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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Hi robert yes we searched every dealership inventory and the ports and the ships enroute. And the order banks are closed for 2012s. So no choice but to order 2013 As i want diamond white metallic and black leather which no dealer will order as an inventory car. Iam going to dealer tomorrow to place my order.Yes the price is probably going to go up as Iam ordering without knowing the price of the car. But Iam still only going to pay 500.00 over invoice. So i think thats a good deal. It is the M/F that i hope stays as low as it is right now.
  • dlitdlit Posts: 1
    Hey Car_man,

    I live in Cook County, IL. I'm trying to lease a E350 Coupe, 4matic, P1, and appearance package, MSRP of $59,165, with the $3k conquest. 24 or 36 months with 7500 miles.

    What should my all in lease payment be (0 down, taxes and all fees included, except for 1st months + DMV)? What's the MF/Residual?

    I was going thru the other posts and other people have been getting it in the $600's. The best price I could find is for $750, but that was from an out of state leasing company that has to ship the car. Local dealers are quoting me $820 per month.
  • nyc_sethnyc_seth Posts: 7
    I have 9 months left on my lease and MB will forgive 4 which means any negative equity gets rolled into new lease quotes. I'm still being quoted great rates but I'd like to wait until I have no negative equity to get an even better deal. I'm worried about 2012 inventory dwindling and being forced into a 2013 which could cost more (higher msrp and weaker incentives). Any insight as to 2012 June rates and 2013 pricing/rates?

    33mo/12k lease
    e350W4 / P1/ Palladium / Sport / AMG Wheels / Rear Spolier / Split Seats

    MSRP $60,085
    Cap Cost $51,874
    Residual 62%
    MF .00116
    Tax 7.375%
    Payment $601 (includes tax)
    Drive Off $900 (first month and dmv transfer fee)

    Once I roll in my negative equity (5 months at $748 each), the payment goes up to $727.

    Shame to pay for 2 cars for the first 5 months! But worried that if I wait 5 months, the 2013 will run more than $727 anyway. Thoughts?


  • crobar1crobar1 Posts: 7
    2012 E350 COUPE P2 Appearance Pack Spoiler Lane Assist Maintenance

    Sign & Drive 760 a month (0 down no inceptions payment not for a month)

    Is this a good deal?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited May 2012
    sorry...but not enough information to even guess if it's a good deal....for example, how many months, how many miles per year?

    Why the urgency??? if the dealer is creating the time pressure with a "deal is only good today" then tell them to fly a kite....

    what's the money factor and the residual?

    Does that price include taxes (what %) price include taxes?

    Is maintenance included...if not, why not?
  • crobar1crobar1 Posts: 7
    edited May 2012
    Price includes taxes (7%) its 36 months/ 10K a year and includes maintenance..

    Not a deal breaker but limited cars with that color/set up.

    Dont know MF/Residual..more concerend about payment

    MSRP was 61405
  • dl3401dl3401 Posts: 1
    Where are you located?

    your deal is better than one i was offered on MSRP 60585, 36 months / 10K yr / 61% residual / no maintenance / approx $4400 down incl first payment of $746
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited May 2012
    You already have maintenance included...good!

    The "origination charge" should be $795....some dealers mark up MB finance's charge...make sure they are just charging $795 not $1095.

    Ask them to run the same car on a 33 month may be less expensive then the 36 month lease. To compare the two, add up all the checks you will write over the life of the lease and divide by the number of months of the lease to get the real monthly charge.

    Ask them to run the lease if you give them the maximum (10) multiple security deposits (unless you are in a STATE that prohibits them...I captitalize state because some dealers say they don't do them but it is a standard part of the mercedes finance lease so the dealers just don't understand them and say they don't do them). MSD's are an excellent way to reduce the overall cost of a lease. Ask them to run them....don't accept, "you won't save anything" or any other excuse. Then compare to the lease without MSD's and don't forget that while you write a check for 10 monthly payments up front, you get that money back at the's NOT a down payment or capital cost reduction.

    Make sure they are using the money factor for your credit score...ask if they are using tier 1 credit money factors for your lease.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    I'm planning to go take a look at some 2012 E350 Bluetec models this week and wanted to see if you guys could give me some direction on starting negotiations.

    MSRP on the car is $56,565 while Truecar shows an invoice price of $53,367 (inc. P1 pkg, $700 regional ad fee & $875 destination fee), while Costco auto shows $52,667.

    I was thinking of trying for $52,500 + $3000 Conquest discount for a total of $49,500 and if I could, get them to throw in the maintenance. Too aggressive and unrealsitc? I don't want to insult them but I do want to get the best deal possible.

    I also want to ask about the MSDs, but not until we agree on the price of the car first. Thanks for any advice.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited May 2012
    sounds like an excellent plan. Unless things have changed dramatically, by far the best lease on the bluetec is 24 months due to an extremely high residual. For gas cars it's 33 months. Likely the dealer won't believe the payment is correct because they don't know 24 months is better.

    Don't worry about insulting a dealer...that's rediculous. Your biggest negotiating weapon are your feet....when they won't meet your price, start to walk out...or walk out and wait for their call.

