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Toyota Camry Lease Questions



  • Ok, sorry if I asking some dumb questions, but I haven't really considered leasing before, and this deal seems too good to be true. Dealer (Fitz) advertising 4cyl Camry for 109 per month with 2500 down. Have a 2007 Sonata SE 6 cyl with 55k. Have not talked to the dealer yet, but how does that work with a trade? Is this deal too good to pass up? We drive about 12k a year, so that shouldn't be an issue. Thanks for any advice.
  • Let me try and clarify any questions. I picked up my car yesterday from Toyota of Redlands. I have bought a lot of cars, but I can say this was honestly the best and easiest experience I have ever had. I dealt with a guy in the internet/fleet dept, who I can provide his name to anyone who wants.

    MSRP- 26169 (moonroof, JBL 6 disc changer/mp3/satellite/bluetooth, floor mats, bumper applique, sport pkg with homelink/auto dimming mirror)
    Cap cost- 22748 for the car
    Doc fee- 55
    Acq fee- 650
    Net cap cost- 23453 (NO cap reduction/down payment)
    MF- .00001
    Residual- 15554
    Tax- 8.1%
    Payment- 237.51/mo
    First payment- 288 (237 1st mo+ 25 for a one way permit to NV + misc CA fees like tire disposal).

    Plus 2 yr maintenance of course also. Almost had 4/55k maintenance because the finance guy typed it in as 4/55 and then saw it and fixed it, which I had not even noticed it.

    Feel free to plug those into any lease calculator and you should get the same payment.

    Easy as pie. I called the dealer in LV and told them the deal I was offered and they told me flat out to go to CA. The dealership in Redlands was great. I didn't get any add on sales pitches, no spray on paint protector, no lojack, nothing. Finance guy asked if I wanted GAP, offered it a couple of times, and that was it. No mistakes on the contract, nothing for me to change or correct. Great experience.
  • antonius:
    I'm heading out now to Redlands but I got a newbie.
    I believe they'll match your deal for me but I need to know now if your first payment was a cap reduction or applied to your first month due.
    Also if you pay 36 months or get 35 out of 36 w/Toyota paying 1 month as the current offer is.
    Please LMK as I'm heading out.
  • First payment was first payment. I paid the 288 as first months NOT cap reduction. It was as I said 237 + 25 one way permit + misc fees for 288. If you register in CA you will pay the registration up front INSTEAD of the 25, so drive off will be higher. I have 35 more payments at 237 now starting on 10/17.
  • If you want to give me an email I can send you the name of the guy who I bought from.
  • thanks/.
    Here's the key : Does your $237 include the tax due or is that w/out tax.
    I'd contact you but your email is private and we're not allowed to post email addresses?
  • was the internet guy's initials ja, ag, mj or ch?
    that should tell.
  • Salesperson is in internet/fleet and is MJ. Like the basketball legend and the same first name at that. 237 is WITH tax included out the door.
  • thebenzthebenz Posts: 30
    edited September 2010
    Just got back from Redlands Toyota and got a Metallic Grey SE with all the options of moonroof, mps, jbl stereo for the same pricing as Antonius did.
    Thanks, Antonius!!!!
    Like you, I had a great experience at the dealer, getting the deal finalized was as easy as filling out a survey.
    No hassles, beautiful dealership, nice people, incredible deal! What more could you ask for.
    Thanks to Antonius and Edmunds forums for arming me with the knowledge and real world experience to make a great deal even better.
    I love this car...
    PS---Irvine Toyota shined me off and said if I could make this type of a deal to go elsewhere. They can keep their suckers who want to pay the price Toyota advertises without further negotiations and the others can drive a little bit to the east to make great deals.
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    edited September 2010
    Glad to hear it. They had sent me a quote on the grey one as well. Same price and options. Did you get the same salesman?
  • I love the Grey Metallic. What color did you get?
    My initial sales guy was DM, and he handed me off to another guy when I came in with the first initial C. Both were excellent.
    I don't know why I was handed off to another sales guy after speaking to DM on the phone, but no complaints in their styles or the discussions.
    Why do you think Redlands struck such aggressive deals compared to most other dealers?
    Even San Bernardino T. was $30 more per month than Redlands.
    I'm curious how Redlands offered such deals.
    I'd go back in a heartbeat to them and would refer anyone who wants a deal to try them first.
  • Well that is strange since the email I got from SB indicated the same price on the exact same car. The residual and MF would be the same since Toyota sets them and both charge the same doc fee since it is set by the state. So, there should be no reason one would be a higher monthly than the other unless SB was including some extra junk charges that you did not see or they did not tell you. Redlands is being realistic I think based on the issues with the Camry and the fact that it is a volume car so they are happy to move it and make a little money instead of dealers that rely on people's ignorance and lack of competition to make much higher profit per unit.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    Great deal Antonius! Sorry the dealer I got my SE from couldn't work you out a deal. I did get the only SE they had that had the Smart Key + Value pkg #1.

