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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • Hello,

    Found out yesterday that there is a recall on our 2007 Suburban (recall number in subject). Dealer said it's to re-program the ECM however they didn't say why GM wants to update this. Anyone out there know what this update does? Improve gas mileage?? Fix battery dead issue?? ??


    - Gregg
    Boston, Mass
  • The same recall is out for the Avalanche- probably all the 07 900's before a certain build date. I wonder what it is all about?
  • Hello,
    I have an early 2007 Yukon with every option. Vehicle has had nothing but electrical problems. One day doors won't lock. Another day no nav, xm, steering wheel audio controls. Another day backup camera ad sensors out. Washing car and listen to radio for 30 min - key in acc mode - battery dead. And every combo in between. Dealer had to reprogram 22 out of 24 modules and reprogram keys. Dealer has been great, rental car etc however I still travel w/ a set of jumper cables and additional snacks for my 2 year old. Dealer claims numerous programing updates issued for these modules and my problems should be over - we'll see. All said and done still love my Yukon.
  • My 07 Yukon was just in the shop for a leaking front differential. While they were doing an oil change on it they discovered that it was leaking.

    Only 14,000 miles and seals are already leaking. Even though I love the thing it drives me nuts that GMC engineers/manufactures so poorly.
  • bk777bk777 Posts: 32
    Look out...the dealer may tell you that a certain amount of leakage is "acceptable". GM has been doing this forever. Take a position that zero leakage is the only acceptable solution...otherwise you may get something(big repair bill) that you won't like.
  • They fixed the seal. According to them it was either a faulty seal or installed incorrectly. Lucky for me since it was in the shop they also performed the new reprogramming recall that previous posts have referenced. I just hope the reprogramming doesn't cause me any new problems.

    Paying ~$50K for something that leaks is a quick way to get customers upset. I would have not settled for anything other than them fixing the leak.
    Kind of like the Harley Davidson legacy. Although in the case of GMC it could play a part in ruining them further.

    One more comment for kicks, when the service rep told me that my rental was a Saturn I guess he was expecting me to blow up. Although it is pathetic that they give Yukon/Tahoe owners little compact ($12K) cars to drive while their SUV's ($50K) are tied up being fixed for a manufacturers defect it isn’t that big of a deal for one day.
  • A little more info on the recall (#06162).

    GM is calling it an "enhancement" for flex fuel vehicles (FFV) and are planning on updating dealer inventory and customers I assume as they return to the dealer. It is not a safety related recall. The date of the recall was 12/12/06.

    From what I have observed the AFM system may have been desensitized and seems to drop into V4 mode more readily and stay there. Haven't had an opportunity to do some MPG studies to see if it has actually improved.

    I suspect, and this is pure speculation on my part, that a lot of the compliants about MPG with the 2007s may have been related to FFVs and this is GM's answer to the issue. I'm really really curious whether anyone out there has had this update applied and noticed an MPG improvement.

    BTW this board has been really quiet lately - guess everyone's out there enjoying their 2007's!

    - Gregg
    Boston, Mass
  • p356ap356a Posts: 3
    I just had the "enhancement" performed on my 2007 Yukon which was delivered in late august 2006 and definitely noticed an improvement in the engines ability to go in v-4 sooner and stay longer. Hopefully this translates into better MPG.
    I learned about this recall on this forum and when I asked my dealer he said my car was due. I never received a recall letter. Is this a recall or simply an enhancement performed by the dealer at will.
  • johny7johny7 Posts: 1
    Has anybody tried out the new GM LOCKPICK GEN 2 from coastaletech? Are there any unsupported features with this version of the GM LOCKPICK GEN 2? Finally, how well does it work…..would you recommend it?
  • Works great, I just got back from NC a 1500 trip, and I installed it just before I left. I have a 07 LTZ with all the toys except the rear DVD (no kids). I purchased the GM LOCKPICK GEN 2 to unlock the nav and Xm, it works perfectly as designed, I used the switched power output to power my radar detector. Installation was simple, the most difficult part was removing the trim from dash. Try a blunt blade with some duct tape, that worked for me. Good luck.
  • I called my dealer today and they said they are not doing that enhancement program in my vehicle, I am assuming because mine is not flex fuel. I am pretty sure that most of the other people (including me) that bought these vehicles were mislead about the performance of the AFM. I want my vehicle re-programmed to get better AFM on highway. I do most of my driving there and I would benefit from re-programmming. Anybody else with me on this? What do we need ot do to get them to re-program all AFM vehicles, flex fuel or not.
  • So is this enhancement for GM Yukons only or does it apply to Tahoes too?
  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    Has anybody had the re program done with a cat back and a air box? Have you noticed any difference?

