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Toyota Camry Lease Questions



  • gb350gb350 Posts: 20
    Can anyone point me to what the Residual and Money Factor to lease a V6 Camry SE with 15,000 miles per year?

    Looking to get this in NY if that make a difference.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    I am working on a lease deal right now for a 2011 Camry SE 2.5L/Auto with SE Value Package #1. The MSRP $25,990

    The residual, from what I can gather is right at 60% for 36mo/12k miles/yr. The 15k miles/yr should be 58%. Toyota's are hard to calculate the residuals, since not all options residualize. The SE V6 model, I would assume is similar.

    The money factor I have been quoted is: 0.00001 or 0.02% (which is basically 0%)

    There is $750 bonus lease cash also from Toyota, to help down payment right now.
  • Do you know if that bonus cash is for all models or just the SE? I am working on a lease and my local dealers (all brands in this class) are not really budging. Treated best by Fitz in PA, which has offered the following on a 2011 Camry LE with alloy wheels preferred accessory pkg, 36 mos - 15K miles/year:

    MSRP: 23,315.00
    Base Cap Cost: 20,804.00
    Acquisition Fee: 650.00
    T,L and Processing: 180.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost: 21,634.00
    Residual: 13,827.00
    Money Factor: .00001
    Base Monthly Pmt: $217.22
    PA Tax (9%) $ 19.55
    Net Pmt: $236.77

    Due @ siging: First Payment $236.77

    Comments/Criticisms of this deal would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    The $750 bonus lease cash is available on all 2011 Camry's (even the Hybrid) right now. I would be willing to bet, the $750 is already included in your deal as reduced or Base Cap Cost.
    **I think your deal is pretty good, the 15k/yr leases are a few bucks higher/mo. due to the lower residual value on the car. The residual on the SAME car with 12k miles/yr would be $14,300.
    **Maybe tell them to keep you at $236.77/mo with $0 due at sign and take the deal.

    I am looking at a 2011 Camry SE with MSRP of $25,990 and my deal so far is:
    $235/mo + sales tax for 35 more months (12k miles/yr) due at signing/sign-n-drive.
  • Lasvegasrph:
    $235/month for an SE with that MSRP sounds unbelievable. I'm looking for an SE now in that range except I'd prefer 15K miles/month.
    Out in SoCal, no one seems to budge off Toyota's current no money down $245/month LE deal w/12K miles/month.
    Can you tell me where this is being offered? Are you taking the deal or still negotiating?
    I might consider a deal in Vegas if offers are that aggressive.
  • Where is that and with what dealership if I might ask?
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    Unfortuately, Toyota sets up special/promotions by the Region in which you live and will register the vehicle. California is NOT in our Region, so the deals will be different for you in SoCal. You won't be eligible for Nevada's specials.

    I tried to talk to Longo Toyota and they would not deal/talk to me, since I live in Nevada......I was told they don't sell Toyota's unless they are registered in Cal.

    My lease numbers are correct (36mo/12k miles/yr and $25,990 SE) and valid until I sign the deal, which will be in the next week or so. The dealer started off at $262/mo + tax, and I told them NO. Then the next email was $235/mo + tax and I was told this was "as good as it gets".
  • I live in Vegas and am looking for basically the exact same deal. Can you tell me where this was?
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90

    It took a little work to get to this point, I started off just sending emails to the various dealers (4) here in town. Findlay Toyota in Henderson, was way out of the ballpark with their pricing......too many fees and wouldn't deal. So, I would take them off the list and concentrate on the other 3 dealers.

    If you can, send me an email at:

    I can let you know what is going on with the deal I am working on and where. Once I sign my deal, I will post another reply with the broken-down deal. Wed/Thurs is when I plan on finalizing this deal.
  • I spoke with Costco corporate this morning and they assured me that their dealers should provide the same discount on the car purchase price (value) for a lease that is extended to members for a purchase. This would include the current Toyota lease special advertised on the Camry LE for $249/month.
    I am in the process of confirming with Irvine Toyota just what the purchase price would be and from there, hopefully extracting what the monthly lease payments would be at the same money value rate and other parameters from Toyota's lease special.
    It should be less and I expect this to be confirmed back by dealers.
    It will give me some idea of what I could expect to get in a monthly lease rate discount compared to the $249/month advertised and hopefully give me some leverage to get either 15K miles/month or an SE 4 model for around $249/month without any further haggling.
    Anyone have direct experience in the last 2 years with the Costco Auto Program and in obtaining lower lease rates?
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    edited September 2010
    Costco is correct on the purchase price should be good for BOTH a purchase or a lease.......however, some dealers try to play games and say the price is "different" for a purchase vs a lease. DO NOT PLAY THAT GAME. You will lose.

