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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • The vehicle refusesto "push forward/reverse" when wheel is turned sharp left/rt.
    no problems otherwise
  • taztoutaztou Posts: 1
    Where is the ASD found on the 1999 Durango? :confuse:
  • jimh176jimh176 Posts: 1
    Did you get anyone to reply about your problem ? I am getting a similar problem with my 2005 Durango Limited. But it started when I replaced the battery after about 48,000 miles. The first problem was a low tire pressure light that stays on and then a week later the cargo lamp light stays on unles I go and open and close the rear hatch once or twice.
  • I have a '06 Durango that stalls when you go through big puddles of water. Even at slow speeds it stalls or the power steering goes out then comes back on. I took it to the dealer and they checked under the hood and said everything looks to be fine. The only time it happens is when you go through a puddle or sometimes when it is raining. The dealership couldn't help, can anyone else ?
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    My 2000 Durango with a 4.7 Engine would stall, espically when the engine was warm and restarted. What I discovered was that when the engine sat for a minute my COOLANT TEMPERATURE SWITCH would read 110 degrees instead of 180+ for a minute or 2 when restarted. Also was slow to rise in coolant temp change. The guage on the instruement panel showed temp OK. Replaced coolant sensor and now runs great and no more codes.
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    Check your connection at and the Crankshaft position sensor for cracks or loose connection
  • camcommcamcomm Posts: 1
    i recently bought a 1999 dodge durango and i didn't get an owners manual.. i need to know where do i refill transmission fluid at ?
  • I was looking in my owners manual and it recommends a tune up at 30,000 miles. I took it to a Midas and was told they believe I have platinum plugs that only need to be replaced at 100,000. Also that the plugs cost $17 each. Can someone let me know what I should do.
  • danny40danny40 Posts: 2
    I have the exact problem. Did you fine a solution please help
  • emimemim Posts: 5
    Hi all... So I am now on my 2nd Sears battery. Each time the car sits for 1 week or so (this time it was 9 days!), it dies. There is completely NO power. Any ideas?!? The shop said the alternator was fine. I never had a problem with Sears batteries and now 2 problems?!?!? It seems too weird.. Are there any known drainage issues?!?! THanks.
  • steve220steve220 Posts: 1
    There is a recall for this part. The Nhtsa campaign # 07V092000 it is for 04-06 durango. It said if you had already fixed it yourself you could send in for a rebursment
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    Your first step is to find out what the code is. You may have another problem or just need the system reset.
    If you go to most autoparts stores they will read the code for free and reset if necessary.
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    Try Ebay. Usually cheaper than the wrecking yard or do a search on which is used by many auto recyclers
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    Use a slim neck funnel and fill it with ATF+4 AND NOTHING ELSE!! at the transmission dipstick tube if its an automatic. Check level with the vehicle running in park. if at the add line its a pint low. add while running and run through the gears without moving the vehicle EG: RND21 back to park.just click into them one by one for 10 seconds each then check level and add as necessary.
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    I would check all the universal joints and the wheel bearings
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    I know exactly what it is! the milky buildup is just condensation collecting in the filler and mixing with oil particals that come from the pcv valve. its nothing to worry about. just clean it out your next oil change. there is a revised design filler available from chrysler. hiope you can all calm down now knowing ur worrying about nothing.
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    this is an electrical problem not a mechanical problem. i would have a dodge dealership use their DRB3 scan tool and check all the sensors and computer
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    pop it off with a screwdriver
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    tailshaft speed sensor connection or the sensor itself
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    its part of the sending unit inside the tank
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    battery, poor connection, corrossion,
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    u put the thermostat in upside down
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    no dude. wrong wrong
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    i would definatley check the ASD relay. its an auto shut down relay and cuts power to everything in the event of an accident or a power surge. sometimes malfunctions due to age, looseness, corrossion on pins. replace it.
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    relay box under hood
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    the latch needs to be adjusted
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    u have a parasitic power draw somewhere. or check ur serpentine belt for excessive wear it could be slipping causing the alternator to work intermittently. or have the batt. and alt. checked somewhere else.
  • tayninhtayninh Posts: 2
    The rear over head A/C in my 99 durango wont turn on, anyone have any ideads?
  • 79cj579cj5 Posts: 7
    My 200 Durango spits and sputters after it warms up, and quickly becomes undriveable and stalls. It acts like it is out of gas, or has trash in the fuel lines. What has me stumped is it will run fine cold, for about five minutes. Anybody know?
  • i just bought a 1999 durango a few days ago and when i go down steep roads the oil gage goes down to 0 and the check gages light comes on. when i get back on flat roads the oil gage goes up and everything is fine. some people think it may just be my sensor. anyone know what could be wrong?
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