    I have a GMPP cat back installed, just ordered the GMPP air box, also just received my Diablosport Preditor tuner. I think I will bring to the dealer to get the oil changed and make sure the re program is done before I install the new goodies.

    Anyone have similar mods. Would like to know how the truck performs.
  • I have the Zoomer's cat back on mine - haven't done the air box, but the cat back woke it up in short order! Notable change in how much time it spends in V-4. I haven't had a chance to stop by the dealer and check into the reprogram yet - but I am hoping that makes a notable difference as well. :)
    I have a little over 15k on mine and the best I have manage milage wise was driving 65-68mph with no headwind and non-ethanol added gas. I got 22.1mpg (calculated) on the 420 mile trip.
    Conversly, over Christmas I went one a similar trip with a 20mph headwind for part of the trip driving 77mph with 10% ethanol added gas and averaged 16.7 for the 370 trip.
    Hope that helps!
  • Does anyone's wind shield wipers come on by themselves mid-driving? Mine just come on and the only way they go off is if I turn the car off and it keeps spraying and wiping, spraying and wiping!
  • I know this may be a neewb question but here goes. I was at the store today and a gentleman saw me getting out the Denali (2007) and asked if I had my exhaust system installed after market. I said no. He said that's a high performance exhaust. I said "really"? I mentioned to him that I thought it was kinda loud in my opinion. He said its supposed to be, but you get better performace. Anyone have any info on this?
  • I got an 07 Tahoe now, but used to have an 99 Tahoe with flowmasters and K&N intake.

    The flowmaster were loud and my ears would ring after long drives.

    I bought it like that and quickly got sick of the loud exhaust. I don't know why guys like loud pipes, but it got old.

    Also I removed the K&N intake and put the stock back on--no noticable difference in proformance or MPG's.

    there are quieter flowmasters than I had, but if they really work (more Hp & MPG), then why doesn't GM put them on if it's such "easy" bolt-on power?

    Save your dough in my opinion
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Sounds like your RainSense and Heated Washer Fluid systems are ganging up on you. Seriously tho, you probably need to take it in to your Service Dept. :sick:
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    GM offers both a performance and a touring cat-back exhaust system. Did you buy yours new?
  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    I had that happen to me also around Oct. I was at the service dept for something else and a guy that also was there with his wifes LTZ had asked me if this had happened to me because it also happened to him. Service Dept told me they could'nt find any defect. Then today it happened to my wife. I am bringing in the truck on Thurs for numerous things like the batt. keeps dying, the ecm reprogram that is required #06162 the rear door window moulding keeps coming out. Power stering makes realy loud sound when truck is cold. I'm sure they will say nothing is wrong.
  • Since you have the Denali, you also have the 6.2l V8, right? It might come stock with a "high performance" exhaust unlike the 5.3l non-Denali vehicles. The 6.0l Avalanches come with a different standard exhaust too, though it appears to at least be an aluminized system (like the stock 5.3l system). The GM Accessories cat-back systems are both all stainless steel.

    I bought the GM touring cat-back exhaust with my Avalanche. Because it took a couple of weeks after the Av came in for the exhaust to come in I was able to compare the stock and new system. Stock was much quieter under any sort of engine load, where the touring system is especially loud when the Av's cold or I'm into the throttle heavy. At normal cruising speeds it is actually mellow but noticable. The GM accessories site indicates that the performance version would be even louder.

