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2007 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra - First Impressions



  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    Clawz, thanks for understanding my point. I would like to think that this website is a benefit to us owners and not a place to spew agendas that benefit no one here.

    I'd appreciate you keeping me posted as to what they find with your driver airbag, I'm guessing that it is the locking tab that holds the plug into the firing squib on the backside of the airbag module causing intermittent connectivity. Once the plug falls out of the squib (@1/8" out)a shorting clip falls across the firing posts and creates a short circuit thus rendering the firing circuit dead. Please keep me posted as to what you find out.

    As for running boards.... man I spent countless hours trying to find one that looked like the GM offerings, after deciding I wasn't giving up that much loot, decided to purchase a set of Aries straight oval tubes from Ultimate Auto Accessories. I wasn't sure at first if I was going to be happy with them but now I can honestly say they look good on the truck. Also, they are placed in the correct position that they are actually useful for climbing in and out. Previous curved step tubes I've owned never seemed to be placed in a beneficial position that your foot dropped to while stepping out. You may want to take a look, I paid $325 delivered.

    I too have Rhino Lined the bed and installed a Fold-A-Cover which locks fore and aft - which is great for long trips with lots of luggage.

    To date we've put 7600 miles on the truck and absolutely are in awe of the power of the motor (5.3) and silky smoothness of the transmission, often pulling a 4000 pound camper. We went last month to the Smoky Mountains, a round trip of almost 3000 miles and averaged 16.7 mpg! I was floored as our last truck guzzled the stuff pulling the same camper at 11-12 mpg. I've owned GM trucks for 23+ years in some form or another and have had a very good run with them. That is why I'm compelled to tell my story when given the opportunity, and no one is paying me to say that. The only one I never cared for was a 1985 S-10 stripped down 4 cylinder which had absolutely no frills and no power.
    It's all good!
  • Are those the original headlights? I wish you could get the Avalanche/Tahoe Grill & Headlight set up on the pickup. I think that would make an awesome looking truck. Wonder if they can be swapped out? Good looking truck.
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Schlog: Since you apparently have a stunning sense of cynicism and humor, as well as a strong non believing non trusting personality, I will tell you that after going to three dealerships with my steering column bearing defect, one dealer finally did replace it. Yes, one service manager finally had the decency and responsiveness to see how seriously bad the column bearing was functioning. It is now replaced with a complete new unit (parts and sub assemblies are not available) and is quite solid. However, the sloppy work the dealer performed during this service resulted in the dealership returning my vehicle with the steering wheel being about 10 degrees off center. Thanks for the professional grade service, GMC!

    I had to waste yet another day going back to the dealership to REPAIR The REPAIR. Yes, this is what happens at the GMC dealerships these days. There is simply no excuse for these kind of screwups and customer abuses.
    Don't bother replying because you've already made your incredulous acrimonious position quite clear to everyone reading these boards.
  • I have to say if i had as much problems as you have had Skytop I would have gotten rid of the truck. (period)

    I have heard horror stories in all walks of life and I have to say this one is memorable,

    to the point of.... abusurdity.

    Well written stories mind you, yet a waste of the true space this website is appointed for.

    as for the problems I have experienced I still have yet to get my [non-permissible content removed] in my dealership (whom I ave no problems with) to get them corrected.
  • When I was 15 years old I took up my first job at the local McDonalds store as a cook. We had this one particular customer who would show up on my shift at least twice a week. I knew what he ordered, always a quarter pounder w/cheese and no mustard. I generally arranged the buns with condiments as he wanted it when I saw him standing at the counter. It became well known to all of us that he would show up at the counter and complain that either the meat was uncooked, fries were cold, or the coke was weak. Not that it couldn't happen, just that he always complained and always wanted a refund or a new one free. As for the food, it was always with 2 fries left in the holder or a pinch of bun and a tiny bit of meat. Funny, he always had a problem but kept coming back, couldn't get enough of Ray Krocs poorly built, poorly executed, lack of integrity ridden food. It got to a point that everyone loathed seeing his little smirk as he approached the counter after devouring his meal. One particular evening the manager had enough of his crap and called him out on it, the crew broke into applause as we were all happy to see the manager stick up for us. His game was finally up.
    Not that this is a direct parallel, but I think it has it's message. Go to Burger King and be their burden for a while and stop eating here, you have tired us.

