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2007 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra - First Impressions

navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Well, if you read the most recent Edmunds or Car and Driver full size truck comparison test you would know that the Chevrolet Silverado finished dead last. It's not such a bad truck but age is apparently what hurt it. The Silverado/Sierra were introduced in 1999 as year 2000 models I believe.

Right now what's killing the Silverado/Sierra is an outdated design, a dull and cheap looking interior and a mediocre engine. GM is redesigning these trucks to keep up with competitors. In the fullsize segment, the Ram recieved a face lift and a few changes for 2006 and Toyota is already working on the next Tundra.

What'd I'd like to see on the new Silverado/Sierra is some seriously aggressive styling, a stylish, high quality interior, engine power & refinement as well as seat comfort. If the Silverado/Sierra can do this, then I'd say they're back in the game.

It is reported that the new Silverado/Sierra will have Displacment on Demand (DoD) found on the Impala. This will lead to better fuel economy in the age of high gas prices.

It is also reported that GM is going to try to further distinguish the Silverado from the Sierra in terms of styling, interior and options.

Here are the Edmunds links.


  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    It needs the following:

    4.2 liter I-6 from the Trailblazer

    fully-boxed frame

    and the stuff you mentioned
  • i hear the 2007 chevy silverado's are getting new engines, can anyone tell me what they are getting put in them?
  • nargnarg Posts: 113
    Those articles state that GM is "falling behind" in trucks. I find that humorous because if you check the features of the latest Dodge and Ford trucks, they now finally include the features that GM brought to the table in '99. So who's falling behind? GM also already has a full size hybrid, which the other two as well as Toyota don't have. And, GM is working on providing other features next year that the others have not even started talking about.

    GM behind? I think Edmunds is behind in its research.
  • nargnarg Posts: 113

    Am I good or what? :)
  • ..... they can keep it because I'm not interested. I've been driving GM vehicles for 28 years, but the newer ones just don't cut it. GM builds poorly designed, poor quality products and then they leave the customer holding the bag when problems show up and tell you how "sorry" they are. Well I'm sorry too, but I'm tired of fixing their screw-ups.... no more. Good luck GM! Maybe you'll still be around ten years from now.... maybe not. Professional Grade? Professional Grade Junk is more like it.... just like your bond rating. :sick:
  • woofwoof Posts: 27 a 2005 Silverado. Thus far, so good. It's replacing my Toyota Truck which I still have and really like. After shopping and test-driving the Tundra, Dodge and F-150, conclusions were reached. The Dodge was OK, but I did not like the overall style and the gas mileage was pretty poor. The F150 was a joy to drive. It would have been my first choice had the gas mileage been better. It also was actually too big and heavy--the engine seemed to have to work pretty hard to move it. The Tundra was fine--a good replacement for my T100--but the price was too steep. The Chevy, with the 4.8L V8, had the best gas mileage of the pack, good build quality. Interior? Spartan but very comfortable and functional. Hey, I'm buying a truck, not a luxury car. Ride and handling were acceptable, not as good as the F150, but not bad. Possibly better tires and Bilstein shocks will improve this. The pushrod V8 appears to be an efficient and proven design. While I'm used to high tech overhead cam engines, the proven pushrod engine does provide better efficiency with less moving parts/less friction. Finally, with the GM discount, rebate and credit from using my GM Visa card, the price was so low... seems like great value. I expect (hope?) that I'll be pleased after 5 years of ownership.
  • Not trying to burst your bubble, but don't be surprised when all the quality problems start showing up....and they will. Good luck with your new truck!
  • Did you drive a Nissan Titan before buying your Silverado? They say it is an excellent truck, except the visibility is poor.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    Please turn off your caps lock... there's no need to SHOUT and your post is hard to read in all caps... thanks! ;)

    Now back to the topic at hand. Since you own a 1992 chevy, you have not experienced the problems with the NBS trucks. My gently used 1999 GMC Sierra with 40k miles is now sitting in my driveway "like a rock" because I can't drive it due to oil pressure problems. Apparently, GM had some oil pump problems on the '99 & '00 trucks. Do you think GM will fix my truck? Sure, for $800 they'll fix me right up.

    Well, I don't have $800 to spare right now, so my truck wil be sitting "like a rock" until I decide what I'm going to do with it. GM doesn't stand behind their products even when there are "known" defects. I guess that's part of the reason GM is in so much trouble right now. Loyal GM owners like me are tired of getting shafted by GM. So please forgive me for not running to my nearest GM dealer to find out what kind of crap they'll be selling in 2007. You better keep your 1992 as long as possible.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Sorry to hear about your truck problems.

