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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • jlhoustonjlhouston Posts: 8
    HI Car_man,

    Thanks for the response, I have been traveling for work and hadn't had time to check back in on the forum. The numbers I got from the link you recommended are:
    MSRP - $37,725
    Invoice- $35,149

    I think we would want to do a 12k mile 36 month lease

    Thanks for the help,

  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    Hi JLHouston,

    Some advice... Don't focus on invoice price right now. With the deep incentives to move out C-Classes ahead of the CLA introduction, you can easily get 15% off MSRP. I just helped 3 people in my family get this done. Talk to the Internet Sales Mgr for your dealership and you will get it done fast.

    Also price out a 27 month lease. Don't think in terms of how long you want the car, but play the finance game instead. You will be able to almost lease 2 cars one after the other for the price of a long term lease on one vehicle.

    Run the numbers on lease calculator, and you will see what I'm talking about.

  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    it's a new month now, does anyone have the 27 mo residuals and mf for July? any incentives/ rebates? also which model are you referring to, coupe/ sedan/4 or 6cyl? thanks in advance
  • jlhoustonjlhouston Posts: 8
    Thanks ValleyGuy,

    I was thinking of this as my new strategy based on the comments I have read. Luckily in Houston we have a couple large MB dealers and should be able to get competitive quotes like you said about 15% below MSRP. I liked the CLA when I saw it but at a steal of a deal like you can now get with the C250 I think that we will move on this within the next 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the help,
  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    edited July 2013

    I am looking at Mercedes Benz C300 with Leather + Navigation + 18 inch wheels + Rear Camera + Wood Finish + 30,000 Miles maintenance Package. The MSRP of the car is USD 49,600

    Lease Sign and Drive for 470$
    Lease Term 27 Months
    15,000 Miles
    Residual Value is 68%

    Please advise.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    The residual looks really good, I am guessing it would be 70% for 12k miles.. Do you have any idea what the money factor you are getting? Also what is the negotiated price of the car?
  • jslachtajslachta Posts: 9
    Hi Car_man...2014 data out yet for the c350 coupe?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jslachta. Yes, Mercedes-Benz has published residual values for the 2013 C350 Coupe. Its current 36-month, 15,000 mile per year residual value is 62%.

    Mercedes is not providing any lease support on this model right now, so if you want to lease one you will have to use its standard lease program. the money factors for which vary by credit tier, .00205 for Tier 1. Slightly better than that for FCA tier and worse for other tiers.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • neptune00neptune00 Posts: 16
    Leasing tomorrow, deal is as follows:
    MSRP 45,500
    2500 down inc 1st payment
    26 payments $400
    12k miles
    Buy out 31,829
    Registration extra
    Is this good deal?
    Live in New York
    Please help quickly!
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    We cannot help unless we know:
    * Purchase price
    * Money factor amount for your deal
    * Model - I'm assuming C250

    Residual is fixed by MBFS and not negotiable.

    MF is negotiable down to the base money factor offed my MBFS for the month.

    The purchase price or negotiated discount is the other area impacting your payments. This car last month was routinely discounted down 15+% from MSRP.

  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Any 27mo numbers for the c250 sport? looking for 12k mi. Also any incentives this month? Thanks.

  • thebellythebelly Posts: 10
    Hi there,

    Anyone know the MF and residual value of C250 or c300 4matic? Looking for a 27 month lease with about 7500 miles or 10000 miles. Thanks
  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    edited July 2013

    Here is my question.

    1. Is Residual value of Car based on MSRP or Selling Price?

    2. Info on Deal

    MSRP - 43,700
    SP - 37130
    MF - .00103
    Residual is 68% (30,xxx)
    27 Months - 438$
    Miles 15,000

    Let me know if this is a good deal.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Residual is % of msrp. What model/car is this deal calculated on?
  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    edited July 2013
    This is for 2013 C300 4Matic. Additional features Premium, wood trim etc. Also Includes Maintenance for 30,000 Miles.
  • Hi Andy187,

    What is the drive-off $$. How much upfront. The facts you provided on MF, RV, and Sales prices are as deep as you can get.

    Smart on your part getting service included!!! Most people fail to realize MB pays for 68% of all your maintenance costs on a lease like this.

    The monthly is great depending on drive-off $$$.

  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    The Drive off is the first month payment $438.

    "Most people fail to realize MB pays for 68% of all your maintenance costs on a lease like this". I didn't understand 68%. I was in an impression that 30,000 miles service includes all the recommended maintenance.

    There is a deposition fee of $595. Any chance on getting this waived affront?

