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Hyundai Santa Fe Real World MPG



  • lil_doclil_doc Posts: 9
    I too, in an earlier post, questioned the volume of the tank. Brought it to the attention of my dealer (he is in another state.) Stated that, in fact, the tank is the stated 19.8 gal. It was stated that there is about 3-4 gal remaining in the tank when the low fuel light comes on. As I don't want to test the theory, by running my tank dry, I will take his word for it, but watch carefully when the tank gets low. Looking at my "miles remaining" meter, it does appear that, based on 20 mpg I do have about 60-70 miles left on the tank.

    If anyone hears differently, I am still interested to know if the stated volume is correct. Keep us all posted. Maybe someone here will actually run their tank empty and give a true fill-up. Not me, though. ;)
  • LOL, not me either. I am so tempted to run the tank empty but a mechanic friend of mine advised against saying that I could very well have a problem restarted. So for now, I'll just cringe everytime I fill the tank and see that my range is only 330 miles or so. :mad:
  • wetsfeewetsfee Posts: 10
    My dealer called me back yesterday and stated that the tank is 17.96 gallons. That is the same that is quoted in the book that I received with the car. I will be interested to see what happens when I let it go to empty, how many miles I actually got on a tank of gas. I am getting 22+ mpg around town, so I should be getting around 395 miles per tank. The range on the trip thing says 280. Quite a big difference. Over 100 miles difference. I also wondered if there were 4 gallons left in the tank. I know my old truck had about 2-3 gallons left in it after the needle went down to empty. (Folks may be wondering why I would let this happen - around here the local supermarket gives you anywhere from 10cents to 2.00 off per gallon, so you want to get all you can. Everyone drives in there on fumes.)
  • wetsfeewetsfee Posts: 10
    I agree. I also read where you could have a problem restarting. I'll let you know what happens when I fill up. My car is the GLS 4cly and otherwise I just love it. We have lots of hills here in PA and the mileage is pretty good.
  • rubeusrubeus Posts: 1
    Jsut finished my first tank and I got

    11.7 L/100km in mixed city driving. probably about 40% highway.

    That converts to about 20.1 mpg US.

    If I can get that up to 22-23 after the break in period I'll be real happy
    with my vehicle decision.
  • wetsfeewetsfee Posts: 10
    Have new 2010 4 cyl Santa Fe with about 5,000 miles. Getting 22.7 mpg in and around town. This includes some stops, hills but not "in the city stop & go" traffic. Hills are steep though. I am very very happy with my car. Also I use the green economy light and find that I basically drive economical all the time.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Just got back from a nice day trip into the mountains and thought I'd share my mileage record. The trip started out at 3900 feet, with a peak of 7500 feet. The drive was probably 70% highway, with speeds between 55 and 80. The rest was in town and in the 25-30 MPH range. A little stop and go. A/C was on about half of the time.
    Just before arriving back home, I stopped for gas. Took 10.25 gallons. I drove 276 miles, and had 136 miles left in range. Computer said I got 26.3 MPG. My calulations show 26.9 MPG. I'm not complaining. So far I'm very happy with our choice of vehicle.
    BTW, total mileage on the vehicle is 3556.
  • edgarheiledgarheil Posts: 4
    I'm in exactly the same boat... My wife and I bought a 2007 3.3 Limited SF 2WD and driving in very light traffic + highway here in CA, we rarely get anything over 18 MPG (driving for economy), which is totally unacceptable given the EPA ratings for this car . As others in this forum have done, I have complained to Hyundai dealer's to no avail (that's just how it is, it will get better, etc.). Now the car has almost 20K miles and nothing has changed so I feel cheated and open to joining a class action suit on this...
  • wetsfeewetsfee Posts: 10
    I bought a 2010 4 cyl. Hyundai Santa Fe that was to get 18 to 21 mpg in the city. I have been getting 22 to 23 but I am a careful driver. No stepping on the gas to pull away fast. We do have hills here so there is a mixture of flat and hills. 4 cyl is plenty of power and doesn't struggle on the highway.
  • Hi, just bought a used 2003 SF (3.5L, AWD) with 70k miles, and I'm getting 10mpg in the city, no joke. I drive very slowly and don't rev the engine. What could be causing this terrible performance, and would a warranty cover such an issue? I have a full warranty.

    Please help!

