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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Lease Questions



  • poppyalpoppyal Posts: 10
    Hi Car man. This will be the sixth lease that you have provided valuable assistance to me. I am a returning VW Lease Customer. I will be looking to lease a 2012 Passat SE Automatic without Sunroof. The MSRP on this car is $25,830.
    The information I need to proceed is as follows:
    As a returning VW customer, am I required to pay a $625. acquisition fee? Is this a VW Credit Fee or a dealer addon?
    What is the invoice price on this car and what amount over invoice should I consider to be an appropriate amount to pay?
    What factory rebate or lease incentive reduction should I expect?
    I am looking for a 3 year or 39 month, 15,000 mile per year lease. What is the money factor and residual under this type lease.
    I think that based upon what you have taught me in the past, the answers to the above would help me proceed. However, if there is anything I forgot to ask, please include that information too. Thanks very much.
  • atos2013atos2013 Posts: 3
    Hi i am looking for a SE with sunroof now too. You said you get 22,500 deal with 0 down. What is your monthly payment. I am trying to get $276/month with all fees and tax including. Do you think its possible?. I am in CA an tax is 7.75% here. Plz let me know asap.
  • poppyalpoppyal Posts: 10
    Car man:
    There was one thing I forgot to ask in my above inquiry. I am turning in a Jetta SE with 39,000 miles on an originally negotiated 45,000 lease. Is there any value to me for the under mileage that I can recoup from VW Credit or the VW dealer upon turn in and lease of another VW?
    Thank you.
  • atos2012atos2012 Posts: 61
    Here is my deal: I just got on 03/31/12 Lease Passat SE 2,5L (black/beige) with sunroof and NAV. with $658 down (first month + license fee) and $279/month (including tax) x 35 month with 12k miles. I think it's awesome deal.

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  • poppyalpoppyal Posts: 10
    atos2012: That is an awesome deal for sure. Would you mind sharing with me some additional information? In what state do you live as it relates to lease tax. In PA we pay 9% on the monthly lease payment.
    Can you provide from your deal:

    CAP Cost
    Residual %
    $ factor
    Any VW incentives?

  • no nav

    15k / year, 36-month

    $560 out of pocket at signing (1st / fees)

    $311.23 / month (includes 6% tax)

    got this last week, before end of month - VERY happy with the vehicle so far (except highway road noise)
  • Over the weekend, leased a 2012 VW Passat SE Black/Beige, 12k/year 36-month, $0 out of pocket, $270/month. That being said I have great credit, but still think I got a great deal.
  • Where did you get this deal? And does anyone know the best dealership in Florida that is willing to give a great deal like this one on a Passat?
  • poppyalpoppyal Posts: 10
    Car man:
    Disregard the car included in post # 949 above. After seeing the deal that atos2012 spoke of, I thought I would pursue a 3 year 15K lease on a Passat with Sunroof and Navi. Therefore, could you please provide me the specifics regarding Invoice price, residual %, factor, etc to put me in this car at the best possible price. Thanks very much. My initial price quote was MSRP 27,835 with monster/trunk mats and a Gross Cap Cost of 27,301 (includes acq. fee of 625) less VW incentive of 1,250.
  • Hi carman,

    Looking for MF and residual for a 3.6 SE w Sunroof, 3 years and 15k miles. Thanks in advance!
  • eok45eok45 Posts: 1
    Hi, Car Man!

    This is a will be my 1st leasing a car yet alone purchasing one! So far the deal i have gotten is this:
    Residual %:36months 52% & 48months for 45%
    Mileage would be:15,000 a yr
    down payment of: $1500
    279 payment.

    Is this a good deal? If there is any advise you can give me, it be greatly welcomed. Thanks!
  • ChrismaxChrismax Posts: 56
    Just leased this vehicle. Ended up with $315 for 36 months, 0 down and 15K miles per year. I advise anyone looking to lease to work multiple dealers. My initial quotes were all in the high $370's with $500 down. Good luck to all.
  • I'm looking at both the Jetta SE and the Passat SE. I've heard VW is offering incentives on leases until April 30 of $500 and $1250 for the Jetta and Passat, respectively. Can you please share the residual value and money factor for the Jetta SE and Passat SE (both with automatic transmission and no additional options), and if possible, what a reasonable purchase price might be for each? Thanks.
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,133
    Jetta SE and Passat SE (both with automatic transmission and no additional options), and if possible, what a reasonable purchase price might be for each?

