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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 / RX 450h Lease Questions



  • ruckus78ruckus78 Posts: 1
    Interested in an RX350 or GX460 and wondering how good do the deals get at the end of June vs a regular month being that it is the end of Q2? Are dealers/manufacturers more eager at the quarter or half-year mark or should I wait until the 2014's come out to get the prices on 2013 models??

    I have flexibility, just want to make sure I can time this right.

    Thanks and keep up the good work on the board.
  • alikvoskalikvosk Posts: 1
    Hi team, I am looking for your advice to get a best price on leasing RX-350.
    I went through a number of messages here and realized I do not know the terminology, like MF, money factor 0.00075

    I understand what MSRP, residual value, payoff amount are.

    What should I know to not being overplayed by the dealer? (by much)
    What is the reasonable price for 39 and 27 months lease?
    If I want to pay nothing down, what is the best monthly payment and how much should I pay when take the car from the dealer?

    Many thanks in advance.
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    I see the $1500 lease cash listed on this site (here) for the RX450h until 7/8/2013, but it doesn't come up as an offer on the dealer site. Is it valid in NC or is it regional? Can I just subtract that from the money down?

    For example, Lexus says their current offer for the RX450h FWD is $519 for 36 mos with $5,244 due at signing. MSRP $55,745. With this available lease cash (assuming it is in fact available), does it become $519 for 36 mos with $3,744 due at signing?

    I did not have luck negotiating with this Lexus dealer several years ago. Is it worth trying, or is this listed deal the best I'm going to do? If it's worth negotiating, can you please give the MF, residual, and cap cost for this RX450h 36 mos lease and I'll work on beating them down on the cap cost. Thanks, these forums are a real service to buyers.
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    I'd like to followup on my previous message. As clarification, I need to know if the $1500 lease cash is available in NC, and if so, can it be stacked with the $519 for 36mo lease deal or is it already included as part of that.

    Also, it looks like the MF is 0.00075 and the residual is 54%. So using the values they show in the LFS lease terms, MSRP = $55,745 which would make residual = $30,102. $5244 due at signing, if $519 of that is the first payment and $700 is the acquisition fee, that would be a $4025 cap cost reduction payment.

    I'm having a hard time getting these numbers to work in a lease calculator. If I use:

    Term = 36 mos
    MF = 0.00075
    Residual = $30,102
    Cap Cost Reduction = $4,025

    Then I have to drop the sales price all the way to $50,750 to get the payment to come out to $519/mo. That seems to be about $2,000 below the TMV prices that I've seen ($3,500 below if you include the "lease cash" into the calculations), so am I doing something wrong? I want to be able to calculate this stuff on the fly for when they start changing things around on me. Thanks for any insight.
  • rx350guy1rx350guy1 Posts: 2
    Hey All -
    I am coming out of a 2010 RX350 and looking to go into a 2013 RX350AWD. I received a quote from from my current dealer today of $612 per month with just fees and taxes out of pocket, about $2,800. That was on a car with an MSRP of $49,915 for 27 months and 12,000 miles per year. Do you think its a good deal. Its only $20 more per month tan what I am currently paying for a 2010. Appreciate any help...
  • wclbankerwclbanker Posts: 3
    My situation is almost exactly the same. looking at going with 2013 RX 350 AWD....MSRP is $49915 with $2100 due at signing and quoted monthly payment of $595 for 12,000 mile year on 3 yr. deal. This is $20/mo more than I'm paying on my existing Lexus RX350. Please let me know if you get any responses to your post. Like you, I'm trying to get fair deal and not overpay...Appreciate your
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    I got the dealer to open up to me via email. This is what constitutes the current $519/mo with $5524 upfront lease deal on the RX450h FWD with MSRP of $55,745 in NC:

    Capitalized Cost ($55,345) + LFS Acquisition Fee ($700) = Gross Capitalized Cost ($56,045)

    Gross Capitalized Cost ($56,045) - Cash Incentive ($1,500) - Capitalized Cost Reduction ($5,244) = Adjusted Capitalized Cost ($49,301)

    Lease calculation values:
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $49,301
    Residual Value: $33,447 (60% MSRP of $55,745)
    Money Factor: 0.00095
    Term: 36 mos
    Monthly Payment: $519 (~$535 with tax)

    Additional costs $618 in dealer fees and tags.

