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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • go1go1 Posts: 1
    after reading this I googled ps pressure switch and got nothing did I read you correctly I need to replace this part to stop the o2 sensor problem..?
  • yes, replace the sensor asap. then inspect the wiring behind the connector to see if there is any power steering fluid on it. if it has contaminated the wiring, welcome to our world.

    P.s.- mucuna is the man. our savior thus far on this seeminlgly crazy battle.
  • 2000dd2000dd Posts: 1
    I know you posted this quite a while ago, but I'm now having similar problems. Sometimes my 2000 Dodge Durango simply will not turn over at all. If I move the shifter from "Park" into "Neutral", it will start up. I replaced the switch on the side of the transmission, but that did not solve the issue. Any suggestions?

  • (2000 Durango SLT) My ABS and brake light are on and stay on. They were intermittent as you described for several months. I finally investigated and found the rear speed sensor to be cracked. I replaced it, but the lights remain. Needless to say, I have no ABS as it will lock the wheels up real easily on a wet road. I have heard that the ABS must be reset by either the dealer or an ABS diagnostic tool. I have also heard that once it is repaired properly the lights go out on their own. I have let this go for a long time to fix other problems (like the O2 sensor fiasco) but now I am back to driving the truck and trying to get the rest of it right. I am trying to figure out if I need to fix something else, or just get it reset? I do not like going to the dealership unless I absolutely have to because they are as corrupt as they come. Has anyone worked on a 2000 SLT ABS system?
  • I have never had any problems till now. 5.9l motor
    the truck starts fine but will not shift to any position i was told by dealer it is neutral safety switch i am currently in the process of putting new one on. old one came off simple new one is a real pain just dont want to go in.......
    PLEASE any help would be great :mad:
  • rchiirchii Posts: 7
    Hey! This is exactly what we are having trouble with. We just purchased a 2000 Durango with a 4.7 in it. It started by giving me a 551 code(power steering switch). Then it added a misfire detected on cylinder #8. Now it has several other codes. However, it has started running extremely rich and idling rough. Black smoke comes pouring out of the tailpipe, especially when excelerating. Please! tell me what you did to remedy the situation. I will put the steering switch in tomorrow.

    Thank you!

  • iuboundiubound Posts: 3
    How much can a Durango, with Hemi, Tow package , and 3.55 axle ratio tow? The dealers I speak to our clueless. Do I need the 3.93 axle ratio?

    What experiences does anyone out there have?

    My boat weights 4350 lbs, and my trailer 1500 lbs.

  • iuboundiubound Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me what they are towing with a Hemi? Do you know your axle ratio? Does it matter? I am told that your can only pull the maximum 8750 lbs with the 3.93 axle ratio, and less with the 3.55.

  • jchappeljchappel Posts: 16
    I am towing a 5,000lb boat with no problem. I have the tow package, but have no idea what my axle ratio is. I am supposed to be able to tow up to 8900lbs.
  • iuboundiubound Posts: 3
    Does the 5000 lb boat include the trailer, or is that extra?
  • dickh41dickh41 Posts: 1
    After replacing front brake pads, the malfunction indicator light came on, and 2 codes were set relating to a brake switch. Is this a switch that needs to be reset? If so, where is it? Also, since this happened, the cruise control does'nt work.
  • mucunamucuna Posts: 19
    you responded to maybe the origional blog on this subject. your car will not run more normally until you disconnect the upsteam rt bank o2 sensor. Read back on all the other responses in this forum to this problem. it dominates this space.
  • syracuse49syracuse49 Posts: 1
    hello i have a 2001 durango. and i just put a trany in it. but i had a auto shop take it out and he didn't want to put the new/used trany back in. this guy lost a lot of the part's to my trany and the transfer casing. so i did get the trany and the transfer casing back in.

    but not my problem is on top of my transfer casing there's a line there but i cant fine a hose to hook up to that line on the casing. i need help real bad. i was thinking that it might not take a hose but i cant put trany fluid in because i'm thinking that when i start the truck it's going to shoot out the fluid. can anyone help??????
  • poopsiegapoopsiega Posts: 2
    I noticed that the carpet on the passenger side of my 2002 durango was wet so I peeled it back to see what the problem was. I had about 2 inches of water under the carpet. I used a wetvac to get it out. I guess my AC is draining inside. Can anyone tell me how to unclogg the drain so it will drain outside?
  • clovescloves Posts: 3
    ncdodgeowner, thanks for this write up! I am putting together a tutorial with diagrams and photos to help other Durango owners out there. I will be putting on one of the forums since edmunds is really a poor read imo. This thread alone is littered with other cross posts making it a hard read.

    One question I have. You left the ground (S108 - which is the common ground connected the Power steering pressure switch) attached? Since this is the cause of the contamination intially, wouldn't this eventually flow fluid back into the new O2 sensor?

    I did a small test, swapping both the PSPS and the O2 sensor and drove for about 12 miles and then checked both. Both had fluid showing at each connection.
  • clovescloves Posts: 3
    Well I just picked up the Bosch universal sensor and wired it up. I ran the sensor wire, pcm ground and a ground upto to the pcm. The other wire, which the book calls fuse cut off, I pulled from the original o2 hook up since it was dirty.

    After routing everything and taking a drive I am getting a p0132 (P0132 ($3E) = 1/1 02 Sensor Shorted to Voltage ). I don't know why this is happening.

    I cut the sensor wire as ncdodgeowner stated and using a butt plug hooked them both up. I didn't solder the connection because in the book it says not to solder because the solder blocks oxygen.

