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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • firesourcefiresource Posts: 17
    I believe this may be what you are looking for >>> e-logo-p-1611.html

    There are options to match the grill to the paint color on your Tahoe, or you can purchase the chrome one.

    The version you show in the picture above looks like the LTZ Chrome package that includes door handles, grill and mirror covers.

    Good luck.

    Bill / Firesource
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    thanks for the lead as I thought that was it but in the description it says chrome trim with body colored middle portion. i sent them an email to see if it was correct though

    so has anyone added this grill after delivery?
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Local dealer with P/N 19169494 and about $300.
  • rgrahamergrahame Posts: 4
    I have an 07 Avalanche LTZ with the same driver side mirror problem. The mirror shaked so I had the dealer replace it. The replacement shakes too and worse the glass is wavy so it distorts the rearward view especially at night with reflecting headlights. Annoying. Calling the dealer this morning to schedule another try. FYI Chevy sells after market color matched mirror cover kits for around $70 for left and right mirrors. I bought the Summit White set, color code 50U. Go to

    You can pop the (poorly) painted one off and snap this one on in a few minutes. Look just like new. Not sure why the dealer can't use these rather than painting them. I am waiting to see if the dealer can get an acceptable replacement mirror before I pop the good one on.

    To greggboston: Dealer says it's normal. Right, normal for a defective, badly designed part.


  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Hey everyone,

    I have a couple of things you can tell people when they complain to you that you are contributing to the distruction of the world by using poor gas mileage cars.

    First, I'm sure a lot of us have the flex fuel option. This is great, a renewable fuel source that comes from our own country. A win win situation.

    Second, the new active fuel management makes the Tahoe and Yukon one of the best fuel efficient full size SUVs there is.

    For us family people, we know... its either a big car at 15 mpg or two smaller cars a 22 mpg (umm that comes down to 11mpg overall for one trip)... Ever try fitting, two adults, two children in car seats, strollers, diaper bag, toys, snacks and all of the other stuff for the kids in a small car... then try going to the store...

    I'm sure there's a lot of us out here that bought the Tahoe/Yukon because of its fuel management systems. Great job on helping to reduce fuel problems...

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "Ever try fitting, two adults, two children in car seats, strollers, diaper bag, toys, snacks and all of the other stuff for the kids in a small car... then try going to the store."

    To be fair, you could do that in a minivan and get better mileage than a Tahoe/Suburban. If you need to tow a heavy trailer, then a minivan won't cut it. But you don't need a Tahoe/Suburban for a family of four. You might want one, but that's a different story...
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    There are a lot bigger problems in the world than gas prices. Believe me there is plenty of fuel. Most of the folks who can afford the higher end vehicles are paying much higher taxes too.. plus luxury tax on many vehicles. You should be happy to see that most of these folks are not as closed minded as many are.. Most of us work very hard for the priviledges that we have and we should be able to drive what ever we want without some pea-brain picking on us.
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    I'm looking for people in California that match either of these situations..

    1. 2007 Tahoe LT2 with a Navigation system and bose.
    2. 2007 Tahoe any trim with Navigation system that has the disapearing clock problem. (To see if this is you put an MP3 disk in the radio and leave it in for a couple of days listening to it.)

    I'm having some issues with my truck and I'm looking for people in the same boat that might might be able to direct me to their dealer if they've gotten the problems fixed. Hense, why I care about people in California...
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    A lot of minivans don't do much better. Read the real world mileage reports in the minivan forums. You'll see 18 mpg or so compared to 16 in a Tahoe. Not enough difference there for me to drive a rattly-door dorkmobile that can't carry all our camping gear without sagging in the rear end.
  • seannsloseannslo Posts: 1

    Interesting that I live in CA and own a 2007 LTZ as well. We have had it just over a year now and our passenger side wiper blade has flown off twice!!! (no ice or snow!) Both times my wife had to stop and go back to find the wiper blade. we are trying to find a source for these wiper blades for our business and are having difficulties as well. It is unfortunate that these were not tested more rigorously before dumped onto such a nice vehicle!
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    We have 650 miles on our '07 Yukon Denali. Has anyone experienced premature low fuel warnings?