    Fletcher-Jones Toyota here in Las Vegas took REALLY good care of me and the whole experience was smooth-n-easy. No tricks, no sales pitches, even the finance guy had me out in pressure for add-ons. They even bought me out of my current lease (2 payments left on my Acura) and still did the deal! Overall, I give them a solid A. Total time at dealership from start to finish was 2hrs.

    California is in a different Region according to Toyota, so each Region will have different promotions/offers/deals. I am VERY happy with my SE. The 4 hour drive EACH WAY to Californina and back wouldn't have made sense to me to save $5/mo on my lease. Plus, my SE has the Smart Key & SE Value pkg #1 which is exactly what I wanted.

    Seriously, the 2011 Camry SE model is a fantastic car. For $235/mo + tax ($0 due at signing) I couldn't be happier! I cut my car payment in HALF from the Acura, and I don't even miss the Acura!
  • Looks like you 2 LV guys got a great deal and I from SoCal did as well.
    Perhaps our experiences at our respective dealers will encourage others in the vicinity to consider these places for their Toyotas.
    I have been driving my SE around for the last 1.5 days and just love it.
    This, coming from a guy who has a BMW 530i (selling it) which is really an incredible driving machine. However, to get into an upgraded Camry SE for a great price with no money down makes me happy at this point in time. I love the SE interior and free Sirius Radio for 3 months.
    The gas mileage is probably a tiny bit better than my 530 but I'm looking forward to fueling up on the cheapest unleaded.
    I didn't read the entire driver's manual yet, but I wonder if there's a break-in period to drive below a certain speed for the first 1500 miles or so...
  • Well the strange thing is the lease deal in NV is the cheap MF AND 750 cash I believe, which CA is one or the other. The dealer here still did not want to match the deal which was odd, but oh well. I went from a 335i BMW to the Camry so I miss the power and some options, mainly smart key...but I will adjust with a payment of almost 400 less.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    edited September 2010
    If you can't beat the price I got, you're not trying hard enough-- cause even tho I am satisfied with my price, I could have done much better. But at least you could use this as a price that you shouldn't go over.

    I got a camry 6 cylinder XLE with an MSRP of $31900 for $309/month including the 6.75% tax, with no money down except 1st month payment. This was for 15,000 miles/year for 36 months.

    It had the smart key/the value package with the heated leather, the floor mats/the rear bumper applique, plus an option I don't often see -- the remote start, which will come in handy in the winter in Ohio. I didn't negotiate much like I should have... oh well-- the dealer had the exact car in the color I wanted with the options I wanted, and couldn't find the same car any where else within 150 miles from what I saw in inventories.(I like the gold color mostly because I like the tan leather interior over the ash color, and getting a tan interior was limited).

    If i had negotiated harder, the price would have been below $300/month I am sure. This was 3 weeks ago.

    Any way, happy negotiating every one.
  • Nice deal on the XLE.
    I'm sure others have paid much more, content to go with Toyota's stated promo.
    IME, at some point, you've gone as far as you are going to, that's when the dealers tell me get lost, LOL!

    Happened for the Glendale, Irvine and San Bernardino dealers I tried to squeeze the deal from.
    Ended up in Redlands and knew this was as good as it gets.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    I probably don't need to tell you this, but in my experiences buying/leasing cars here in Las Vegas (and I have done several leases) is that the dealers (in general) all want TOP DOLLAR for the cars and DO NOT want to deal. It might have to do with a market here that has little competition from dealer to dealer......we have 4 Toyota dealers (3 that wouldn't deal at all), 2 BMW dealers (both under same ownership), 2 Acura dealers (neither will deal), 1 Audi dealer, 1 Mercedes Benz dealer, 1 Lexus dealer, 1 Subaru dealer, 2 Infiniti dealers (under same ownership, but diff names), get the point. Hard to "cross-shop" here in LV.
    **In So Cal there is probably 20 Toyota dealers in a 45 minute driving range.

    I emailed all 4 Toyota dealers here in Las Vegas. 3 of them basically just wouldn't deal at all (they wanted $290/mo and up for the same car I leased) and finally Fletcher-Jones Toyota saved me from driving to California to lease a Camry.

    My Toyota dealer (FJ of Las Vegas) took my Acura TL Type-S that had 2 payments left (about $1,000) and still did the deal on the Camry SE that had SE Value pkg #1 + Smart Key (MSRP $25,990) for $235/mo + tax and $0 due at sign.
    ***I could have pushed them to $225/mo or $230/mo + tax, but I knew I was close to the "this is as good as it gets......take it or leave it". Besides, I am at a payment that is HALF (50% less even with sales tax) than my 2008 Acura TL Type-S and I don't owe Acura anything now!

    By the way, I am really enjoying the Camry SE. The Super White color is really growing on me (this wasn't my 1st color choice) and it is BRIGHT WHITE. I got the windows tinted at 30%, and now it looks even better. I am looking into getting the TRD Camry Sport Shifter that is in the accessories section to add a little "spice" to the interior.......its like $50.