    Then I found the pcm ground and spliced into that connection using one of the press down connectors. I also ran a new ground and plugged that into the standard ground.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  • clovescloves Posts: 3
    I fixed my code issue by ordering the Denso Oxygen Sensor for the upstream. The Bosch universal was the problem. Its not up to correct specs like the Denso which are OEM. Cheapest spot to get them is via
  • I have a '98 5.2 liter that has no ignition fire from the coil. All electrical systems work. All warning lights activate.

    I have replaced the coil and the crank position sensor and still no fire. :confuse:

    Please respond with any ideas.
  • My 2000 Dodge Durango stalled while driving. When trying to start it back up, the engine turns over but does not start. Thick white smoke came out of the exhaust and the RPM gage was bouncing erratically with out the engine running. What is wrong. I hope someone can help me. The car has stalled before while parking at our home but never while driving. I informed the the mechanic of this and they said nothing was wrong.
  • dm4everdm4ever Posts: 2
    DOES ANY ONE HAVE A DIAGRAM OR PICS ON LOCATION WHERE THE BLOWER MOTOR IS or where the sensor for the fan speed i guess is thanks
  • tontontonton Posts: 2
    Who did you talk to, to get dodge to pay for your PCM. I beleive I need to have mine replaced.
  • tontontonton Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Dodge durango and It jerks and sometimes shuts down while I am driving no engine light no codes. I have ask mech. and they have no Idea what is wrong. After reading so many complaints I am starting to think it is the PCM. It has been doing this for about a month now. Its just now getting hard to start on occasions it runs great other wise. Also have another problem my ABS, and brake Light is on. Had my brakes and rotors replaced Lights are still on I have read it could be the ABS module. Brakes still seems to not be working right but do work. Can any on help. Cant afford to spend alot on money on this but need my Durango gets me back and forth to work and get kids around. Afraid to put the kids in with it dyeing on me while I am driving. Help Help
  • copetecopete Posts: 1
    replaced 318 motor with one from rolled vehicle, no fire to coil and code is 0320 ignition distributor engine speed input curcuit malfunction, how do I fix or what is it??
  • went to auto zone and picked up the throttle position sensor for $29.99 plus tax and it 5 mintues and it fixed the problem, no more eractic idle. thank you so much
  • I have a 99 Durango and need some serious help. This thing gets real bad fuel mileage.I mean it drinks an 1/8 of tank just running to store and back in city limits. Check engine light did come on. Had it checked at Auto zone. Came back as P0740(Torque Converter Clutch) and P0783(3-4 Solenoid). Now Im really stuck on what to do next. Would changing the Tranny Fluid help this or is there something I can do to try to fix this? Or are we talking like a Tranny Rebuild.Or should I try to change the Solenoids? Any Help would be super. If anyone else has had this problem please tell...Thanks, Shawn
  • My 2005 Durango Remote Keyless Entry system just quit working. I changed the battery in the remote key, checked for blown fuse, tried re-programing keys, and disconnected battery to re-boot the modular. Nothing worked. Any suggestions?
  • Can someone please help me out on this? I would appreciate it. Anyways, I bought a 1998 dodge durango, it had a stalling problem, not all the time. I took it to a friend that has the code and it came up the o2 sensor, so I had that replaced. Reset the sensor and the light came back on, so I knew I had to get the other o2 sensor, well before I could do that I went shopping and started heading back home. The durango started making this funny noise and the check gauges light came on. So I looked at the gauges and the oil said it was low and the car had said it had overheated. After the vehicle had cooled down I checked the oil and the coolant and everything else and they were all full. I got it to start back up and headed down the highway again, but it made the noise again. I had an engine put into it and every since then it rolls over but will not start. It also had other parts put into it. If anyone has any information that will help me out onto why its rolling over but will not start can you please reply back so that I can get my vehicle started again.....Thanks
  • First off, the code reader would tell you which O2 sensor was setting the code (upstream or downstream) so you only need to replace the defective one. Need to know what type of noise it was making (stumbling, back-firing, etc.) If it sounded like small backfire under your feet and the O2 sensor was still bad, you could have been dumping fuel into the engine which will cause a misfire and could lead to excessive unburned fuel flowing into the exhaust where it will partially burn and sound like a small pop as the engine bucks. How did the exhaust smell when this happened? Did it burn your eyes?

    When you say you had an engine put into it, are you saying you had the entire engine replaced??? If so, have the person that did it get it running. Since you threw that variable into the mix, it could be just about anything causing it to not start from a connection left un-done, crimped wire, blown fuse, clogged fuel filter/line, etc. Start by checking fuel and spark and work your way back from there. Remember that the motors, in the Durango, are Benz motors and are about as bullet-proof as you will find in an American SUV. The sensors that control it, on the other hand, are usually where your problems will come from. Stop "shot-gunning" the problem and work methodically to trouble shoot where the problem(s) are.
  • bdewbdew Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. I took it to a local dealership(not 5 star). they kept it for 3 days and couldn't fix it. They said they called the regional office and got no help. They wanted me to write a letter to Chrysler requesting assistance. I thought it was a joke. I took it to a 5 star dealership (which closed down a few weeks ago by Chrysler) about 20 miles from my house and they fixed it in about 10 minutes for free. Not sure what it was, but the first group was clueless.

    Try another dealership.
  • Yep about 3 years ago mine had the same problem
    Finally I found a blog and it told me to disconnect the neg batter terminal
    hang out for 5 minutes or so. Hook it back up and guess what everything was fine again. Havent had that problem again
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