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Hyundai Santa Fe Real World MPG



  • I purchased a 2010 Santa Fe 6 months ago. The gas mileage is improving as I rack more miles on the car. I've been told it should get a lot better around 7,000 to 8,000. I have about 4,000 right now.
    Please keep us up-to-date.
    Thanks Big Bruno
  • Thanks. How much do you highway mpg do you get for your vehicle?

    Did you do anything special (ex: synthetic oil change, engine flush etc) do get more mpg?
  • You're welcome. When I purchased the car, I was getting 18 MPH (mostly suburb driving). At about 4,500 miles, I'm getting around 20 MPG. My friend also has same car (4 cylinder front wheel drive) and is getting 24 MPG at 7,000 miles. Hope this helps.
  • thanks. 18 or 20mpg for city is quite good and close to EPA.

    However, i am not sure how much will my Santa Fe progress from 18 mpg HIGHWAY.

    At times, i wonder if my Santa Fe is internally always locked in AWD OR
    is it incorrectly configured to have very rich fuel : air ratio?
    Do we know how is the fuel : air ratio controlled? Is that something we can check?

    I will continue posting here.
    Thanks again for your inputs and wish you 'Happy Holidays'. :)
  • FYI, I was told the same thing by a dealer in San Diego but I now have a little over 25K miles and never saw any big improvement (I have a 2007 FWD Limited 3.3). I got so fed up that I opened a case w/ Hyundai and they arranged for the District Manager to look at the car. He measured the mileage on the highway (he actually did a pretty "controlled" experiment, noting the route he took, speed (70 MPH) having A/C on, etc.) and got 21.9 MPG. The problem with that is the it's the suburb/city mileage that is bad and the one that really reflects how we use the car (we get around 18, being light on the gas and hardly no A/C).

    After that, I pretty much gave up on getting better mileage. My "theory" is that other drivers get better mileage due to variances on car build (besides differences in driving style, terrain, etc.). Any suggestions would be appreciated...

  • In my case, i topped the tank and started for NH from NJ.
    I again had to top up the tank in 230 miles. had to fill in 13 gallons.

    So, this was pure 100% highway miles @ 70mph.
    No slow traffic.

    To me this is very discouraging.
    Can you please tell me the path to get Hyundai's attention?
    I would wait for another 2-3k miles before approaching them.
  • When I bought my Santa Fe, I was driving it in the local area and on the highways. I was getting 20 to 23 mpg. I then retired and drive mainly in my local area which involves more stoppng and starting. My mileage is now down to 18 to 19 mpg. Also, I noticed a big difference when the cold weather came. It took a lot longer for the "ECO" light to come on. I am assuming that is also causing less mpg. I am still satisfied with the car. It is a 4 cly model.
  • gracehgraceh Posts: 8
    Something is definitely wrong with our 2009 Santa Fe. We cannot get more than15 mpg on the highway. My husband has been back and forth with multiple dealers and nothing has improved in the past year. We are now looking to buy an Equinox! Any suggestions???? please???
  • Is it a 6 cylinder or 4? Is the car under any warranty? did you buy it new or used? What are the dealers saying/doing? thanks Bruce
  • rppautorppauto Posts: 28
    I have a new 2011 Santa FE AWD SE.
    I learnt that the max mpg is at 60ph and then its all downhill to 22mpg at 70mph+.

    I am not very confident on the transmission (it appears to downshift and seems to dampen the speed) everytime i leave my foot of the acceleration.
    However, there is no actual downshift because when i immediately shift to manual tx mode i see that the gear is still in 5th/6th gear.

    At times, i also feel that the vehicle is too rigid and "bound" i.e. its AWD locked internally at all times.

    Is your a/c running too high?

    Perhaps, above things could be pointers to help your case
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    what kind of driving do you do? short trips, idling, warming up the car before driving - these will make the mpg lower...
  • my husband drives all highway, 65mpg. 40 miles round trip per day. We will never buy another Hyundai every again! The amount of $ we spend on gas supercedes the warantee that's supposed to be so wonderful. There are no words to express our disappointment. Tires are checked, oil is changed, air filter is clean, etc. Does anyone get more than 14mpg on the highway? We'll buy American from now on. HOpefully we can trade this car in soon...
  • yes, i do realize your frustration.
    For the given gas mileage and resale value, it is not worth buying Santa FE.

