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Hyundai Santa Fe Real World MPG



  • 190e190e Posts: 1
    Any new AWD Sante Fe drivers been on the road long enough to get a feel for the "true" mileage?

    I'm 1/2 a tank in on my first tank and I feel as if I'm driving a tank.

    Getting 12mpg combined or 20L/100km.

    City driving and I'm not towing a land yacht.
  • Autometer has one for 2008s and newer, but has anyone seen one for a 2004? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!~
  • The gas milege adjustments are not for all kia's or all Hyundai's. It is only on a very few select models. People need to read the details and stop thinking their always being ripped off.
  • I have had a 2013 Santa fe 2.0t AWD for about two full months now and I am averaging about 26.2 mpg. I'm not heavy footed but not a old man or anything of the sort. I do drive with the eco button on, and I watch the gage in the driver info. I drive with a light foot. This motor will maintain your speed very addequatlly. I really enjoy this vehicle. Check your tire pressure. All these vehicles are shipped with 40-45 pounds in the tires to prevent flat spots during transport. They should have 33 pounds for every day driving. Watch your driver info and drive with a light foot and you wil get good gas milege. People tend to have a heavy foot especially taking off. Also take your foot off of the accelerator earlier when coming to a light or stop sign.
  • 26.2 is doing very well indeed. May I ask if that number is the value presented in the vehicle or is it the value you calculate by dividing miles travelled by the amount of fuel added? Reason for asking is that on mine, I have noted differences of up to 3.6 mpg after fill ups in those two values.( I have the 2.4 engine ). Thanks.
  • I just received my letter from Hyundai Friday and I was really very surprised due to the mileage my Santa Fe is getting. I am a little skeptical now if the computer is accurate or not now. I am averaging around 29-30 with about 15% in town driving. I have around 9,000 miles now on the vehicle and I am very happy about it so far. I bought the vehicle soley on the mil age decision and I am not to happy about a mistake in the sticker estimate, when it makes it to this point, it sure looks like fraud to me. Their adjustment is for legal reasons I'm sure to avoid the class actions if you buy into that. I bought this vehicle for more mileage and time than their adjustment would cover and so the idea of a limit is asking alot to get out of this. I'm just hoping we continue to get that mileage and that it is accurate (I will check it the old way soon). Mine is a 2013 Sport 2WD.
  • pzopfipzopfi Posts: 3
    That is my average mileage by dividing miles driven by gallons added. My trip computer is off by about 2.4 or so miles per gallon every week. This vehicle takes a bit of getting use to in getting the best mileage. We just recently took it on a trip to Virginia and averaged 28.9 for one tank full and 26.8 for another. I like to use the fuel gauge with the instant sliding bar in the center message area in between the steering wheel. It helps you to keep a light foot. I also always drive with the eco coach on. That eco does indeed work. The responsiveness of the engine is a little slower but still very adequate. I really enjoy the Sante-Fe. I have driven several times in heavy snow with no problems at all. I liked it better then my former full size 4 will drive truck.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    I have a 2010 Limited, FWD with a 4 cyl. Bought it new and now have 32k miles on it. I just got back from a round trip to San Antonio from southern New Mexico. We were lightly loaded, 2 people with 2 suit cases. 90% highway driving, posted speed limit 80 mpg most of the way. Going I averaged 21.3, coming home with a slight headwind I averaged 19.8. I played with the transmission some, using manual mode and auto mode. Didn't seem to make a difference except the tendency to downshift at the slightest hill was eliminated in manual mode.
    Although I am unhappy with the fuel mileage, I do like the Santa Fe very much. Not a speck of problems with it. By the way, I average around 23 mpg when just driven around town.
  • kidalikidali Posts: 17
    I know your post is old, but just bought an 07 based on how it rode, handled and looked. Was a trade-in at a toyota dealer.

    In one week, have only put 136 miles, gone through half a tank, and am guessing based on what's shown, will get 13 miles to the gallon.

