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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Diesel



  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Pics, prices, etc would be VERY nice!

  • I would think that with the success of the 4 door Wrangler, Jeep would want to expand the line up. I think that Diesel is a logical next step. I also think that a Hybrid that can be charged from 110v as well would be another step in the right direction. Jeep does not have the image that it even cares about the environment. I would think that Jeep’s fuel economy will limit the sale of their vehicles for both the environmentalist and the pragmatic. I have held off buying a vehicle waiting for the more fuel efficient vehicles to roll in. I just hope that Jeep does not miss the boat on my next purchase.
    Personally, I like the look and the name brand of Jeep better than the FJ, but if the FJ goes convertible, it will be my next purchase. It is a smoother better performing car.
    Just my 2 cents
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    Buy a condo in a good tourist area of Canada. Then buy your diesel Jeep and license it in Canada. You can then drive it to your home in the states. If the cops don't like tell them to get it licensed for you. I ran into that years ago in CA with their 49 state BS. They backed down and I kept my truck licensed in Alaska. Saved me a ton on CA license fees.
  • cdrahos,

    I would really like to talk on the phone about the

    diesel from the truck being installed into your jeep,

    any chance you're near northern New Jersey? Thanks.
  • I have been very interested in the diesel power and economy. Foreign markets are offering the TJ Diesel. Jeep needs to get its game on and reward the US market with this capability as well!

    I actually found a very small article in TRUCK TREND of Burnsville OffRoad (MN) installing diesels in almost any SUV/truck you could want. They did a standard Wrangler, Here's their web site (

    Cleaner diesels are here!!! Get them to the market!
  • Hey cdrahos,

    I'm VERY interested in your wrangler conversion... I have a '97 TJ and have been considering ways to convert it to diesel. Do you have any photos of the conversion? What problems did you encounter with the engine swap? How difficult was it to mate the engine and tranny? Are there any downsides to the conversion? Any additional information you could provide would be great. Also, if you would rather send me a pm instead of writing another post I'd appreciate it.
  • Hey Murphy - I am actually designing a web-page for you guys out there who are interested. If you want we can even do you installation for you. We have done 1 TJ, 1 YJ, and 1 Cherokee. All of them are great. Of course there were some learning experiences, and some initial problems. I'll try to answer as many of your questions as possible but I am most certain I will leave some details out that you want. I will surely post the URL to the web-page here when I am done.

    As far as space goes - you need to put about a 3-inch body lift on the TJ because the Cummins engine is like a small refrigerator. It is tall and skinny, rather than a "V" series gas engine that is more block like.

    The engine will most likely have a Grummans (Ford) bolt pattern because that is the bread truck we stole it from. So a simple adapter plate from ford to Chrysler pattern will work. We used the AX15 that is in the standard 6-cyl TJ models. It has given me no problems to date. I would replace the shifter and most of the linkage with hurst linkage because the body lift will make your shifter really "slushy"

    Let's Talk cooling - you need an external fan that is electronically controlled to engage when your engine starts getting hot. Do this by simply installing a fan behind the radiator. Fuel - needs to be cooled because as the diesel passes by the engine it gets too hot, and does not burn right. To solve this simply put a fuel cooler ( like a radiator for your fuel) in front of the radiator (they sell bolt on kinds) so when you drive you get your fuel cooled. All trucks built now have built in fuel coolers for this reason.

    Downsides - it really sucks having unreal torque and unbelievable fuel mileage (27-30mpg). Ha! Just kidding, but diesel is expensive around here, about $3.60 a gal. But I suppose it will fluctuate throughout the year. Best bet is to buy off road diesel or home heating fluid tax free and run that, because the odds of getting checked are slim to none.

    Hope this helped, and let me know if we can do the operation for you, we can discuss costs at a later date. But lets get you burnin' oil!

