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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • tbenson81tbenson81 Posts: 25
    edited January 2013
    Have the dealer show you the Math Indiana guy. Assuming 6.5% tax rate.....53K net cap for a 61K MSRP is pretty damn good off MSRP. For 12K miles a year, the residual is 71% and MF is .00121. Payment should be roughly 555 for 24 months

    Sales guy telling you the 30 month is cheaper than the 24 is also not accurate with the current rates. Dealer is definitely messing around with bogus residuals and money factors.

    Others saying 500 is what you should be paying are wrong as well unless you can get more than 9000 off MSRP which is damn near impossible in 99% of markets
  • Hello,

    This is his latest offer:

    HelloXXXX the MSRP is $57,865 and lease is based on discounted price of $53,365 which is a $4500 off MSRP including your ABA discount. your total drive offs includes your first payment of $670 plus tax, doc fee of $495 and title fee of $28.25 and your down payment of $1121.22. 35 remaining payments of $670 plus tax. 12K miles per year. This is what Tom told you yesterday. The MSRP of the other car was $56k but that car sold.

    What can I do to get this more in line with what you all are getting? Thanks.
  • Thanks guys.

    $53k was not net cap, just the MSRP minus discount before taxes, fees, etc. Still, sounded like a good deal. I think they said $4k under invoice.

    Not totally familiar with P1 vs P2 but I think the car is P1 plus walnut trim, panoramic roof and a couple other nice extras. P2 as I understand includes LED / Xenon lights which I don't remember being on it.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    To Toughoncars:

    Please RUN AWAY from that dealership, don't even bother dealing with them anymore. I posted a few weeks back about my deal......I live in MICHIGAN, great deals can be had.

    I will refer you to Mercedes benz of Ann Arbor, they will offer 8% off msrp, plus the 4k winter event to anyone walking off the street. (I managed 10%...but the dealership made it clear it wont happen again).

    Pick any car on their lot. I did a one time pay, they did not inflate the Money Factor, a straightforward deal. in and out. The numbers your dealer is suggesting is beyond crazy. I have shopped Indiana dealers before....either your working with meriville or gurley leep(both crooks in my opinion). they were rude and tried to tell me I didn't know how leasing works.......when in fact it was them who didn't know the concept of multiple security deposits, very amateur guys.

    Ann arbor is 3.5hour drive from Chicago.....well worth the drive in my opinion.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97

    you should mention there is a 4k winter event rebate(hopefully you qualify for it).
  • Toughoncars,

    As others have said look elsewhere. This dealer is playing too many bogus games with you. You should be able to get $9k off sticker all day on the car you described. Basically invoice minus the 4k winter event and the dealer will still have more room to move on a car. Don't settle for a mediocre deal. Shop around to other dealers.
  • Toughoncars,

    Yes that is exactly why I got in my own hand last day of december, a 2013 e3504matic sedan with 2 year maintenance included. $540 a month

    OUT THE DOOR (1st payment of $540 & registration): $760

    Location in Northeast but that shouldn't matter, if you want someone that deals via internet and is reliable, try this guy to get pricing and he will probably give you the best pricing out there....

    he is in west coast, not the guy I bought it from but I know this guy doesn't BS at all, it is his pricing I dared my dealer to match and he is history.

    Dez at Long Beach in California

    - Double006
  • Commanderd,

    Are you talking about 2013 e350 4matic sedan?

    If so, I paid $540 for 24months/12K - $61MSRP - with 2 year Maintenance
    - (1st payment of $540 + registration): $760

    I too had a FLEET certificate but since you can't duplicate current offers and Fleet, I just took winter which was the same as Fleet($4,000 off).

    LOOK FOR CLOSE TO $4,000 below Invoice!

    Hope this helps!

    - Double006
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    Something to keep in mind. Illinois taxes the entire selling price of the car. That adds a big chunk..