    No wonder the imports rule the compact segment, and why the Silverado sits at the bottom of the full size trucks in terms of desirability.
  • medinamedina Posts: 3
    The 99- 06 Silverados have been nothing but what Chevrolet advertised them to be from day one. Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Smarter! I have a 1999 Z-71 with 135K miles and I only had to replaced a water pump and the belt. With the factory 4:10's, the 5.3 smoked every true 4x4 truck when I got her. Thats why it was Motor Trends Truck of the Year! Then when the when the Tahoe/ Surburan rolled out the following year based off the Silverado it won again. Not to be out done, the Avalanche garnered another title for the Bow Tie Boys! Yeah its been a while since the last update, but if you think GM isnt making trucks people love, just look at the sales figures in Automotive News or this months issue of Motor Trend. An 8 year old truck is running a close second to the newer Ford and when you combine the GMC sales numbers, GM is on top of the truck market, bar none! Ive added a power chip, headers,exhaust, K&N and a throttle body spacer and I can still smoke the tires off this truck. Ill never get rid of it, but Im looking forward to the 2007 and the mad rush of the other manufactures to copy the Silverado, just like they did after the 1999 rolled out. Peace!
  • i have taken in my truck 3 times for the same problem with no help untill i called GM and complian. they don't stand behind there products.
  • You must not be taking care of your truck very much, because my 99 silverado z71 has about 160,000 miles on it, and I have NEVER had any oil pressure problems on it. In fact the only problems I've had with it, are when the transmission blew out, 4 years after my dad bought it, and I've heard of brand new fords breaking down as the roll out of the dealership parking lot, and also a very minor A/C problem, in which all I had to do was replace the A/C belt. And from what I've heard, the 2007 silverado, will not only have a much bolder design, but the 5.3 with DOD will have about 320 hp, and if they use it, like in the 2007 tahoe, the 6.2 will have about 400 hp, SWEEET!
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    So tell me Mr bowtieman, how does an oil pressure problem translate into me not taking care of my truck? So I guess than means that you weren't taking care of your truck when the tranny blew out... sounds kind of stupid doesn't it?

    My truck has had regular oil changes using AC Delco filters and Mobil1. The oil pressure issues are not related to any lack of maintenance on my part.

    You should learn the facts before you make such statements as "You must not be taking care of your truck very much". You have just been lucky with your truck... not everyone has had the same experience as you. After 28 years, I'm jumping off the GM bandwagon. GM is in dire straights right now and only time will tell if they will survive. In the mean time, my "Professional Grade" GMC truck will be sitting "like a rock" in my driveway until I have time to replace the oil pump.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    GM, has got it right finally after years of frusteration......I say to all, I know people that own all kinds of different cars.....yes even Toyota and they have their problems too.....GM will be better than the rest in 2007' just look at there
    GMT-900 SUV's !......Quality, Fit and Finish, Technology will be the best in the world !......I hope any of you doubters give GM one more chance, and if you guys have problems again then you can dump the General.....We need Americans to buy American Made cars and Trucks in this critical time for are economy. Yes some of the Japaneese cars are made here and feature some parts from American Suppliers......but not as many as GM. Thanx-->rockylee
  • profesional grade it is , im on my 3rd z71 since 1997 ,these trucks are awesome.
    however i did not spend one dime on any of these during my bumper to bumper
    warranty, not one!!! brand bashing usually occurs when someone has an out of pocket expense after the warranty has run out,regardless of what brand it is. in this case if it were a toyota it would still be sitting like a duck oops a rock. get that truck on the road it deserves better, its given you good service , now return the favor , note : iwill gladly give you 800.00 cash for it. GENERAL MOTORS COMPLETELY FADING OUT , NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME.
  • I know what you're thinking - BUT - the Nissan Titan is fully boxed, more powerful, better made, better towing capacity (if you even need that), built in America, better warranty and so on ...

    If you haven't looked at Nissan - do so because chances are 100% resale value on the TITAN is much stronger than the Chevy or GMC brand. If you got more bang for the buck with the Nissan why not go for it? After all you GM product needs to be given away, and depreciates ...

    If making no financial sense is what you desire - Chevy's the truck.

    Haven't we learned yet? There is a reason most Americans are poor or one paycheck away from homelessness ....
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    All true, yet if you read Inside Line it today they have a story about the Titan/Arrmada/QX56 trucks all being rather unreliable.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    And on top of that, this discussion isn't about the Titan; it's about the Silverado/Sierra. If you want to promote the Titan, this isn't the right discussion.


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  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Have you actually driven a Titan? I suggest you do and also drive a few of the others. I used an associate's Titan over a weekend and was I very unimpressed by all the Nissan Hype. The kind of bang I remember out of the Titan is so so ride and handling worse than the Dodge. My wallet was real empty after refilling his tank. Mixed driving split close to 50/50 got 14 mpg. It seemed a lot louder than my 99 Sierra or 2001 Denali ever were and even my neighbors Ford 250.