    So if you do have the stock engine it's probably as quiet as it's going to get without a bit of aftermarket digging around. I can pretty much guarantee that any non-original part number GM accessories system will be even louder.
  • Yes I have the Denali with the 6.2l. Thanks for your response! Makes sense.
  • I was looking at the standard features of the Denai. It says it comes with 6 CD in-dash changer. When you upgrade to the CD/DVD MP3 with the rear entertainment DVD, do you lose the 6-CD chager? Mine appears to be that way, but the saesman didn't explain that to me.
  • 4burb4burb Posts: 55
    2007 LT3 with rear entertainment, not Denali. However, that is what I was told. Mine was supposed to have 6 disc changer but lost it when I opted for the rear entertainment.
  • I read that new owners of the 2007 Tahoes / Yukons are having issues with the Battery.....dying after little use of the acc position, from simple music, lights, movies, etc...this is a big hassle. Yikes! As a car-pool Dad, I am always turning the engine off, and listening to music, or the game, up to an hour, often. I was be very annoyed to get a dead battery for my trouble. I am in the market for the new truck, and when I went to Test Drive a new Tahoe LTZ, they couldn't get it started....surprise, surprise, the Battery had died! I think the dealer was rather embarassed. I am sitting on the fence now. Height concerns me, current Yukon XL with 16" wheels fit UNDERground in all parking lots, with ease...that 20" wheel LTZ beast may need to do more time outside? Any opinions?
  • Yes, I got my GM LOCKPICK GEN 2 last week and installed it this past weekend. I'm very happy with it but had a couple issues during installation. First, during installation I must have done something abnormal because the screen would not turn on. I deduced that I must have caused a short. After tracking down and replacing the 10 amp fuse for the radio (it was fuse #41 located in fuse box located under the hood of my '07 Chevy Tahoe LT3), everything worked well. However, during the first few hours of use I experienced some weird behavior (1. the rearview camera display would sometimes not work, 2. the display would sometimes lock until I restarted the car, 3. the voice prompt volume would somehow be set to zero). I only experienced this during the first few hours and haven't experienced ANY issues since. All in all I love the unit. I know Coastaletech also sells the "GM ONSTAR LOCKPICK" which unlocks Onstar for integration with aftermarket hands free kits. I'm not sure if both these "lockpicks" can be used simultaneously.
  • jjmjgnxjjmjgnx Posts: 34
    Hey ltzin, can you let us know how it goes at the dealer with all those things you're having them look at. I have those same exact issues. My battery died once, I jumped it an let it run for a few minutes and it's been fine since. Same battery. I heard the loud noise this morning since it was cold here in the northeast.
  • tommy4tor -
    It is not all owners that are having the battery issue - but it is well worth noting. I know that I have never had any issues with my LT3 and regularly let it sit with the engine off listening to the radio. The longest I can remember doing that for was when I was rotating the tires and installing the mud flaps - which being as I was in no hurry, took a nearly two hours. But had no issues (or ever have) with the battery going dead. :)
  • 4burb4burb Posts: 55
    I, like tuscotodd, have had no issues with my LT3 either. Also have the 20 inch wheels that the LTZ has and have had no garage issues either.
  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    Just got home from dealer, they put a new Battery in the old one was reading 12.65 volts with 33 cold cranking amps the cca should be 615. They could not find a draw on the batt. They replaced the rear door window mouldings, They could not find anything with the steering. I figured that, it was 55 deg when I dropped it off. And now this one surprised me, they found that the wiper switch has a short in it, they had to order that. They also did the ECM reprogram #06162 this reads on the invoice as follows: 06162 reprogram ECM for virtual flex fuel sensor update. On the way home it was extremly windy and I still noticed staying in 4v longer. Hope this helps some of you. Also if you create an account with GM (its free) you can go to my gm and it will let you know if your vehicle has a recall thats how I found out my needed the 06162 recall. I let you know if battery stays charged, also how my new Diablo Preditor engine tunner works.
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