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Hyundai Sonata Real World MPG



  • Hyundai/Kia are notorious for tuning their engines specifically to cater to EPA tests, not real world driving efficiency.
  • I certainly hope that all mfrs do that since it is a Federal law that must be complied with to sell a car in the ole USA!
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited September 2012
    I heard there is a class action lawsuit against Hyundai for the Elantra posted MPG's.

    Some car mag' took a new Hyundai Elantra and tested the highway mpgs and got more than the OEM window sticker. I seem to remember they got in the mid to high 40's in their highway test.

    "You mileage may vary" covers a lot of different driving and driver conditions, but this test proved that posted highway mpg's on a new Elantra can be close to 10% BETTER than the window sticker.

    Not sure if the lawsuit has any traction, but if it were me paying the legal bills, I would bail on this project ASAP!

    And BTW. it's not just Hyundai that is careful to fully optimise the testing conditions, they all do.
    I saw an interview with a Chrysler rep years ago that said they fully prep each vehicle for the mpg testing.
    I don't know if the testing units use ethanol gas mix or pure gas, but even that factor alone could skew the results 5 to 10% +/-.

    Here's a quote from Popular Mechanics regarding the posted Elantra 40 MPG claim after their test.

    " Not only is it easy to achieve, it's easy to surpass, even under less than ideal conditions. If you choose a car with a high-economy claim and drive within reason, you should be able to match those window-sticker figures. Considering that these cars are also decent performers on the road, the benefit of this high-efficiency engineering really goes to consumers, who are apparently getting more than they've bargained for."

  • I traded my 2006 Honda Civic LX in for my Sonata due to having a newborn back in 2010. The civic was said to get 40 mpg on highway but it never did seem that way. When I bought my Hyundai Sonata they said I would get 21 city and 32 highway. I tested it by driving to work and back and I would use a quarter of a tank for driving 148 miles. I commute from Hagerstown, MD to D.C. and back. So im filling up every 4 days. If my math is right im getting around 37 mpg. My driving is about 65 mph on the highway til I get to in town or the parkway and the speed drops down to anywhere between 45 mpg to 55 mpg. So far I have no issues with this car and I have racked up about 62K miles on it. I use full synthetic blend oil and I get my gas from Sheetz.
  • My 2012 Sonata Hybrid averaged 7.2 l/100km but 8.5 l/100km when the weather turns cold. I understand I will never get what the published numbers even I tried my very best to pickup slowly and drive not more than 90km/h. But I don't understand why the Instant Fuel Consumption indicator never point at 0? It is always at about 6 l/100km even when the car is at rest or when it is cruising in EV mode (air is off). Did I turn on something which not suppose to? Or are all Sonata Hybrids the same?
  • unfortunately, the Sonata is not one of the models.
  • I was relieved when I saw the initial press releases about Hyundia/Kia MPG but that was dashed when I checked the Hyundai site to find that only the Sonata Hybrid and not the Sonata was included. My in town gas mileage has been under 20mpg in a region that is fairly flat (Northern VA). That is with tires overinflated, running with ECO and driving gently. News reports on the EPA findings said the differences were 1 MPG and up. (my combined mileage, since purchase in April is 22.8). This is a 4 mpg difference. What did EPA find for the Sonata?

