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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • Yes, several times. Either the radio has no sound, or does not work at all, some times the parking assist does not work, or something else. After several trips to the service department, where everything worked fine, I waited until the radio did not work, and drove strait to the shop without shutting the truck off. Everything in the Tahoe communicates over a serial CAN buss. Occasionally, the buss fails to talk to different modules. Re-starting the vehicle sends a new serial signal to all modules. In my case I has set 20+ trouble codes and GM is going to change the Body Control Module. Good luck. George
  • I was seriously considering trading my Range Rover for an '07 LTZ because, well I am tired of utilizing the outstanding warranty coverage.
    After reading these posts, recognizing the fact that Chevy will not provide loaners, pick up or drop off my jalopy at my office or wash it when they are done working on it, I think I will stick with the Brits!
    Thanks for posting your problems!!!
  • As a design engineer for the audio amplifiers in the Tahoe I fully understand the problem you are experiencing. GM has their hands full trying to coordinate all of their supplier's equipment that uses the CAN bus. It can be a mess at times during the design process, and some of the bus problems can occasionally make their way into the production vehicle. I remember an instance where several of our engineers were sent into the field and spent a week just cranking the engines in the problem cars of the GM executives in an attempt to recreate the bus collision.
  • Thanks for the reply, I was contemplating just pulling the light out myself and throwing some foam insulation in there, but I guess I will just let the dealer do it.
  • csprickcsprick Posts: 21
    Thanks for the link. I'm currently scoping out every SUV I see with shades installed to decide what I want to install. I'll probably get arrested or shot at here in Texas, if I'm not careful! ;)
  • I'm going to order my LT3 in a few months and I was wondering if it is possible to special order the Z71 brushed metal appearance on the instrument panel, center stack, steering wheel and door panels with the LT3 package? I don't want any other part of the Z71 package, I just want to get something instead of the wood panel interior. If so does anyone have the code for this brush metal option? Any idea of price?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    I may be saying this a bit too soon; but, FYI, I traded my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser for the 07 Yukon Denali. So far I have just over 1000 miles on it with zero problem. I am loving it for the power and the improvements GM had made over the previous models. The 6.2L engine not only has more More power, it also gives me more MPG than my EX-Land Cruiser and it uses regular gas. How can I not enjoying it... Hope you will join the Yukon/Tahoe family soon. ;)
  • I would trade you if you wanted too I got a brushed metal and wanted to switch for wood. These are pretty easy to put in and take out
  • I ordered my LT3 about 3 weeks ago and wanted the two-tone leather seats from the Z71 package. The salesman (who is a friend) tried to get them but GM wouldn't budge. I'd say get the brushed metal appliques in the aftermarket world. You getting a 4x4?
  • Is this the re-programming people have been talking about? Seems it's only in V4 mode coasting with no gas applied at all. Is there a fix for it? Otherwise been fine.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    The recall #06162 is E85 related to refine the sensor when there is a mix of E85 and regular in the tank. Has nothing to do with V4/V8 mode. Sorry, I sure wish it did. :(
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    You can't order it that way--but trust me a LOT of people wish you could--you can only change the pieces out after the fact. You're only bet is to either get the dealer to order the individual pieces and switch them out (I know someone that was able to get their dealer to do that, and then just add the cost onto the total), OR swap them with someone who has the silver and wants wood (like someone above^^ just offered).

    It's a shame there's no choice, and the same goes for some other GM vehicles, except for, strangely enough, the Impala. That's the one vehicle where you get a no cost choice of silver or wood trim when ordering.
  • I get good news and bad news today. Good news is my Tahoe is on its way and should be here next week. The bad news is there was a pricing problem with my order. It was a Supplier Discount, but I don't think it was the cause. Here's the deal:

    My salesman with whom I am a neighbor of used some sort of GM online form to build the vehicle. The suppler discount is straight forward, and we sat in front of the PC together while pricing out the Tahoe. He selected the LT3 option at the top of the form, and all the boxes next to the items that go with that option were selected with a price of $0.00. I get the total and it looks real good. So good that I decided to add the sunroof, someting I had left off to keep the price down. We shake on the deal, I leave him a check and I'm off. Now he calls today to inform me that there was a "glitch" in the ordering program which neglected to add the price of the LT3 option. The supplier price for this option is around $2800, and I have to absorb it, or he'd be happy to return my deposit because of the error. The order form the get-go had been tagged with "WA", will advise. He told me that sometimes this appears on the order if there is a pricing correction but that I shouldn't expect a great deal of difference from the order form price. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
  • Hi,

    They have to give you what you ordered and already left a deposit for. When they accepted the deposit they agreed to the deal you made. They can try to make you pay for their mistake but really they have no right. Especially if you have it in writing.

    It is possible that they just made a mistake. However, it is their mistake, and you could make them honor the price if you wanted them too. Its really up to you at this point... But remember you paid them on an agreement.

