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Nissan Altima Lease Questions



  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    Hi car man, I would like to know if this is a fair deal on a 2.5sl with navigation, spoiler, external ground lights and illuminated kick plates. MSRP $31.560.
    The dealer wants $675 cash due at signing and $359 month tax included for 36months, 12.000 miles.
    I still have 3 payments left on my current Altima lease which the have taken care of.
    Should I wait till the end of my lease, or this is fair enough for this car.
    Thank you!!
  • i found fitz mall in MD selling 2.5S for 19641 (msrp 24105) incl remote start and car mats..
    well this is 81.5% of msrp...

    DOES ANYONE know of a dealer in usa with better prices.

    and 2.5SV $20937 (msrp 25435) incl carpeted mats. this is at 82.3% of msrp.

    so anyone know of a dealer anywhere in USA with better selling price to msrp percentages.
  • faberafabera Posts: 6
    Why would you pay $228 a mo on a $19,000 Altima when you can currently lease a $36,000 G37X for $299 a month?

    Again, lease support must be weak on the Altima, look at other options, you can get MUCH more bang for your buck.
  • its $71 a month, which annualy is $852 which is a nice cruise. so enjoy your upgraded car ride, while i drive my altima and for one week a year enjoy a FREE vacation with the money I am not spending on a G37.

    to go further using your logic, well for $399 you could drive a XTS cadillac, and on and on it can go.
  • badacepmbadacepm Posts: 3
    I agree Steen013. The base altima isn't exactly riding in style. I compared the prices for 3.5SL were so high I ended up with an MKZ for about $40/mo more but included maintenance and only 2 year lease instead of 3. :shades:
  • rj44rj44 Posts: 8
    edited June 2013
    The G37 with premium pkg is $299/ mo with $2500 down and 10,000 miles/yr .25/mile over. Plus a $700 non refundable acq fee.

    With zero down the lease goes up to $375 plus tax. After taxes the lease payments would be close to double the payment when compared to the Altima. It's a low mileage lease so you'll have to add $1500 at the end of the lease if you drive 12,000 a year.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Thanks for the additional information, rj44. OK, you were given a selling price of $20,500 on a 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan that has an MSRP of $23,780. That's an excellent selling price.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi emc17. Did the dealer tell you what this car's selling price is? That would make it much easier to evaluate this deal. At first glance, $359/month for a 2.5 Altima is not cheap, but I haven't worked up payments on every Altima variant so the selling price would help.

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  • faberafabera Posts: 6
    Money down is for amateurs, that 2-3 grand should be erased if you negotiate at all. You have to look at the cap cost in the lease .

    As an example the current Altima advertised deal is 36 mo at $199 a mo with $2400 down on a unit that MSRP's at $23,925. Net cap cost (final purchase/lease price) $20,232. I know around here you can get a base unit for around 19k if you negotiate. That means no money down except tax, title, license, and you should be able to walk out door with advertised payment (prolly little lower) minus the $ down.

    Either way Altima lease support is aweful, even a Nissan dealer told me that, told me July 4th deals would be much better.
  • faberafabera Posts: 6
    Oh P.S. Turning a lease in at lease end, and pying fees is also doing it wrong.

    I trade my leases for new lease (to any dealer) well before lease is up. Every lease has a buyout amount that changes every month as you make payments. You can take your vehicle and trade in just like you would if you had a loan, and theres no penalty.

    Trust me, Im on lease #15 over past 10 years between wife and I.
  • rj44rj44 Posts: 8
    The Infiniti example you used was only a 10,000 mi/yr lease. I doubt you will be getting this lease with 0 down and 15,000 mi/yr lease at the price they have quoted for the low mileage lease.

    But if you did please post. ;)
  • 2.5S msrp 24105, price to buy (or figure on a lease) 19641 (thats 81.48%)

    only two extras are carpeted mats inside and trunk and remote starter.

    anyone , anywhere get a better deal.

    if ,YES, whats the msrp and sales price and dealer name and state (web site if you have it)


    2.5SV msrp 24435 and selling price of 20937 (85.68% of msrp)
    w/ car mats in/out/trunk

    anyone anywhere know of a better deal...
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    MSRP $31350
    Selling price $27718
    $2399 initial payment
    36 payments of $278 per month
    36000 miles included.

    So, if I rolled the $2399 initial payment into the lease, the payments would be around $344 plus CA sales tax?
    Is the deal as listed in their advertised special a great deal or should I be able to do much better with negotiation?