    They are only taking $400 off of MSRP for this deal, so I countered and will let everyone know if they bite. A few things to notice about this, the $1,500 lease cash is already built into the $519/mo deal, as is the Lexus Financial Service $700 acquisition fee. Also, the first months payment is not included in the $5524 down, that is all capitalized cost reduction. I was hoping the $1,500 could be applied separately to sweeten the deal, but no dice.
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    I have to tell you that I really don't think this is a good deal. Well, it's probably a great deal for the dealer, terrible for you. All the money factors and residuals vary throughout the country so I don't know what there are where you are, but let's say the MF is 0.00075 like has been quoted on here. And let's say residual is 54% which I've also seen discussed on here, then with a $2100 down payment you would actually be paying only $500 off MSRP when you factor in the $1,500 incentive.

    It's actually really easy to look at some different scenarios. Go to this link: lease calculator and then in the lease terms column enter $49,115 (that is the MSRP - $1,500 cash incentive currently offered + $700 acquisition fee). Put $2100 into the down payment field. Then play around with money factors (some known current values are 0.0006, 0.00075, and 0.00095). For residual, I've seen values from 54% to 60%. The worst of the MFs is 0.00095 and the worst residual is 54%, plug those in. By the way, residual is always percentage times the MSRP $49915. The absolute worst case gives a payment of $628/mo. You can then put values in the "Trade-in Value" box until the payment drops to $599/mo, and that will be how much they are taking off of MSRP. For 54%/0.00095 it is $1000 (maybe not a terrible deal but it is an unlikely combo). For 54%/0.00075 it is $500.

    As you can see from my previous post, in my area the combination is 60%/0.00095 for an RX450h. Again, these probably are not your values, but if they were then you are actually paying about $2,000 over MSRP!

    I think the main point I have for you though is that knowledge is power. We can give you some potential values, but you should demand that your dealer be square with you and give you the exact MF and residual value. You wouldn't buy a new car if they just gave you the MSRP and a payment without them telling you what the final sales price and APR are would you? Well, that is exactly what you are doing with this lease. I think it is good to come on here and ask what current rates are so that you can go into the negotiations prepared, but once you are in negotiations and getting offers, you need to tell the dealer to be straight with you and let you know what the numbers are. That's the ONLY way you can know if you are getting a good deal or being screwed. If they won't give you these values then walk, but from my experience if you show them that you are sophisticated enough to ask for them, they will provide them and also stop treating you like a potential sucker. And again, from my experience, if they won't give them to you, it's because they are hiding something and you are likely being screwed. Good luck.
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    The sales manager just got back to me and said they had the residual wrong last night. It is actually 57% instead of 60%. That makes quite a difference in the numbers. I think it looks more like this:

    Capitalized Cost ($54,070) + LFS Acquisition Fee ($700) = Gross Capitalized Cost ($54,770)

    Gross Capitalized Cost ($54,770) - Cash Incentive ($1,500) - Capitalized Cost Reduction ($5,244) = Adjusted Capitalized Cost ($48,026)

    Lease calculation values:
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $48,026
    Residual Value: $31,775 (57% MSRP of $55,745)
    Money Factor: 0.00095
    Term: 36 mos
    Monthly Payment: $519

    Unfortunately, the new cap cost (sale price) of $54,070 leaves a lot less negotiating room than what I had when it looked like it was $55,345.

    In any case, they accepted my sale price offer which would have made the deal work for me with the 60% residual, but they also left the $1,500 cash incentive out of their calculations. Combined, that that made the payment a whole lot different than what I offered (over $50/mo).

    I countered again with what really is my final offer, it would put the $1,500 back into play and require them to take an even lower sale price. I'm not sure if they can make it work (sale price would be a lot less than TMV), but if not oh well. I think they might be able to reduce their outrageous dealer fee and maybe there are other end of month incentives that make them jump. I'll report back on the final offer and whether it is accepted or not.
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    Ok, last message. We agreed on a deal today, I go in Saturday to take the vehicle. Here are the details:

    Capitalized Cost/Sale Price ($52,055) + LFS Acquisition Fee ($700) = Gross Capitalized Cost ($52,755)

    Gross Capitalized Cost ($52,755) - Cash Incentive ($1,500) - Capitalized Cost Reduction ($400) = Adjusted Capitalized Cost ($50,855)

    Lease calculation values:
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $50,855
    Residual Value: $31,775 (57% MSRP of $55,745)
    Money Factor: 0.00095
    Term: 36 mos
    Monthly Payment: $609 ($627 with 3% NC tax)

    Due at closing = $1,645 = $400 Cap Cost Reduction (down payment) + $627 first months payment + $618 dealer fee and tag

    The deal I offered last night when I thought residual was 60% was a sale price of $52,900 which worked out to a $617 payment (with tax) and $0 down payment. The 57% residual changed the math by $1,672, I pitched in an extra $760 ($400 down payment + $10/mo) and they covered the rest of the difference on their end of the deal.

