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Toyota Camry Lease Questions



  • Hi thebenz. You won't be able to change your car's mileage allowance at this point, but you might be able to purchase additional miles from TFS at a discount to what you would have to pay for them at lease-end if you contact them ASAP.

    I have not heard anything specific about TFS' policy on this matter, but I have heard stories about other lessees being able to do so with other banks.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello Car Man:

    Please kindly provide the current MF and Residual Value based on the following:
    1) 2011 Camry XLE V6 with MSRP $31,675
    2) North California area;
    3) 36 months;
    4) 15,000 miles
    5) Tier 1 credit

    Thank you very much,
    Poopy Monster
  • ltvltv Posts: 1
    Great job on your lease.
    I am also from the Phila area and thinking about getting a Camry.
    Where did you lease your car?
    Did the dealer give you a purchase price quote?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Hello:

    I am in KY and looking to lease a Camry. How should I begin?

    Want the cheapest car.

  • I called TFS who robotically informed me no, you can't buy extra miles after the lease is signed.
  • Car man,

    Could you please provide the 36 month 12,000 mi/yr money factor and residual for the 2011 Camry LE and XLE both with 4cyl.

  • ptm1ptm1 Posts: 4
    Ardmore Toyota. I know a sales person there. Yes I got the purchase price and worked the lease accordingly with .00001 money factor, 59% depreciation etc. I picked the car up last Friday out the door with the payment as noted in my earlier message $254.00. Very nice car for the payment. Again, not the first choice of cars but at this payment I will be very happy for the next three years-15,000 miles.
  • Hi Antonius,

    I'm going to the dealer today and was wondering if you can send me an e-mail. I spoke with Jaime and asked to get a deal similar to yours but said he would only do it if he knew exactly what car it was. Can you help? Thanks
  • sbs9sbs9 Posts: 7
    edited October 2010
    Thanks for the very helpful thread.

    Can anyone tell me for sure if the $750 incentive can be used with the special lease offer? There are some posts in this thread that say yes, and others say no...

    Also, if you can, I'd appreciate Toyota's current lease parameters for
    2011 Camry XLE V6, Pittsburgh region. 3 yr, 12k/yr

    Thanks again.
  • poopypoopy Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    - 2011 Camry XLE V6 with Value Package 1 & 3 and carpets/mats set
    - MSRP = $31,800 ($29,370 + $1,080 + $400 + $200 + $750 Destination)
    - Selling Price = $27,888
    - Money Factor = 0.00001
    - Residual Value = 60%
    - 36months with 15,000miles/year
    - Sales Tax = 9.25%
    - $0 down
    - Drive Off = 1st Month + $418 DMV fees
    - Took delivery a few days ago

    Monthly Lease Payment = $315.96
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    That is a really good deal! Is it because the Toyota has struggled with issues that their are really good deals available? I would totally get this model!
  • sbs9sbs9 Posts: 7
    edited October 2010
    Answering my questions:

    $750 does not stack
    Residuals for loaded XLEs around here (Pittsburgh) are around 58.8-58.9%

    What I got:

    MSRP $31894
    (MSRP is odd - should be $32019 with those options...)
    Selling price $28600 before incentives
    $1k college grad incentive
    Residual $18757
    $650 acq fee
    9% tax
    = $288/mo (36mo/36k)

    Upfront $186 tags and doc fee
  • CARMAN: I was just told by a dealership that the .00001 MF was for the 2010 models and that the correct 2011 MF for all Camry models is .00114. He also wouldn't come off the invoice price on the new model. In Tampa area... any advice?

    MSRP: 28,854
    CAP: 28,354
    RES: 18,768
    Down: 378
    Payment: 378
  • osposp Posts: 4
    Just got my 2011 Camry XLE (4Cylinders) with QG+CF+CA
    Please try to negotiate the total car price below Invoice price. Do not try to negotiate monthly payment, as stated in this site.

    MSRP - $27,880.00
    Invoice - $25,115.00

    Discounted value of Vehicle - $25,575.89

    Taxes - $783.33
    Initial Title, Licenses and Registration Fees - $170.00
    Acquisition Fee $650.00
    Total - $1,603.33