  • I was wondering if maybe, i can just pay for you to do this conversion for me. i have a 2001 jeep wrangler Sahara. because i was going to buy a biodiesel reactor and a diesel jeep would be perfect.
  • I am also considering converting my 99 Wrangler to diesel. After reading your posting, message #72, I gather you do these types of conversions. Where are you located and can you give me a contact number so that we may discuss this further. Thanks
  • hey i am really interested in going diesel on my 2001 jeep wrangler sport 4L i m not very mechanic smart but what to no if possible and were can i go to find what type of engine will fit. pretty much want to know all the info that anyone can give me. thanks
  • I would buy a small diesel JK or JT if I could.
  • Hello guys ,
    It is nice to see your enthusiasm.
    I am a happy 05' Liberty 2.8 L Diesel owner.3 yrs old.Now enjoying the 31mpg Average , and 5000 lb towing capacity.
    I am an employee of Chrysler and have been actively emailing our CEO's on our employee only "dashboard anywhere"website about this very subject .
    Like me there is a following on this.We Jeep owners are very passionate about our products.
    We have debating with CEO's for 3 yrs now, on the viability of marketing the diesel options in our produucts.
    I believe very soon your dreams will come.
    Initially it was the emission standards were holding us back. but with a little encouragement about incorperating the "blue tec" technology into them.Now it is viable.
    When the Liberty,and Gr.cherrokee, sold like "hot cakes" ,this statistic surpirised the big boys.
    Don't worry it is coming.
    As Gas stays high ,and the $10,000 hybred batteries don't last more than 3 yrs, and can't tow,with no power, Diesel is a given.
    Especially now that VW ,Mercedes, are launching their little SUV's with Diesel options. ,
    the big 3 will have no choice but to answer with their versions as well.

    As the new Super fuels become available, Bio Diesel, and European High Cetane Diesel Fuel, the emissions will be drastically reduced, and make a diesel optiion market feasable.
    The problem is we don't have a mass producer of engines to produce more than 100,000 engines a year..yet..this drives the price of the engine down.
    this is a dilema ,because at present an engine will add, more than $2000 to the price of the vehicle which most are not ready to spend.

    but as fuel stays high more people will look for alternatives.
    and most Americans especially woman who are working professionals, who make up 50% of the SUV market as surveyed don't care about mileage,just safety,and options instead.
    There are other stumbling blocks , like the taxing and price of Diesel fuel being high .
    But what will help our cause is poeple getting involved and educating the public about clean diesel engine tecnology.
    I personally drive around with a custom painted spare wheel cover on the back of my diesel Liberty, touting the mileage,storage capacity and towing capacity, which VW doesn't have.
    In Canada where gas is $5/gallon,You better believe ,I have had great reactions from alot of people here.And I am planning on emailing a video on the reactions of my jeep to our fearless leaders.
    Well guys keep up the is coming...

  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    Okay just FYI, the 3 yr hybrid battery life thing is total bullsh1t.

    Anyway, here's my real point. I need a new car now. I don't want to wait 3 years to get what I need/want. Or to buy a car now that still leaves me feeling like the little guy in prison then have to take Big Mike's lovin again in 3 years when American car makers finally decide to stop jamming us.

    Jeep 2007 Eco 4x4 of the year in Europe per their own UK site, not even available here. Go MOPAR!

    My 2 pennies.
  • matt1320matt1320 Posts: 20
    After owning a '92 YJ and a '00 TJ, I would purchase a diesel Wrangler variant. I have sent a few e-mails to DC asking about US availability of such a vehicle, and received the typical corporate/political beat-around-the-bush BS answers. It is no wonder that Chrysler is circling the drain. They don't offer products that people want, and don't care to listen to customers. People want real changes, not free doo-dad's or gimmicks. If a CRD engine has been successfully engineered into the JK/J8 for the European/African market, then don't reinvent the wheel, just make it meet EPA and DOT specs and get it to market. They also need to ensure that Dealerships/Service Centers straighten up and fly right. Today, nobody has the spare time or money to deal with less than excellent customer service. Not free coffee or news papers, just fix the problem right the first time, no BS. End of rant.
  • boyvanboyvan Posts: 1
    I spend approx 2 hours in rush hour everyday. I am also interested in Jeep Rubicon so that i can spend my weekends outdoor. Only if Jeep Rubicon had a Diesel engine I would have definitely bought one. My other alternative is buy a Jeep for the weekends and keep my 4 Cyl for weekdays but the problem is I don't want to keep 2 cars because of various reasons, insurance being one (BC, Canada).