    Peace Homies :shades:

    P.S. My local dealership is always pleasant with me and willing to answer or look at anything I have a question about. They've even provided the first 3 oil changes free and take me to work and pick me up at lunch to go get my truck. They are genuinely nice hometown people who even call me to see if everything was satisfactory after the service. That tells me they care. Can't make up anything bad if there's really nothing to complain about, clear and simple.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    amount of problems as skytop1 with my at that time brand new Silverado.

    I had feathering of the tires at 300 miles. Vibrations from 45-60. Truck sat level with no slope like most pickups. Chunks of rubber started falling off the tires. Rear quarter windows made excessive wind noise at freeway speeds. You could literally push the windows 1/4" open when it was in the locked position. Doors would take an excessive amount of force to close. Primer showed through the paint on the quarter panels. Orange peel all over the truck. Water dripped from the condensor onto the O2 sensor. The bed used to shudder going over speed bumps.

    When I approached the service manager I got the usual shrug and was told that's how they are. So basically I was somewhat in the same dilema that skytop1 is in with the dealer being no help at all. Trade the truck? I had just done that with a month old '99 for a '00.

    Fortunate for me I had this forum to question the things I was told by the service manager. I also bought the factory manuals, sent a fax to the VP as this was a huge company with seven dealerships Chevy, Mazda, Volvo, Ford, Buick, GMC well you get the picture. The VP had called the GM of the dealership regarding the issues that I had and asked him to resolve it. Lucky me.

    After a year and a service folder 2" thick. The issues were finally resolved. Why didn't I dump the truck prior? Well I had about $10K of mods in it. Yeah stupid me.

    The resolutions? The vibration was finally resolved via a TSB from the factory. Apparently a new rack and pinion was needed which could be welded to the frame to eliminate the front end vibrations. Course by then I had gone through 4 sets of General Tires which was under recall (just so happened) and a last set of Michelin LTX M/S which vibrated worse than the Generals cause the tire changer forgot a 2 oz weight in the tire when mounting it.

    The truck was sent to a shop to be repainted and wet sanded to remove the orange peel. Nice work by the shop. The rear windows was also replaced under a TSB stating the new windows were being sent at the older ones had a defect in the latch. The welds on the door hinges had to be broken and rewelded as GM thought that buy saving on bolts and welding the hinges would cost them less money. A shield had to be fabricated and welded on to protect the O2 sensor from the drips. The rear springs had collapsed causing the truck to sit level and had to be replaced. I had installed velvet ride shackels and helper springs to eliminate the shudder over speed bumps.

    The service manager and my service writer couldn't believe the problems with the truck. When I had requested buyback from Chevy just to see what they would offer, the GM rep called my service advisor regarding my truck and was told that my file was over 2" thick. The rep offered me 7/100 Major Guard extended warranty no deductible which was worth close to $2700 at the time. Course I accepted and lucky me since my a/c went kaput at 37000 miles and my rack started to leak at 40K.

    I ended up keeping the truck for 5 years and it was a real topic of conversation with two of my friends who own independent shops. During my period of working with the dealership, I had tipped the service writer a $50 here and there and $200 for Christmas as I knew who needed who.

    Soooo...skytop1 I feel your pain. I also understand your frustration. If you truly feel that your truck is a POS you really should consider buyback through the BBB if you qualify. If not trade it on a Ford Harley Davidson as that truck rocks. Life is short. And its getting shorter with the stress the truck is causing you.

    Posting negative comments about trucks that people recently bought and are happy with will not get you any sympathy. More so posting the same thing over and over. Well I'm sure you have found that out.