    BTW, great deal on the Camry V6 XLE that was posted here. $309/mo and 15k miles a year is amazing. That car is probably as nice as a Lexus ES350!
  • ptm1ptm1 Posts: 4
    Tomorrow picking up 2011 Camry SE, 4cyl/auto, cloth, CF-Carpet set, EJ-JBL, QD-Val Pack #1, heated mirrors, 36 month/15K, zero down. $254.00 per month which includes 9% Pa tax. (was quoted $240.00/month at 12K but will take the 15K) First payment at time of pickup. Coming off of a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi which I loved (not a trade in but will sell myself) Camry lease pricing is unbelievable.
  • Sounds like a pretty good deal since it includes tax.
    Did you have to really work the deal to get this pricing, and do you have moonroof?
  • Can you purchase additional miles from Toyota Financial Services after signing the lease?
    I'm wondering if they will adjust this for a limited time after driving off with the car and if you can get the miles for less than the $.15/mile rate due when the lease expires.
  • ptm1ptm1 Posts: 4
    the option QD is the SE Extra Value Package #1 which includes the sunroof, illuminated vanity mirrors, rear reading lights and the spoiler. I know a sales person at the dealer and this was the initial deal offered. Toyota is looking to blow out Camry's after the issues last year and preparing for the 2012 redesigned Camry due out July 2012. The Camry was not a car that I was considering but at this lease pricing I can live with this car/package for three years. The two years of free oil changes and tire rotation is also a nice plus.
  • That's what I suspected, that Camry's need to be sold, but in SoCal, some dealers were stubborn and didn't want to deal like Redlands.
    Your package sounds great, its like mine and like you, I needed to get into something fast so this deal was too good to pass.
    I don't care so much anymore if I don't have the latest model, its like fashion trends anyway with industry hype to induce more sales.
    I had initially considered the Sonata deal but in considering the choice, I thought Toyota was a more proven car model than the Sonata and I don't know or trust the local Hyundai dealers for service.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    Nice job on your lease! It is almost identical to mine. I wish I could do 10,000 miles/yr since I drive very little (5 mile round trip to/from work) and I usually drive 8,000 miles/yr.

    My last lease (Acura TL Type-S) had 20,500 miles on it after 34 months and I took 3 trips in it that were 1,000 miles each too.

    I wasn't really looking at a Camry either, but I really liked the 2011 SE model when I saw them on the dealer lots. Once I found out about the 0.00001MF + $750 lease cash AND great residual, I went for it. I mean c'mon, $254/mo (including tax) for a 2011 car? Wow. I am happy!
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    I don't care about the latest/greatest/fashiony/hoopla either with cars. I have "been there and done that" last 3 cars were: Acura TL Type-S, BMW 328i, and Nissan 350Z.

    Now, I am keeping my money and using it wisely......not wasting it on a vehicle that I barely drive and it sits more than I use it. I cut my monthly car payment in HALF (actually more than half) from the Acura, and I have a Camry SE that has pretty much the same "bells and whistles" the Acura did!
  • I declined to buy it when I structured my lease.
    I believe Redland's quoted me around $495 for the 3 year lease term.
    I thought my insurance co. would provide it as a simple add-on, but they increased my premium so I'm not staying with them.
    It seems in shopping around, I can't find an insurer that offers the same coverage as Toyota Financial's gap insurance does.
    Do I need this, given the low negotiated purchase price of $22,750, or should I forget about it?
    If its needed, does anyone have insurance companies to refer that will write this into a new policy?
    Geico, Liberty, State Farm and others don't carry it in CA.
  • lasvegasrphlasvegasrph Apex, NCPosts: 90
    GAP insurance is usually recommended during the the first 18-24 months on a lease. After that, you won't really need it (according to my insurance agent).

    I use The Hartford and Traveller's for my HOME/AUTOS and they are GREAT! The GAP ins was $1.50/mo. thru The Hartford on my 2011 Camry SE.
    **Not to mention, both these companies were MUCH less on premiums.

    NEVER, EVER buy GAP ins thru the dealer. I learned this many years ago when leasing was first popular, and since then, I just add GAP ins for 2yrs then drop it.
    **My dealer wanted $12/mo for GAP ins.
  • The Hartford quoted me $600/year more than Geico quoted me and Hartford doesn't offer GAP in CA.
    Did you use Hartford for auto or Traveller's for Auto?
    Which for home?
  • Hi cosanostra. Toyota's lease program for the Camry varies by region. If you tell us what state you are in, either myself or another knowledgeable community member might be able to give you an idea of what this car's program should be like in your area.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello gb350. Toyota Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Camry SE V6 with 15,000 miles per year in its New York region are .00001 and 62%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    The problem with these numbers is that TFS places restrictions upon what options can be residualized. This makes its real-world residuals lower than they initially appear and makes it difficult for consumers to calculate lease payments on vehicles on their own.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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