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Jeep Liberty - Funny issue with transmission need advice

roy8404roy8404 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2017 in Jeep
I have a Jeep Liberty 3.7L. I noticed a few months back I started having a strange exhaust smell after putting some pressure on the engine. Like when I drive up hill and stop at a guard post to get on base is at a 45 degree incline. Then a few yards later I am level again and I get the exhaust smell coming from my A/C. I'd also note I had to go through a lot of deep pot holes to get to parking on base nearly every day. However, today I was driving and my transmission light came on. for the past couple weeks I noticed a slight squeaking sound when I go into reverse and when making turns when I first start driving. I checked my fluids. Oils really low and needs changed, but the transmission fluid is good and so is my coolant. What do you think it could be?


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    roy8404roy8404 Member Posts: 2
    Oh also few times when I try to start it. It cranked and then turned back off.
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    stevekruzichstevekruzich Member Posts: 33
    First of all, you need to get the codes. Without them your shooting in the dark. oreillys or autozone will check em for free. IF it is a tranny issue it should give a code.
    Secondly define smell. What does it smell like. Exhuast has no smell.
    Third the cranking issue should show up in codes. It could be a sensor issue or most likely a fuel issue.

    Come back with the codes and i can help you go further.
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