    Good luck!!
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Thanks for the post. Yes, I have outfitted the truck with much improvement including a $2K ARE cap. It took quite a bit of frustration before I decided to go the route you suggested. I am in the final stages now.

    I only hope that people contemplating purchase of a GMC hear both sides of the Denali story. Most people are in the honeymoon stage when they take delivery and are not prone to make any complaints since it would infer a poor purchase decision on their part. People can read these posts, do their own due dillegence, and then make a more educated decision. User reviews are valuable resources available to all now and should not be overlooked.

    Sorry to read about your lengthy difficulties with your GM truck. Regards/
  • So you had one bad experience at a dealership and now all dealerships are bad? Obviously it should have been better but to say that this is what happens at all several thousand GMC dealerships across the continental United States is absurd. They are independently owned and operated and every manufacture has problems with their dealerships...
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Listen 12ozcurls:
    If your feelings are hurt because I said something about GM that just doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I regret it. It is not my intention to hurt any one's feelings but rather to disseminate on these boards the frustrating madening treatment I am receiving at the hands of GM service.

    Oh yes, to correct you....I did not have a bad experience at one GM dealership. I was directed by GM to go to two dealerships and I went to an additional two for a total of FOUR dealerships. My experience was virtually the same at all FOUR dealers. As far as my new Denali and its computer systems are concerned, the service people are simply not trained, not equipped, not apprised of how the systems operate. Yes, I have a truck that is plagued with many, many defects. It has indeed proved itself to be the proverbial lemon. However, I made serious and many, many repeated earnest attempts to get the vehicle serviced and repaired. The results were uniformly unproductive.

    I was able to ask two of the techs that worked on my truck what the problem was with the 6 speed. Both told me they had no specific training on the computerized drive by wire adaptive learning, torque control transmission. They did not have a clue how it worked. The GM engineering department stated straight out that they acknowledge the probems but unfortunately have no repairs or fixes since the technology is too new for them and their people are unfamiliar with the operation of the computer operated transmission and computer operated A/C environmental systems. The simple fact is that GM is selling vehicles and they don't know how to repair them. The GM engineering department said, and I quote "we won't have a repair for at least 6 months and possibly longer."

    So please, don't even think that I had a problem with just one little 'ol GM dealer. I went to FOUR dealers. It is the entire GM vertically integrated system that is uniquely unprepared and unqualified to repair the Denali systems from the top engineers in Detroit on down to the dealer "service" techs. Maybe the low tech Chevys and standard Sierra can still be fixed by GM but that is clearly not the case with the '07-'08 Denalis. Those are the facts so please learn to live with it.
  • I'm sure the pompous, offensive, holier than thou attitude has nothing to do with the way your treated, or the amount of help your receiving. Probably why you've supposedly had to visit so many dealerships to get a little attention. Attitude and how you treat people has alot to do with how much they want to help you in return. From all that you've written in this forum, all that comes across is a bitter little person who is getting his say on how the man (GM) has put the screws to him and he's going to hold the members of this forum hostage until he is heard. Please take this most gracious advice and move on, take the lemon law and let us here be without the skytop1 drone. Hear it once, maybe twice ...OK. 7-8 times, someone has a problem a bit deep and needs some professional help.

    So... anyone out there have an honest and NEW first Impression??

    Schlog :shades:
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Glad you ventilated your feelings. Hope you feel better.
    Too bad your entirely off base and still don't get it.
    You are without a clue, my friend.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Sky and schlog, agree to disagree and move on, please.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Move on is what I've tried to infer here. Tired of the same old grind every other post. It would be best for me to tune out and let the newbies to the forum give their views. Over and out.

  • Yes I am truly hurt and after this exchange, i fear I will not be able to live...come on man you got a lemon, deal with it. It happens. Even the new Tundra is having loads of problems. Not because its badly engineered, but because it's NEW! There are always kinks to work out. Even the Camary had problems out of the gate..I'm sorry you had less than fuzzy experiences with your dealers, maybe its something in the water where you live..i don't know..but i can tell you about just as many bad experiences with dealers of other manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, and BMW.
  • Amen to that. I had some HORRIBLE experiences with my local Toyota dealer re: repairs, and repairing the repairs, and repairing the repaired repairs. (I will spare everyone the boring details). It wouldn't stop me from buying another Toy, but I would think twice.