  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Averaged 27.8 MPG on a 1350 mile round trip from southern New Mexico to Colorado Springs. 2010 Limited, fwd with 2.4 engine. All but about 100 miles was freeway, 80 mph with cruise. AC on the whole time. Each time I gassed up my computer said the range was about 345 miles.
    Still happy with our purchase. :)
  • dvancleavedvancleave Posts: 12
    I recently sold my 2006 Santa Fe 3.5L AWD SUV due to poor gas mileage. No matter what I did I could never manage better than 21 MPG with it, even on the highway. Otherwise I liked the vehicle. But it was second car for me. I also have a 2005 Elantra and love it. It has 121k miles on it now and still returns 30+ MPG consistently winter or summer. And I run the A/C in the summer too. But I am a taller and stocky fella and considering the idea of buying another Santa Fe. I really like the 2010 Santa Fe SE with AWD. I am interested in hearing from folks on their experience with real world gas mileage who have a 2010 with the 3.5L engine. I got bitten once taking the advice of the window sticker and sales folks on my 2006. I'm not about to repeat that mistake. Thanks to all who help out.
  • wetsfeewetsfee Posts: 10
    I have the 4 cyl Santa Fe and get 20 to 22 mpg around town. NOTE: This is not city driving but urban driving. Car has plenty of power and I'm not one to tromp on the gas when I pull out. Have not had it on a total highway trip, but just going for short trips on highway, it gets 26 to 27 mpg. I really like the car with the AWD. Need it here for the winters. Not sure about the room though if you are a "tall stocky fellow". My son-in-law thought there could be more room.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    I am only adding this to this thread because I believe the Santa Fe V6 is the same engine used in the Kia. I have a 2011 Sorento EX V6 Fwd with just over 1000 miles on it in which about 360 of those miles were put on this past weekend on a trip from Columbus to Pittsburgh and back. I started tracking our driving on the tank prior to our trip and we filled up as we left Columbus and got an actual 19.1 mpg which was about 90 to 95% city driving. The second fill up on the way back which was on road that at times was 2 lane 55 mph with traffic and other times 4 lane expressway at 70 mph. Ran into a good amount of construction and also had some city driving while in Pittsburgh visiting relatives. Also, anyone who has traveled between the two cities will tell you there are many long steep hills to go up and down. The Actual MPG was 23.92 and the cars computer read out was exactly 24 mpg. I thought both fill ups MPG was outstanding on a vehicle that will only get better as I put more miles on it. I had a 2003 Hyundai Sonata V6 that I gave to my daughter a couple of years ago and it didn't really start getting it's full MPG potential until it had about 5000 miles on it. It was rated 27 on the Highway, but I usually got 30 mpg. I only bring up the Hyundai because I consider Kia and Hyundai pretty much the same company.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • dvancleavedvancleave Posts: 12
    edited July 2010
    This actually is quite useful information to me. You are right, the powertrain is basically the same for the 2011 Sorento and 2010 Santa Fe. I appreciate the input. I could certainly live with that kind of gas mileage from a(n) SUV/CUV. THANKS!
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    Your very welcome. Glad I could help. Have you test driven a Sorento? I was looking at the Santa Fe one day and saw that the dealership also sold Kia vehicles. I decided to go ahead and test drive the Sorento. I thought it was beautiful inside and out. The ride was great. Very smooth and quiet. I got the EX with the premium Package 2 I think it was. It was the package with Heated Leather Seats, Panoramic Roof, and a couple of other things that I can't remember off the top of my head. Also got carpeted floor mats, Security cover for the cargo area, and wheel locks. It Retailed for $31,100 and my out the door price was $28,673 which included Tax, Title, and Fees. There are many great offer out there on this vehicle in my area such as $1000 under invoice and a $2000 Rebate. There is also 0% for 36 months on a loan in lieu of the rebates. I went with the rebate and 3.24% for 36 from a bank that the dealership came up with. Sounds like you are sold on the Santa Fe, but I just thought you may want to look at the Sorento.
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  • bigbrunobigbruno Posts: 6
    Greetings, I recently purchased a 2010 Santa Fe Limited. Now it has about 1,500 miles. I am getting between 17-18 mpg in suburban area driving and 25 MPG on the highway. The computer says I average 24 miles an hour. This seems a bit low compared to the mpg stated on the sticker.
    Do you think I should bring it back to the dealer for a check up?
    Thanks Big Bruno
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    I wouldn't. My 2010 Limited got about the same mileage as your getting, but after about 3500 miles the MPG really changed. I'm now getting 22-23 MPG in town and 27MPG in the highway. See my posts #397, 405 and 410.
  • bigbrunobigbruno Posts: 6
    ok thanks. I'll take you advice. For now I only drive the car on weekends as I still have my 98 Camry...they didn't want to give me much on a trade-in but the car is in fine condition. Hopefully as the milage goes up I will improve on gas milage. I still LOVE the car though. I will be using it in retirement when I begin volunteering to transport pound dogs to and from the vets, and to others who adopt the dogs. Too cool. Thanks again.
  • Edgar, I feel your pain. When I purchased my 2007 3.3 Limited SF 2WD almost three years ago, it averaged less than 14.5 miles per gallon. And like your dealer told you, my dealer told me that I could expect my mileage to improve as the car aged and was "broken in." But the number NEVER budged.

    After 33,000 miles, it broke down. All repairs (due to a "leaking front valve cover gasket causing oil saturation & failure of the alternator") were covered under warranty. But here's the funny thing: after we picked it up from the dealer, our mileage jumped to 17.3 mpg.

