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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • Hey All, I did some more searching and found out that Trico now has replacement wiper blades for the 07 Tahoe's that fit the new attachment. It's a NeoForm 16-2213. They are ridiculous in price though. Like $23.99 each but I had to do something. So I got a set and so far they have proven to be a hell of a lot better than the original's. This past Wednesday night my cell phone rang and it was a gal by the name of Kim from Valeo Electrical Systems Inc. the mfg. of the original blades. I had tried to reach her a few days back but was only able to leave a VM. She was surprised to hear about my findings and offered to send me a new set for me to try again. The price was right (FREE) so I agreed. I've not seen them yet but will give them another try to see if they have improved or not. Guess she wants me to test them out as she said she would stay in touch with me to get further feed back. It's very nice to see that there are still some company's out there that still take pride in the quality of their products. We'll see how they compare to the Trico's once they arrive.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    "The site says they don't carry one for 2007 Chevys. "

    I double checked and it appears that they do and free shipping till December 31st.

    2007 Tahoe Silblade

    BTW, the SS2000 works great on extending the life of your weather stripping.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    We bought a 2007 Tahoe LT3 with black leather interior.

    I have noticed lots of sqeeky noises and rattles coming from inside the cabin. You can also hear air turbulance pretty loudly on the drivers side when traveling 50+.

    The dealer has worked on our Tahoe twice already with no success. Anyone else go through this??
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    I had a nasty rattle in the vicinity of the 3rd row seat. It was the HVAC duct work or wiring bundles (don't know which) in the headliner. Dealer jammed foam packing material through dome light opening and the rattle stopped.

    Tom S.
  • My Tahoe has 30,000 miles on it and the tires are woren and need to be replaced. I don't drive like a hot rodder yet they are down to the warning bars already. They are the Bridgestone factory tires.

    I am looking at Michelin XT or Cross Terrain or Goodyear Fortera TripleTred. The Goodyears according to the reviews are great in the rain which is what I am looking for but are over $850. The XT and Cross Terrain are cheaper I think but don't know how well they are in the rain.

    Anyone replaced their 2007 Tahoe tires and if so did you find a good brand model tire?

    Joe C.

    P.S. Forgot to tell you, they are P265 70R17
  • Hi
    yesterday I turned the wipers on to remove snow/ice and only the driver side moved
    the other side seems to be free floating, it moves an inch or so but I can move it with my hand when wipers are off, can't do that on the driver side. what broke and is it easy to fix. leaving tommorow morning thru the rain and snow
    help , is there just a nut/bolt/screw etc to tighten
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You don't say what year you have, but normally there is a rod going across. It would connect with a clamplike bracket, over a ball. As the motor makes a revolution around, that rod moves back and forth, making the windshield wiper move back and forth.

    It either came loose, or something broke on one of the ends. Could be the end that connects at the base of the passenger side wiper, or could be the end that connects to the motor/drivers wiper.

    Open the hood, and take off the cover at the base of the windshield to see where it is disconnected.
  • thanks 2006 is the year
    I will see if I am talented enough to do this:-)
    does the cover cover both wiper rod/motors ?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    2006....I'd get it to the dealer as a warranty fix.

    For my 97, the wiper motor was on the inside of the firewall, with the motor bracket connections to the wipers underneath that mesh cover under the windshield. In my 2007, the motor moved to underneath the windshield mesh cover.

    Either way, all the connectors are underneath that mesh cover area directly underneath the front windshield. If you look for where the windshield wipers are attached (and pivot back and forth), you'll see where you need to get to.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    It might just be where the wiper arm connects to the shaft. Not sure about the 2007 but there's usually a nut that holds the wiper arm on a splined shaft.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    So nobody else has had a problem with rattle noises coming from the doors or wind noise on drivers side?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Nope, I have a 2007 LTZ with none of the problems you reference.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I've seen posts in other forums discussing wind noise and rattles. Most were resolved by dealer service depts. Might even be a TSB on it.
  • Thannks
    That is exactly what it was, took two min to fix
    I had called a chevy dealer this am and they said they could look at it at around 11 to 12 and maybe get it fixed today. we were leaving one home to go home to another over the mountains/snow/rain and needed to be gone by twelve
    decidd to try another dealer, he said , try tightening the nut under the black cap , this happens all the time in this climate. viola , fixed
    thanks for the advice though .
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Your welcome. Glad you got it fixed. ;)
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Michelin now has wiper blades that fit the 2007 Tahoe -

    The Optima (at Target) and the Radius (at Wal-Mart)

    Both places charge around $15 each.