    Santa FE costs less than RAV4 (v6) and other SUVs but probably is not worth venturing away from more popular manufacturers.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    edited February 2011
    You are making a blanket statement about an entire line just because a small minority of people aren't getting the mpg they should. I have spokent to many Santa Fe owners and they are very pleased with the vehicle and the Mpg. I bought a 2011 Kia Sorento EX V6 and have been getting about 19 city/26 Hwy. It has about 7400 miles on it. I would say that if someone is only getting 14mpg they need to take it to the dealership and ask them to go over the engine with a fine tooth comb. They can run all kinds of diagnostic tests on it and if they don't find any issues then it has to be driving style. Cold months will reduce Mpg for all brands as well. You have got to realize that 90% of people that participate in threads like this are looking for a place to vent. The vast majority that are pleased with their vehicles have no interest, so will never post anything. The other 10% of participants just love cars and like to see what's going on in the car world. I believe Hyundai and Kia are making some of the best vehicles in the world right now. And I'm mainly a Ford man which I think are also tops. Just personal experience.
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  • I've been reading these board for awhile now, mostly been in the thread about the tranny problems. I picked up my 6 cyl AWD Santa Fe Limited yesterday and so far with 200 miles I'm getting 20.3 MPG. I know it's early so I'll drop in here from time to time to let you know what kind of MPG I'm getting.
    Love the car so far. I had a leased 09 Murano before it, loved that too but I'm buying the Hyundai.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    This is normal for these vehicles. I have a 2011 Sorento EX V6 and it does the same thing though it is FWD. The Sante Fe and Sorento have the same drivetrain and it is something that you will get used to. At first I thought the same thing. Now I don't think anything of it and have not had any problems with the transmission or my fuel economy. I don't buy the theory of 60 mph. Don't know who told you that, but it is a load of crap. We have driven back and forth between Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh about 6 times since we bought the car back in June and we have averaged about 26 mpg on the Highway going 70 mph. That's even when we had the A/C on back in the summer and Fall.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • Dear Mike,
    good luck with your new Santa Fe...I hope you continue to have good mileage. Our 2009 tops out at 15 mgp highway..that's it. When the car is filled up at the pump, we ave 20mpg/highway for not more than one day's travel back and forth to work.. Then it's back to 14/15mpg/nighway. Our frustration level is quite high after being to numerous car dealers with absolutely no improvement. Just less mileage as the car ages. Too bad we only had it 13 months...can't image what next year's mileage would bring! WE love the car, but can't afford to pay the extra $$ every month on gas. The sticker on the window was sadly misleading. I think it's mechanical, but 3 mechanics cannot find anything wrong.
  • Thank you graceh, my friend has an 09 santa fe. I'm going to ask him what kind of mpg he's getting . I'll let you know. I really like this car but there's at least 2 things I miss from my murano. One is the keyless entry and push button start. It was nice not having to look for my key to open the lock or start the car. The other thing is the murano had a softer ride and took the bumps better, not as much noise on bad roads. I'll learn to live with it though. Good luck getting your problem figured out...did you try calling customer relations over at hyundai? Maybe they can send you to a dealer with a top man there to look over your car.
  • Thanks for your comment on FWD and tranmission.

    But, mpg does fall dramatically for me.
    I get 27-28mpg at 60mph and then it falls to 23mpg at 70mph+.

    This is with the same driving conditions that i have at 27-28mpg.
    If you see previous messages in this forum you will notice others having similiar mpg at higher speeds.

    Comment for the other person who is getting 14mpg on the highway:
    I learnt from my other car that having new spark plugs (if they have gone bad) and cleaning fuel injection system increased my mpg by 4mpg.

    Hope this helps.
  • graceh,

    I spoke to my buddy and he said he has about 40,000 miles on his 09 Santa Fe and he's getting about 22-24 mpg...most of his miles are highway miles.
  • Hey Mike, thanks for your msg. My husband was at the dealers yesterday and they did a 15,000 mile checkup and changed filters, etc. They told him to keep a journal and they will continue to monitor our problem. Yesterday mileage was 15.4mpg...strictly highway driving. Will keep everyone posted on progress throughout Feb. If this doesn't work, we're getting rid of the Santa Fe....maybe it's a "lemon"???
  • 1) Did anyone check the fuel injection system?

    2) Is it possible that the fuel : air ratio is set too high?
  • what are your speeds while driving on the highway? if you drive at or above 85 mph you will get around 16 . i have a 2011 Santa Fe GLS FWD Automatic. When i am going at 60-67 the trip computer shows 28 - 29 MPG. While Driving at 68 - 72 it is showing 24-25 MPG. For speeds about 73 - 80 it is showing 21-23 MPG. Above 80 - 85 it shows 18-19 MPG. Above 85 it shows 15 - 18 MPG. These are my observations during a 2000 mile long drive. During this trip, i drove 190 miles at speed of 85 - 95 mph (average speed 90 mph) and i got 15.3 MPG. I think upto 75 mph you will get decent MPG i.e upto 23-24 MPG.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    Just wondering if you are going off the car's computer for Mpg or if you are actually doing the calculations yourself. If by the car's computer this could be way off. You may have stated earlier that you are doing the actual Mpg manually, so I apoligize if you have.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • my husband drive 65-70 mph highway. We're hopeing that the maintenance done on his car last week improves the mileage...the dealer asked him to keep a ledger.
  • we're using the car's need to apologize. We also let the car go almost empty and filled it up to see how many miles per tank he was getting. It had decreased by almost 100 miles since her purchased it last Oct.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    Using the car's computer can be very inaccurate. Now you may have been saying what I'm suggesting here in your message, but just in case try the following. Fill up and reset your trip computer. Do not squeeze anymore gas in the tank beyond when the trigger on the fuel pump stops. Then on your next fill up record the number of miles showing on the trip computer. Take the total miles traveled since the last fill up and divide the number of gallons it took on the current fillup into the miles traveled. Ex: traveled 200 miles and put in 10 gallons (200/10 = 20mpg). Do this on every fill up and you will get a much more accurate idea of your MPG.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • All vehicles get fewer miles per gallon in colder weather. All the fluids n the engine and transaxle are cold and thick, and this robs some power every trip you take.

    Don't forget to check tire pressure - you'll need to add air in cold weather just to keep the pressure up. I run mine at max recommended - 33 psi. Underinflated tires are one of THE major reason for poor gas mileage, in all seasons. Cold weather just makes it happen without us noticing.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    mtnman1 is right. I have a 2010 limited 4 cyl and I found that my computer is reading low. Not by much, only a mile per gallon, but my Fe has the optional 18" wheels. The computer would be off more if I had the standard 17" wheels. BTW, even with the computer error, I get an average of 23 around town and 26 HWY. However, in west Texas where the speed limit is 85, I get about 21 at those speeds. I have also found that buying named brand gas, like Shell or Exon, increase mileage. The cheaper stuff is just that, cheaper.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,705
    Optional wheels won't affect your trip computer... The outside circumference of the tire should be the same, whether you have 17" or 18" wheels.


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