    I'm looking forward to the 2007's especially the DOD engines. I've got the new 5.3L DOD V8 in my 2005GXP and I love it. Smooth, powerful and very good mileage when you are cruising.
  • I have been disapointed with chevys styling for sometime. I have been loyal to the bowtie for many years. I have an 86 1ton daully. I have yet to ask too much of it. I have had more weight in the bed of that truck than it weighs. I have pulled trees out of the ground with it. I out ran a mercedes towing a 72 chevelle. Fact is that is one heel of a truck but I have two kids now and I need more seating. I will wait for the 2007 but if they screw this up I will be pissed. BUY AMERICAN this country needs all the help it can get!!!!!!!!!
  • I hate to burst your bubble but I have owned 2 ford supercrews a dodge ram with a hemi (piece of crap went out at 3000 miles and stayed in the shop for a month! and now own a 2005 chevy crew cab and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned it averages 18 mpg 300 horsepower pulls my 5000 lb travel trailor with ease nad has not had 1 problem in 25000 miles. I bought my wife a nissanm armada and it averaged 13 miles per gallon before I traded it for another suburban that averages 16 miles per gallon.I think chevy is doing a good job with their trucks and the new ones will be even better,best gas milaege good price,whats not to like?
  • woofwoof Posts: 27
    This board is about new GMC/Chevy models...
    Yes, I did look at the Titan. Nice truck, poor gas mileage; neither me, my son, or wife liked the styling--and it was actually TOO big. OK, back to Chevy. So far, my '05 Silverado is working great--no problems, never back to the dealer, comfortable and good MPG. (I'll be doing a comparison with my new Tacoma soon.) GM's new truck platform should be a winner with many improvements. GM knows that they can't turn out junk with all the great new trucks on the market.
  • I just hope there are no major recalls in the first year to curb our appetite!

    Looks like the powertrain will be there, with up to 400HP, and MILD hybrids are destined to be in the mix. The interior seems to be light years better. :D

    If the exterior is milquetoast like the Tahoe, that could be the opening Toyota needs, as they seem to be rather interested in making their trucks more aggressive.

    I don't think Toyota will match the 6.2, at least not at first.

    Ford best have a nice array of upgraded engines for 2008! :confuse:

  • My Silverado is a great truck. It will get about 300- 309 horsepower. I love it. Ive had for about 5 months now so far so good. ( I hope they dont screw up the 2007 model)">
  • I bought my 05 work truck in April. It has exceeded anything I would want for a base truck. I got it for 13,500 with all rebates, discounts, and incentives. With 4.8 V-8, it has way more power than my 5.2 Ram did. Great truck, no problems @ 11,000 miles. Plus it will smoke almost anything I pull up next to, except a 5.3 Chevy.
    Plus I get 19 mpg city and have gotten 24 mpg at steady 73 mph on turnpike.
  • Everyone who talks about the GM going under needs to think. I currently own an 05 GMC Sierra 3500 and you cannot buy a 1 ton truck from Nissan, Toyota, or Honda! Unless those companies soon make those trucks they will never dominate the truck market completely. I have actually driven a Titan, and didn't like it very much, besides the design looks horrible.
  • Why in the world are you promoting the Titan? It has to be one of the biggest pieces of junk out there. Oil filter isn't even 6 inches long, the thing handles POORLY in side to side tests, has a bad crash test rating, and the frame bends like nothing when the rear suspension is being tested at 30mph. Of course, the Silverado does the same thing so I guess comparing the Titan to the Silverado is a good match. At least the Titan's engine cab is at least partially guarded unlike the good ol recall machine (aka Chevy Silverado). Piston slap, oil pressure problems, recalls like crazy - yeah, I'd say Silverado is a GREAT truck. Bowtie boosters, get your head out. F150 is the best truck out there - hands down. Go to and you'll see just how your "rugged" Silverado matches up to the rest of the competition. At least it wasn't QUITE as bad as the Titan and Tundra.

    and, sorry but if you think that THIS truck looks good:
    that's the future of your beloved Silverado. even worse than the 06 (both under and over the hood). The technology of this 07 will MAYBE be equal to my 02 F150.
  • Yeah right....

    You getting 24mpg in a V8 with as crappy a design as ANY of the current Chevy engines is just like me saying that I just filled up my diesel F350 Heavy Duty for 98 cents/gallon.

    I really hope you have no problems at 11,000 miles. Just wait - your problems are yet to come. I doubt your truck will be problematic after 50,000 miles. My brother-in-law's 2004 Silverado blew a motor and tranny at 45,000 miles. He's since bought an F150 (which he should have done in the first place) and remarks how it's "so weird" that his wheel doesn't shake when he goes over bumps and holes in his ranch, he can pull more with less effort, and he has a much better ride....hmm?? Wonder why? Could that be because the F150 is 10 years ahead of the current Silverado?????
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