    They are the exact same blade - its just the name is different.

    I bought a set for the Tahoe (22 inch) and liked them so much that I also bought a pair for my daughters car.

    Just look in the package before you buy - make sure it has the new style connector inside -

    A few weeks ago the Michelin Radius blades at Wal-Mart did not have the connector - but now they do.
  • normynormy Posts: 17
    Do you have it in AWD - All Wheel Drive Setting? . I would suggest 2WD at all times unless the weather deems it necessary such as heavy rains or snow (4WD). All cars that are AWD, are known to have faster tread wear. So, 30K is about accurate if you leave in AWD gear at all times.

    If not in AWD, I have close to 30K myself and they are fine. But I do rotate them every other oil change. I ahbe it in 2WD at all times - plus, this will give better gas mileage.

    Hope this helps...
  • abe86abe86 Posts: 1
    can you confirm if this is also true for the 07 avalanche? i was quoted $110 for the removal, painting and re instalation of the chevy bowties. seems a bit steep seeing that its just plastic being painted black. is the gold part of the rear bowtie only held on by tape? and any idea about the front as well?
  • I finally took my 2007 Z71 4X4 Suburban into the dealer to complain about the crappy wipers and annoying click of the wiper on the drivers side.. I have 15,000 + miles on it and he said its out of warranty.. I bitched that its been that way from day one and many many people have the same problem.. I told him the clicking was driving me nuts.. and surely there was a recall and if there wasn't there should be !!
    He got online and sure enough there is a "bulletin" on it... "if the customer complains ..replace the entire wiper arm blade and all". He had to order it because supposedly its different from the original one (thank goodness) I don't have it yet.. should get it Monday or Tuesday..
    I'll let you know how they are..
    Now.. wouldn't you think that would be a recall rather than a bulletin.. I can't imagine the money GM saves every year with bulletins versus recalls..
    kinda sickening.. makes you wonder what you need to check out yourself..
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Can't confirm but they probably are.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Curious how a 2007 w/ less than 36K mi could be out of warranty.
  • I'd like to know the answer to that also????? :confuse:
  • The service man said the wipers are only covered for 15,000 miles (certain components)? I didn't question him because I was going to make him find a recall.. (that turned out to be a bulletin)
    I would have raised hell if hadn't come up with something !!! But this so called fix will be free.. we'll see if the CLICK is gone !! Can't wait..
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I could understand that the rubber refill wouldn't be covered under warranty but that's not the problem.
  • 4burb4burb Posts: 55
    Can't confirm the Av but can tell you my experience with the 07 Sub. I paid $100 to have both front and rear removed, painted and reapplied. Not sure about the gold vs chrome on the rear because I removed and painted both. There are two holes when gold and chrome are removed so the bowtie can be lined up when applied, I would assume the same with the Av. On the front there are also holes when removed as well as stems that go through the grill and attach with nuts on the inside. Not sure if it was worth the money but every time I see it I am pleased with the look of the vehicle. Have been approached several times with questions from others regarding the process.
  • What part of the stock bowtie emblem needs to be painted or is the painting for customizing purposes. I didn't think that a replacement emblem would require any painting. My rear emblem is pretty bad (gold part is blistered) and needs to be replaced. 07 Avy.
  • 4burb4burb Posts: 55
    Painted mine because I wanted to for the look, didn't need it. If yours is blistering I would ask about it possibly being under warranty.
  • Well... went into the shop on Tuesday...30 minutes later I have complete new wipers both sides.. you wouldn't believe the difference... NO more clicking and they are steak free and super quiet.. now after the fact I can't imagine why I waited so long.. Go for it guys.. It's wonderful !!!! FREE too.......
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    And if you clean the rubber element each time you wash the truck, they'll last well over a year. My are 19 months and still going strong, no streaks.

    Just make sure you latch them good when you reinstall after cleaning.
  • Has anyone experienced this problem? I have had several Denalis. This is the 4th actually. I had a 2005, 2 2006's and I just bought this 2007 3 months ago. I was closing my front driver door and my daughter was getting in the back seat and she was opening her door and the door molding hit. Now there is a dent on the front door under the molding. I took it to the dealer and the service manager said that they had heard of this problem before and that GM doesn't warranty it??? That I would need to contact GM Cust Service. I called them and they called the dealer and the dealer told them to have me bring the truck up there for them to look at??? So now I will be going back to the dealer again and hopefully they will fix it...

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