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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • stimstim Posts: 36
    Definately, have been getting quotes on V8's that list in the 55K range for about 41-42K without even walking into the showroom - all done over the phone. You should have no problem with a V6 there are still TONS on the lots and the 09's are starting to show on the lot as well.
  • Looking at a lease on a 2008 XC90 V8 in CT. Car is loaded, all packages, versatility, etc. MSRP 48,825, Willow green paint, 12000/36 mos.

    With incentives, dealer quotes price of $35,583 inc. 6% tax, not including fees, $0 otherwise out the door. This was the dealership test-driver- has 76 miles.

    Money factor .00185, depreciation 37%, payment $610

    Seems high to me. No allowance for 2008 depreciation, either. Thoughts?
  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    Hi All,

    I am looking to lease basically a fully loaded 2008 AWD Volvo XC90 this weekend (either 3.2 or V8). I don't have much experience leasing cars - and in the two days I've taken to contact dealers by e-mail haven't gotten anywhere. Basically am asked "how much do you want to put down" and "when do you want to come in for a test drive." What I'm looking for are actual or average numbers to take with me when I go into the dealership so that I know I'm not getting taken for a ride. The questions I have are as follows:

    Selling Price (what am I getting off of MSRP):
    Money Factor:
    Residual Value:
    Bank fees:
    Drive off fees:
    Monthly Payment (assume $2500 down) excluding taxes:

    Additional assumptions (36 month lease / 12k miles per year / live in Northern NJ / good credit).

    Has anyone leased something similar? It would be great to have something in hand when I walk into a dealership.

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    How does this deal sound?

    MSRP for a 3.2 (loaded) XC90 = $47k
    My price = $38,000

    Money factor is .00185 and residual is $18000.

    For a 36 mth / 12k per year lease monthly payment is $700. Down payment of 2500.

    Carman - I could use some advice!

    Thanks in advance.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,709
    well, for one thing, you are getting $9k off sticker. 2 posts above yours, someone posted a similarly priced vehicle but is getting $13k off. And the deal was $0 down and $610/mo for the same term and miles. Sounds like you have more room to negotiate.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • its funny i was in the same exact boat. right down to the northern jersey part.

    see my post from a few days back. that is what i got from scouring the internet sales folk in the area. i probably could have gotten lower, but i don't feel like i was taken for a ride.

    i used the posts before mine to get an idea of how low they were going below invoice, and then tried to go a bit lower...

    good luck! it's a nice car.
  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    Really?!? Can you tell me which dealer?

    I am also considering a loaded Toyota Highlander (Limited) that has a MF of .00001. However, my wife is obsessed with the Volvo ...

  • Really... the Highlander has a .00001 m.f.? That's hard to beat and the Volvo guy I spoke with said the m.f. was in the .00252 range. Mentioned waiting for the 2009s for better residuals (oh yes, those weren't good either) but how are they going to move the 08s with numbers like these?

    Still trying to decide myself... looking at xc90, highlander and odyssey (i know).

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    In NJ at least, the MF on a highlander is .00001. Totally incredible.

    If I didn't live in Hoboken, I'd probably consider an Odyssey too.
  • well, i've heard from friends that you can't go wrong with the highlander. if you can get a better price on that car, then maybe it's the way to go.

    i agree with another responder to your post - you can get a lower price, especially with the 09's already on board. the key is getting the capcost/lease price as low as possible since the mf/residuals just plain suck.

    just ask the area dealers (e.g. montclair/both kundert sites/ramsey/smythe/prestige) if they can go lower, you have been talking with the other dealers, etc... and i am sure they will drop the capcost/lease price. since you are at hoboken, it would be easier to do this all on-line, which is what i did...

    again, good luck.
  • An m.f. of .00252 is absolutely NOT competitive. I leased my XC90 this time of year when the '07's were released and received a .00077 m.f. for a new model. That is what swung my decision in favor of hte Volvo over the Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Acura.
  • Wow, that is an amazing m.f. for the Highlander. Probably better mileage, too. I do like the Volvo's safety though.

    Okay, call me dense but I cannot figure out the part about Hoboken and an Odyssey? It's also 3am so that might be an issue too ;)

    Anyone know if Volvo changed their tune this month with m.f. or anything else to motivate us?

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    Yeah - it doesn't make much sense ... basically don't want to be seen by the 20 something year olds driving away in a minivan. minivans just aren't "cool." yes that is stupid and vain but apparently my wife came to the same conclusion.

    I'll let you know Saturday whether I get the Highlander or Volvo. Right now, Highlander deal is no money down 36 mths, 12k/yr zero down $640/mth. I hope to get it down under 600 for a fully loaded limited 7psgr awd.