    Thanks Valleyguy.
  • The service contract costs $769 for 30K miles if bought outright. The residual value is 68% of MSRP for your deal. That means in fact you are only paying about 32% of the $769 for scheduled maintenance.

    These maintenance plans are already discounted, and since MBFS residualizes them on leases makes this a no brainer.

    If your drive-off $$ is limited to only your first payment... than you got a great deal.

    The disposition fee covers the costs of filing the paperwork with your state to change title, plus some other process work. MBFS waves this fee if you re-up on a new lease. MBFS will also offer you an early buy-out as well around 3-6 months before the lease expires.

  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    Thanks ValleyGuy. Appreciate your help. Getting the Car tomorrow.
  • thebellythebelly Posts: 10
    Hi all,

    Is this a good deal? Minneapolis/ST Paul area MB dealership is offering 12% off + $2000 on either a buy or a lease C2013 C300 4matic ?

    I thought folks were mostly shooting for 15% off +$3500 dealer cash that's available? Could someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    Also, what's the MF and Residual for a 27 month/36 month lease with about 10,000 miles/yearly?

    The Belly !
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    I haven't seen any information on rebates or dealer cash.. I would love to know though.. The 27mo mf is .00103 based on what others have posted. Similarly, the residual for 10k miles should be 71% based on what others have posted.
  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    I think 12% off + $2000 off is the best you could get, at the max may be couple of hundreds more.

    But 15% + 3500$ doesn't practically make sense. Let's say if the MSRP of the car is $41,000. MF is .00103 and residual is 71%. 10,000 miles you are looking at $2000 out of pocket and 155 per month.

    Ask them the MF and Residual value / percentage. Also check the car make sure its not a demo or used Car. To the best of my knowledge the Once a car crosses 5000 miles it is considered as used not demo.
  • thebellythebelly Posts: 10
    Thanks kapkanimd and Andy187. Here is what we have agreed upon thus far.

    2013 C300 4matic and premium package 1 - They have several models on the lot to choose from)

    MSRP - $42,750

    Selling price - $34500 (12% off MSRP +$2100 + $1000 from American Express)

    Term - 27 months / 7500 miles per year (This will mainly be a winter vehicle)

    Residual - 76%

    MF - 0.00103

    Dealer Documentation Fee is $75 + tax/title and other general fees. Should I pay the tax /title and additional dealer fees upfront ? Or have them add it to the lease? Putting these numbers in a lease calculator gives me a monthly payment of around $150. Am I missing something ? Please help !

  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    edited July 2013
    Please let us know what the $2100 and $1000 American express rebates are and how to get/qualify for them! :) If you can afford the higher monthly payment then roll them in to the lease, but it is completely up to you.

    I am not sure what you are including in your calculation, but $150 does not seem plausible, especially with nothing down.

    Using your numbers and given an estimated dealer fee of $500, acquisition fee of $795, tax/title $250, and other fees $85. If you pay the first month payment out of pocket, you are at $244 before tax (to add tax just multiply 244 x 1.XX <-- your areas tax rate) Let us know how it goes, or if you want to give me more accurate fee numbers I can help you get a better idea of payment

    Also can you confirm that residual, it seems really high, if that is true 12k mi should be 74% which would be awesome!
  • andy187andy187 Posts: 19
    I would say ask dealer to include all the fees into the monthly payment also as k for maintenance package. I would say tell them you will pay $200 a month everything included with the Tax.

    What is the American Express $1000 for?
  • thebellythebelly Posts: 10
    edited July 2013
    Andy and kapkanimd , Thanks again for the prompt replies.

    You can buy a $1000 off MB certificate from American Express if you happen to have 100,000 miles. Mercedes Benz of Maplewood is advertising 12% off +$2000 off any in stock 2013 C Class.. I negotiated it down to 12% +$2100 off.

    I seem to be receiving conflicting information regarding the MF and Residual. Either for 27 months or 36 months ( with 7500 miles ). Do we know what the real number is?

    MN caps the dealer fee to $85. So I will have to pay the tax, title, License and acquisition fee up front. $1,575 Due at Signing (includes all taxes and fees!!)
  • jlhoustonjlhouston Posts: 8
    a dealer in my area is quoting me an Annual Lease Rate of 2.47% how does this compare to a MF of .00027?


  • JL,

    Take the MF rate and multiply it by 2400 to get the actual interest rate.

    Ex: .00105 x 2400 = 2.52%

    Likewise 2.47% / 2400 = .00103mf

  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    The numbers I received from the dealership today were 69% residual and .00124 MF for a 27 month lease with 12k miles for a C250 sport sedan. Not sure if the money factor is marked up or anything, car_man can you confirm these numbers? Thanks.

  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    what is the payment they are quoting you based on this deal?
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