    If you have an attorney friend I'm sure they would be able to explain things better.
  • I'd be interested to see if this works the way you think it does. I ordered my Avalanche, and to my understanding your deposit doesn't "lock in" anything on the order. It simply is a "good faith" gesture to the dealer that you're going to take the vehicle when it comes in, sometimes necessary to give them a warm fuzzy before they use up one of their "order allocations" for a vehicle equipped to *your* specifications (vs. whatever the sales manager might normally order based on what would sell most easily off the lot in your areas). Up until now NOBODY I've seen or read about having placed an order has had a guaranteed deal on pricing, because not only does the actual invoice information change frequently, so do available incentives. And since the ordered vehicle invoice paid by the dealership can vary by the time it's produced, they can't guarantee the orderee (??) a deal either.

    Additional example- any incentives that might be applicable on the day you place the order can disappear by the time the vehicle arrives at the dealership, so you WILL lose them, period.

    Regardless of how the pricing got messed up, it sounds as if hardin_thicke's dealership is trying to be fair about this. Basically, the pricing is much further off than it might typically be for an order because somebody (either in the dealership, or on the web site end) messed up during the actual order entry, causing the option package pricing to be left out. Because of this they're willing to NOT hold him to his originally stated "good faith" intent to accept the ordered vehicle, and will refund the deposit if he wishes it. He's out nothing more than a Tahoe at the price he thought he'd have it in either case, where the dealership MIGHT be stuck carrying the costs associated with a vehicle that is going to be hard to clear off of the lot (normally the reason for the "good faith" deposit- they'd have kept that money if he turned it down when it arrived in most other situations).
  • Yes Jerry, I agree. My deposit was nothing more than a good faith intent to purchase the vehicle; letting them know that you're serious. If deposits weren't asked for, dealerships would placing "air deal" orders. In my case, the salesman explained the situation and offered to keep the vehicle if I decided that I didn't want it, and return my deposit. At this point, there is no invoice, and there are no signatures. I haven't run the figures yet, but it appears that they're not trying to pull a fast one on me, so I'm going to ante up the additional $2800 and move forward with the purchase. Besides, the "fever" has me now delirious with anticipation.
  • Hi,

    Actually, I believe if you actually talk to an attorney they will confirm. Dealerships want you to think that the deposit means nothing more than a good faith thing. When in actuality it is setting the contract in stone.

    My dealer tried it with me. We agreed on the price with no incentives attached because there were none at the time. We gave the deposit ordered the Tahoe and when it came in they tried raising the price another $500 because the invoice price went up on the Tahoe. We simply said, we had an agreed price and gave a deposit on it and they said okay.

    My wife is an attorney and she deals with consumer issues all the time. If you agree on a price then leave a deposit you've made the first payment on that car at the agreed price. The most important thing is to have the numbers on paper. Had we not been able to pull out the quote with the agreement numbers on it we would've been stuck paying the higher price for lack of proof of the agreement.

    I'm not trying to claim to be an expert, I fully understand that I could be wrong, and I encourage checking with your own attorney friends if you have any. I'm just basing my information on my experience, my business education and what I've learned from my wife.

    But what I can say, if it was a matter of $2800 it would be worth it for me to call an attorney to check it out.
  • tyresmoker
    i too have an 07 Denali with 7500 miles on it, (traded in an 02 Denali) and am very happy with my decision to buy another GM product.

    From your post I have several comments:
    The money that you will save in buying an 07 LTZ over a new Range Rover will more than pay for many, many rental cars or taxi rides. The same can be said about the car washes as well. You can get that same level of car washes or taxi service in a GM product by purchasing an Escalade. I considered it, but the similar priced Escalade would have cost an additional 16k over what I paid for my Denali.

    The fact that you make reference to your Land Rover as a jalopy and that you have apparently had some problems requiring warranty work begs the question: Would you purchase another Range Rover? I love the Range Rover, as well as the Mercedes, BMW, and the Lexus (my wife has a Lexus RX330) It's nice to pop in and pop out with a loaner and pick your car up all clean. However that does come with a price.

    Have there been some issues with a few of the new 07 models...Sure....that's always going to be the case when you bring out a 'new' body. But I think you would find that most of the people that post on this board are very happy with their decision to purchase a GM product. Are there going to be the few that dread the decision to purchase.....sure.....but the same could be found on the Range Rover pages as well. This is true with any model.

    The Yukon\Tahoe line is a very capable, affordable, stylish, and dependable SUV that would not disappoint you should you reconsider your position.

    If you want an 07 LTZ but want car washes and a rental car with it, go buy an Escalade, or you could save 16k+ by buying the 07 LTZ, a booklet or two of car wash coupons, and calling Enterprise where they will pick you up and give you a ride to your office. :shades:
  • Jerry, your first two paragraphs make a lot of sense: the deposit is only a "good faith" deposit, no one is going to know the final price anyway until the vehicle arrives and GM sends an invoice, etc. etc.