    I can probably help you on the purchase price part. Look above where Edmunds has NEW CARS. Go to incentives and rebates. Build the vehicle you want. They will give you invoice price, MSRP and give you a Fair Market Price.

    There might even be a way to find lease rates but I haven't tried that.
    Good luck!

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  • miamivicingmiamivicing Posts: 10
    edited April 2012
    I just made the following deal:

    Passat 3.6 w/sunroof & nav (msrp ~ $31,600)
    12k miles / 36 month
    $1,250 total due at signing (not down)
    $406 / month (tax in)

    I think its a good deal compared to what I have seen. Aside from the number, the car has definitely improved over the 09 model. It drives like a champ, especially with those extra horses and the aesthetics are great (no more purple lights, instead you have the white led type glow on dash - much like its more $ sister Audi a6). This made it a great deal.
  • jamessj1jamessj1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Just got this deal last night and my auto-broker friend was even blown away. After getting the run around from two dealerships not giving me numbers, I just sent a straightforward request through the website of Capitol VW in San Jose, CA. 30 minutes later I had the following numbers, and last night I picked it up. I didn't even have to haggle to get these numbers!

    Passat SE 2.5L w/ Nav and Sunroof (MSRP $27,835)
    My price: $23,998 (reflects discount and VW bonus cash)
    Lease for 36 months, 12,000mi/year
    Drive-off: $1,000 (about $365 was capital reduction, which I guess is down payment, right?)
    Monthly payment: $255 + tax (comes out to about $276 where I'm at).

    Based on what I've seen and the reaction from one of the other VW dealers, this is one of those incredible end-of-month deals that people rarely get. On the other hand, it looks like a number of people in this forum have been getting pretty good deals on the Passat 2.5 SE this month. I'm now one of them!
  • driver100driver100 Burlington, ON 7 mo/Tampa FL 5 moPosts: 19,133
    My price: $23,998 (reflects discount and VW bonus cash)

    That sounds like an excellent price, especially the discounted price for the car.
    I am looking to buy and that is what they want to charge for a Manual SE with no extras.
    I'd jump at that one.
    I haven't leased for a while so I am not sure about that part, but $255 (with a small downpayment) for a $24000 car sounds very good. to me.

    2017 MB E400 , 2015 MB GLK350, 2014 MB C250

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi poppyal. Sorry for the delay in my response...I went away on vacation for a little while. Wow, the 6th lease that I've helped you out with...I hope that you're in a multi-car household. If not, we're talking about 18 years :surprise: .

    Looking at your questions it seems that you have learned well :).

    Banks will usually waive their disposition aka termination fee for returning customers, but unfortunately they don't waive their acquisition fees.

    You can find the dealer invoice price of the car that you are interested in over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of If I was in the market for this car, I personally would shoot for a selling price of around $500 over invoice minus any available cash incentives. Volkswagen is currently providing a $1,250 cash incentive on leases of the '12 Passat SE.

    VW Credit's April current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Passat SE with 15,000 miles per year are .00001 and 52%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. I provided you with the 36-month numbers instead of the 39 because the 36-month term is much better for this model right now.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Here's the information that you're looking for bschmidt25. Volkswagen Credit's April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Passat 3.6 SE with 15,000 miles per year are .00050 and 51%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi eok45. Since you are new to leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles on the subject that are available here at 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    In short, the easiest way to get a good deal on a leased vehicle is to shop around for the lowest possible selling price and then have the dealer that you decide to go with calculate your vehicle's monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor.

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  • neel2neel2 Posts: 1
    VW Passat S Automatic with appreance pkg LEASE deal 3 year 36000 miles one pay $8424.00 out the door.(234/month all inclusive)

    Is it a good deal?

