Hi, radio in my 2007 Honda Civic stopped working

maggienajmaggienaj Member Posts: 11
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There is no light, CD is inside, cannot remove it, only the anti theft little red light is on when I turn the ignition on. We checked several fuses, in the under-dash box - fuse number 14 and 35, and in the under-hood box - fuses number 17 (missing, probably not installed by the factory) and 23. All of these fuses are OK. Does anybody know what could be a problem?
Don't know if it matters but two days after the radio stopped working, the battery died (after only 3.5 years)
Can anybody help me please? Thank you in advance


  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    Did it lose battery power? I think those radios have to have an anti-theft code reset if that is the case. The code comes with your car information, but if you don't have it I think a dealer can obtain it for you or you can call Honda Corporate customer service and find out how to obtain it.
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