    Current volvo deal i am getting is same as another post: 39mths / 39k miles 1950 down and $555 / mth. For a V8 w/ climate and blis. Going to try to get dvd thrown in to mix.

    All depends on which car my wife likes better.
  • let us know what you end up with! i'd be very curious if they throw in the dvd - i tried, but to no avail.

    i still think you could potentially go lower? which dealership is giving you that deal?

    good luck. as to the minivan issue, i totally understand. but i think we are just delaying the inevitable, eh? ;)
  • Thanks guys... I totally agree with you on the minivan thing. I'm vain too and pretty much that's why I am still on the fence and visiting the Highlander and Volvo boards! They are not cool at all but I do have twin toddlers and dang it if that sliding door would be handy during a downpour and/or when trying to wrangle them into the car from a busy parking lot. But still... I have yet to pull the trigger. The 3 yr lease is optimal so that I'm only stuck driving the land yacht for not terribly long (depending on who you talk to!).

    What's with the Volvos? Their deals don't seem too fabulous. My guy said they'd get better later this year with m.f. and certainly then residuals but I'm not sure he even knows - just a guess.

    jk - what does the volvo lease do w/zero down? Is it comparable to the Highlander? My money's on your wife liking the Volvo for the status and because the Highlander looks more truck-ish. Just my 2 cents ;)

    Let us know what you do and good luck!

    ps - I have no help here because my husband would drive his old Tercel (!) if he still had it. Sigh.
  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    Well -- after a looong day, we drove home with the Volvo. Experience at Toyota was awful from the moment we stepped into the dealership - from waiting around to the salesman -- despite making an appt for a test drive of a limited of which they had none of on the lot!!! And neither of us liked the Highlander - either the drive or the look. The inside of the Highlander is very plastic and bulky looking (best I can describe it - you are totally right marinite). Volvo is much more enjoyable to drive and inside has a great feel.

    No one was willing to do the 39mth/39k lease for $1950 down and $555/mth. At 36 months/36k lease was coming out at $3800 and $555 / mth for the 2008 XC90 V8 w/ climate and blis. Dealer supposedly losing $500 with those numbers but willing to do the deal to move the car. So after negotiating this is what we got:

    2008 XC90 V8 with climate / blis / rear ent. system (at dealer cost - $1547) / cross rails ($175) for 48 months - $3600 down (includes all costs & first payment) and $559/month. Residual is around $14,000 (35%). Cost of the car was $37,050 (w/ taxes etc). MSRP is $52k.

    Not a great deal but in the end I'm ok with it. I was willing to leave and go to another dealer but my wife - who is 5 mths pregnant was just like "oh let's take it." I was like "you're killing me here." In retrospect I should have gotten the cost of the car down to $35k. Damn it.

    What kills is that there is no residual on the rear ent. system. So basically, I am going to remove the head rests when I turn it in 4 years because they will be mine. Or I'll just buy the car.

    Also re: minivan - friends just bought a 2008 Odyssey Touring (all bells & whistles). I drove that and definitely didn't like the way it handled.

    If anyone is in NJ, I found out after had leaseed from a different Volvo dealer that Montclair Volvo is going out of business and that they are having a fire sale. So go there first.

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    Oh yeah - and MF = .00180
  • kudos. sounds like a good deal and more importantly you sound happy with your choice. i just hope you were able to drive it home safely in all this rain!
  • Congrats jk on your purchase - it is one of the safest on the market and with a baby on the way, it's a good choice safety-wise and ergonomically speaking, too. I have a Volvo sedan and Subaru Outback and they're both too low to get the babies in the car without killing my back. With the XC90, putting the baby in the car will be a lateral move - sounds silly but try doing this several times a day and you'll appreciate that about the car!

    Yep, I suspected that about the Highlander. Plus, I can't recall what the iihs safety ratings on it were but I do know that while the Sienna says it's top-rated, what they don't say is that is has the worst rear crash rating! Wouldn't be surprised if Highlander did too. And yes, all minivans tend to drive like that - land yachts really - another ugh factor.

    Thanks for sharing your numbers and mf, too. That's a decent deal for a $52k car!

    Enjoy :)

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17

    funny ... we returned our '05 outback for the xc90. similar taste in cars i suppose. definitely agree that it is tough to get a kid in and out of that car.

    good luck w/ your choice. our 2 year old is obsessed w/ the volvo. when we drove to grandma's she ran out and was like "my car!" she calls it a bus b/c of the rear 2 seats. can't seem to get her out of it - esp. when the middle seat is down and she can roam from front to back (when parked of course). must be the new car smell or leather seats ...
  • Wow, that is funny about the Outback/Volvo/Highlander similarity. Yep, try getting twins out - every single time I drive it, I get annoyed. Time for something new!

