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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Maintenance and Repair



  • My TB is a 05 and after I drive for a while the speedometer freezes and eventualy goes to zero. Is this in the cluster or in a sensor. If it is in the cluster can I just change it or will the mileage not stay the same
  • I would check for a sensor but more then likely its a problem within the cluster you can change the cluster and the mileage will remain the same
  • back blower is seperate from front,i had this problem and changed the ac/heat control module,fairley simple job,manuel will help but does not show all the bolts and screws you have to remove. cortrol module 200.00 plus at dealer.rock auto parts has it for about 138.00. ac delco has it for around 165.00
  • check by hand grab fan and see if you can wiggle it up,down sideways.could be water pump bearings,check bolts on fan for looseness
  • I just had my instrument cluster replaced because it was making a noise that sounded like air was escaping and a grinding noise. The grind is gone, but at start-up it still sounds like air is escaping from somewhere in the cluster. any ideas?
  • I bought an 06 Trailblazer and had my one year anniversary Dec 6th of 2008. It has been a NIGHTMARE since I bought it and the dealership won't buy it back. I was hoping there were similar issues that someone could suggest that I have them look at at the dealership, they are ready to total it so they don't have to look at it anymore, I didn't think that was a good solution. Here are a few of the issues:
    -Sounds and feels like driving on rumble strips at 45-70mph LOUDLY.
    -Tranny intermitant shifting problems
    -Mild intermitant vibration at 35-70 mph in gas pedal
    -Diminished Eng Capacity Light comes on and off
    - Intermitant 12mph max speed
    -Speed/Power cuts out randomly (no more acceleration regardless of gas pedal pressure)
    -Trac light intermitantly on
    -Check engine light intermitatly on
    -Clock auto resets itself occasionally
    -Intermitant power steering
    -Gas mpg drop to 10 if I'm lucky maybe up to 12mpg
    -CD randomly pops out on startup or shut down or while driving
    -Vehicle shakes and chugs worse than a disel pickup on start up occasionally
    -Cruise control sometimes quits on its own
    -Replaced transmission pump/ignition switch
    -Torque converter locking up (tech told me potential problem)
    -Starter sometimes has issues, turn key and click, hard turnover, nothing then wait 10-15 seconds and without touching the ignition switch the truck starts.
    -Continually warping rotors
    -Clunk on occasion when shifting from "P" to "R" or "R" to "D"
    -After startup while idling sometimes there is a loud clunk from the passenger side sounds like someone is kicking the side of the truck
    -Windows intermitantly work powering up
    -Transmission "whistles" when rpm's going up to shift occasionally
    -Radio/CD sometimes just shuts off
    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head I have had it in the shop at least 50 times in the past year and they keep telling me their computer doesn't say anything.....last week it lit up like the 4th of July but they still couldn't figure out why all the problems. If anyone can help with ideas that would be great, I don't know what else to do. It is all still under warrenty thank goodness!!!
  • I have a 2002 trailblazer. When I apply the gas pedal it shifts ok. But when I get up to a good speed and release the gas pedal it doesn't shift down. What is the problem?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I don't exactly understand your question. It you release the pedal it won't shift down right away while your coasting, it's based on speed, demand, load, many variables and controlled by the PCM. When you stop and start out again it shifts from first gear up through the entire range, right?
  • I own a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, which I love. I love the way it looks, the way it drives, and the overall features it has. HOWEVER, it is a piece of crap. Last Friday, the speedometer malfunctioned like everyone elses, and then today I rolled my window down at the ATM and it wouldn't roll back up. Of course it was raining. If that isn't enough, of course my warranty just expired. The dealership says it is a well known issue, but GM isn't doing anything about it, and it would be a little over 1000 to get fixed. If GM knows this is a problem they need to step up to the plate. I want to buy American made, but if we can't stand behind the products we make then I am crossing over.