    For the record, I had a bad experience with a 1983 Z28 and didn't go back to GM until the new Silverado. So, at least I'm consistent in my inconsistency.

    Also keep in mind, this isn't Toyota's first rodeo. They started with the T100 (flop), then went to the older style Tundra (didn't set the truck world on fire, but better than T100), before arriving at the new one. It would be surprising if it wasn't a decent truck (which it is).

  • I've been lurking for a bit and first of all I want everyone to know I respect and appreciate everyones input.

    I think I'm going to hold for a while after reading this forum. I can't believe that most of you know your respective dealers so much, both the good and the bad ones. Now, is knowing your dealer so well and dealing with it many times after the purchase a good thing or a bad thing? I think its the later. Those that are vehemently defending their dealer tells me that you have a bad truck as well. How else would you explain that? Car dealership is like the walking beer vendor at a ball park always selling overpriced beer. Sometimes they'll give you a cold one and sometimes not so cold ones. But not once have I thought of wanting to know them intimately after the brief transaction unless this vendor looks like Jessica Simpson in a tube top. Most of the time the vendor looks like Roseanne Barr, also in a tube top. Just give me a cold one please, thank you. I'm going to keep my Schwinn for a while then. Its low maintenance and no problem with gas.

    On a serious note, I must be one lucky dude because I've yet to see any of the guys from the dealers after my two purchase of a new car. I have a 2002 Subaru WRX and a 2006 Honda CRV. I still own both and have been very happy with both of them(incredibly troublefree), but I really would like a truck to either add or replace my Subaru car. I like the way the new GMC Sierra look but now have doubts after reading this forum. There is also a news regarding some GM dealers tampering with customer surveys. The only good truck left are the Tundra and Ridgeline on my list. Both of them are proven reliable, good quality trucks. Both are also can I describe them...yeah, ugly for my taste. Arrghhh!!!! I'm particularly dissappointed with the Tundras interior. Buck Rogers flash if you know what I mean. As for the Ridgeline, its like the Japanese modern version of the El Camino with the added DNA of Godzilla in ruggedness and sex appeal.

    The search continues....
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Most people that post here are for problems. Normally a problem free ownership experience usually would have you enjoying your vehicle rather than hang at an online forum. I can't believe that its the norm as far as becoming intimate with your dealership. My '02 Denali went in once in '03 under warranty to replace a sensor. My '05 Titan went in only once after 2.5 years of ownership to replace a couple of clips that broke.

    Being the first redesign year for the Sierra/Silverado, I would seriously consider waiting another year before purchasing so that they can get the bugs out. Same with the Tundra. You may want to buy that Ridgeline soon as the way their sales are going it may become a classic. Seen one with 22" rims and it did warrant a second look as I've never seen anything like it. ;)
  • Well I wouldn't just assume the Tundra has been proven reliable. It's a brand new machine with some transmission complaints and computer kinks although it looks like it's finally got the balls to compete. The last one had quite a few problems as well.

    It is always good to wait a while before you throw down your hard earned cash. And if you don't plan to use your truck as a daily driver, then get something used. Lots of good deals out there. But do you research! Everyone I know is getting a '88-'98 Chevy/GMC 1500/2500 model because it's cheap and reliable. It won't win any beauty contests but for the money, its a hell of a deal.
  • I'm with you 100 percent. You need to be comfortable with where you place your hard earned money. Spend it where it makes you comfortable and don't let this forum or any other sway your feelings. In the end you have to live with your choice. That is the greatness of a free and open economy.