    Love that the 2y.o. is obsessed. Mine are 2 too and would likely do the same - especially if we got the dvd! ? for you since I haven't looked at the xc90 for a few months in person... when the middle seat goes down, is it to the floor? That was my biggest complaint about the 3rd row - with 2 giant Britax carseats in the middle, there's no utilizing the 3rd row w/out removing a carseat - so not functional. Maybe I'm wrong?

  • jk764jk764 Posts: 17
    Good ? -- unfortunately the middle seat doesn't fold down to the floor - so it is difficult to get back there. However, we have a pretty big car seat (some kind of Graco) and the middle seat folds down w/out a problem when the car seat is in place.

    If you are looking to use the 3rd row a lot for passengers, minivan is probably best bet as it is at least 10 inches longer than the xc90 and easy to access even if you have 2 car seats in the middle row. good luck.
  • Car Man -

    Can you please tell me the MF and Residual #'s for a 2008 Volvo 3.2 7-Passenger AWD XC-90 on a 36-month, 15K lease?
  • Thanks jk! Good to know you can at least access the back even by hurdling. That didn't seem to be an option when I first saw them.

    Enjoy your new ride and the relative calm before the new baby arrives!
  • peetertpeetert Posts: 124
    --Montclair Volvo is going out of business-- :confuse:

    Really? We've been been repeat customers there until just last month. We were looking for a used XC90 but all the ones they had were a bit overpriced and they would not come down enough in price. I had offered what I felt was a fair price based on information gathered here, but they would not budge. We ended up buying a CPO MDX from the DCH Acura store down the road. Ironically, I just looked at the website and still saw the exact XC90 we were haggling over listed for almost what I had offered them originally.

    We still have our S70 that is my daily driver, but it'll still be a few years before we are ready to replace that. I guess then I'll have to look elsewhere.

  • Last Friday I returned our Leased '07 XC90 3.2 AWD. I was happy with the Sales guys I worked with and the Dealer (Powell Volvo - Scottsdale) was fine overall. We were discussing the current state of SUV sales, pricing, MF, etc. and their current MF was very competitive at something like 0.0001 but the Residuals were Horrendous at 49% for 24 months!!! Why would anyone want to a new ~ $50k vehicle when it's value drops in half in 2 years? Much better to just buy a slightly used one, which is which we did - we bought an X3 with 20k miles and still have a full year of warranty. It's not as big as the XC90 but we didn't need the extra room as we only have 1 kid. My wife loved the XC90 styling since she laid eyes on it but after driving the X3 for the first time she is can't believe the difference, it truly is night and day. Not sure what we'll do when we need a bigger vehicle but for now the X3 will work out perfect for her. I was never a fan of the X3 styling but it really drives great - the steering, handling and engine are very good.
  • stimstim Posts: 36
    Did he actually quote a .0001 MF with a 49% residual? Actually thats not bad considering that I recently got a quote of 46% residual with a .0202 MF on a V8 - 2008 version. Walked away because the rate was so high. Was this a Volvo Finance deal?
  • He opened up his book of current deals and when we looked at the MF we thought "wait a minute ... that's pretty good" but then the residual was 49% and it made sense on why the payments wouldn't match what I had 2 yrs ago.

    Yes, it was Volvo Financial, I think he made a comment that they were the only ones willing to write leases on the XC90's right now because everyone is losing money on them. I was told my return is going straight to Volvo Financial because they can't sell it for a profit on their lot. If you have the time, contact their internet departement. That's who I went through when I negotiated my deal and was very happy dealing with them because they were straight shooters.
  • ... BTW, I'm on their mailing list and just recieved one stating that all 2008 Volvos are going for Invoice minus Volvo incentives. Sounds like they REALLY want them gone!
  • Just leased a 2008 XC90 3.2 with 7 passenger / blis / 48 months/48k miles - $2000 down (includes all costs & first payment) and $441/month. Residual is $12,948 MSRP was $45k. I hope I got a good deal.....especially because after driving a 2004 Cadillac SRX for three years, I really dont like my new volvo AT ALL! Seats seem hard and uncomfortable, car seems sluggish compared to the caddy, and I miss many of the little features my cadillac had. Who ever heard of a $45000 car that doesnt "beep" when you lock the doors with the remote? Guess it's a bad decision I will have to live with for the next 47 months!! :(
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