    Just FYI, that same special promotion you are talking about on the Camry LE is available here in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming for $199/mo with $249 due at signing (plus dealer fees) and the $249 due (was $999 due) includes the $750 bonus lease cash..............36mo and 12k/yr. However, you can do better with MORE negotiating and spending time emailing or going in/out of dealers.

    The dealer is in fact, "selling" the vehicle......if it is purchased or leased, it should not matter. Ideally, you always want to negotiate from the INVOICE (minus any rebates or factory cash) and up from there. Then, tell the dealer you want to see 2 for a purchase and one for a lease.

    Good Luck! Shoot for $500 under the $750 lease bonus cash on ANY 2011 Camry right now. The MF = 0.00001 for Tier 1 credit, which is essentially 0% on a LEASE!!
  • Hi,

    I just moved to Los Angeles. On September 6th, I test drove a 2011 Camry LE (it had power seats), and I was quoted (and took) a lease of $180/month for 36 months, with the first month and approx $500 of fees up front. It was broken down as:

    MSRP: $22,100
    Residual: 64%
    Residual $14,144

    Sales Price: $19,904
    Acquisition Fee: $650
    Rebate (Labor Day): $500
    Total Cap Costs: $20,054

    Finance Factor: .00001

    To me it was a no brainer, I was surprised by your post though, the dealer (Miller Toyota in Culver City) said Toyota was really pushing Camrys, they looked pretty busy.

    Is this as a good a deal as I think, or am I missing something? I know that the $20,054 is more than what would be considered a good price on truevalue, but my total payments are approx. $7,000 over 3 years, and contains as close to zero interest as you can get.
  • Shampz:
    Great deal, what was the mileage per year?
    I'd like to land an SE with 15K miles/year and might give Miller a try.
    Don't know yet if they're Costco dealer but it sounds like an aggressive cap cost to me.
    The rep at Power Irvine Toyota said they had a glut of Camry's but I guess they are stubborn or are playing hard to get in which case I'm happy to tell them to stick their sucker deals in their Irvine ___.
  • thebenz,

    It was 12,000 miles per year. I am not supposed to put dealer names on my posts and I am new on the website so don't want to cause trouble, but I believe if you ask for the Internet Salesman (i started the process by emailing through their website), you will get to the right guy. He was straightforward and direct, and steered me clear of the Prius we were considering and into the Camry. After driving it for a week now, I am VERY satisfied with it, and the overall level of service at Miller Toyota. The lease came with the free 2 year maintenance plan as well, and they said they were the 5th or 6th largest service station in the country so getting it serviced would be fairly easy.

    I did try to negotiate price of the 'purchase' so that I would consider buying it at lease end, but he wouldn't budge and his offer was below what I was hoping to negotiate to, so I took it without any 'I'm walking' talk. I was a little suspicious at the deal so when he talked color, I changed my mind a few times to make sure the specific car I test drove wasn't a lemon, he couldn't have cared less what car I took, and color isn't important to me either, I went with Grey Metallic.

    Fell free to ask anything else, I may be in the market for a second car to purchase or lease and am still learning the ropes, never dealt with a dealership before.
  • shampz:
    Thanks for sharing the info.
    Was your SE 4 or 6?
    Grey metallic is what I'm looking for in an SE4, not 6, cloth seats, with 15 miles/year.
    Your price would have been a smudge higher, around $194/month if you rolled your $500 fees into the lease, since the $249/month offer is no fees on drive off.
    Still a great deal.
    How do you find the SE steering and ride compared to the LE?
    The same or a bit sportier?
    I like the SE look better and haven't test ridden it yet, just the LE but I imagine w/the suspension it might be better.
  • shampz:
    Thanks for sharing the info.
    Your SE was a 6, not a 4?
    Grey metallic is what I'm looking for in an SE4, not 6, cloth seats, with 15 miles/year.
    Your price would have been a smudge higher, around $194/month if you rolled your $500 fees into the lease, since the $249/month offer is no fees on drive off.
    Still a great deal.
    How do you find the SE steering and ride compared to the LE?
    The same or a bit sportier?
    I like the SE look better and haven't test ridden it yet, just the LE but I imagine w/the suspension it might be better.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    edited September 2010
    Hello everyone!

