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Car Buying Advice - Purchase incentives

threefirststhreefirsts Member Posts: 24
edited June 2017 in Jeep
Hello, Anyone able to find out purchase incentives that are all stackable for a 2017 GC Limited?

So far I have come up with:
Northeast IDL Bonus $3750
Lease Cash $1500
Northeast Bonus $250
Conquest Lease $1000

Anything else I can add to this that might not be readily available to find online?
I can provide VIN if it helps.
zip 11758.

Thanks in advance!


  • ChaseBellowsChaseBellows Member Posts: 76
    Hi @threefirsts Thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! I'd love to help out. Everything looks good here. The only thing I'd caution you on is you cannot use the Conquest Lease if you're a returning leasee. Full disclaimer below. Jeep IDL cash is only good if you don't lease through Chrysler Capital. You'll need to go through Ally, or another bank. I'd ask the dealer to run you quotes on both Chrysler Capital and Ally to see which lease is going to work out better in your situation. Technically, they're all stackable if you meet the requirements of the conquest cash, and don't lease through Chrysler Capital. I hope this helps! I'm happy to evaluate any deal with you or go over pricing. Let me know how I can help! :)

    "Conquest Customer Bonus Cash is available towards leasing or retail purchases to current lessees of a competitive brand (non-Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep or Ram vehicle). If the vehicle has already been turned in, then it must have been returned within the past 30 days to qualify. Trade-in not required. This offer is not combinable with any Returning Lessee, Lease Loyalty, or Owner Loyalty Program. Offer is transferable to immediate family members residing in the same household."
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