    Some thoughts....try to find one with P2 for the headlights...they are worth the extra money. The mercedes origination fee is $795 which some (scum) dealers mark up to $ careful. I am paying under $500/mo+tax on a 2011 P2 bluetec 24 mo 12K mile should be able to match that on a 2012 right now...if they have a car

    The MSD's shouldn't effect the negotiation of price...the dealer isn't involved in the discount for MSD's.....but if the dealer doesn't understand MSD's it might confuse them and they might think you're a nut case (happened to me, but we worked it out). As you probably know, the max 10 MSD's should lower your money factor by .0007 which looks small but is significant when you do the calculations.

    Don't put anything down on the lease...just pay the first month's payment and any legally required other the MSD's which you will get back at the end.'s a wonderful car...probably the first car I've leased that I'll be sorry to give up at the end.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Supply doesn't seem to be a problem here in Phoenix. One dealership has 8 E350 Bluetecs on the lot and another has 4, ranging from $56,156 - $60,xxx.

    We currently have a 2005 E320 that we owe $11k on but private sale according to KBB is around $15,300. We have it for sale on Autotrader right now and have a couple people who called and want to see it but I wonder if I could get the dealer to give me the same price we are asking privately, would definitely make it easier than dealing with selling it ourselves. I would apply the $4,300 "profit" toward multiple MSDs.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Couple of things if anyone could give some advice...

    First, should the Conquest incentive be mentioned up front or first negotiate the best price and then bring that up at the end? Or just go in and say "I'd like to pay $52,500 for the car minus $3,000 Conquest for a total of $49,500"?

    Second, should the fees and tags/title be rolled into the lease or is it better to pay them up front?
  • nyc_sethnyc_seth Posts: 7
    Just got word from my sales rep that (as of today) MBFS is offering a 6 month pull forward instead of the regular 4 month. Helps me get out of current benz and into new one while the 2012's are still around and have great incentives.

    Time to jump on a deal if you have less than 6 months left. Or in my case, still worth it with 9 months left rolling 3 months into new payment - I'll still be saving about $60/month and be in a new car.

    E350 4 matic, sport
    P1, Met Paint, AMG package, Lip, split seats
    12k/year, 33mo lease
    MSRP: $60,085
    Negotiated Price: $52,375
    Neg Equity ($2.235)
    COD: $900 (first month payment and DMV)
    Monthly $690

    Without neg equity, this car would be going off at $$610/month!
    Not bad...what do you think Car_man?

  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Does anyone know what price difference of doing 10k vs 12k vs 15k miles on the E350 Bluetec? I assume the price increase comes from a lower residual?
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I have seen some low prices advertised on this car with a 24 month lease. I have personally never owned a diesel car. Anyway the leases I see are low but they show a very low number of miles in the lease 7500. I dont know what the price is on a more normal 12K lease. One benefit of the 24 months is that maybe you dont need to replace any tires which are probably pricey. I
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Went to a few local dealerships today to look at a few E350 Bluetecs. None of them are exactly what we want (color combination wise or options) but we realize we need to compromises on some things as the inventory is pretty low.

    We only got into serious talks with one of the three dealerships on a $60,080 E350BT with P1, Parktronic & Lane Assist plus other misc. options). While at the dealership they offered us $55,000 plus $3,000 Conquest incentive for a total of $52,000 sale price (plus fees etc). We actually wanted $49,000...not on this specific vehicle, but based on a $57,000 car. Since they didn't have a $57k car, we still pushed for the same price. They said they couldn't and we left.

    10 minutes later they called and said the best they could do is $50,500. I countered at $50,000 plus maintenance and they said the manager had left for the day, that he didn't think they would do it but would ask tomorrow and follow up.

    I feel that would be a very good deal. The $50,500 is good too, but still more than we wanted to spend. I know it has more options but we don't really need those.

    Also, they offered us a fantastic deal on a $61,875 MSRP E350BT with P2, panorama roof & lane assist. They would do it for $51,000. We liked the interior and exterior colors but absolutely hate the panorama roof, so much so that it's a deal breaker. I've driven the GLK350 with the same roof and it kills here in Phoenix with the heat. You just feel it radiating down on you, that shade they have is useless, my forehead was sweaty the whole time I drove the GLK. Fantastic deal for anyone who would appreciate it though.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Sorry for all the questions, but one more...

    Does the residual on a vehicle change depending on the options? If a E350BT with P1 has a residual of 77%, should the residual on on with P1 + Parktronic + Lane assist + etc still be 77%?
  • dewarsandsodadewarsandsoda Posts: 159
    Hi hx_guy,
    The RV does not change based on options selected. It is solely dependent on car type, lease term (24 vs. 36, etc.), and miles per year. i.e., RV is fixed by MB financial.

    However, make sure that you know the base rate MF in advance of finalizing the deal as many unscrupulous dealers mark up the MF as an additional source of profit, preying on unsuspecting customers. As ghstudio and others (myself included) have evangilized, I would strongly encourage you to consider the 10 MSD's to reduce the MF as that should save ~$40-65/month, and you get the deposit back at the end of the lease.