    Spend wisely,,

    Schlog... to some a dog :sick:
  • Simply put. God Bless America. GM appears to be stepping up to the plate and Ford though a little bit behind is catching up with their yet to be released new F-series. Toyota with its new Tundra is really shaking things up and its getting serious attention. Competition is great and consumers win. Thanks everyone.
  • We're contemplating a pickup for both a shop vehicle and general weekend use and I need a little help with the options. Because this is not going to be anyone's primary vehicle (i.e., it is not going to be the bosses "candy wagon"), I am thinking of keeping the options to a minimum.


    1) The GM web site infers that power windows/locks are not availble with the Work Truck edition. Yet the '07 Chev catalog that the dealers hand out lists a "Work Truck Convenience Package". Can you get power windows in a Work Truck edition? Power windows in a truck are a necessity IMHO.

    2) We want to get the trailer package for not only the trailer capability but also the added coolers. Seems like a no brainer.

    3) Engines. The 5.3 seems to be a good option. But the 6.0 is appealing because you get so much more with it such as a six speed tranny instead of the four speed. Any thoughts?

    4) You can get vinyl with the WorkTruck or leather for an addional $800 (dealer installed). We have leather in all of our cars and like it. But I don't remember vinyl as being all that bad. Is it?

    5) Cabs. Sure the Extended Cab is nice, but it is rougly 3K more and I rarely see them used except as storage lockers for the owner's gymn bag. Moreover, you give up an 8' bed. Based on my experience with an F150 Supercab with the 8' bed, you should really settle for only a 6' bed with an Extended Cab.

    6) Fancy sterio/fancy wheels/LT3 etc, etc? For the fourth vehicle in two person household, this seems like overkill.

    7) I like getting more for my money. When I run the numbers for a 1500 vs. a 2500 they are within 1K or so. Seems like the ostensibly more rugged 2500 is a good deal. Yet a salesman just told me that the frames are the same with the exeption of one addional leaf spring on the 2500. So, what do you get with a 2500 that you can't get with a 1500?? How is it more rugged?

    8) I see where you can option up a Work Truck. Of all the option packages, is the 1LT the best "deal" for your money??

    Any thoughts? What did I miss?
  • Previously I read that GM would start putting 5 speed automatics in their half tons in 08. Now that the new model year is close I have not read anything that mentions this. Does anyone know?

    By the way. The wife has 20K on her 06 crew cab 4wd slt. Other than rattles hear and there (in the truck) it has been so far so good. We get 16 mpg in mixed driving and 19-20 hwy.
  • I just bought an 07 silverado crew cab 2wd z71 and love it. The only complaint I have is that there is wind noise, sounds like it might be from the drivers side view mirror or I really don't know. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just my truck. thanks
  • Agreed Northga, I too would have appreciated a lower profile of wind noise. My concern is at high speed where it is at its loudest, not really bad but enuf to have me considering rain deflectors for the Driver and Passenger side windows to reduce it! at say speeds below 35 its fine. I have a X-tended Cab and if I lower the rear door windows the noise is lessoned.

    I also have the Sunroof, and it too has a sound issue - I love to drive at high speed with the sunroof open, but it really isn't a option. I have noticed a baffle that overlays it a little that might reduce the sound level. there is a wind baffle integrated into the opening and closing of the sunroof glass panel but it really is ineffective and I feel could have been designed better. (note Skytop, this is not a opportunity to pounce , please, LOL)

    Other wise I love the truck, 8800 miles on it so far

    16.9 city, 19+ highway
  • blckislandguy

    On your point #3, you Do NOT get a 6-speed with the 6.0 motor. You get the Super Duty 4-speed. The 6-speed is only on the Sierra with the 6.2L motor.

    The external trans and engine oil coolers also come standard on the 6.0L.

  • 1st of all, you need to find another salesman, cause he doesn't know head from his @$$. The Work Truck has an LS package that offers your power windows and locks. It also has a CD and cruise control. This is the perfect package for most guys like you who want a base truck with some of the items that you cant live without.