  • We own a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS, 6 cylinder - inline, 4WD, that has about 45,000 miles on it. We live in the central/southern part of Nebraska. We are using 5W30 Quaker State Oil in it right now and are getting about 16 miles to the gallon. We change oil about every 3000 miles. We would like to get better gas mileage out of it. It was recommended to us that we first consider changing the type of oil we use from the regular oil to a synthetic oil. What are your comments on doing this? How much of an increase would there be in mpg? If we did change to a synthetic oil, what type of oil and oil filter would you recommend? What are the steps to follow in changing from regular oil to a synthetic oil? Are there other ways to improve the mpg on this vehicle other than just changing the type of oil we use?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Changing from one kind of oil to another may affect your gas mileage somewhat but the greatest improvements in gas mileage usually come from adjustments to driving habits.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I was considering changing the oil to Mobil 10W30 synthetic during the next oil change. But one of the guys in the shop recommended that I use a synthetic blend during the change process (3 oil changes) then use the full synthetic oil after that throughout the length of time that I own the vehicle. I thought it was not a good idea to use a synthetic blend, that I should switch to a full synthetic oil right away. What are your thoughts.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I am by no means an expert on oil, synthetics or otherwise, so I can't advise. With a little luck, someone who knows will drop by and provide some guidance! Anyone?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • My mom recently bought a 2004 TrailBlazer LT with the 4.2L Inline-6 that has a hair less than 35,000 miles on it. The second day she had it, the "Service Engine Soon" light flashed about 3 times and then shut off. It does this periodically and absolutely randomly. Other than that, it seems to run fine. I hooked my scanner up to it to see if there were any pending codes that wouldn't have set off the light and I came up empty handed. Please let me know if you know what's going on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • I own a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LS and I have had this happen to me only a couple of times. However, I previously owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and this also happened a few times. This may sound weird but it has something to do with your gas cap or door. Next time it happens, try this. First, turn the engine off. Then open the door to the gas, take gas cap off and then replace. Make sure it is correctly in place then shut the door back. Then just restart your engine. The "check engine" light should go off. Very simple and it has always worked for me. I also noticed that it usually only occurs just after filling the tank completely. My problem right now is the cluster. I was hoping there was a recall on it since I have heard that many have complained about this same problem. My speedometer works on occasion but the fuel gauge stays on empty at all times and the oil pressure gauge stays at 120. Its really irritating and my warranty has also expired.
  • biglinkbiglink Posts: 13
    It could be that the gas tank has a crack in it Chevy will replace it for free or the catalytic converter could be going bad they will also replace that for free. It could be as simple as the gas cap not on tight enough however the two things that I mentioned before went bad on mine.
  • My 2006 Trailblazer LS started acting funny about a month ago. The gas gauge will go to the correct reading and then after about 1 minute it will go to empty and the amber light will come on. I guess I should take it in to the local chevy dealer, has anyone had this similar problem. Also there is a whining noise coming from the engine when you give it gas. I'm no longer under warranty so any help would be appreciated. This has been a great vehicle and my first Chevy. Thanks!
  • Love my 02 Trailblazer as well. Currently have over 200,000 miles and runs as good know as when I first bought it. Beautiful Black Onyx color. Never had any major problems. Just change all the fluids when recommended.

    Anyway, according to past posts the whining noise comes from a worn idle pulley. My 02 has the same noise but not a big issue. Have not experienced the gas gauge problem. Maybe somewhen else could steer you to the right fix.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hey There! I have an 07' Trailblazer with only 1 problem to date. The rear window won't lock. Unlike others, the alarm does go off when opened. When I do lock it, it sounds like the lock engages. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem? I didn't find much when searching for this before posting this.

    Thanks for your help.
  • phrnzyphrnzy Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you had the BOSE sound system in your TB and if you have had the "no sound" problem again with it. If it happens when it is cold outside and the vehicle is cold (below freezing) it is a problem that GM issued a TSB on but they have since either lost it or deleted it. I have been chasing this problem on my '04 Bravada. I have found references to the TSB online in a couple of places.
  • I have had my 2003 TB in the shop several times for no brake lights and no cruise control. They finally found the problem, but of course it wasnt covered by the ext warranty. I got it fixed elsewhere alot cheaper. Now I have the passenger side temp control panel light out. The driver side still works ??? Any suggestions? Also, the front end ( I think it has to do with the brakes) is making a squeeling noise the majority of the time that I drive it. I was told it is just dust. Also, something in the rear end rattles everytime I hit any kind of bump. Sounds like something is ready to fall off any minute. Of course, the dealership mechanics tell me they cannot find anything. I am tired of spending the 99.99 deductible to have them tell me its not covered by the warranty or they can't find anything...must be in my head. Also, I am very disappointed with the gas mileage! Also there is a rattling in the back passenger door panel when I close the door and rattling in the dashboard on and off. It has just started "choking" a little when I back it out of the driveway and change it into drive, almost stalling. I have really wanted to get rid of this vehicle and get a foriegn SUV but I owe too much on the TB. I will never purchase another GM product.
  • I have an 03 TB and had the same problem. Check engine light, tried making sure the gas cap was on right, everything else the dealership told me to check. Turns out it was a hole in my gas tank. Thankfully I had extended warranty. It would have cost me 1300.00 for the new tank had it not been covered. Sorry to have to tell you that, it's not good. Hopefully that is not your problem
  • dbl2ddbl2d Posts: 1
    Hey, I also have '07 Trailblazer with rear window that won't lock and won't alarm. Yours is the first posting I've seen on this issue. I assume I need to bring it in for service. Sorry no help.
