = $562.

    in CA you get taxed on both depreciation and interest (no surprise there) so that'd be $562 * 1.0925 = $613 a month. not sure what state your in to figure tax, but i get a lower #. also not sure what the trade in allowance you state means regarding your pricing.

    did you use your loyalty to just counteract the acquisition fee and registration or did you actually reduce the cap cost more on top of that?
  • Tack on another 500 for registration. Usually a $50-100 doc fee
    $795 acquisitions fee, and any tax for any initial cap cost reduction and your are probably pretty close to thei number.
  • hello carman, I just got an offer on lease of 2011 rx350 AWD with navigation , the offer is 3300 down payment and 530/month 36 months 10,000 miles/yr. I would like ur suggestions and advice if this is a good deal. they have the color we like. this is my first lexus and my first time leasing.

    thank you
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    Yeah if you're going to add in acq and reg/ttl (I always do) to the starting cap cost then you're probably there. See if addinng about $1300 to the 44k in eac line makes it work (I'm on a mobile device now). Make sure doc fee isn't limited by law in your state (ours is now $55 I think). Did you use your loyalty to wipe out some sort of upfront fees already though?
  • I don't understand what they are doing.

    Here is what I do know.

    MSRP 48,885
    Residual 46%
    Money Factor .0017
    Term 48
    15k miles

    They are asking for 1300 up front. (First payment 639, 287 cash down, 219 dmv fees, 154 doc fee)

    They are using the 1000 loyalty to offset 1300 up front, and I pay 300 up front.

    ****I have this for my current lease that is ending:

    Sale Price on RX 350 44000
    Trade In Allowance 19000
    =Adjusted price 25000
    DMV Fees 219
    Doc Fee 154
    Tax 1823.69
    Delivered Price = 46,269
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    sorry, I should defer to carman then. IF your capcost line is in fact $44,000, then based on those numbers i get $561+tax (which in CA would mean $613/mo). you could always ask for the leasing sheet and post that here for comment.

    i'm still not totally clear on what's going on with any trade in issues (if it's a lease what does trade in allowance mean??) so i don't want to screw you up. still not sure what state you're in so i can't comment on the way they do sales tax, but i know you're not in CA because TTL and reg here would be over $500 on that car!

    where did the acquisition fee get worked in? is that already in your 44k?
  • I have asked them for the leasing sheet, and they keep skirting the issue. Is that something they should give me?

    I just don't want to be taken.

    I have one more payment on my current lexus, and I'm under my mileage by 11k. I am wondering if this comes into play and they aren't telling me?

    If the MSRP of the car is around 48,800 (Including 875 destination). Per Edmunds, the invoice is around 43,650 (including 875 destination).... I am just looking to know exactly what I should be shooting for, and I feel like I'm getting the smoke and mirror treatment.

    My last payment on my current Lexus is due around the 18th of February, and I turn it in around the 18th of March.
  • You're very welcome, persevere12.

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  • Hello tlb5. The payment that you came up with looks low to me. According to my calculations, this car should have a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $712.

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  • Hi sunnyek. The easiest way to evaluate this deal would be to look at this truck's selling price in relation to its MSRP. These numbers will enable us to see how large a dealer discount you are being given and in turn if there's any room left to negotiate.

    Let us know what these numbers are and I'm sure that either myself or another helpful community member will gladly let you know what they think.

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  • Hello everyone...

    Wondering if someone has and can post the Feb 2011 info for an RX350?

    Specifically, I am looking for the residual and money factor on a 36 month lease at 12k mi/yr.

    Sounds like the aggressive purchase price is somewhere between $800 and $1000 above invoice.
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    It depends where are you buying. In northeast, NY, we have A and B packages both include the comfort package and premium package. B comes with navigation package. I got $1000 below invoice price with AWD and navigation package. I leased for 36 months, 12k annual. The MF is 0.007 and residual is 57% in Juanuary 20's.
  • I hope that MF is a typo, that would be a very bad MF...
  • What are the current MF, residual, etc for RX350 2011 for 12k lease, 36 months?

