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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • have your exhaust gaskets checked; while engine is cool (at start up) I had similiar trouble and my mechanic explained that the noise was most evident while engine was cool because gaskets were cool and leak occurred...yet as exhaust heated up, they'd seal and the noise seemed to go away unless under extreme pressure. Check it out...might be the problem...good luck
  • Replace AC blower relay located under dash on passenger side. Locate wires, trace to plug...unplug...remove two small bolts from outlet...pull downward and remove this outlet from blower unit. It has relay curcuit built in..It is burned new one...reinstall. hot weather, turn blower on a minute or so to cool down the unit BEFORE turning on AC...I've replace two of these and since doing this, things have been good. Good luck.
  • I had this same trouble recently and it was my hub assembly. I know this was posted a long time ago but there was no reply and if someone else needs an answer, here it is.
  • A year too late, but back flush the heater core if all else fails. The best way to know if this is your problem is feel the hoses in and out of the heater core (located on the firewall on the 98 model) if they are both hot you need to disconnect the hoses and with just a garden hose you can fix this.
  • I just had this same trouble recently with my 98 Durango, it's your ABS or speed sensor on the back wheels or at least that was my trouble.
  • Back flush the heater core.
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Durango. My passenger side window goes down but wont come back up
  • les7311les7311 Posts: 12
    motor is bad. cost about 80 to 120 at dealer. easy to install. get dodge service manual and follow instructions.

  • kliotkliot Posts: 1
    My rear defogger suddenly stopped working, The glass element seems fine and I have continuity between the connectors on the glass, the black ground wire is good, the black and white wire gets no voltage when the defogger is on. I checked the switch and it's working, The black and white wire coming out of the switch has voltage when the switch is on, the rearview mirror defoggers works.

    Somewhere down the line I'm guessing there is a fuse/fusable link or relay but I can't find it.

    Any Suggestions?


    2000 Durango 5.9L 4wd
  • my speedometer is not working . please help?
  • Press the odometer reset button and hold while turning the key on and you should get a check then release and this should check your gage to see if its ok.
  • I have 99 Durango with 174K miles.
    It loses power traffic ...shuts off...will not restart right away.

    Is it a computer problem?

  • I have a similar problem.
    How was yours fixed?

  • Hello...
    How did you resolve your problem?
    I have the same.

  • Double check with factory recalls. These were a recall item in my 2000 Durango.
  • Thanks for the past info on this problem. My 2000 Dodge Durango with 69,000miles developed the o2 sensor problems, and thanks to info from several of you guys we finally got the Power Steering Pressure switch replaced that was leaking fluid throught the wiring harnass. It doesn't smell, but the check engine light is still on, and fuel economy has dropped (7.4 MPG) , and there is still poor engine perfromance, although we have gotten rid of the rolling black plume of smoke coming out the exhaust. We are on our FOURTH o2 sensor. Please someone tell me how to get rid of all the power steering fluid that has run through the wiring. I think that is what' still causing the check engine light to still go on. Or if you have another suggestions they would be welcome. I want to get rid of this vehicle but cannot even begin to sell it with the check engine light still on. HELP!!!
  • I have a 2004 Durango with the same problems that you are experiencing. They all started after I took my vehicle in for the recall with the wiring in the front dash. They have already replaced the "modular" and a couple of other parts and every time I leave the dealership they assure me the problem is fixed. Then after driving for a few minutes the light is back on. Sometimes it turns on with I start my car and stays on the entire time. Other times I will drive for 10 or 15 minutes then it will come on. Other times is will be on for an extended car ride and then blink off and on for then remain on again. Today I drove for 45 minutes and the light never came on. I am frustrated and don't know what to do. I drive a lot in a major city and for long trips. They can't guarantee me that my airbag will deploy and say that the problem can be any number of things..........