    Then in your last paragraph you seem to imply that this good faith deposit is a binding agreement and this dealer o is willing to refund the deposit only because he is a good guy.

    Which is it? You can't have it both ways.
  • Rhame13, you overlook one thing. The retail experience at a typical GM dealership is akin to that of buying a pair of cheap sunglasses at a kiosk at the local mall. Anyone coming out of a Rover (or for that matter anyone contemplating a Tahoe LTZ) doesn't want this experience. He wouldn't hire one of the migrant workers found at a domestic dealership to work in his professional practice or company, he doesn't treat patients/clients/customers the way the local Chevy store does (beginning with sales managers up on platforms in the showroom), and he doesn't want to wait for service behind someone in an econobox.

    Escalades? Come on. These are for the gold chain set who just love those 20" wheels for the first 50 miles. Then they realize that the Interstates were built in the Eisenhower administration and have pot holes that go back that far.
  • I really like the way the new z71 looks, but I bought my LTZ about 6 months ago...

    Does anyone know where I can find the satin chrome insert grille and the sidesteps?

    I looked through the GM parts list, and didnt see them. Would love to get atleast the grille... not sure if I want to put out the $$$ on the sidesteps.

  • I'm afraid I don't see how my last paragraph states any such thing. The only thing bound is your deposit- you end up giving up the vehicle. In theory, the "good faith" money is like paying the dealership to place an order using their limited number of allocations. Since your order gets placed (assuming they didn't screw something up, as in the current situation), they are perfectly within their right to keep that money regardless of whether you then also purchase the vehicle when it arrives on the showroom floor. That money could also be seen as giving you "first dibs" on buying the vehicle when it's in the showroom. That deposit is also normally credited against the negotiated price of the vehicle if the orderee chooses to accept it.

    So I see nothing inconsistent with what I stated above? You're basically paying the dealership to take a risk, and they're subtracting it from the costs, once known, of the vehicle, when it comes in.

    In practice, most people seem to have little trouble getting their deposit back when they turn down a vehicle they've had ordered though, regardless of the reasons.

    BTW, this is the same practice most repair shops (including dealerships) use when you take a vehicle in for "diagnosis" of a problem- they charge you a diagnostic fee, which is normally subtracted off of the actual repair charges if you also agree to let them fix the problem, once identified.
  • I'd try the parts department of your local dealership. Even though these parts aren't (yet?) on the accessories site they should be able to help, just as they would for nearly any other part of our vehicles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    We had a recent deposit conversation somewhere in SUVs; don't remember which discussion off-hand. The upshot is that some state laws don't permit the dealer to keep a deposit. The consequence is that it's hard to special order cars in some states. :P
  • Jerry, if the deposit is simply buying an option to purchase a car for an unknown price at a later date which deposit will be credited against that sale, OK, I understand your position. This is not the usual meaning though of the word "deposit".
  • A quick review of the Tahoe "build this vehicle" web site doesn't show much in the way of towing options. Sure it comes with a trailer hitch but there are no engine, radiator, suspension, etc. upgrades. The Yukon site does show an external tranny cooler as an option. This is in sharp contrast to the Silverado site which has a MaxTow kit for roughly 2K which includes bigger antisway bars, bigger rear end, bigger shocks, the 6.0 engine, a "SD" version of the transmission (I think the torque convertor is much bigger and holds more fluid), etc. etc.

    Given the number of people who tow with a Tahoe, I'm surprised that there aren't some (profitable) options to choose from. Does it even come with an external tranny cooler?
  • I know that when I ordered mine (early build Tahoe 4x4 LT3) - that as soon as I chose the locking differential it forced other options. At that time - to get the locking differential, you had to order 4.10 gears. If you ordered 4.10 gears, you had to order the external tranny cooler. What was interesting though - is at least at that time - you couldn't set it up the other way. In other words, you couldn't order the tranny cooler without getting the 4x4 and 4.10 gearing option.
    Not sure if it is still structured that way, as there are options now available that weren't then (I ordered mine mid-Feb 2006). :confuse:
  • I just ordered my Tahoe with the locking differential and it did not force any other options. I did so because as far as I'm concerned a 4x4 isn't a 4x4 unless it has a locking differential. It was around $300.00
  • Sounds like things have mellowed a bit as far as option requirements. :) I guess that is part of the price I paid by ordering mine shortly after they became available.
    BTW - I'm with you - if I am ordering 4x4, it had best have a locking differential in the rear at a minimum! :D
  • I actually drove the Denali last week. I must admit, I was smitten by the exhaust note in the cabin. Pretty cool. A new Rover is out of the question. Completely. I love the truck and the experience has been an interesting one, but the basic economic theory of diminishing returns is in full effect.
    What are some of the "real world" gas mileage results Denali drivers are experiencing? I can live with 13-14 city mpg burning regular gas, but anything less....
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