  • juliep83juliep83 Posts: 2
    I've had my 05 trailblazer since July '06. The first year was good.. no problems.First, my radio (lights and everything) would just stop. I took it to the dealer and they reprogramed something and it was fixed... then last fall, i had a really loud noise coming from the engine and had it to the dealer several times before they found out that it was a problem with the alternator. They fixed it, then it was fine. Now in the last 4 months or so, i have many many problems! First my gas guage would just "bounce" around. It would say full then 1 minute later the low fuel light is on. Now pretty much all the time it says i'm on empty then it goes up to where it should be then down again. Also it has stalled quite a few times, when i first start it. Sometimes when i start it, it seems like it doesn't want to stay running then it will get a "burst" of power (while still in park) it seems like i am pushing the gas pedal. It is making a whining sound, my headlights flicker, half of the climate control lights are out, when i get above 40 mph it vibrates for a few seconds and then quits (also if i let off the gas it quits) it doesn't do that a lot but has done it a few times. This past winter, i had it in 4x4 low and all of a sudden it seemed like it didn't want to go, so i put in back in 2 and it made a loud boom and my whole car shook, sometimes it seems like it doesn't want to shift, clunks when i shift out of park, it also feels like i am driving on rubmle strips at time when i get aroun 40 -50 mph..... I talked to someone that works for a GM dealer (service) and he told me that some of the modules need replaced.... Does that sound like thats all it is??? Any advice??????
  • My mom has a 05 TB it was doing real good for maybe 3-4 months when all of a sudden it wouldn't want to turn on at all. We used to have a system (sub woofers) in there with the stock radio an door speakers since we got it, had no problems with it then just one day my mom got out of work an it wouldn't start for like an hour or two, finally it started no problem with alternator or battery she got home an had to run to the store when it didn't want to turn on anymore,so it sat on the drive way for a week, when it finally turned back on she had no problems with it for about two weeks the system was pulled out for a week already. Then about three weeks after the car wouldn't start it did the same thing it wouldn't start left her at work so my brother towed it with my dad's truck got it home checked the fuses nothing was wrong with then but still wouldn't turn on we got it to turn on like two hours later ran good for another week then she was paying some bills in town when the car was making this loud noise while she was driving then it started to stall IN HEAVY TRAFFIC luckily she pulled into a store fast enough turned it back on like if nothing is wrong the next day if finally gave out just no crank everything is still good it just won't start so me an my brother pulled of the dash, the wire's underneath the steering column, fuse box underneath the hood messed with everything it still won't start. finally took it to the dealership were we got it an they couldn't find anything earthier i don't know whats wrong with it, my dad, me and my brother do mechanic work all the time an we can't find the problem never have i ever, ever encountered a problem like this. Please if anybody know's or has the same problems we have an found some kind of a solution it would be helpful the Trail Blazer has been at the dealer for 2 weeks now going on 3 and still they can't find anything wrong with it and it's hasn't been working for a month now :sick:
  • lanitiaglanitiag Posts: 1
    My 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS gas gauge read empty and the light came on right after I filled up and a few minutes later started bouncing back and forward. This put into a panic because I only had my Trailblazer a year what happen next lead me to call the dealership. My engine light came on and my 07 trailblazer sounded like it was idled up when I drove. I took it in for a diagnosis which they said it was the fuel sensor $539 and suggested I also replace the fuel module which pushed the repair up to $1001. I was floored and upset. This is my second trailblazer I previously on a 2005 which I turned in due to a recall. I will not buy another TrailBlazer. Although my suv has 47000 miles I do not believe I should be having problem with this particular part. After placing a complaint with the dealership and corporate recall office They refuse to offer any help as of today 5/7/2008.
  • tbbluestbblues Posts: 1
    Got an '03 Trailblazer EXT with front diff noise, took it to the dealer to have repaired.
    After 2 weeks informed by dealer that no front diffs are available because American
    Axle is on strike. Ask about availability of parts to rebuild diff told they are available,
    had dealer remove diff from vehicle and ordered parts at my work--A Medium Duty GMC dealership. After most parts are bought and installed told ring gear and pinion are not available. Now I'm out lots of money, have a vehicle I cant put back together. and a Spat case that says we will try to find your parts. I will never park another GM product in my driveway. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMER AFTER THE VEHICLE IS OFF OF THE LOT. THIS VEHICLE IS MY WIFES PRIMARY TRANSPORTATION, THE RESPONSE FROM GM IS TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY!!!! :mad:
  • juliep83juliep83 Posts: 2
    My '05 Tb had the same problem! i took it to the dealership and they told me it needed a fuel sending unit repair kit. $120 part and a total of $400 with labor... i took it to my mechanic and had it done for $175 including the part! My mechanic told me when he was calling around to get the part people were acting like he was crazy that there was no such thing as a sending unit repair kit... there is though. He had to order it from the dealership (GM) but i saved $$$ on labor. If anyone tells you there is no such thing they are way wrong!!! A new sending unit is $300-$400 so the repair kit is well worth it!!! Good luck!
  • jaketrtl1jaketrtl1 Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Trailblazer and the engine light has been staying on. When I hook it up to a tester the code is 410, what does that mean and what needs to be fixed?? :confuse:
  • grettlgrettl Posts: 2
    Chevrolet secrets....?

    Can anyone tell me what type of Fuel/Air Sensors are installed in my 2007-TB with a v8 engine... Narrow-band or High-band....?
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