    I'm pleased with the deal, $52,055 sale price on an MSRP $55,745 and invoice of $52,261 (Edmunds TMV of $52,696). I got an additional $800 towards the deal from Lexus Financial ($1,500 lease cash - $700 acquisition), plus a good residual and 2.28% equivalent interest rate.

    For some reason the dealer is saying that the sale price is $51,755, so they are calculating something differently by $300. No matter though, all the final numbers work out the way I want so I'm happy. The dealer also seems good with the deal, they even pulled the color combo I wanted from a different location and will have it waiting for me Saturday (it was listed on a combined inventory system so I thought it was already there but it was at a sister location). Note: I never set foot in the dealership.
  • rx350guy1rx350guy1 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my 2013 RX350 AWD yesterday afternoon. After 2 weeks of dealing with 4 Lexus dealers I resorted to using InsideCarBuying as I found many people on the internet were pleased with their DIY Dealer Report. The final quote I received on my own was for $573 per month with about $2,700 due at signing. This was for a 27 month lease and 12,000 miles per year on a loaded car with MSRP of $49,915 including my loyalty discount for having a 2010 RX350.

    The report I received from InsideCarBuying showed I should be able to get this car for $438 per month with $2,261.00 due at signing. After receiving the report I contacted Inside Car Buying because I couldn't believe there was another $135 per month to be saved. Their report showed a selling price of almost $2,200 behind the dealers invoice in addition to the $1,500 lease cash and $500 loyalty. While speaking with them, they informed me I might have some equity in my current lease. They called Lexus with me on the phone and got a dealer buyout price. Sure enough they said I had about $1,900 in equity from my current car. So by selling the car back to a Lexus dealer rather than turning it in I would only have to come up with about $360 of the due at signing for the new car. Based upon the numbers from InsideCarBuying I would be $5,800 better than any deal I found on my own if I were able to get the deal on the report.

    I visited 1 more dealer on Long Island on Friday and showed them the report. I told him if he couldn't match the numbers I was just going to hire Inside Car Buying to secure the car for me. They told me deals like that don't exist but after going back and forth for almost an hour I got them to come down to $445 per month with $400 out of my pocket. So I guess deals like this do exist! The $97 fee for the report was worth every cent as I saved over $5,500 from the lowest deal I was able to get on my own.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey gavrik. A $700 acquisition fee is charged by Lexus Financial Services on every vehicle that it leases. This charge cannot be waived.

    The advertising fee is probably a legitimate charge as well, but I'm just not as familiar with it. If you're able to get an RX 350 at invoice minus the $1,500 cash incentive on leases plus the $700 ad fee I'd say that you are getting a good deal.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I see your point, ken117. I suppose that when deciding what vehicle to go with the residual value is very important. It also would be relevant when trying to calculate a lease payment on your own.

    My point was that during negotiations if you get really attractive selling price and the dealer is not marking up your vehicle's money factor you are getting a good deal on the vehicle that you want because dealers cannot bake any profit into the residual value.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Welcome alikvosk. Since you are new to leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles on the subject that are available here at 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    In short, the easiest way to get a good deal on a leased vehicle is to shop around for the lowest possible selling price and then have the dealer that you decide to go with calculate your vehicle's monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor.

    If you provide me with the MSRP and dealer invoice price of the exact vehicle that you are interested in I would be happy to work up a sample lease payment on it for you. You can find that information over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of this site.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 44
    edited February 2008
    Yes, pretty much it was like that. Most numbers matched dealer's, except I had to account for acquisition and advertising fees. They didn't have the exact vehicle I wanted but wound up getting Blind-Spot monitoring option as extra which I now really love.

    Of course, here in Illinois, taxes on leased vehicle you pay in full on the vehicle selling price. That was about another $90 per month.
  • nicroa7nicroa7 Posts: 1
    rx350guy, can you provide name of dealer and first name of sales person?
  • logic_3logic_3 Posts: 34
    Hey carman: was wondering what the current mf and residual is on a 2013 RX 350 in Michigan. Helping my mother-in-law out with replacing her 2010 RX 350 that we got her a deal on.
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    Hi Car_man,

    Please post the MF & RV for July - 27 month, 12K & 15K lease. The Golden Opportunity sale looks attractive.....

    Thanks in advance for your time and invaluable advice.
  • logic_3logic_3 Posts: 34
    Opps, forget to mention, looking at a 36 month lease with 15k miles a year.
  • garykinggaryking Posts: 32

    First I would like to thank you for all your years of wonderful service in this forum!
    You have saved me a fortune over the years!

