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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • mb2014mb2014 Posts: 1
    Leased my car last week in NoCal, not sure it's a good deal or not.

    2014 E350 Sport Sedan, 36month, 10K year
    MSRP: 60450, Diamond White, P1...
    2K down, $690 per month including tax
    Concerning the $700 marketing/advertising charge, I also heard this a few weeks ago from a dealer (in NJ). It was his reasoning that I was being quoted below invoice. It's not a line item on the window sticker so I wouldn't worry about it and in my opinion you shouldn't consider it when negotiating price.

    Sounds decent depending on what the 2K down consisted of.
  • mjf5012mjf5012 Posts: 10
    Hello all,

    Doesn't it make sense to lock in a lower payment with the 7500 mile lease? If you go over the miles just trade it in for a new one to avoid the fees for going over the miles rather than turning it in.
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    Hi mjf5012,

    It costs something like ~$500 over 27 months to move to 10K miles per year, or instead pay $2000 extra if you drive only 9500 miles per year on a 7500 mile annual limit.

    If there is any doubt you will exceed the 7500 mile limit, then just pay the extra $250ish per year for 10K mileage limit.

    - 7500 miles per year is only 20 miles per day average!
    - 10K miles per year is 27 miles per day average
    - 12K miles per year is 32 miles per day average

    Just my humble opinion.

  • ineedacar5ineedacar5 Posts: 22
    I leased a 2013 e-350 p1 and p2 package at Vin Devers Autohaus in Sylvania, Ohio. It took some negotiating but I was able to achieve the following deal.

    $64,000 car
    15k miles per year
    maintenance included
    taxes included
    0 down
    27 month lease
    $581 per month
    *I live a long distance away from the dealership, so I purchased the car without personally seeing it. They shipped the car to my house free of charge and I was able to sign the paperwork and write the check upon delivery.

    I think I could have done a little better, but considering the quotes I received from other dealerships, I think I did pretty good. They are deal makers, and offered me a really competitive price on a 2014 e-class. This is my first lease, so I was a little apprehensive about doing a 3 year lease; hence the reason for agreeing on the 2013.

    Harry was salespersons name, so please give him a call if you are considering a new 2014 E-Class.
  • mjf5012mjf5012 Posts: 10
    Great deal. What was the money factor and residual used?
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 306
    Really good deal. I would have jumped all over that but couldn't get close in NY. Was looking at significantly more for P1 cars.
  • jgoal55jgoal55 Posts: 10
    Just out of curiosity and I know he is really, really busy replying n tons of threads, but does anyone have an idea how long it usually takes carman to reply with the rates? Thanks.
  • While it's nice to get the rates from carman if you ask a few dealers you will get them, especially if you go in person and sit down with finance. There are also other website that publish lease interest rates.
  • We've never found anyone to be as accurate and concise as Car Man when it comes to getting truthful Money Factors and Residual Values. Where are other dependable resources on the web? I would never trust information that a dealer provides...
  • If two dealers give you identical numbers they are pretty accurate. Many dealers will actually show me their buy rate sheet that they get from the leasing company. You'd be surprised at the info you can get by asking.
  • mjf5012mjf5012 Posts: 10

    Looking for the rate and residual on a 27 month lease of a 2013 E350 4MATIC Sedan for 10000 miles.
  • I Just leased an e350 4Matic with an MSRP of $64K the other month. If you can still find these they are screaming good deals to get rid of them.

    You should be able to get this car for about $500 per month, very little up front money with a service contract included.

    I believe RV is 70% for 10K miles.

    Seriously make sure you get a service contract included. It's the bargain of the century. The plan is already reduced for prepay verses pay as you go. Even more importantly the plan is residualized!! That's right MBFS only makes you pay 30% of the total cost of a 2 year plan and they eat the remainder!!

    Only an idiot would say no to all service on an MB for 2 years at the cost of less than 1 schedule A service. On a 2 year lease, all you have to add is gas and insurance.

  • For 2014 e350 4Matic that might be true.

    For a 2013, get the Model & year, MSRP, Money Factor, residual value, drive-off fees, and actual sales price.

    Have the quote include tax and service plan.

    The sales price should be $10K off MSRP at a minimum for a 2013 e350 sedan.

    In all dealer quotes make sure they give you a complete break down of the deal so you can compare and negotiate like for like.

    It's also helpful to go directly to MBFS and have them run your credit. It's good for all dealers for a set period of time. This way you can walk in proving you are pre-approved for a specific credit tier.

  • mjf5012mjf5012 Posts: 10
    Thanks, ValleyGuy. I have all of the breakdowns and nobody will knock of $10K. They say they can only do that if I finance. I am getting frustrated. Where did you get your car? I would even pay to have it shipped.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 306
    edited July 2013
    I had the same issue with 2013s in NY in May. No one would knock more than 2 grand off invoice for a p2. And I would have considered a P1 if I got a great deal. Numerous dealers, Silver Star and Rallye, wouldn't even quote prices over email. After a while, I couldn't find a P2 so I opted for a BMW 535 x drive instead.

