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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • mayhermayher Posts: 41
    Thank you Diane, that would be great. I have an appt set for Weds for some other minor issues. I would love to have that information by then. Thanks for your help

  • Hi.. This is Diane.. I will call my dealer and ask exactly what the "bullitin was and post it for you.. My be Monday before I find out.
  • If you would like to get a new pair, send me your e-mail address. I have the phone number of the rep of the company who makes these things. I complained enough that she sent me a new pair of a modified version they are now using. Haven't put them on yet but they look pretty good. Or if you want to try and reach her on your own you can contact VALEO Electrical Systems Inc. 3000 University Drive, Auburn Hills, MI. 48326-2356. It did take approx 2 months to get them but I finally did.
  • Go to chevy web site look under accessories.There is one listed.
  • Thanks tommy42 - it's looks a bit clunky and hard to move around if needed. Has anyone used this thing? It doesn't look like it collaspes.
  • My '08 suburban will be here next week and I need something to haul the groceries and "stuff" in so it doesn't roll around anywhere. I had ordered the cargo net, only to learn once it arrived, that it is does not work with the power lift gate. What to do?
  • Hey, does anyone know how to visually tell the difference between the '07s and '08s? I'm just curious to know when I'm driving down the street what year I'm looking at and so far I can't tell...
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    What's the difference between the originals and the new modified ones?
  • Hi.. I talked to my service man who replaced my wipers and arms for free.. The Bulletin # for this is..2042545.. Any Chevy dealer can look it up for you. Let me know how it goes.. Mine are fantastic !!
  • I have had to replace my gas sensor on my Tahoe 5 times. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know if there is a recall?
  • OK.. here is the Bulletin # you need. 2042545 . Give that to the service manager and he CAN find it if he looks. Its a total system replacement and they work wonderfully !! Good luck.. Diane
  • mayhermayher Posts: 41

    Thanks for all your help. I was driving home today in the rain, wondering how GM could have possibly put such a poor system on an otherwise great vehicle. I have an appt. for Weds and will give them the bulletin # you provided. I will let you know how things go. Thanks again. Paul
  • Great.. be sure and ask for the service manager if they can't find it.. Good luck Paul.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    WE are going to be trading in/selling privately(if tax savings make it feasible) but we ordered an '07 tahoe because we wanted specific options and didn't want to pay for some that other's probably consider necessary.

    Basically, we got Nav but didn't get the rear entertainment package as we didn't have any kids. Also, this truck was specifically purchased to help us move from Atlanta - Midland - Dallas - Midland all in about 2 yrs. Now that we're situated in Midland, we don't really need the big SUV to help move nice stuff (paintings, valuables, etc). It has 12K miles which I would say is 80% freeway driving from the aforementioned journeys along with some 4-5 hr road trips to visit the family. Lastly, we specifically did not order a 3rd row seat as we preferred the neatness of having a large cargo bay for reasons described above. And I do not believe it is possible to retrofit a 3rd row seat because there are not any attachment points for the seat. And oh yeah, we 86'd the sunroof as the last thing we need in the Texas heat is another avenue to increase cabin temperature.

    Because of our unique desires, this vehicle could only be ordered as an LT but we had the dealer go back and add all the LTZ accessories such as chrome grill, chrome side mirrors, chrome door handles and the 20 polished wheels that are blemish free. I also ordered the GMlockpick where you can watch DVDs in the front screen and enter directions without the car needing to be at a full stop.

    The car is white without a blemishes and tan leather throughout and only used 91 octane chevron fuel (even though I know there is no "real" advantage - except that I installed a chip for better performance(to counteract all the EPA restrictions placed on cars - has no probs with smog or inspections). It is also 4wd although that has been only used a couple of times with snowy conditions in Atlanta/Dallas. Absolutely no offroading.

    Anyway, sorry for the long description but just trying to make and informed decision on what I should do. The MB dealer offered 28500 on first go around and we haven't attempted to negotiate more yet as we were first wanting to decide on exactly which car we wanted from MB.

    If you can suggest a fair price to sell it privately for a fair deal to both parties or better yet a fair trade in price, I would be greatly appreciated. The car has been trouble free but the only reason of getting rid of it as we don't need to haul big stuff anymore (thank GOD!)

  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Have you check Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, or NADA yet?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I suspect you are going to have a harder time selling it without the 3rd seat, that's one of the major reasons people buy these.....the ability to carry lots of people.

    We also use it for long trips, kids laying down across the 2nd (bench) and 3rd seats.

    I have seen it used without the third seat for construction purposes with storage in the back, but those are usually LS models without the investment in all the chrome and wheels.

    I think a little bit of an oddball set of features for the majority ot those in the market for a large SUV.

    I guess someone looking for a nice riding tow vehicle would be a target customer.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    I've checked out the pricing sites but as we all know they don't but the cars for those prices so I'd rather hear actual numbers being used around the states.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    Thanks for your frank discussion of the new Tahoe/Yukon. GM still does NOT get it. I would love to trade my Honda Pilot back to a Tahoe (I've owned 3) but your few points on your gripes bring back typical GM memories. Watch, next year GM will bring back the outdated (and miserable) Disc/drum brake combo to save a buck! Granted, my son still drives my old 1997 Tahoe with over 200,000 miles. But after replacing a trans AND a rear end AND putting up with 11 miles per gallon, for all these years (and I am not going to mention all the warped rotors, electric fuel pumps, water pumps, power steering pumps and A/C compressors gone bad). Go GM, go out of business the sooner the better. Just make sure to give your top brass hundreds of millions of dollars in "executive compensation".
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    chile96 said: And I do not believe it is possible to retrofit a 3rd row seat because there are not any attachment points for the seat.
    I think you can install a 3rd row seat. As I recall GM made all the vehicles, at least prior to '07, 3rd seat capable. Perhaps the anchor slots are under the carpeting where you can't see them. You can buy 3rd seats online....Ebay has plenty of them for around $500. If you order the seat new from GM you are looking at around $2K. If no 3rd seat is going to be a problem in selling....just tell prospective buyers they can find the seats online or buy one yourself and drop it in.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    thanks for the info - i'll look into it to make the car more appealing
  • wish I had seen yours 4 months ago! There are lots of folks who do not want the 3rd row seat, BTW. We also did not want and found new 08 LT3 without. Price from a deeler of $28,500 is a good one for 07'; I think you would get about same "privately" at this time if you sold yourself. Good luck!
  • tommy42tommy42 Posts: 70
    On the news today 2007 Tahoe caught fire sitting in the garage.This happened in Keene TX. Also burnt the house down, cause unkown why it caught fire.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    well the dealer has a standing offer of $28,500 for the next couple of weeks. I figure if I could make an extra couple thousand considering the tax advantage to trading it in, I'd go ahead and sell it but it may seem that trading it in is what I'll end up doing. Just breaks my heart to see this truck taken pristine care of over the last two years to end up in an auction somewhere. Well, where ever it ends up, someone's sure is gonna be lucky.

    All my best
  • tommy42tommy42 Posts: 70
    Go to Fort Worth Star Teleram .com.It was a Yukon.
  • murf10murf10 Posts: 3
    2007 Denali...Having wiper clicking problem...took the Bulletin #2042545 to service manager and he stated not a bulletin number or something like that...any help would be appreciated.
  • dwaldmandwaldman Posts: 2
    how do you change the rear windshield wiper on a 2007 tahoe? thanks
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    how do you change the rear windshield wiper on a 2007 tahoe? thanks
    Take the Tahoe to an Auto Zone store, buy the blade, and they will change it for you.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054

    Soooooo true.
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