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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    As I heard that the 07033 is "Possibily" for the Battery Rundown and Keyless Re-program... GM Dealership Service Department should be able to run a check on their system to be sure.
  • What do you mean by Battery Rundown and Keyless Re-program? What are the issues with the Keyless?
  • I have 2 recalls posted on "MYGMLINK" for my early 2007 LTZ #1 06162 we know this is related to a flex fuel sensor issue. #2 07007 differant from your 07033 - no idea what these are for.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I've read a few posts where owners have had problems with the fobs retaining programming. Maybe 07033 addresses that issue.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    There has been complaints about using Radios and watching DVDs on earlier 2007 Yukan and Escalates... without their engines running, their battery power suppose to be protected by the on-board Battery Rundown protection circuitry from being overly drained; however, what these people experienced were drained batteries and caused them not able to restart their engines. Some, further reported that they only ran their radios for an hour or less, and their new batteries already gotten so weak their starters can't even turn the engines... I think the ID #07033 may have something to do about that issue. Our GM Service Department should have the latest about that whether its the Battery Rundown protection issue or not.

    I visited the mygm link and searched via my VIN #, and no recall for it yet... Keep my fingers crossed.
  • Any one else have the 07007 recall listed on MYGMLINK ?
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I've got it and 06162 which is the one re: E85 sensor.
  • I have an 07 tahoe LTZ with several problems, first there is wind noise coming from ( I think) the doors which sounds like you have the window cracked open, been to the shop 3 times with no fix yet. The drivers mirror vibrates,they replaced it, and the new one vibrates too. The HVAC system whistles in the back, they replaced the motor, still does it, put new vents in door handle, still does it. I put a Lund bug deflector on which creates a wind whistle, so I had to take that off. An hour drive in this thing will have you ready to launch it in the trees! All this for $50 large! Has anyone else had any of these problems?
  • I'm not sure I understood what you mean blckislandguy. The 6.0L can only be had with the 4.10 rear end right now, and the tow rating with that rear end on the Av / 'burb is the same as the 5.3's maximum (which is with the 4.10 also). All I meant was that evidently the extra power that the 6.0L puts out (no argument about it being stronger or not) isn't helping max tow ability. I'm sure the towing performance will be better, but something else must be behind GM's keeping the max #'s the same for both engines with the same rear end.

    I agree about the tranny difference, though I'm not sure that the standard 4L60E and it's torque converter will be any more problematic if the vehicle isn't dogged a lot. I'd personally love to see a 6L70E in all of them though. :D
  • Whatever it is, it's showing up for my Avalanche now too.
  • First of all the GM bug deflector is great, makes no noise at all. Next I also had wind noise, I first thought it was a door gasket issue, I was wrong, it ended up being the rear lift glass not sealing properly, simple fix. Last, the service bulletin for the mirrors shake states to power fold the outside mirrors 3-6 times to set them properly. This took most, not all of the shake out of mine. Good luck
  • My service manager states that the 07007 - and 07033 is a re-program (flash) of the BCM (body control module) to prevent the radio from draining the battery and improve operation of the keyless entry.
  • My vehicle was built several weeks ago. Can I assume that 07033 has been incorporated into my build? How can I find out? I'm picking it up in 3 days.
  • Thanks for the info junglegeorge, they have already replaced the door gasket, door track, and the windshield. Their going to think I'm nuts when I tell them to check the rear lift glass! I'll try the mirrors also.
  • Go to WWW/, sign in/up, enter your VIN# and it will list all necessary recalls. Good luck.
  • OK.. We are getting about 2+ feet of snow dumped on use in Saratoga Springs, NY. And to make things worse, it''s +3 outside! I've tried for the past 3 weeks to locate Winter Wipers for my '07 Tahoe. No luck.. The dealer had no idea the wiper mount had changed and swore up & down the '06 wipers would fit.. Was hey surprised when he couldn't make them fit.. Now.. The factory wipers are worthless in this heavy snow and ice.. Where can I find a set of Winter or as they are called "Artic" Wipers?? Thanks in advance..
  • You Can’t!!! I wrote to all the major suppliers, they all responded with a simple statement. GM went to a new design, and due to the patent, they cant make the new mount. This included Trico, ANCO, PIAA, Bosh, etc. One VP at Trico did tell me who actually makes the mount and blades for GM, (I have that e-mail at work, and will get it to you tomorrow) I contacted that company, and they have no plans for a winter blade. VERY DISAPOINTING, the GM engineer who came up with this bright ides should be shot then made to drive in this weather. Add this to the lack of a rear window air deflector, the low ground clearance, and you quickly find that this in not a winter vehicle. I just got home, and tried to drive up my unplowed driveway, here in Schenectady we got 20 inches today, and I ripped the air dam right off the front of the truck. Good luck, and if you find something I missed please pass it along.
    George Upstate NY
  • Hi,

    Had the same mirror problem on our 2007 Suburban... Dealer replaced it 2x, performed a "cure" yet the glass still vibrates. Now says "it's normal". Annoying at highway speeds. Not to mention they botched the paint job on the mirror and had to redo it. The passenger side mirror glass is solid, no noticeable movement.