    .... what was I thinking.

    fast talking salesmen... ugh.

    Thinking of trading it in, after ONE week, taking the hit, losing a few grand, and think about a brand new Elantra GT or Tuscon 4cyl.

    Love the ride, the feel, but that mileage is revolting.
  • kidalikidali Posts: 17
    I am new to the Santa Fe realm, but it's an 07.

    V6, 3.3litre.

    Have only had it a week.
    Gone 220 clicks.
    Half a 75litre tank gone.
    Did some quick calculations.

    Figured I'm going to get about 18l/100 (or 13mpg)

    ... and I thought my old 97 subaru was bad at 14l...

    never again with the V6s. Asked the toyota where I bought it about a 1 week buyers remorse return.... no go. Live and learn. May take a hit, trade it in to Hyundai and try a new manual 4cyl Tuscon. With the gas savings, I doubt it will be any more per month, even with financing payments vs all paid off with the 07
  • smtadayyonsmtadayyon Posts: 1
    I got a usded Sanata fe 2009 limited v6 3.3 l a few month ago. my major criteion was gas consumption. After a week of driving I was shocked to see my tank was empty after driving in city for 300 km. After that I measured my fuel consumption very carefully and after a few times of measurements for strictly highway and strictly city I found that the actual rate is 30% above the car sticker rate. This happens all the time no matter how you drive. I complained to Hyundai but they say it's normal and the sticker rate is only for driving at 77 km/hr and not for real driving and so on. I have been measuring my gas consumption on all car I have had so far and they have been within 5% of the sticker rate. I feel that I have been cheated. The car is still under warantee but Hyundai says there is nothing they can do and it's very norma. I am so frustrated and will never buy a Hyundai car and will never be silent if I see someone has an intention to buy one.
  • chris916chris916 Posts: 3
    I just took deliver of my new Santa Fe Limited, 6 seater with V6. Sticker says 18-25. They drove it from the Bay Area to Sacramento on a dealer trade. Having had such a terrible experience with my Elantra supposed 29-40 that my wife gets 23 in with 50/50 driving, I was set on rejecting the car if it didn't pass my acceptance test.

    Well, the ultimate test was looking at the odometer, It had 112 freeway miles and the MPG was indicated on the dash as 27.4. That was satisfying enough to accept the car.

    Today, on my way to work, again 50/50 city hiway for about 13 miles one way, I got to work indicating 30.1 MPG. Now granted, I drove it with complete fuel economy in mind, but there were full stops and starts with my air on.

    All in All, it appears that Hyundai has set themselves straight on the MPG issue. Don't hesitate.
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    If you look closely, I think you will see the gauge actually says, 30.1 miles per hour. That tricked me the first week. The salesman had no clue either and said the Santa Fe got 30 mpg--wrong!
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    2007 santa fe limited, front wheel drive, automatic.

    Adjust your driving habits and really crank out MPG, I drove to GA one year with my Santa Fe and on cruise and AC I got 30 MPG if I set the cruise say at 58 miles per hour for hours of driving. If I went like 60 MPH it could drop the MPG by 5% easily.

    The funny thing is recently, I drove from the dealership to home it was about a twenty mile drive. I reset the MPG indicator on the SUV. I basically set the cruise to like 40-45 in town driving and somehow missed every light. I was totally amazed to make it all the way home with 29 MPG. I inflate my tires close to their max, use fully synthetic oil. We also use BP gas as the car likes it my wive says. Our average with wive driving stop and go is like 22 MPG, she doesn't use cruise so is constantly feathering the gas, really kills me, I use cruise everywhere.

    I read how some people in Prious can push their MPG to like 100 by doing all kinds of tricks while driving. They would coast or drive so they didnt stop at lights etc.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    The 2014 Sport sounds like it may be a bit "thirsty" but it'd be nice to see some real world reports.

    What I personally would like to see are reports from owners of the "stretched" Santa Fe. Thanks!

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