  • tikibartonytikibartony Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    just leased a 2013 Altima sl loaded was 30,735.msrp 36 months 12,000 miles $629 down for 1st payment of $329.00 and registration fee of $300.00 .gross capitalized cost $27,265 adjusted cap cost is $28,454 the residual value is $17,826 depreciation $10,627 rent charge is $1,216 . total payments is $11,844 how did I credit score is 850
  • you say you can get a base around 19K...WHAT THE NAME OF THE DEALERSHIP (website too) thanks.

    i know at fitzmall you can get a 2.5S for 19105, msrp of 24105, and its an S , so not the basic basic..and it has carpeted mats and remote start.

    praytell, what dealer do you know of that does better.

    this is the 3rd time Ive asked if anyone knows of a better price at a dealer anywhere in the USA (Im fortunate I can ship a car anywhere for v.little)

    so far NO ONE has been able to provide a specific dealer with a better price.


    so anyone know of a better deal than what I posted.
  • amgslsamgsls Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Hey carman, I got a lease offer for Altima 2.5SV with Navigation and Convenience packages of 300/mo for 36 mo and 12k mi/yr. Nothing down, they said tax credit was used. Sticker was 27770. Is this a good deal or can I do better?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited July 2013
    The S model does not have remote start. You may have confused remote start with push button start or you have confused S with SV.
  • dls56dls56 Posts: 3
    hey amqsls, when you said nothing down, were there fees? or taxes? and what do you mean tax credit- from the IRS? I just put a deposit on an altima 2.5sv with convenience pack for 199./mo and just taxes and fees- no other money down. I am in New York- Where are you? Should I go thru with my deal? Your input would be helpful. Thanks
  • dls56dls56 Posts: 3
    hi car man,
    this is my first return lease so I am nervous. I negotiated and put a deposit on a 2013 altima sv with conven. pack.( car is about 27.000 or so) for 199. a month, and no money down, but will pay taxes and fees, for 36 months. I haven't signed yet because the car is not ready. I know the monthly payment is good, but are fees set- or can the dealer make up what he pleases, thereby charging me whatever he likes?Should I re-negotiate to eliminate more? I'm not sure how much more they will do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,dls
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi dls56. Do you know this car's selling price? The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Knowing this number will make it much easier to evaluate your deal. Also where are you located. Nissan has special regional incentives on this model.

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  • dls56dls56 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the help. I believe the car is 27,000 or within a few hundred dollars of that. I am in Long Island, New York.
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    Hi Car_Man,
    Can you give me the July MF and residual for the Altima 3.5 SL sedan w/ Tech Pkg. 15,000 miles/yr and 36 mo. Top tier credit. Thanks.
  • samalisamali Posts: 12
    Carman can you please look into my deal? I haven't gotten any replies and I need to know if I was ripped off or not. The 200 $ deal dls56 blows my deal apart, aside from the higher selling price. Again I'm posting my deal below, and if any other info is needed I will provide it.

    Here are the numbers!:
    Sticker Price:$24,460 MSRP) ---after dest charges = $25,860
    Agreed upon Value of Vehicle:$21,790+$595 acquisition fee
    Gross Capitalized Cost=$22,385

    Downpayment (cash)= $500
    Trade in= $600 (old 96 accord w/ over 250k miles and unable to pass smog)
    Rebates and non cash creds=$375
    SUM TOTAL=$1,475 due at lease signing

    Residual Vale=$15,092.20 or 59%.
    Total Monthly Payment (includes tax)=$225.73
    (--Bumping up to 15k miles a year brought up total monthly payment from $217 orig)

    Could it have gotten better? The dealer said he was basically 'givin it away' as the last day of the month-

    Also free car washes (don't know how long this will hold up) for duration of lease
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome dls56. OK, so it's a selling price of $27,000 on a car with an MSRP of what? I'm trying to determine how much of a dealer discount you are being given. You should be able to get an Altima at pretty close to dealer invoice minus incentives. There's a special $375 cash incentive on leases of this car in your area right now.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi rlbjr2. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s July buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Altima Sedan 3.5 SL with 15,000 miles per year are .00028 and 57% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • samalisamali Posts: 12
    I think I forgot to ask Please? I would really appreciate your review of my deal back in April(or anyone for that matter) !
  • diddy85diddy85 Posts: 2
    Hello, I just joined this forum today with the hopes of someone providing me with their feedback if I got ripped off or not.
    I just leased a 2013 altima 2.5 sl demo model with 6,000 miles on it for $360- a month.
    I put nothing down at all and they even bundled the taxes into the monthly payments.
    This was my first new car and I have perfect credit, defiantly 800+ credit score.
    Can someone provide with info as to how much lower I could have possibly gotten the vehicle for. The final negotiated price of the car was 26,500. Plus taxes....
    Thanks all in advance for the help, I'll really appreciate it...
    PS I live in staten Island ny and purchased car in nj
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    What were the terms of the lease? # miles/yr. Was it the tech pkg? Just going by the sale price of $26,500, I think you got ripped off. That is the invoice price of a NEW 2.5 SL w/o tech pkg. Most people are getting below invoice. The problem is you bought a used car and paid a new car price. When you run the #'s, $360 a mo is pretty high for a 2.5 SL. Post your mi/yr and maybe carman can post the lease #'s so we can calculate your deal.
  • diddy85diddy85 Posts: 2
    Its a 36 month lease with with 12,000 miles a year.
    As far as tech package, I have no clue, I know it has the bose stereo and backup camera on the screen. No navigation though...
    Wow, this is giving me a huge headache
    The msrp on the car was 29,015$
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