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Car Buying Advice - Can you please tell me if I got a good deal on a jeep lease?

clayboxclaybox Member Posts: 3
edited May 2017 in Jeep
2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 4x4 msrp 39812 Rebates 5250 thru truecar and USAA 2000 down / upfront 374 monthly 36 months 12000 miles / annual Thank you Dan

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  • clayboxclaybox Member Posts: 3
    It does, thank you! 
    Just one other thing - don't know if you can answer this. So becusse I used truecar USAA I got about 6k in rebates. Is there anyway you can tell me what that comes out to? Like the reduction in cap cost and then what I'm actually paying ? 
    And buy out looks like $26k which seems high as my previous lease 2013 grand Cherokee limited was $22k ? Any info on that would be greatly appreciated. 
  • clayboxclaybox Member Posts: 3
    If I gave you all the numbers could you break it down for me? 
    Also can ya tell me the mf and residual for mine please ?
    altitude 2017  36 / 12k
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