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Audi A3: Problems & Solutions



  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,512
    Quality Control problems (fit and finish and build quality issues with Audi A3)

    rear wiper blade worked like it was 2+ years old
    scratch on glove box plastic (could of been molding manufacturing issue) (Audi won't fix)
    unravelling corner to cargo cover inside (could of been cause by me, but if so, poorly designed and not durable at all) (didn't bother Audi about this one)
    Exhaust tips look like they came out of a junkyard; trying to get Audi to replace, so far I've been met with a brick wall of resistance. I'm angry at Audi for this one. They claim it is within their specification and quality standards. I hope to take pics and post on this forum in the near future to embarrass Audi as revenge, if they don't fix it soon!
    Interior rear quarter panel trim did not fit right, was loose, and had about a 1/4" to 1/2" gap with other trim pieces (replaced under warranty)
    Rearview mirror has a miniscule speck/scratch mirror defect (Audi says its the glass thats scratched, not the mirror, and therefore not covered)
    Rearview mirror moves too freely, not nearly enough tension (design flaw; Audi says its normal for A3) moves everytime I put the sunshade up! annoying!)
    First 1,000 miles, had rattles in the back, but they dissappeared!!! I'm going good at 6,000 + miles now.
    DSG tranny acts up every so often (very rarely), its scary though, I hope if it fails, it fails before my warranties expired, and not right after :( :lemon: The DSG tranny has worked ALMOST flawlessly, but not perfectly. It's just a tad worrisome. :mad:
    Gas mileage has been significantly less than reported by EPA, even with conservative driving, and especially with spirited driving. I was told the engine would continue to improve on mileage up to its breakin period of 15K miles by dealer. I'm at 6K now.

    Audi blames the selling dealer and most of these issues as (outside influence), but what are the chances at least half of these issues are not dealer negligence or carelessness?
    High!!! very high! They can't all be!

    Audi needs to respect their customer's wishes more. My exhaust tips have a terrible finish and big burnt line going across the whole length horizontally. Even Kia's and Suzuki's have better exhaust tips than this!

    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • Sorry to hear you are having trouble, andres3.

    Not covering scratches in glass in a freshly delivered car? My Saturn ION had that (with other problems) and Saturn ended up replacing the entire car!

    Take heart that your info helps me with my desision whether or not to consider an A3 next year. Very unlikely to buy one new...Audis' warranty sounds worthless.
  • well, lets say warranty seems suspect, at least, for a number of issues. In fairness, Other cars have warranty lapses too.

    I wonder how Audi addresses DSG clutch wear? Is that covered at all? I understand the clutches are very expensive to replace.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,512
    In fairness to Audi:

    They did replace my rear wiper blade no questions asked.
    They did replace the ill fitting interior quarter panel trim in the rear left side no questions asked.

    All of the other little minor things I've had problems with could easily have been "outside influence" and caused by the owner (being me). However, I can honestly testify that almost all of these issues were certainly already there when I purchased the car. I should have done a better delivery inspection, but it was overcast, and I was excited there were no mechanical flaws.

    Fortunately, the car is a blast to drive, and the best and most fun vehicle I"ve ever driven. It handles like a dream, ESP keeps you out of trouble. The dunlop perfomance tires stick to the road like no other, but the powerful engine still can make them spin w/o too much effort on the gas pedal (until ESP quickly kicks in).

    Mechanically, the car has been fantastic, and I've had no breakdowns or anythhing go wrong under the hood in 6K + miles. I'm just a bit upset over the number of tiny little cosmetic aesthetic issues. I'm really happy the car settled in and the rattles disappeared completely on their own.
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • good to hear your Audi experience wasn't all that bad...
    as I am still thinking about one when I get into the right driving circumstances.

    What is turbo lag like in your car? I keep getting different pictures of this (some pubs find a lot of lag, others say there is very little). Perhaps Audi changed the A3 engine programming over the model year??

    A coworker acquired an Audi A4 FWD recently...felt quite large compared to the A3 interior. But felt very stern, sort of spartian (may have been due to its all black Teutonic interior).
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,512
    I have a hard time figuring out if its turbo lag, or simply DSG transmission downshifting lag.

    When you push on the gas suddenly, the DSG might have to shift down more than 1 gear, which means if each clutch is on the "next" gear, it won't be able to do that magical .2 second shift from 6 to 4, or 6 to 3...
    But I will tell you this, once your in gear, and once the rpm's approach 3,000, you're flying, pushed back into your seat, and up to 100 MPH in no time at all.
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,512
    Either way, the lag is minimal. Better than the Volvo V50 T5 I test drove that felt like a sling shot with the lag holding it up at starts.
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
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