    This happened all on the same tank, over 2 days. When idling facing downhill with a 1/4 tank, the needle went down to between E and 1/4, and the low fuel warning went off. After leveling off the needle never went back up. After parking level for 2-3 hours, the needle was still between E and 1/4. Parking overnight, the needle came up past 1/4, then dropped all the way down to E when idling downhill for 1-2 minutes, setting off the warning again. Afterwards when idling on level ground, the needle never budged from E.

    Right after that, I tanked up and put in 20.5 gallons, which means I still had 6 gallons left. The DIC said I had used 20.6 gallons.

    Anyone else experience this? The hills we experienced this on are NOT steep hills at all, just slight inclines.
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Yeah, I had it happen once... I was in a bad area and though someone siphoned my gas... :blush: It only happened once though and was a pretty steep hill.. Also, I was parked at the time...
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    macman246 said: When idling facing downhill with a 1/4 tank, the needle went down to between E and 1/4, and the low fuel warning went off.
    This is a common GM problem. I have an '06 Suburban that does the same thing. Easy answer is to keep the tank at least 1/2 full which is a good idea anyway.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    seannslo said: 2007 LTZ. We have had it just over a year now and our passenger side wiper blade has flown off twice!!! (no ice or snow!)
    ____________________________________________________________There have been many complaints about the new '07 wiper systems and blades, especially in the ice and snow country. Seems GM contracted out the design and manufacture of the system and the new blades don't work well in ice and snow conditions. There are no plans at the time to build a better blade. And aftermarket manufacturers can't build one either because GM owns the copyright, at least for a year. And there are many reports of the blades flying off the vehicles. At this time the only source for parts is still the GM dealers. Good luck.
  • greggbostongreggboston Posts: 39

    Disappearing clock problem is a known issue with the Nav-radio. There is a restriction on the maximum number of MP3's on a disc (check your manual). I found the issue when I put in a CD that had exceeded the limit. Clock comes back after the CD is removed and the system resets. My guess is the software has a memory leak when it catalogs the MP3's it wipes out the memory for the clock. Not sure if GM has a fix for this.... How many MP3's are on your CD?

    Good luck,
    Boston, Mass
  • greggbostongreggboston Posts: 39
    Hi Rob,
    I was being sarcastic about my dealer saying it's "normal". We still have the issue, haven't gone back to have the mirror replaced again. Not sure if I mentioned that there is a GM bulliten on this issue that instructs dealers to go through a specific troubleshoot and repair process. The issue exists across the GM product line according to what I saw on the bulliten. Keep pushing back on your dealer until you are satisfied.

    Good luck,
    Boston, Mass
  • dad6dad6 Posts: 3
    I have the same issue..The entire door frames internally creak over bumps. When the windows are down they rattle too. I took it to the dealer ship and the cleaned out the loose change from the limited storage on the driver side and passenger side and said they couldn't hear any creaks What a joke. Quality control needs their hearing checked at GM. No wonder. What a piece of [non-permissible content removed]. A 97 Toyota 4-Runner has less creaks with 100K mi on it. GM needs a fuF&$@! kick in the AZZ. As the V4- V8 mode is lie, the EPA mileage is lie, E85 (1 station in all of CA.) no storage space another joke, rattles on the dashboard, cheap plastic everywhere, 3rd row seats that only a guy can lift out. You can't even take of the head rests out of the second row bucket seats are safety issue in the blind spot to drive. Every time I put the key in the ignition the radio buzzes and sounds like it's broken. When i open the door you can hear it click. I had the battery die twice already and had to jump start it. Oh yeah and that driver side mirror shaking..Dealer said they fixed that too..Who the heck is running quality control at GM needs to be put out to pasture w/ the executive management team. Hey GM QA Team! I will lend you my 97 4-Runner to copy when you get your heads out of the sand.
  • normynormy Posts: 17
    Yes...This is normal. Right now.........I am getting 16.5 and 19.7 on the highway with my 07 Tahoe purchased in March 06 - with th AC on. Though, I am not a heavy, footer......not since my old muscle car back in the late 80s.

    As a mechanic, new cars need a break in period with last up to 1000 miles. I too, noticed that the milage I was getting was not par with stated results. However, a month later I was getting the milage I was expected. When I go on a 4 hour trip - there is no surprise that I an getting ~ 20 - 21 mpg - and yes,,,,,with the AC on and going 68 - 71 MGH.