    Better handling, xenons and leather standard plus a ton of other goodies. With my loyalty incentives I got the car for $2250 under invoice.
  • jgoal55jgoal55 Posts: 10
    I don't know if it's a Miami thing or what, but every single time I have tried to ask the dealer for it, they give me the run-around. It's extremely annoying and to be honest, if they are not willing to give it to me over the phone, then that is not a dealer I want to deal with.
  • glayfan40glayfan40 Posts: 33
    In regards to your 0 down - does that mean 0 out of pocket with all the fees (TTL, acquisition, doc fees) and 1st payment rolled in, or you still had to pay that upfront? If that payment includes all fees rolled it's a super fantastic deal you got there!
  • ineedacar5ineedacar5 Posts: 22
    Everything is rolled into the lease payment. I spoke with 20 dealerships, and this dealership was 1 of 3 who didn't jerk me around. I probably should have paid a bit more for the 2014, as they are really offering deals at this particular dealership; but I actually like the look of the 2013 better.

    If you give me know your e-mail address I can let you contact information for the dealerships who quoted me the best deals.

  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    Hi mjf5012,

    Go ahead and finance the car through MBFS at the dealer. You can pay-off the loan the following month without early payment penalty. I believe MBFS gives the dealer a few bucks to originate the loan, and MBFS definitely givse the dealer a cut of the interest rate pie when finance above baseline interest rate.

    You can pay-off the loan at anytime. Many people are under the mistaken believe that cash is king when buying a new car; it in fact is not. Dealer like to se financing and even a trade-in if possible.

  • Hello carman or other informed parties!

    I know the '14s are out, but wonder if you can share the mf/residual for a '13 wagon (350 4M Sport). 36mos/10k or 39/10 if better. Also 48/10k?

    Also, is there any dealer cash on these or mfg incentives? Found one that has been on the lot for a while and wonder how far it can be pushed off MSRP. I have USAA ($2,500), but looking for more. Thanks as always.
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013

    The dealers are loaded with incentives to move the '13 e-class. The problem will be finding one. In California anyway, most e350 4matic wagons are about $64K. you can get $10k off and also your USAA discount.

    Simply ask the dealer where the sweet spot is on lease pricing. It's probably a 27 month lease, 10Kmi per year, RV of ~69%.

  • dkchipsdkchips Posts: 9

    Anyone out there have the current MBZ Financial loan rates for late model SL550 and CLS550 2012 - TERM 48 months, 60 months and above??

    Tier 1 credit 722 FICO -


  • jhansla85jhansla85 Posts: 6
    Can someone tell me if this is a good deal on a 2014 E350

    MSRP $61,720

    30 months, $5000 down, 7500 miles per year.

    $529 per month taxes included

    Thank you
  • jhansla85,

    Could you share more details like MF, purchase price, residual value?

  • glayfan40glayfan40 Posts: 33
    Thanks for the info, ineedacar5. I actually live in MA and have just recently leased a 2013 GLK250. If I can get similar deals two years down the road on an E250 BlueTec that might just be my next ride. I'm wondering what it'd cost to have the vehicle shipped across the country because CA seems to have the best deals as compared to any other states.....
  • jhansla85jhansla85 Posts: 6
    Valley Guy,

    This is all I have at the moment. It was through an online quote with the dealer
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    Hi jhansla85,

    Very smart going for the online quote. Ask the dealer for the breakdown.

    Purchase price
    Drive-off fees (idemized)
    RV - Residual Value
    MF - Money Factor
    Tax rate
    Loaded monthly rate
    Also the car's build sheet.

    Then you have an apple to apples comparison between dealers and you can negotiate specific terms above. A lot of people seem to be getting a purchase price around invoice, but depends on inventory in your area. Dealers are having a harder time keeping prices high on the new e350's with inventory coming in.

  • alexeykalexeyk Posts: 5
    Hello guys.

    What are the residual and MF for a 2013 e350 Bluetec:
    24m/15K and 36/15K ?
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited July 2013
    If you find a 2013 e-class bluetec, dealers are going low and cheap to get rid of them. The higher mileage 2014 e250 turbo diesel is coming out in a month or two.

    Talk to a 2-3 dealers and get the base MF rate. MBFS is providing lease support to get rid of them. Easy to get $10K of MSRP and base wholesale MF rates at the moment. Probably take you 15 minutes to get the deal working through dealer Internet sales.

    Sorry don't know the exact rates for this car, but any dealer worth their salt will just tell you if you ask. Confirm with another couple of dealers and you will get the data.

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