    The difference between the 6.0L and 5.3L V8s is HP and torque. No, you do not get a 6 speed automatic trans with the 6.0L unless you go to the 2500HD. The 6.0L Vortec Maxx V8 in the 1500 is matched with a 4 speed automatic also. HP/Torque is 315/338 on the 5.3L and 367/375 on the 6.0L. The HP/Torque on the 2500HD with a 6.0L is 353/375 and a 6 speed auto transmission with touch-up, touch-down manual mode.

    The vinyl is just as good as the leather. Don't waste you money, you won't get it back on trade in.

    The bed on the Ext cab is a 6.5 foot bed. The extended cab has enough room for 3 adults to ride in the back if needed. It is not as much room as the crew cab, but if you need it, you got it.

    Stick with the LS package on your Work truck, you won't need to pay for those other extras.

    This is where you need a new salesman. The 2500HD is way more frame and powertrain than the 1500. 1st of all, the 1500 GVWR is 7000 lbs. the 2500HD is 9200 lbs. (big difference). The engine and tranny are also much bigger.

    Again, the Work truck with the LS package will save you $thousands. The 1LT has many options that you may not need or want. Go find a 1LT and look at the standard options for the 1LT. If it has options that you want, that the work truck doesn't then the 1LT is the better option.

    D. Sanders
  • D. Sanders, thanks. I appreciate it.

    The 1500 Silverado 1LT configured the way we want it (5.3 engine and towing) comes in at $31235. The WT configured the same way (5.3 and towing) plus other features we want (CD, rear defroster, solar windows, LS package, power windows/locks/doors), all WT options that are included in the 1LT, comes in at $30,397. Call it an $800 difference.

    This seems close. But, as far as I can tell from the Chev web site, there is no AC available in the WT. This makes the 1LT a no brainer in 2007. PLUS the side curtain air bag is available on the 1LT and not on the WT. If you have AC and the side curtains, you have truck you can live with for 10 years.

    Sure the WT is a lot cheaper than the 1LT if you delete the power windows/locks ($990), the solar glass ($100), and the chrome front end in the LS package ($490) but now you are into a different vehicle. Something with no air, hand crank windows, manual locking doors (imagine trying to close a window or lock a door at a stop light at night), etc.

    As a side note, one of the attractions to someone who drives a truck for 10 years in the Northeast, is the towing package. Not only do you get a trailer hitch but also you get a better suspension, a tranny cooler, and the locking differential. I strongly recommend the package even if you don't plan on towing much. The vehicle will last longer, be more versatile and better in snow.
  • tsullytsully Posts: 30
    Own a nbs 2007 Sierra Denali. Have had it for about 8 months.
    Love the truck. Can't say enough good things about it. But I do have this little bitty gripe. Hoping someone here has a solution. The navigation/radio screen is to bright at night when set in automatic mode. I know there are manual settings. And using those settings is how I control the brightness of the screen. Here is the problem. Using the manual night mode setting I can adjust the brightness of the the screen for night mode. Same thing for the manual day mode settings. So I have to manually choose the night mode when I drive at night and day mode when I drive during the day. If I select the automatic mode, the screen is to bright at night but ok during the day. I was hoping that when I adjusted the manual day and night settings those would become the default for the automatic settings but nope. Any ideas? thanks a bunch
  • Its becoming more apparent that this will be my next ruck barring any significant set back, recalls etc. CR now recommends it over the Tundra(4x4). I'm getting excited and looking forward to buying my first American brand car. My family has always owned a Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and BMW. We'll see. The rest of the family will be skeptic and may even criticize me for choosing a GMC over a Toyota so theres a lot a stake here other than my hard earned $$. I hope GMC doesn't disappoint.
  • Looking into purchasing a 1500 sierra crew cab (5.3 liter)....I test drove a 2008 the other day. It seems when i punch the gas there is a hesitation before it kicks in. Is this normal for these trucks or did i drive a lemon? A big engine like that, i was expecting an instant response when i punch the gas, but it doesnt...there is a slight "bog down" right before it kicks in.
    Could someone clear this up for me?
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