    Wondering what the latest numbers are for RX 350/450 in CO.
    15K, 36 Mo.
    Any specials or extra incentives available?
  • kazielkaziel Posts: 2
    Hi car_man,

    I just negotiated the following deal for a fully loaded RX350 AWD with nav and blind spot assist in the NYC area. Mind telling me if this is a good deal?

    MSRP $49915
    Cash price $44923.50 (10% off MSRP)
    Trade in $9600
    Driveoff $4200
    Cap reduction $5400
    Money factor 0.0007
    Residual 62%
    Term 30 months
    Monthly payment $335

    What else should I negotiate if this is not a good deal? Thanks a lot!!
  • tlguy5tlguy5 Posts: 7
    question on your deal. i am also negotiating the same car. is the money factor .00075 or .00070?

    Car man, can you tell me the buy rate money factor for the 2013 rx350 awd?

  • kazielkaziel Posts: 2
    The money factor on my deal is 0.00070.
  • tlguy5tlguy5 Posts: 7
    i picked up a 2013 rx350 awd today with msrp of 49915. I traded a vehicle but was cut a check for the entire trade value (i.e. none of the value was applied toward the lease). they gave me fair value for the trade based on 4 others quotes i received from non-lexus dealers (acura etc). they also made my first payment. here are the specs

    36 months/10k miles, 58% residual
    msrp - 49,915
    Cap Cost - $43,500 (this includes the $1500 lease cash and all processing fees)
    acquisition fee - $700
    disposition fee - $350
    money factor - .00060 but i put down 7 security deposits ($3,500) to lower the money factor to .00004.

    total payment before taxes only (but including approx. $350 of titling/registration costs) was $436.

    how did i do?
  • jlowevajloweva Posts: 1
    Looking to lease a new RX 350 with MSRP of $50,160. I live in Virginia. I want a 27 month lease and 15k miles.

    Dealer just quoted me selling price of 47800. He didn't mention the 1500 lease cash, but i presume he factored it into his "discount". Processing Fee is 399, taxes 1542, tags 119 for a net sales price of 49860. He then said there would be a down payment of 2699, but quoted 6468 due on delivery (but didn't itemize everything), with a monthly payment of 527 for 27 months and anLEV of 31,600. I think the first 527 would be picked up by Lexus.

    I have never leased before and have a hunch I would be getting screwed. Can someone please tell me what would be a good deal? I don't really need the best deal in the world, just a pretty good one.

  • tlguy5tlguy5 Posts: 7
    you are getting screwed. pm me and i'll share a spreadsheet that should allow to understand the inputs to a lease and make an informed decision.
  • sridharssridhars Posts: 25
    I was shopping for rx last week (in NJ/CT) - so here are my thoughts -

    Best case - Selling price (in CT) should be around 45000 for that MSRP. So your lease payment will be around 565 (pre tax) per month. Upfront costs - bank fees/doc fees/reg. etc will be additional. This is without any down payment. If you putting down, divide that amount by 27 and deduct from 565. Also you may be better off with 36 months lease. Check the numbers out in VA.
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19

    Thank you for your help on this forum. The factory lease for 27 mo for 389/ month is not available in my Detroit area. And I'm only getting 1000 off MSRP around here.
    If we pursue an RX LEASE in Westport, CT from out of state, (who I hear has great customer service and offers great pricing) and we are able to negotiate a low sale price as has been mentioned on the RX 350 pricing forum, how do we best determine the lease figures including the lease payment tax portion, and how much should I expect to pay for delivery to MI? If not delivery, I would fly one way there. On a factory lease, the sale price is negotiable, right?

    Do I use CT area quoted residual value, lease length, money factor and state tax to come up with a monthly payment calculation?
    In MI, the MF is currently .0004, lease length specials are on 36 month, not 27 and residual 58% for 10k miles on vehicles around 44k MSRP.
    I would like to know how to approach the out of state dealership and then obtain the total out the door figures for everything including fees at lease signing and then shipping vehicle, if available. Don't think I can necessarily wait until the end of the month though. I already sold my used car...
  • Hello carman
    I was wondering if you have the mf & residual on a Rx350 in SoCal. Thanks for all your help, I've been sifting through this thread for a while and it's full of great info. I appreciate all your help!
  • wchewche Posts: 3
    A friend just leased an rx350 with the following:

    MSRP 47,799
    27 months
    12k, 65% residual

    537/ month tax included
    889 due at signing (includes 1st month)

    How did he do? He negotiated by monthly payments...
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