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  • Hi,

    Sorry for not being more specific. I am looking for the E350 Coupe with a P1.
  • Ahh, the coupe does not have the substantial discounts of the sedan which make it so favorable. Unfortunately, you are not able to negotiate such an attractive price as there is less supply for the coupe than there is for the sedan.
  • Thanks. Can one combine the ABA discount with the Winter Sales event? I cant get a definitive response.
  • Hi d_nyholm. Alas, Mercedes does not typically provide any lease support on E Wagons. Mercedes-Benz Financial's January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 E350 Wagon with 12,000 miles per year are .00160 and 65% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The residual value for a lease with only 10,000 miles per year would be 1% higher.

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  • Hi commanderd. While I don't know definitively that this is the case because I don't follow the ABA program all that closely I suspect that it cannot be combined with the $4,000 Winter Event certificates.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • hey whats the nashparker10 name number and salesmans name to get a deal like that at gmail. thanks a bunch
  • arod4arod4 Posts: 17
    INSIDECARBUY: thanks for posting your deal, i'm trying to score your same deal in florida but i'm getting a lot of resistance. example: "this deal is just not possible. If this person really got the deal the dealer made a huge error and lost lots of money. It does happen with new managers that do not understand programs." that's from a car broker that got me a good deal before.

    i believe you got this deal but is there any particular info you can give me on what type of discounts they used etc to arrive at that amount? also, what dealer in what city and what first name of your salesguy? perhaps getting it shipped to florida would be worth it.

    any help much appreciated.
  • shappyshappy Posts: 6
    I don't believe this was a real deal I got 2013 e350 4 matic sedan Msrp 59 905 12k miles per year for 24 month lease for one pay of 12 000 dollars breaks down to 500.00 a month threw in winter rubber mats but wouldn't throw in 2 year maintenance . 4 days later dealer told me he couldn't duplicate deal for a friend and said 2013 sedans a are now pretty much out of stock. I got some deal and my deal was real.
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    Hey Ariaz -
    Yes, the tax and bank fee are included in the $442.02 - only out of pocket was 1st months payment and DMV.
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    Hey Arod4 -
    Here is the breakdown on the numbers…

    MSRP is $59,905

    Invoice is $56,175 (Its' MSRP ($59,905) minus the destination of $905 (59,000) times 93% ($54,870) then add back the destination $905 ($55,775) and $400 ($56,175) advertising charge that MB package to every invoice). Mark up is $3,730.

    Hold back is $3,097.50 (Its' MSRP ($59,905) minus the destination of $905 (59,000) times 5.25% (3,097.50)

    Total available profit from MSRP through Holdback is $6,827.50

    Winter Event - $4,000 (Good to any customer whether you own a Mercedes or not).

    Total available profit with Winter Event cash - $10,827.50

    Now from where I live (right outside of NYC) if I were to search a 50 mile radius of MB dealers there are 26. All with in 1 hour drive or less. Major competition. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out!

    The deal I got done had a selling price of $49,077.00 - yes the dealer broke even!

    Many dealers will tell you it can't be done. That no one sells into holdback. They need to keep the lights on, they are losing money and so on… Find the one that says, I'll take that deal. :)

    Hope this helps -
  • mbon12mbon12 Posts: 1
    Thank you for sharing your info - I have a friend in the car business and he often talks to me about the value of knowing about holdbacks. I am going to negotiate with some dealerships tomorrow morning on the same car - i also live right outside NYC area.

    Can you tell me which options you got with your MSRP $59,905? And my research says that usual holdbacks for Mercedes are 3%, did you get 5.25% because they are trying to get rid of the 2013 e350 4 matic to make room for the 2014's or have they increased their holdbacks in general?

    Thanks again!
  • thairsthairs Posts: 12
    Hi Guys,

    This is the quote I've gotten so far from my CA at the local benz dealership:

    2013 e350 4matic polar white
    P1, split folding rear seats, sport package, and comfort box
    MSRP: $59,135
    Sales price: $54,635 (after winter discount, and nothing else)
    Term: 24 months / 12k miles
    Residual: 71%
    Money factor: .00131 (with autopay)

    Monthly (base): $632
    tax: $85.76
    Total monthly: $680
    Due at signing: $1,894 (1st month + acq. fee + doc. fee, etc)

    I'm trying to get him to bring down the sales price and thus the monthly, and the MF seems to be higher than it should be, even after autopay....what do you guys think?