    I'm at a loss. Why did my mileage improve so suddenly? More to the point, does this mean I've been overpaying at the pump all these years because of a factory fault?
  • edgarheiledgarheil Posts: 4
    Thanks for your post; it validates what I suspected (which is that the car should get a higher mileage - as some owners report - and, therefore, there is something 'wrong' with it). I also think about how much I overspent in gas due to this and it makes me sick. I'm going for one more round of trying to get this resolved with the dealer / Hyundai...
  • I own a 2005 Hyundai Elantra that gets 30 miles/gal in the city and it's been a great car. Really impressed with Hyundai's build quality. That good experience, and some thorough research is what led me to purchase a new 2009 Sante Fe Limited AWD to replace our aging Chrysler minivan. The only thing I'm dissapointed with so far is the highway mileage. It's rated at 17 city and 24 highway which I would be satisfied with if I could average that kind of highway mpg. It had 5000 miles on it when we purchased it 2 weeks ago. We took it on a long trip last week to Big Sky Montana from Minneapolis (2200 miles round trip). We had 4 people in the vehicle and the back was loaded with gear and we drove 75 mph the whole way out and back. We had the air on most of the trip and we were bucking a pretty strong head wind about half the way on the trip out. The elevation was climbing the whole way out (Minneapolis - 900 ft, Big Sky - 7500 ft). We averaged 19 mpg on the trip out. I wasn't too concerned about that given the elevation climb and the head wind. However, on the way back we only averaged 21.3. I did notice that the instantaneous mileage seems to improve by a couple mpg if you slow down to 65 mph. We now have 7900 miles on the vehicle ... so I assume it would be considered "broken in". We have only driven it around town (metro driving) for a couple of days (with 1 person in the vehicle) and so far it's averaging around 20 in the city (which is fine with me).
  • bigbrunobigbruno Posts: 6
    Greetings, when you say you got 20 to 22 MPG with urban driving, do you know what your "average miles per hour" was? Thanks, Bruno
  • treyaltreyal Posts: 1
    The book says that my 2010 sante Fe 3.5 v6 requires 87 octane or better. Any one running 86 octane and see performance or mpg changes?
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    I live at 4000 feet and most of my driving is at that altitude or higher. 86 octane is the standard at all the gas stations here and the Santa Fe runs just fine. On a recent trip to Colorado, where the altitude was 6000 feet, I put 85 octane in and it was fine. I have put 87 in when I can find it but I don't notice any difference in performance or mileage.
  • zakyzaky Posts: 1
    Dear helpers
    I just purchased a used 2001 Santa Fe , 75000miles, a month ago and since then I realized the millage is as low as 13-14 MPG. I couldn't believe it and I kept recalculating in all the 5 times I fueled and nothing but confirmation, the car consumes a gallon for every 13 miles!!! :( In all forums I did not find a MPG similarly low. A trustable car mechanic examined it and told me everything seems fine and nothing could be done. I confirm I am absolutely not an aggressive driver and the AC was turned on only twice for less than 30 min each.
    Please help me what should I do.Should I get it back to the dealer?It is a completely unaffordable situation.
    Thanks a lot
  • ivakivak Posts: 1
    Have just taken our 2010 Santa Fe on its maiden voyage. Left to drive from Niagara area in Ontario to Myrtle Beach, SC. The car had 505 km on it when we departed and we returned with 3706 km. Primarily highway with some driving around in Myrtle Beach.
    Did a bunch of conversions to get a figure of 20.1 mpg (US gallons). I guess this isn't too bad and hopefully we will get an improvement after a break in period. I should add that I drive to maximize mileage but my wife tends to be a lead foot at times.
  • Gas mileage on the Santa Fe does improve over time. Don't worry. It is not a gas hog (unlike, say, some of the competition).

    My wife and I have a 2008 Santa Fe with about 33K miles on it, and we drive it all over the place here in Colorado - local driving, highway, up and down mountains, etc. We generally get around 19 to 20 mpg around town, and around 25 mpg on the highway. We have even gotten as much as 28 mpg driving at constant speeds on long, straight, western highways, but as low as 17 mpg in spirited local driving.

    All the way around, not bad.

    I find the car does better on mid-grade fuel, and with something other than the OEM tires.
  • I'm glad to hear that someone is getting good mileage on a SF. We have a 2007 Limited FWD and, as far as we can recall, we have NEVER gotten anything over 24 MPG (driving for mileage). In town, our mileage varies between 17 and 18 and, on the highway, between 20 or 21. I fill it up with 87 gas (Costco brand) and still have the original tires... I have taken this to the dealer and they say that's just how it is. Overall, we like the car but the mileage is lagging in my opinion...
  • I bought my first new vehicle.
    2011 Hyundai Santa FE AWD SE v6. Done 1500 miles so far.
    mpg are heartbreaking.

    Pure highway 230 miles = 13gallons = 17.6mpg.
    Speed 70mph. Temperature 32F.
    Tire pressure OK
    Load = 1 passenger
    AWD lock = OFF
    A/C = OFF and yes, i drive very smoothly.

    I did several long distance highway trips and i got just about same mpg.

    This is heartbreaking and very disappointing.
    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.
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