    College grad. Incentive -$1,000.00

    Adjusted Capitalized Cost - $26,179.22

    Residual Value - 16,675.00

    Depreciation and any Amortized - $9,504.22

    Rent Charge - $15.62

    Total of Base Monthly Payments - $9,519.84

    Monthly payment - $264.44

    No down payment, nothing at first month, no first month payment
    Total payment - $264.44 * 35 months
  • I get your math... just curious as to which area you purchased the car in and what the MF they gave you.
  • osposp Posts: 4
    I am in NY State and I didn't ask MF but they said APR is 0.25% (MF-0.0001). If you have any question, just let me know...
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Carman, I am in Los Angeles, and looking to lease a 2011 2.5L SE , 3yr/36k, with MSRP of $26,169. I wanted to what the MF and residual would be. I believe the 0 down promo ends at this month. Looking to lease the car this weekend. I need a car as my current car was hit and deemed to be a salvaged vehicle by the insurance company. :sick: Thank you in advance for your help. Wish you a good weekend as well.
  • After having many Hondas we intended to lease another one and were debating between a CR-V and Accord
    We borrowed a friends RAV-4 and really liked it.
    So we went to a Toyota dealer to check out a RAV-4 and also drove a Camry.
    The Camry felt more luxurious, had no large hump in the back and was quieter than the Accord.

    We ended up getting slightly better than the factory deal
    $750 down-
    that paid for
    DMV - around $250
    and $500 dealer "fees" (whatever you want to call them)

    The monthly payment on a 2011 Camry LE in New Jersey
    is $278 - 3 year - 15k miles (payment includes tax monthly 7.5%)
    buyout is around $13,000

    We had 6 payments left on our 2008 Pilot and that car was taken away from us for no charge (we were 2000 miles over and would probably have been 5000 over by lease end) We also did not need to make the upcoming Pilot payment of $335 due this week
  • nacho2nacho2 Posts: 82
    Thanks for the feedback, you got one hell of a deal. Congratulations!. We are going to be picking up a 2011 Camry Se 2.4 Auto for 36mo/12k with MSRP $26,209 for $260.16 incl tax with $450 down Metallic Gray. I am happy that you are enjoying you new car. :)
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    Here is the deal I just closed on:

    SE V6 with EVP #1 & #2:
    Bluetooth etc.

    $ 950 Total out of pocket
    $289 month /36 months
    12k year
    (NJ tax rate)

    I was on my way to lease a 2010 Accord EXL V6 for $1500 out of pocket and $300 month but I was offered the above deal from Toyota. I had to pull the trigger on this. It is a newer model (2011) and it has NAV. MSRP was over $31k compared to the Accord's 29k. And I love the car.

    I want to personally thank Car_man for always providing us with the info needed for us to land fair deals. I also want to thank sbs9 and poopy for posting their deals which helped me get more bang for the buck on the Camry.
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64

    I was eligible for the $1000 College Grad Rebate.

    Also, mud guards could not be installed on the SE because of the skirt kit so I have a credit for another accessory.
  • Car man... can you please provide me with the residual and MF for a 2011 Camry SE 4cyl for 36mo, 12k miles lease? Any added incentives currently running would be a big help too.
  • Interested in a lease deal..went to local dealer (Philly area), wanted to stay close to the $350 mark for a 2011 Camry V6 XLE fully loaded

    Here is what the dealer offered:
    2011 Camry
    V6 XLE w/navigation
    656 down
    Residual $18,200
    Payment $469
    36 months 15,000 miles per year

    2011 Camry
    V6 XLE w/o navigation
    656 down
    Residual $17,400
    Payment $425
    36 months 15,000 miles per year

    based on the previous posts I may not have asked the right questions...
    Feedback appreciated!!!!
  • A Milwaukee dealer has an ad for 2011 Camry LE at $169/mo. for 36 mo., with $1619 down-includes 1st payment, acquisition fee, $500 rebate, and no security deposit.

    What is a good deal on an LE lease?
  • See my deal above - that was basically the toyota factory deal less 10 a month but adding $20 a month for increasing the miles from 12k to 15k

    That deal seems too good to be true
  • Just closed a 36 month lease, Camry XLE 4 Cylinder, MSRP $28,960.00 12K/yr, $696 up fronts, $266.45 including tax. Southern Ca.
  • ral2167: Can you tell me which dealership in Ohio gave you this deal? I just got a deal that sounds very high to me. MSRP 28605, sale price 27200, residual 16598, total out of pocket 698.21. 36 months with 12K miles. Payment of 348.21, which included gap insurance.
  • I just got my license and I want to lease a car. I have read everything I can on it but I need advice. I'm in the New York City area and quite at a lost on which dealer to go to for the best leasing deals. Does anyone have personal experience with any in the tri state area? Any advice is appreciated.

  • Go through the Lincoln tunnel to NJ and just try a dealer. Use the factory deal as your max price and see if you can get lower.
    Don't complicate things - just do your homework beforehand
  • Looking for money factors and residuals for a 2011 Camry SE V6. I am undecided on the term so 36, 42, and 48 months all for 15K/year are needed. Thanks.
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