    Do get some door seal/gasket rubbing sounds under certain temps/conditions. Most seems to be coming from the little strip at the glass level between front/rear doors. Silicone does quiet them however.

    Boston, Mass
  • We've had the driver's side wiper blade pop off while cleaning snow ice/off the windshield a couple of times now. I'm concerned the blade will fly off on the highway during a snowstorm, that will be fun...

    Oh and tonight no washer fluid is coming out of the driver's side arm. It was above freezing today so I doubt it froze up...

    Boston, Mass
  • Are there any companies out there making custom chrome grilles for the 07 gmc denali? I was initially attracted to the grille but would like to remove the GMC logo, giving it a cleaner look. If anyone knows please help me out. THanks.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I heard that there is some kind of fix for no fluid coming out of the washer. Check with your service dept.

    Tire Rack is the only place I've found that says they sell regular blades with the new attachment. Never got a price.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Have you checked with or contact their Sales at ""
    Good Luck!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Anyone here have a 2wd 5.3 with flexfuel. How do you like it? What kind of milage are you getting? Any problems going from reg gas to the ethanol? Also does the flexfuel engine also have the dod (engine mgmt) option?


  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    All 5.3L have Active Fuel Management (old name, DOD). As for mileage, it seems to be about mid to upper teens for such a 2wd on regular gas, and that drops with E85 because of the way it burns.

    Others should also be able to chime in again with more mileage reviews.
  • I got that 2wd & 5.3 flex fuel. i can't get ethanol around here--just regular gas. I'm aveaging 21.1 mpg .
    When I first got it I got 17.5, and it steadily went up and seems to have topped out at 21.1., with I'm very happy with.

    Tested by the onboard computer and by the old fashioned way. the onboard computer is within about 1/10 mpg.

    I don't know the highway mileage since I still haven't taken any kind of a long trip in this Tahoe.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Thanks for the replies guys. I am not to concerned about gas milage I was just curious. I would like something slightly better than my 00 Silverado 5.3 4wd (13-15). I would mainly be driving highway (75%) and those numbers arent bad. Its in the middle between my truck and impala.

    I have flexfuel available not sure on current prices. I did find the perfect tahoe recently on a dealers lot but I wont seriously look until later this summer probably an 08 model?

    Also are you able to get a 2wd LS model with a sunroof? All the sites I have been on do not have this as an option
  • Wow, Congratulations, 4speed1!! What's your secret?

    Do you do all of your driving downhill? I also have the 2wd and 5.3 flex fuel engine and averaged about 15.5 mpg over the past four or five tankfuls. Of course, most of my driving was short trips @ speeds of 40 mph or less, although there was some freeway driving mixed in there.

    The only "all day trip" miles I've put on my Tahoe was just after I turned over 1,000 miles, from LA to Houston over three days and averaged about 16.5 mpg. I wrote that off to not really being broken in yet and hope for bettter next time I take it on a long trip. Currently I've got about 6500 miles on it.

    I do see it drop down to 4 cylinder operation a lot, if I remember to keep a rather light foot on the gas, so that feature seems to be working.

    I'd also like to see some other responses on what kind of mileage people are getting.

  • I took a trip to Florida in December. I live in New York and the total round trip mileage was 4735. I averaged just shy of 20 MPG for the entire trip. There were some stretches of road in Florida where you had to do 90 or get run over my speeding trucks!! Overall mileage has been getting much better. I now have 23,890 miles on my '07 Tahoe. While mine is a 4WD model, the entire trip to Florida was made in the 2WD mode. By the way, I saw no E85 Ethanol available on the entire east coast. I had a 1996 Yukon before the Tahoe. I made the same trip 2 years ago and averaged around 24.5 MPG. The Yukon had 123,000 miles on it at the time. Guess we can look forward to better MPG once we have 100,000 mile on the odometer..
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    I agree with you saratogalake. I drove from Charlotte, N.C. last Sept. and from the hotel to my driveway in central Ohio I got 19.4 mpg. That includes gas & restaurant stops and driving thru some mountains at 70-75 mph. I have an '07 Yukon, 4WD, 5.3 flex-fuel, 3.73 axle. I think my mileage at that time was around 4,000. I did have synthetic oil in crankcase.
  • Hey guys...You can go back several pages on this board and see some serious and heated discussions on the mileage that these beasts are getting!! A lot of people were complaining that it's not even close to what the sticker estimates.

    My wife drives our 07 LTZ (5.3L with 3.73's) about 95% of the time...And the best I've seen so far (had it 11 months now with about 13K miles) is around 15.5. This is almost entirely city / around home driving with little to no highway miles. Not too bad I guess beings the sticker states 16 MPG in the city.....
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