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2013 rogue cvt failure

danigeerl13danigeerl13 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Nissan
I purchased my 2013 Rogue in 2014 from a small car lot that purchases lease returns from the local dealership. Approximately 1 month after purchasing it was having loud clunking noises in the front end. The car lot set up for me to take it to the dealer\, who took every measure to find and correct the issue at no cost. After having the car for about 2 years the trans started whining,approximately 10-15,000 miles after installing a slightly more aggressive tread tire. Our personal mechanic stated it sounded very much like the transmission or transfer case and we should take it to the dealer. So we did and were instructed that it was tire noise we were hearing.Now after approximately a 300-400 mile weekend trip @ highway speeds I noticed the lack of response out of the engine /transmission. Once it sat overnight it seemed fine the next day. Until our return home the same lack of response only now the check eng light is one throwing a p0744 code. I am very disappointed in this vehicle and lack of explanation by the Nissan staff as to the proper protocol and procedures to properly maintain this different type of transmission.


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