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2013 and earlier Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • jbaloonyjbaloony Posts: 2
    thank you verdi942,
    closed the deal today :-)
  • fire3fire3 Posts: 2
    Hey guys/gals, recently got a quote sheet from local Florida Toyota dealership and I wanted to see if someone could evaluate this lease...

    Vehicle Price: 24,867.00
    Market Discount: 2,259.00
    Vehicle Selling Price: 22,608.00

    Sales Tax: 1,454.79
    Title, etc: 248.75
    Dealer fee: 699.95

    Rebates: 1000 grad school program, 500 customer loyalty
    Cash Due at signing: 500

    And per Toyota, they are absorbing the last two monthly payments of my current lease (although i haven't seen that in writing yet)

    15k / mo - with 500 down is $264.00 / month

    My main question is, the deal is for 2,000 down but with the grad school discount and customer loyalty, that's 1500 dollars they are "giving me"...that just doesn't seem fair. Any advice? I don't have the residual % or MF yet but credit is perfect
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    You mean 15k/yr? Just $500 up front out of your pocket?$264/mo? Not a bad deal, if true. Watch out for add-ons; make sure you get gap insurance [about $7/mo from Toyota]. Also, ask about the 2 yrs free service.
    PS - Toyota's not "absorbing" the old lease payments; just excusing you from your contractual responsibility for them. Happens all the time, when they want to move the iron.
  • fire3fire3 Posts: 2
    Sorry, 15k/ yr.

    The down payment was $2000 upfront but the customer loyalty and grad program reduce it to $500.

    Once we go in to finalize the sale, they will break out everything which I am sure will show any add ons or extra fees.

    I forgot to mention that they are "waiving" the first payment by pushing it back to the end of the month. I know that leases are normally first payment due when you buy but it appears they can push it back? Anything fishy about that?

    In regards to the GAP insurance, I am out of Florida...should I get a quote through the insurance first or is it better to stick with the dealer?

  • stemarkelstemarkel Posts: 2
    Hi: Can anyone tell me the current residual %age and money factor for leasing a 2011 RAV4?
  • Hi: Can anyone tell me the current money factor and residual value percentage being used for leasing a RAV4?
  • It's almost always better to stick with your own insurance for gap coverage. Mine is $2/month with Amica.
  • I am getting the followig from a local dealership in MA. Just looking to see if these numbers look good. Trading in my wife's Mazda MPV LX 2003 with 53,000 miles on it. This is for the RAV with 3rd row.

    Term is 36 months

    Money Factor 0.00065

    Selling Price is $22,257.00

    Sales tax on lease is $483.84

    Trade allowance is $3,000.00

    Base Monthly Payment $215.10

    Thanks Bob

    Here are the details on the RAV
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 22475.00 $ 22475.00
    50 State Emissions .........................
    Value Package (Savings of up to $540): ..... 150.00
    includes 17-in. 5-Spoke Styled Steel .......
    Wheels with P225/65R17 Tires and Full-Size .
    Spare Tire on 17-in. Steel Wheel, Daytime ..
    Running Lights (DRL), Roof Rack and ........
    Privacy Glass (Rear Side, Quarter and Rear .
    Door Windows) ..............................
    Fabric-Trimmed 50/50 Split & Stow 3rd Row .. 940.00
    Seat with Fold-Flat-Into-Floor Capability ..
    and Height-Adjustable Headrests (Hill .....
    Start Assist Control and Downhill Assist ...
    Control included with 3rd Row Seats) .......
    (Replaces 2nd Row Seat One-Touch Fold-Flat .
    Levers and Rear Deck Cargo Foldable Deck ...
    Board) .....................................
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 1090.00 $ 1090.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 810.00
    TDA .........................................:
    Gasoline ....................................:
    Total .......................................: $ 24375.00
  • First off, I love the suv and the features and color, but I am wondering if the deal is good enough and whether it is a better idea to lease or buy. We are trying to lease or purchase a base model 2011 Rav 4 with some upgrades like bumper strips on the doors and tinted rear view and privacy glass...none of the other pricey extras. They are quoting us :

    MSRP 24, 537.00
    - 400.00 (savings)
    24, 137.00
    + 2, 076.00 taxes (8.6%) LA
    + 250.00 (registration, title,etc.)
    26,463.00 total

    that with 60 mos. loan @ 2.99, $1000 college incentive and $2500 down, equals...