    Anyone else having similar problems or possible suggestions?
  • ernzenernzen Posts: 1
    my windows defrost but only cold air comes out, changed thermostate still no heat any ideas
  • I also have a 2000 5.2 liter and after I drive it and it gets good and warmed up, after it sits for about a hour and a half it won't start,but then after 3 to 4 hrs. it cranks right up. Ive had tune ups thinking it has something to do with the plugs and just recently had a crankshaft sensor replaced and two days later I'm back at square one.If you find out the problem I would be most gratefull..
  • I need some help. My durango started shutting off while I was driving about 4 months ago. I couldn't figure out what was wrong so kept driving it while it would shut off and then restart after sitting for a few minutes. My mechanic changed the PCM chip and it worked great for a few days and then began shutting off again. He then changed a couple of the sensors and on my way home from picking it up it shut down again. I was able to get it started and then worked fine for 2 weeks. Then it shut down again one day and wouldn't start up even after one hour. I told my mechanic that I noticed that while he wasd towing me home, the dashboard lights were on but even though I had the car turned on the engine lights were not on (like when the key is in the on position but the car is not on) and showed that there was no gas even though I had just filled up the tank, then suddenly it dinged as it finally "turned on" and then showed that there was a full tank of gas. He said that maybe the fuel filter had gotten sucked into the fuel injection system and he replaced that but the damn car still stalled on me. I haven't driven it since cause every single time it has stalled I had my two young boys in the car with me. I have been borrowing my dad's car. It's such a shame that I'm still paying on the car and for the insurance and am not able to use it and don't know how to fix it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me????? Please help me, I'm feeling desperate already cause I can just feel all my money being sucked out of my bank account!!!!!
  • mndymndy Posts: 1
    The airbag light comes on and off on my '02 Durango. Dealer said seat belt tensioner needed to be replaced. After replacement the passenger side coded bad. They replaced that also. When I picked up the car the light came back on. I took it right back and after several days of troubleshooting they said front and passenger seat belts needed to be replaced. I contacted Chrysler and they agreed to pay for repair costs. I picked the car up yesterday after seat belt replacement and the light came back on. I took it right back again. Now they are saying possibly the airbag control module is bad. They have had my car for a month. Help!
  • Did you only replace the power steering switch and thats all?

    If so - you need to remove the connector (Durango side) by cutting all 4 wires off. Take apart the connectors and the 4 pins holding the wires in place. Attach 4 new wires to the pins - solder in place. Reassembly the connector.

    I completed this task a couple of years ago and do not remember where the 4 wires connect to - within the wiring harness, although 3 of them were in the location of the passenger inside fender / air cleaner box. The 4th wire attached in the area of the intake manifold - on the passenger side.

    I have had no problems since completing this task on our 2000 4.7 Durango.

    Once you have done one - to repeat the task is easy.

    I should have taken pictures and documented this procedure - but didn't.

    Perhaps some one else on this site may be more helpful.

    I thought that I would advise you that there is more to do than simply replace the power steering switch.
  • could someone give me some advice on how hard it is to replace lower a-frame bushings on 98 durango,4x4? thanks
  • Hey, sam1778! I just wanted to thank you for saving me a ton of time and who knows how much money. Your tips were right on and greatly appreciated! Although I had no luck with p/n PC507, my local NAPA store was able to eventually identify it as their p/n EP-27 ($17.95) using the descriptions you provided. Thanks again for taking the time to offer such helpful details. Much appreciation.
  • The only sure way is to replace the wires that go to the O2 sensor. While you're at it, you should isolate the ground from the sensor to another point rather than rely on the ground that is in the harness. That way, if your pressure switch ever fails again, you need not worry about fluid making the O2 sensor fail.
  • :cry: Still living the o2 sensor nightmare. We are on O2 sensor 4 or 5. The original message was for o2 sensor, and a replacement ,and the second one did not work. I posted on several forums. With the help from some resonders we discovered a bad power steering pressure switch was causing fluid to be forced through the lines. Had to replace the battery, module, and the o2 sensor before we found out the problem with the pressure switch. We still had fluid going through the wires although there was no pressure now that the PS pressure switch was relaced. Another forum discussed the cutting of the wires, but found out from another person that there is a by pass wiring harness, So we had that put on because the check engine light was still coming on with o2 sensor code. This still did not work, so we put another O2 sensor on today. As per this forum we re grounded . The mechanic drove it without check engine light coming on. I got in and drove it less than 1/2 block and check engine light came on. I picked it up after hours so I could not talk to the mechanic, but I drove home in tears as this has been going on for almost a year now. HELP! ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Fuel economy has dropped from 10.4 mpg to 7.1
  • rev801rev801 Posts: 1
    Sounds like you are going to need a new pcm,complete wire harness,new power steering pressure switch and a new 02 sensor to complete this repair.I just finished with the same problem and found the inside of the pcm is full of power steering fluid.The harness will not be able to be saved either verry costly and quite a pain to replace.Trade in?Good luck!!!!
  • tinkerertinkerer Posts: 13
    I've called several dealers and they tell me they never heard of this problem. I just found fluid leaking into the wiring harness on my nephew's truck. Does anyone have a part number for this bypass harness? I'm perfectly happy to run a new ground for the O2 sensor but it sounds like he would still have problems with the PCM.
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