    My wife adores her E350BT (P1, sport, parktronic, spoiler pkg, split folding seats, and deep tinted windows).

  • socal59socal59 Posts: 64
    Hi car man, I need to get the residual and MF for a 2012 blue tech wagon. 24 months seem to be the best at this time. Also for 15k miles per year. Thanks so much. You save us all collectively hundreds of thousands (all car makes). Your the bomb :)
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    edited May 2012
    Ok, deal is done...we got what we wanted but also didn't yet. I won't go into the whole day with what happened to dealer #1 where we left and ended up at dealer #2 but what we got was...

    MSRP: $57,575 (E350BT with P1, Spoiler Appearance Pkg & Lunar Blue paint)
    Purchase price: $48,650
    Residual: $42,605 (74% residual with 15k/year. 10k would have been 77%)
    Money factor: .0025
    Out of pocket: $2455 (first month, registration, $250 doc fee, $795 acquisition fee)
    Payment: $480 + $45 tax per month

    About the Multiple Security Deposits, of course the salesman had no idea what that was. He asked finance, which said they hadn't done on in at least 10 years and they had to call MB Financial, who apparently said that the person in charge had left for the day (it was 6pm local time, 9pm eastern). We drew up the contract and they said we can go back tomorrow and redo it after they talk to MB Financial. I hope that is true and they don't try and pull something because they seemed pretty pissed with us.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Went back to the dealership and redid the contract with 10 Mulpitle Security Deposits (10 x $500) and the monthly payment is now $416 + $38 sales tax for a total of $454 per month. :)

    Thanks you everyone for your help!
  • sdosajsdosaj Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    Hello Car Man and Everyone,

    I just picked up my 2012 E350 sport yesterday. I always read your forums to give me an idea of what to ask. So the least i could do is share my deal. I was debating over a 2012 528i and E350.

    E350 sport P1 package Palladium silver
    MSRP 55985
    33 Mo lease
    12K per year or 1k per mo
    All Maintenance Included
    Monthly 645 incl tax
    Drive off 0$
    All I paid was 645$ which was my first mo payment.

    I thought it was a good. Thanks for all your help guys!
  • kvincekkvincek Posts: 21
    Looks like a great deal .... Which state/dealership did you buy this from?
  • kvincekkvincek Posts: 21
    How many months did you lease it for?
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    24 month lease.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Hey can you explain how you got to your negotiated price, I saw you mentioned a $3k conquest cash, but I cannot find that listed anywhere. All I can find is a $2k loyalty cash.. Looking to do a deal soon. Thanks in advance.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Sure, here is an article on it: ve-up-to-4000-on-new-mercedes-vehicles-open-to-just-about-every-competing-make-d- uring-march-2012/

    It's still valid for May, not sure if it will extend into June, it probably will as it's been going for a while but it has to end sometime so who knows.

    As for how we got the actual price...just sort of happened. We initially figured it should be able to get invoice minus the $3k conquest cash. We based the invoice price on a base E350 Bluetec + P1 and nothing else, which would be around $52k - $3k incentive for a total of $49k. The thing is, none of the dealerships had just a base + P1, so the MSRP was higher but we told them that we didn't care about the extras and still wanted the car for $49k. Had one dealership come down to $50,500 from $60,080 but it didn't work out with them, so the second dealer we went to, we asked for the same $9580 off an MSRP $57,575 car. They couldn't go that low, but met us at $48,650...a $8,925 discount.
  • I currently have the 2010 E350 4Matic. I previously has the 2008 E350 4 Matic and i am looking to get the 2012 E350 4Matic. I have purchased both cars from same dealer in CT.

    The new build I want is the following:

    2012 E350 Sedan

    MSRP $50,490
    Exterior: Black $0
    Interior: Black MB-Tex $0
    Trim: Black Ash Wood Trim $0
    4MATIC Package $2,500
    Premium 1 Package Included with package
    Premium 2 Package $6,450
    Wheel Package $760
    Sport Styling Package $0
    Rear Spoiler $300
    Panorama sunroof $1,090

    BASE MSRP $50,490

    TOTAL PRICE $62,465

    So I am obviously looking for the best lease price with only the min. required down payment.

    I need 12k per year and open to lease term but want best monthly price with lease no longer than 36 months.

    Any guidance on what I should be asking for that is realistic would be appreciated. Also if they do give the price, can they change the residual to make payments higher? Is the residual a locked figure based on the car model?

    Thanks in advance.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    That is a great deal. By the way who cares if the dealer likes you. You negotiated a great deal IMHO. My local dealer told me that MSDs wont matter because interest rates are so low. Getting your payment to 416 is a great deal with that. That saves you like a $2340 for that 5K. That is a a great savings. I assume you got 36 months (15K a yr)

  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    edited June 2012
    Thanks for the comments, I feel really good about the deal too. The lease is for 24 months.

    As for the MSDs, it's true that if you are getting a promotional money factor, then you can't also do the MSDs but if it's the standard .0025 money factor, you can do them. Some dealers may not want to deal with it (though the process was very simple) because they are not familiar with it. Ask what your money factor is on the deal and if it's .0025, then press them to do the MSDs.
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