    $409.89 a month for 5 years , with toyota care package for two years,3-5 year warranty, etc.

    OR we could do a 36 mo. lease for $275 a month (including the money down and college incentive) and have the two years free oil changes care package, 3 yr. warranty, etc.

    Do either of these sound like good deals? Also, they told us that they are only making $700 on the car at this price, and they can't quote lower because since it is almost a base model there is not much markup in the car. Does that sound truthful?
    Thanks for your help!
  • You need to share additional details about which base model you are looking at. Is it a 4 cyl all wheel drive model or 6 cylinder front wheel drive? What is the money factor and residual? $275 is too high if you are talking a base model and putting $2500 down. It should be closer to $175 or less.

    I was able to get my 4 cyl Rav4 Sport all wheel drive down to about $24500 and my lease payment is only $270 a month wiht nothing down other than first month payment. $275 is too high if you are talking a base model and putting $2500 down.
  • What is MF and residual in Dec. for RAV4 Limited, 6 cylinder, 10,000 miles? Thanks.
  • Hi,

    Can you please help me with money factor and residual on the 11 Rav 4 base and sport models in zip 07052?

    Thank you
  • Hi Nicole. According to hand, dandy Google the zip code 07052 is for New Jersey. That falls in Toyota's New York region. Toyota's current New York region buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a base 2011 RAV4 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are an amazingly low .00001 and 60%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for the 2011 Sport 4WD model would be .00001 and 58%.

    These residual values aren't as great as they initially appear though. Unlike most banks, TFS publishes residual value percentages only for base models. It places restrictions upon the options that can be residualized. Doing so makes its effective residual values lower than its published percentages initially appear and makes it difficult for individual consumers to work up lease payments on their own.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I am looking for a Lease on either the 2011 or 2012 RAV4 and visited a dealer in the NY area. He stated that Toyota does not offer a 3rd row in a limited edition with Leather and that I would have to buy a base model and have the dealer install the leather seats. Here is what I am being offered -

    4 WD Base Model 4 cylinder RAV4 with 3rd Row option
    Dealer installed Leather Seats
    Cap Cost: $26000
    Money Factor: 0.00001
    Residual Value: $15,411
    Term: 36 Months

    $332 per month for 15k miles per year
    $319 for 12k miles per year.

    Even though this would be considered a 0 down deal, the dealer stated that I would have to pay the bank fee ($650 plus tax, so $695), NJ taxes for lease period ($836), first month's payment and the NJ registration fee, so I guess I would be putting down around $2000.

    The dealer told me that the invoice for the base model itself was $24k and with the 3rd row option it was more. The leather installation was another $2k and that they were making pretty much no money for this sale. I wasn't sure if that was accurate and wanted an opinion from an expert before finalizing anything. I was tempted to ask him to include the integrated bluetooth feature and offer the 2012 model instead for the above numbers.

    I qualify for the top credit tier.

    Please let me know what your suggestion on whether this is a good price or not.

    Thanks for your help.
  • why would small kids need a leather seat? also if dealer can install leather on all 3 rows of seats on the base model why can't they just install it on the limiteds 3rd row seat only? also no dealer can afford to sell cars at no profit they wouldn't be able to keep there doors open long. also check with the lease agreement if u have to pay a disposal fee at lease turn in. are there any other dealers u can go to??
  • If anything, small kids need a leather seat more than adults, as it is easier to clean.

