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Chevrolet HHR Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The dealer should give you your money back!!
  • I'm curious, why should the dealer give the money back? The buyer didn't check to see whether the vehicle had the options prior to purchasing. Unless the buyer has a signed paper that states those options were included not much can be done about it. Buying a used car is a gamble one that the buyer has to understand and do their homework on prior to purchase. Now if the buyer has a signed paper stating those options are included then the dealership should correct it, otherwise not much can be done about it.
  • Because I still have the listing stating that it includes things that it doesn't. I didn't sit in the parking lot trying to learn how to work the radio. That's where the Owner's Manual comes in and learning it when I get home.

    Adding features to the vehicle that are not there is MISREPRESENTATION, whether you catch it or not.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    It may have been an honest mistake by dealer (with them thinking it was STANDARD as well, or it may have been changed by someone). I would try to work with them (nicely but firmly) to see if something could be worked out they both parties would be comfortable with.
  • I'm just curious does the car have an antenna on the back part of the roof above the rear hatch? My understanding is that is that is for the XM while the one in front is for On Star. Granted salesperson should not have told you it came equipped one way when it didn't have those options.
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