  • pavlonpavlon Posts: 9
    Hello CarMan, wanted your thought on this lease quote for a brand new Passat 2012 S with Appearance. selling price $19,875. $1,500 due at signing, 10,000 miles per year, 36 month lease, monthly payment $185 total including taxes. This in the san francisco bay area.

    Thanks a lot.
  • gmat1gmat1 Posts: 2
    What would be:

    1) Incentives
    2) Residuals
    3) Money factor top tier credit
    4) Better to lease in CA or TX

    I travel back and forth hence the TDi decision. Also looking at 2012 Hyundai Azera Premium not sure which is the best value with highest residual hence lowest lease payment. Seems Azera has high residual 51% and more options but diesels seem to command high resale. Not sure what Vw financial is offering that can swing the deal in favor?

    Thank you for all your help this is always stressful trying to get and process informative data to make an informed choice and purchase I think its great Car man you help people out.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi pavlon. At first glance this payment looks reasonable to me, but it would be much easier for me to evaluate if you were able to provide me with this car's MSRP.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're very welcome, gmat1. Thank you for the kind words.

    Volkswagen Credit's April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Passat SEL TDI with 15,000 miles per year are .00164 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Volkswagen is not currently providing any cash incentives on TDI models.

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  • pavlonpavlon Posts: 9
    Thank you Car-Man. MSRP is 23,730
  • thormanthorman Posts: 2
    4/29/12 Lease Deal

    MSRP = $27,800

    36mo/ 12K miles/year

    $0 Drive-off = $274+tax

    thx jamessj1 for your post (#964)! The info really helped me get the best lease payment! Prices were all over the place - $300 to $450/mo
  • vw_acuravw_acura Posts: 2
    Hi Car_man

    Could you provide the May residual value and MF for a 2012 Passat SE w/ sunroof at 12K miles per year? Can you also let me know if there are any dealer incentives (I don't believe there are).

    I have what I think is a great deal using the April MF, residual, and incentives. The dealership was having problems with their computers yesterday and could not process the order, so I am picking the car up today and they are honoring the April deal

    I want to make sure the deal I received is better than what would be possible in May.

  • gmat1gmat1 Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    Hi Carman thx for the reply.

    Note sure if what the dealer purposed or offered is a good deal as there are a few things off. Dealer says based on March VW finance numbers they told me.

    Sale price: $32,246 for reference (MSRP 31,195 base + floormat kit + destination 770=32,220)
    Lease: 36mo 15k miles at $544.80
    Payments were $504.28 + sales tax 41.52= $544.80
    Amount due at signing $874.27 (1st mo 544.80 plus 319.91 trade allowance)
    Money factor is .001412
    Residual value $17412.84
    Acquisition fee $625
    Title and license $347.75
    Sales/Use Tax +any tax $27.18
    Sales tax in my county 8.25%
    Depreciation and any amortized amount $15558.62
    Rent Charge $2559.46
    Total payments $19612 (adjusted other charges $350) total payments $20292.27

    In other charges they sneaked in this $350 no description just says quote "other charges (not part of your monthly or single payment) Disposition fee (if you do not purchase the vehicle). Dealer says I can walk if I don't like the car they bring tomorrow so not sure what this is.

    My Credit is 720's dealers is telling me VW financial tiers are:

    Tier 1 800-900
    Tier 2 750-799
    Tier 3 700-749

    Thanks for all your help Carman you do a great service and I am grateful to you. The new car experience wears off when you see you got taken advantage of for the ownership period of the car and beyond. I want nothing but happy feeling with my purchase as were all feeling the pain of the economy and can't afford getting taken advantage of and what to be smiling and happy as we drive down the road.

    Thank you once more!!
  • joncltjonclt Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a lease offer on this vehicle sticker price 26,665. 15K miles/year -- 36 months -- 0 down --- $298/month. I think the discount is $4,500. They quoted me a residual value of about $13,500. Is this a good deal? Thanks!
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