    I was told that the 3rd row only comes with the Base 4WD model, so they can't install it on the Limited edition. I am not sure if this is something specific to the NY area, or whether Toyota just doesn't manufacturer a 3rd row on Limited. The second row can move back and forth, probably 6-10 inches with the 3rd row option.
  • Does anybody know the March residuals and money factor on the 2012 RAV4 Limited 4-cyl 4x4?

    Looking for 3yr/12k per year lease. I'm still deciding between this and the Highlander SE.

  • aholsheyaholshey Posts: 3
    I'm helping my mother-in-law with her purchase/lease of a 2012 RAV 4 4Cyl 4X4 Ltd. The Delaware dealer is pricing the car at $832 over invoice and is offering a .0001 money factor plus $500 cash back. I'm OK with that much of the deal, but am concerned about some fees. There is a $419 "processing fee" that includes three year registration and tags, plus there is an acquisition fee of $650 for the lease, all in addition to the $810 fee that comes on the car's sticker. Are these fees reasonable?
  • aholsheyaholshey Posts: 3
    We were quoted 17,542.
  • jyaleloehrjyaleloehr Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Hi all,
    Wondering what people thing of the lease agreement I was just offered...

    2012 Rav4 V6 Sport AWD. Model #4443A.

    $4K down (Total out of pocket - inclusive of first month payment, all fees & taxes)
    $249 per month including taxes, 36 Month Lease, 12K miles/year.
    Residual value of $17,200 at the end of the lease.

    Is this a good deal?
  • marosenmarosen Posts: 6
    I live in Greater Boston.

    In January I leased a 2011 Rav4 base model 4x4 with automatic transmission. It was a 36 month lease with 12k miles/year. The MSRP was $25,124. My total out of pocket was $3999 and the dealer kept a $400 Toyota rebate. My monthly payment is $121.24 plus tax (which makes the monthly payment $128.82)

    I'm now in the market for a second vehicle. Should I be able to duplicate this deal on a 2012?
  • pupper4pupper4 Posts: 6

    I am looking for June residual value and money factor on a 2012 base RAV4 2wd with upgrade value package for both 12,000 and 15,000 mile/36 month leases. Thanks so much.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi pupper4. This vehicle's lease program varies by region. I need you to tell me what state you are in to give you an accurate idea of what its current program is like.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • jess4fjess4f Posts: 2
    Hi car man,
    I presently lease 2010 base 4x4 RAV4 for $231 with $0 down.
    I'm being bombarded with letters from the dealer to come for a great deal
    on 2012, even thou there is another seven month till the end of the lease.
    Do you think i can duplicate the same deal(i don't think it was a bad deal) ?

    Thank you
  • Hi Car Man,

    Would you be able to tell me the July money factor and residual value for both the base Rav 4 (with upgrade value package if that matters), as well as the Sport model? Both would be for 12,000 miles per year - NY State.

  • Hi Car_Man,

    I am looking for the money factor and residual value for a Rav4 Limited with Nav Package with 15,000 miles and 36 months. I live in Illinois (60056). Thank you.
  • Hi Car_Man

    For 08902 (NJ) dealer is offering 250 per month (including tax) with 865 down (includes first monthly payment) for base 2012 Rav4 2 WD.
    Is it good deal ?
  • smg1929smg1929 Posts: 5

    Can you please provide current money factor and RV for a base RAV4 in lower NY State- 36 month $0 deal and what I might expect monthly? What additional fees are typical?

  • Carman,

    Please advise the October MF and Residuals on the 4 cylinder Limited models..36 months/36,000 miles...

    Current deal is $2599 down/$189 month for base model. Looking to do $0 down on a Limited model. Been getting quotes all the way from $290-$320...anyone have any input on those quotes?

    Wife is prego need to save every cent! Thanks!
  • betha4betha4 Posts: 2
    Hi carman,

    Can you please tell me what the MF and RV is for the 2012 Rav 4 Sport FWD 4 cylinder with appearance package and leather interior? I'm in LA. Can you tell me numbers for both a 36 mo/ 36k miles and a 24 month/ 24k miles lease?

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