    I got rid of a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 6 cylinder that got 20 mpg in town (The Sonata blows it away on the highway - but I don't do that much highway anymore). While the overall engineering of the car is very nice, every time I fill up I am reminded of how misleading the MPG rating is and definitely have a lower opinion of Hyundai
  • I agree 100%. My city MPG is 19MPG after 7,000 miles. I also have over inflated tires, use ECO and use mid grade gas. The car is 12 months old now and should be broken-in. Highway mileage is about 32 on my drives from San Diego to Las Vegas...300 miles one way.
    I am a very conservative drive, age 65 retired. This is the first car I regret buying. Yes it runs great but I bought it for the MPG ratings. The sticker said 24 MPG and I get 19...over 20% less. No excuse!!!!
  • bpe383bpe383 Posts: 6
    edited November 2012
    There has to be something we can do. I've yet to meet someone who has gotten the claimed 35MPG out of a sanata. I got mine back in 2011 when the new model came out. I started off at 32mpg running 98% highway. It only got worse as the miles got put on. When I sold it I was only getting 29mpg. As most people on here, I had over inflated tires, mobile 1 OIL, and shifted into N, when braking or down hill. That is the only way I could get 32MPG. Seems that if no one I know of has gotten the 35 MPG there needs to be an investigation. I, nor all these other people should have to go through the trouble we do just to get 32 MPG which is still less than quoted. Hyundai needs to own up to the fact they did this as a marking scam to sell cars, and they were hoping to just pass it off as well not all cars are the same. They will never get my biz. again.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Guess we got lucky with our 2012 GLS. Highway MPG is outstanding at 33-36 MPG at 75-80 MPH. Dropping down to 65-70 up the MPG to 37 consistently on the highway only. ANY city driving drops the average dramatically. 22-24 MPG in all city, so that has areal impact. Surprising fact is that hte use of A/C has minimal effect on city and highway MPG whereas in the past 2-3 MPG on GM cars. We do inflate tires to 36# and have a garage located air compressor. I bought this one for gas savings and so far so good. I am laso retired but do drive the speed limit and lots of highway miles, so a good road car was what we wanted. My wife is very happy leaving her newer Lacrosse in the barn and wearing out the Hyunda- which is fine for me. We save 25-30% on gas with the Sonata and it is comfortable enough even without the heated leather and all the other upscale features. We feel lucky to have both since we keep cars 10+ years depending on durability and service.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Please post the model that you have when commenting on MPG experience. The GLS has 16" 65 series tires and the SE has larger/wider low profile tires that are for handling, looks, bigger wheels (looks again), fatter appearance (looks again). Sometimes the different setups make for different results in actual driving. we have found on another car we have that the low profile tires also cost 2 to 2 1/2 times as much as the old style, usually with a lower tread wear rating.
  • cpenycpeny Posts: 18
    edited November 2012
    I further agree. I am ok with my highway mpg, but the city mpg has been a real joke. I drive all the time and I sometimes compete for the best gas mileage with my brother in California. I can not get within 7 mpg of the stated mpg for my 2011 sonata gls. Why can't we get Hyundai to take responsibility for this. Why is it only the highway mpg, surely others feel the same.
  • I also took my Sonata back to the dealer complaining about the mileage. They looked it over and said it was fine. They said I needed to compute the mileage rather than trusting the MPG the car reports (I do log all miles and gas) and that the car was still breaking in. Well months later it has over 4,900 miles and it still hasn't improved. Based on some of the previous comments it will start to drop off sometime in the future.

    Does anyone have the details of the analysis that EPA did? I didn't find it with some searching. I'd like to see what data and results EPA got for the Sonata vs the Sonata Hybrid, Elantra and the rest. I just find it hard to believe the Sonata was OK. Perhaps they just evaluated the combined value which might mask the lousy city mileage with the relatively good highway mileage.
  • I have a 2012 and have 13,600 miles on it and the gas mileage does not get any better. They are still telling me at the dealership it's not broke in yet, which is a bunch of bull!! This is my 1st hyundai and my last. Very disappointed all the way round!
  • Sorry to tell you but mine got worse. 46,000 miles later I was getting worse MPG than my 2002 maxima, which was loaded, and tons nicer/faster. I sold the car only getting 28MPG on the high way. I really think there needs to be a investigation int this issue as no one is getting the miles. I understand it's just an estimate, but how do you get an eat. that no I've read, or heard from has ever gotten. Hyundai needs to step up quick and make this right, or risk losing millions of customers.
  • I bought my 2013 Sonata in June. It is NOT the turbo. It was rated at 25 mpg in the city and 35 on the highway. I haven't had it on a trip yet but will soon. I have about 3500 miles on the odometer. I am averaging about 22.5 mpg in the city and am not a hard driver and am not in much traffic. I live near an expressway so some of the miles are red-light, and stop sign free. I'm not seeing much difference whether I use ECO or not.

    This is my second brand new Sonata. The first was a 2003 with a V-6 and in the past few years was getting 21 in town and about 28 on trips.