    Thanks again!!
  • whompwhomp Posts: 5
    I think your math is wrong somewhere... 635 + 82 does not = 680. It's 717.
  • smartfanaticssmartfanatics Posts: 14
    edited January 2013

    A couple of things with your deal and I am assuming it is a sedan with those details.

    Your dealer is practically selling the car to you for msrp minus the 4k holiday cash. This is unacceptable. I have said it before and I will say it again. You should be able to get over 9k off on the car without much haggling. 10k off is possible with a bit of negotiation.
    Your sales price should be below 50k and the dealer will still be making money meaning you can go below that if you push.

    Dealer is also marking up the MF. Base rate is .00121 and if you do autopay .00111. Just tell him you would like to pay the base MF And autopay and it should be .00111.

    After that the numbers will work themselves out. Just watch out for more inflated dealer fees like aquisition, doc fees etc. if you have any more questions just ask or you can email me at my username on gmail.

    I am not talking hypothetical numbers. I closed a on a deal a couple of weeks ago as have others on here so it is not too difficult.

    Good luck!
  • thairsthairs Posts: 12
    Haha yea my math was off there, but monthly with tax is $680.00 that the CA is quoting me. And thanks for the advice smartfanatics, I'll be emailing you with a few more questions shortly!!
  • Hi CarMan, just got this deal in Chicago IL (Illinois is one of those crazy states that charges sales tax on the entire car when leasing)

    MSRP: ~$65,000
    Sales Price: $53475
    Miles per year: 15,000
    Term: 24 months
    Out of Pocket at Signing: $864 (includes 1st payment plus fees)

    Monthly Payment: $700 incl. tax

    Does this sound like a good deal?
  • thairsthairs Posts: 12
    Ok guys, so after quite a bit of haggling back and fourth, this appears to be the best deal my CA could offer me (attached .pdf bellow):

    I'm still having a hard time understanding how #27 (Due at signing) on the lease worksheet above is added together (1st month payment plus what other fees on the lease worksheet?).

    The MF of .00111 and base monthly $580 + tax I do however like!

    What do you guys think? I need to close on this deal if it is good by tomorrow, the last day of the winter event.

    Thanks for the help guys!!
  • goofeegoofee Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    So I have been following this blog for the longest time and thank you to everyone for posting - it really helps us buyers get an idea. So I want to give back by sharing my experience and deal.

    I did not want to wait past January 31, 2013 as I don't know if Mercedes will continue the Winter event. The deal I got factored in the $4,000 they are giving off an E-Class and much more. I got a discount of more than $9,000 (including the winter event) off the MSRP.

    Car Details:
    2013 E350 Sport 4Matic Sedan
    Premium P1 Package
    18" AMG Wheels Package
    Sport Package
    MSRP: $60,300

    Lease Deal:
    24 Months / 10,000 miles per yr
    One Time Pay - $11,200 all inclusive
    No Monthly Payments
    (Effectively turns out to 466.67 per month)

    (FYI .. for 7,500 miles they were offering $10,500 total one time pay)

    NY and NJ dealers were not as willing to do such a deal as they want to make more on each car they sold. CT dealers on the other hand are more willing to do this deal.

    If you are living in NJ or CT and are willing to drive up to CT, it could turn out to be worth it - it was for me!
  • arod4arod4 Posts: 17
    thank you for the details. yes, it helps tremendously. i hope to have a new car tomorrow!
  • thairsthairs Posts: 12
    Did you dealer waive the acquisiton and doc. fees for your out of pocket of $864? My CA it looks is charging me acquisiton fee ($795ish), doc. fee ($500ish), and 1st month payment ($625 after tax), to get to my cash due at signoff of roughly $1894....I'm just wondering how some of you guys are able to drive-off only paying less than $900...
  • sm1982sm1982 Posts: 3
    I picked up a e350 4 matic with p1 10k miles/ yr for 24 months for$483/mo including maintainance and tax & drive off was just 1st months payment. The dealership I got it from is leasing their loaner cars so mine had 6k miles on it but I thought it was a good deal. Right now they are doing 2013 e350 4matics for 2k down and 399 mo which is close to what I got or 10k off msrp. What do you guys think of the deal? Send me a msg if you want more info
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