    Is it going to change in March? Should I wait?

    I'm choosing between the rx350 and a BMW X3, which is a better deal from the financing point of view on similar price and terms? Which dealer is usually more willing to deal? My BMW lease runs out at the end of Feb.

  • Is the money factor negotiable in leasing an 2011 Rx 350? I have seen some people post a MF of 0.0017, I was offered 0.0019. Here are the specifics -

    MSRP - 44,208
    Negotiated Price - 39,354
    Residual - 25,640.64
    36 months
    10,000 miles/yr
    5,150 down payment

    pymt 416 + 33.70 tx (NV) = 449.70
  • jp89jp89 Posts: 10
    It is typo, the MF is .0017
  • Hello vinniepham. Lexus Financial Services' February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 RX 350 AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00170 and 57%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    I would say that anything between $500 and $1,000 over dealer invoice is a reasonable price to pay for an RX right now.

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  • Hi elizariev Lexus Financial Services' February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 RX 350 AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00170 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Lexus is scheduled to introduce a new lease program in March, but it's difficult to say what its new program will be like.

    BMW's and Lexus' current lease programs for the X3 and RX 350 are virtually identical if you are a returning BMW customer (which you are). If not, then the Lexus program is better.

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  • Hi hvaleagues. The money factor that you mentioned, .00170, is correct for consumers who qualify for Lexus Financial Services' top aka "Tier 1+" credit tier. Though it may vary slightly by region. Try talking with another dealer in your area to see what money factor they quote you.

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  • Hi. I was offered a lease with an option to buy for rx350 base model for 7500 down and 350 a month including all taxes and registration...what do you think of this offer or 7500 down and 425 a month for a fully loaded car
  • tjffarmstjffarms Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man,

    The new money factor for March 2011 is .00145 on the 2011 Lexus RX 350 for a 36 mo. lease with 15k/yr. Residual value stays at 55% for vehicle w/ Premium package.

    Thanks for all your help.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi russianguy. Let me begin by saying that $7,500 is a lot of money to put down on a lease. I always advise consumers to put as little money down as possible on leases.

    If you provide us with this truck's MSRP and selling price, I'm sure that either myself or another knowledgeable community member will tell you what they think of this deal.

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  • This is my first lease and my first Lexus. I've got Lexus RX 350 AWD, prem, navig, comfort, park assist, etc.
    MSRP 48,643
    Lease-end Value 26,753.65
    Annual Mileage 15,000
    Residual 55%
    Initial cap Cost 41,750
    total sales tax 1,834.20
    Bank Acq Fee 700
    Adj Cap Cost 42450
    rate Money factor 0.00145
    Term 36
    Mo Use Tax 9.5%:50.95
    base Monthly rental 536.36
    Total Monthly paymt 587.31
    Total Initial Fees 53.75
    Total Annual Fees 575
    Driveoff (incl 1st month) 1,216.06

    So, how did I do? Is it o'k for that car $1,216 down with 1st pmt and $587.31/mo for 36 mo, 15,000mi/yr???
  • oneo10oneo10 Posts: 9
    edited March 2011
    I am new to leasing: Does anyone know if a dealer has a new 2010 rx350, can that be leased? Do leases have to be for the curernt year model? Any help is appreciated.
  • jim53jim53 Posts: 115

    Can you tell me what the March lease numbers look like for a 2011 AWD RX350 assuming 10K miles per year and 36 month term?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi oneo10. Yes, I believe that one could still technically lease a leftover 2010 Lexus through Lexus Financial Services if they really wanted to. Lexus is not providing lease support on leftover '10 models any longer though. That means you would have to use its standard lease program.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jim53. Lexus Financial Services' March buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 RX 350 AWD with 10,000 miles per year are .00145 and 58%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Tier 1+" credit tier.

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  • jim53jim53 Posts: 115
    Thanks. Forgot to also ask if they still offer a multiple deposit program on leases and if so what are the current guidelines.

    Thanks again.
  • That's a good deal based on my quotes. Where is the dealership located? Any negotiation tips? Thanks and congrats on your new car!
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