    And I agree, Hyundai should have had this on the list as well.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Jim: We have ~11000 on our 2012 GLS. Same MPG in town as you are getting. Choosing route with intown xway ups the mileage to high 20's. Real upside is highway. Reset the trip computer and test it on the highway at diff. speeds. We get 33 @ 75+ and 37+ @ 65-70, so the car is speed sensitive. Also our MPG seems to be increasing at same speeds as it is broken in. so far, so good. Hybrid did not work for us with mostly highway miles and cost to buy and we prefer NOT the ultra small cars with 1.5-1.8L engines required to get ultra MPG. for teh size, service, cost vs. value and our needs we got the perfect car for oue needs. Good luck.
  • I kind of thought my post was pretty non-threatening and thoughtfully written if I say so myself but it proves only one thing as far as I can tell by many of the replies and that is the old adage "you can't please all the people all the time" is absolutely true!!! I personally have a 2012 SE and while I admit we don't have a proper city or big city traffic the MPG readout consistanyly shows 24-26 MPG city/or in my case medium town driving and 34 highway. I consider that good and am not about to camp out at my dealer demanding a refund as many of you seem to want. i.e."The car is great EXCEPT we don't get the ADVERTISED fuel economy". "This is the last Hyundai product we will buy"." Hyundai should buy it back", "Can we instigate a lemon law claim?" etc. Simply buy a Volt, a Leaf, a Prius, a C-Max, a diesel Jetta or Golf, all noted for great overall fuel economy (and in the case of the Leaf no fuel used) and maybe just maybe the economy will be acceptable to you, but then again, maybe not.
  • Another Sonata apologist. Whenever I post I get the same crap from Mr. Hyundai.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    I just read this post and wonder..what is the "advertized mpg" for a Sonata? I don't have a Hyundai but 34mpg's on the highway from a big sedan sounds pretty damn good to me.

    (I can't get that from my Nissan Versa!)
  • I apologize for nothing, I am satisfied with my car, fuel ecomomy included. I simply tried to offer some reasonable explainations for differing fuel economy from the EPA, alternative driving styles to improve ones personal economy (if you are the type who drives like a moron at 80 mph passes everybody then slams on the brakes at the next traffic red, then starts over) and other things that I consider common sense. If something there touches a nerve oh well....I try, really try, to steer clear of these stupid "I don't get the ADVERTISED fuel economy" posts but every once in a while I get fed up with the idiocy and reluctantly reply. I'll try harder.
  • It is 24 city/35 highway per the EPA (mileage may vary according to your driving style and other variables), and you are right for a large relatively powerful sedan it is great...but apparently not good enough for some.
  • Actually I am 65, drive very conservatively, take great care of the car, no jack rabbit starts, stop slowly at red lights and focus on fuel economy. The MPG is over-rated and you are the moron.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Really strange that all the posted results vary so much by driver. 22-24 in city and 33-37 highway on our 2012 GLS is pretty close to EPA estimates and we don't have an EPA driving route so we are pleased. Car is also great in all other aspects - so far. Buyers remorse is common with all large purchases and negative views are generally more supercharged so maybe the world is not perfectly round after all.
  • My, my, don't take it personally bud. For the record I am far from a moron. To all, including you, since you chose to take that part of my post personally it was a generalization of that type of driver. Again, for you personally since you don't know me please do not call me a moron again.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Name calling - a new low - well at least it is the season - election season that is.
  • Hi, may name is Scott. You cant say you haven't meet some one who has gotten 35 mpg any longer. We took our 2013 sonata on a 2300 mile trip. I got 34 with out trying and 37.4 MPG when I kept the speed 65 to 75 mph. I wish the around town milage was better, but we get about 22 mpg. The car is amazingly fast and fun to drive. The Sonata will kill my Mustang 4 cylinder car even with 4 people in it. I'm very impressed with this car and NEVER thought I would buy one. It is also very roomy, comfortable and great looking. So far, this cars a 10. Only time will tell if I continue to feel this way. I felt this way about our Buick Rainier for 2 years, then it turned out to be a total POC. I am hoping this doesn't happen again!
  • Hi Scott, Glad you like your Sonata. To answer why the Sonata wasn't included: The EPA tested it and found that it met the posted numbers. Most Sonatas (non-turbo autos) are rated 24mpg City and 35mpg Hwy running pure gasoline. The EPA confirmed these numbers to be correct.

    By the way, are you sure your Mustang has a 4-cyl engine? Those haven't been built for 20 years.
  • Oops my bad, it has a 6 not a four, that makes it even worse!
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