    I just finalized my lease deal and picked up my 2011 Camry SE (2.5L/6A) in Super White with Ash Fabric, SE Value PKG #1 and Smart Key. MSRP $25,990

    My lease is 36mo/12,000 miles a year, as is broken down as:

    MSRP: $25,990
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $23,750
    DOC fee: $495
    Toyota Bank AQ Fee: $650
    Rebates and non-cash credits: $966.61 (here is the $750 Toyota lease cash)
    Gross Cap Cost: $23,925 (includes the $650 bank AQ fee)
    Residual Value: $15,304 (59%)
    MF: 0.00001 or 0.02%
    Depreciation: $8,446
    Rent Charge: $14 (thanks to the 0.00001 money factor!!)
    Total Base Monthly Payments: $8,460
    Due at lease inception: $0
    Lease Payment.......: $235/mo. + sales tax = $254.04 for 35 more months

    This deal took some time, effort, and luck. The dealer had quite a few SE models and wanted to move one. Hope this info helps!!!!!!
  • Hi,

    Sorry, I thought I had mentioned that it was an LE (its 4 cylinder). The steering and ride are very comfortable for me, I used to drive a 1999 Maxima SE and the Camry has WAY less road noise and a tighter turning circle (although I haven't looked that up, I am just basing it on my sense).
  • Sweet deal. Same deal out here would be a bit more due to the 8.75% tax rate for OC.
    I'm getting ready to try on the Costco program price for an SE and see how that translates for an SE 2.5, but will most likely work it as far as the dealer can push it.
    I really need 15K miles/month.
    Can you clarify what the Toyota lease cash is, is it part of the current promotion, available in CA, etc?
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    edited September 2010
    Doing a 3yr 36k mi lease on a 2011 SE with JBL stereo/mp3/bluetooth, mats, moonroof, sport pkg with homelink mirror. Really wanted the Smart Key but getting it in Southern CA is only possible on a loaded V6 SE/XLE, so I accepted I would live without it, although I could have leased a loaded V6 SE for about $25 more a month, plus the increased gas expense, so about $50/month. Picking it up tomorrow in southern CA. Terms are as follows.

    MSRP- 26169
    Cap- 22750
    Residual- 15554
    Doc fee- $55
    Acq fee- $650
    MF- .00001 (either this or the 750 cash in CA, not both).
    Due at signing - $264 (first payment and $25 fee for 1 way permit back to NV)
    Monthly payment - $239 including tax
  • shorethingshorething Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I just leased a Camry xle with 15,000 miles, per year no money down for 308 a month for 36 months. What do you think of this deal. Total interest was $18.00.
  • can you please specify which dealer you are getting this deal from? i am located in dallas texas called 5 dealerships and no one is honoring MF of .00001 the closest i am getting for a camry se is $290 a month with less options then you have. can you please let me know which dealership so that i can do some homework as well on it thanks. and if anyone knows any dealers in dallas area that will honor this deal please let me know thanks
  • What an incredible deal, the one I would like except I want 15k miles/year.
    Can you tell us what dealer it was?
  • Toyota of Redlands, although San Bernardino Toyota was offering me the same dela pretty much. If you go to the San Bernardino Toyota website and send in an email request asking for Camry, you should get an auto response within a few minutes telling you various price options and the price already listed.
  • thanks so much, Antonius.
    It would be a pleasure to give business to dealers outside of OC and LA just to show them how much their bad deals suck!
  • Hey Antonius:
    I tried to work your deal w/SB Toyota since they had the car style I wanted:
    SE 2.5L with the same options as yours.
    They said the best they could do was $269/month including tax, with first month paid on lease signing.
    I told them I wanted to match $239/month.
    In your message above, you wrote your monthly payment was $239/month but you paid the first month of $264.
    Is that a typo- did you get $264/month or $239/month?
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    If you read his deal CLOSELY, you will see the dealer is charging him $25 for a one-way pass to register the vehicle out of state (to Nevada). So, it is $239 + $25(fee) = $264 due at signing.

    At any rate, that is a great deal, Antonius. Nice job working that deal! Enjoy the new Camry is a very nice ride.

    Sorry the dealer I worked with couldn't get you another SE + Smart Key. I am really enjoying my new Camry SE with that Smart is pretty cool. My previous 2008 Acura TL Type-S ($39,000) didn't even have keyless start/entry!

    When I called the dealers in SO Cal.......none would deal/talk to me, since I live in Nevada. So, I did my best here......and I am very, very happy with my deal.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    At this point, it doesn't really matter.......since you signed the deal and took the car. If you are happy with the car and that payment, then you did good. Enjoy it!

    In LEASE calculations, you need to provide way more info than just the monthly payment and interest charge. There would be no way to answer that question with what you provided.
  • lasvgsrph:
    thanks for clarifying the $264 that Antonius said he paid on signing.
    I'm wondering if that was a cap reduction or was applied to his first month due and if the dealer kept the 35 payments structure intact or reverted to 36 payments of $329/month.
    I am lined up for a very similar car/deal now and am expecting to close it tomorrow, but you never know how these dealers try to wrangle around at the last second.
    I'll post once and IF I get the deal I discussed on my phone call today with the Redlands Toyota rep.
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