    I know there were some concerns with some other 07 Tahoe owners regarding MPG....but I think it is a matter of driving habits.

    My wife is a heavy footer.......I check her mpg after I clear my out in the control center - and she gets an avg of 14.7..........vs my 16.7.

    Go figure.........
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    So, is your opinion that it is better to use or not to use the cruise control... I use cruise control as much as possible, the highest MPG I've see on a mostly highway drive is between 18 and 19mpg... Of course in Los Angeles it is nearly impossible to maintain a constant speed on any road... My AC on driving is between 13-14mpg and my non-AC is about 15.5 for my overall day to day commute..
  • Hello I purchased a dvd navigation unlocker from ebay It works great and got it cheap the item # is 150115773206 please let me know if there anything cheaper than that so i can purchase another one I got mine for 245 with shipping the ebay store name is gnlshops.
  • normynormy Posts: 17
    Yes, that is using my control control.
  • seabyrdseabyrd Posts: 32
    I got the Generation3 GM LockPick from It is by far the best also unlocks the DVD for front seat viewing for front passenger.. easy to install and works like a charm. By far the best according to all my research. If thats what you got then you got the best. Good Luck !!
  • I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who things this Youkon is crap. I purchased my truck in October 2006 and since I have jumped started it 5 times, everything rattles on it. The back panel on the lift gate is coming completly a part and for some reason the radio, onstar system, dvd player door chimes etc. stop working at various times. I have gone to the dealership over and over to be told everything checks out fine. I will never buy GM AGAIN.
  • valvestudvalvestud Posts: 35
    Gen III Lockpick here too. I was one of the unfortunate ones that had Gen I... what a disaster. They've fixed everything in the new version. The one referred to above looks just like our units, so I'm not sure who's making it.
  • csprickcsprick Posts: 21
    I just returned home from a 2000 mile trip over the past week. About 1700 miles was highway driving and the rest small town/rural roads.

    I ran the AC all the time, was not heavily loaded down - just my wife and I and a week's worth of luggage - and used cruise control set at about 65 - 70 mph about 65% of the time (while on the freeways -- I30, I40, I44, I55) through Arkansas and Missouri.

    Overall trip resulted in 18.8 MPG and I am a shade below 10,000 miles on the odometer now. Highest I saw was about 19.9, after the first two days which covered about 880 miles of steady highway (TX 59 from Houston to Texarkana and then Interstates to St. Louis.)

    The Tahoe performed beautifuylly and provided a great ride. Got several inquiries at various stops from strangers regarding the gas mileage and compliments on the Tahoe's appearance during the trip.

    Around home, if careful, I get about 15 MPG.
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Couple hundred MP3s, I know it is an issue thats why I'm asking who else has the problems... My manual doesn't referrence anything about a maximum number of songs (maybe an earlier printing) and my dealership simply says that GM is working on the problem... That's not a great answer... y'know...
  • greggbostongreggboston Posts: 39
    This is from the Navigation Radio supplement manual, page 72 on MP3 CD's. They "recommend" a maximum of 192 files!

    "Maximum number of folders is 253 with a
    maximum hierarchy of eight folders.
    • Create a folder structure that makes it easy to
    find songs while driving. Organize songs by
    albums using one folder for each album.
    Each folder or album should contain 18 songs
    or less.
    • It is recommended that there is a maximum
    of 192 files on a disc."

    Post again if GM does indeed "fix" this issue.

    Good Luck,
    - Gregg
    Boston, Mass
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    What gear ratio do you have?
  • rgrahamergrahame Posts: 4
    Hi Greg,

    Took it in last Friday, May 18th. They replaced the mirror only and not the cover. No luck. The second replacement mirror shakes worse and the glass is just as distorted and wavy as was the first replacement. Most annoying at night. I haven't seen a TSB on this. Do you happen to know the number.

    I'll be sending in my Service Satisfaction Survey and relay my disappointment with such a simple item. A bit reluctant to take back to the dealer again at this point.

    Thanks for your input.

    Rob Grahame
    Santa Maria, CA
  • csprickcsprick Posts: 21
    It's a 2WD with 3.73 rear end.
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