    So Jeep people, if you are reading this (in case you didn't know), there is a huge market out there for Diesel engines and Jeeps. So if you combine the two guess what do you get? LOTS OF REVENUE. So put one Cherokee Diesel engine in Wrangler or Rubicon too.
  • veejazveejaz Posts: 2
    I'm interested in the adapter to the tranny and which starter do you use?
  • here is an article I found on Mopar working on a diesel in a box. Even if it has to come from Mopar and I have to pay someone to put it in for me it is certainly worth it. I would really like to see the 2010 Wrangler that is an EV have diesel with the EV (electric vehicle)

    Mopar Diesel Link
  • I was really hoping to buy a jeep sahara or rubicon diesel this year, since its not available, Im moving on, voting with my feet. end of story.. I wish the manufacturer would just figure it out.
  • I've been waiting for Jeep to offer a diesel in their production wrangler line for many years. Of course there was the brief GC offering, but was largely ignored by management (not the public).

    There are many ways for Jeep to outfit a diesel into the Jeep lineup. Most economical would be to go with a proven diesel engine builder like they do with their Ram HD lineup - Cummins.

    I have owned several diesels over the last few decades, including my current VW Jetta TDI and Ram 2500HD QC Diesel, and formerly a F250HD PSD. I'll never own a gasoline car again. VW is on track with it's TDI expansion. Of all the alternative gas fuels out there, Diesel is the only one already in place for mass delivery to consumers. It would take decades and billions of tax dollars to get many of the proposed other alternative fuel delivery systems in place.

    Let's go Jeep, get diesels in your vehicles already! If Jeep could put a Wrangler with a factory diesel on that sad looking Dodge/Jeep lot tomorrow, I'd buy one in an instant.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The really ironic and frustrating thing is that if you buy a Jeep in the UK, the only Wrangler engine available is a diesel. :surprise:

    Jeep UK Link
  • jeepchiefjeepchief Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I live on reservation land in NY, as I listen outside my people are chanting: We want rubicon diesel, we want rubicon diesel, we want rubicon diesel!

    So Jeep we beg of you, the US government has taken our land, our pride, and our horses but please Jeep you can at least give us a rubicon diesel!
  • I know you posted about doing diesel conversions on jeeps a long time ago but are you still considering doing the job? I have an 06 wrangler x with the 6 cylinder motor now and have been looking into the cummins 4bt swap for some time now. The main thing holding me back is that im not sure im mechanically inclined enough to do everything properly to where it will last and be reliable everyday. Please contact me at if you are willing to help me out or point me in the direction of someone who can. I live in ft wayne indiana but would possibly be willing to send my jeep somewhere to have the work done depending on distance and cost and all that.
  • Ditto for me. The worst thing to happen to Chrysler was for Dr Z to pay Cerberus $6.5B to take Chrysler... the reason this was bad is Dieter was the ONLY one at the top there who believed in diesels in America.

    Former DaimlerChrysler Tech Center worker waiting for them the WAKE up and sell us what we want...
  • OK so I have had some diesel LR 110's and most recently got a used Rubicon Diesel for the equivalent of $38,000. Have recently sold it in Nevada. new owner had no trouble transferring title there. I am curious if there are any buyers at that price. With no financing of course. I believe a slightly older model can be bought for several K's less but would still be in the $30's after import costs etc.
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