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Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Jetta



  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    is a good 2K price difference between Jetta and Civic. The driving experience is what sold me with the Jetta. I know the Jetta won't win any races but man, the car was solid. The price on the Civic was Sticker price on the window by the way.. I'm sure the would have taken 19-20K for the vehicle..
    As I have said. Drive these two cars back to back. You will see what I mean about how different they really drive.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yep...with the lesser optioned Jettas, the Civic has a run for its money (although the Civic has less money to run for!)...option it up, though, and the Jetta becomes less of a bargain. I'd say (just me) the price difference seems about right on the Package one jetta and the Civic EX get what you pay for to a point...
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    600Kgolfgt said: '

    " beg to differ...
    People from my father's (he's 82) generation (including your grandad) took auto maintenance a lot more seriously than today's drivers. They either did their own maintenance or knew someone they trusted for years to do the maintenance for them. Today's long-hour working, cell-phone talking, latte-drinking, gotta-have-it-now generation tends to think of regular maintenance as an afterthought (due to extremely busy schedules). And when something goes wrong with their vehicles, they tend to sue everyone under the sun, moon and stars (instead of looking in the mirror) instead of taking responsibility for their actions. "

    But car are much more reliable now!
    The have electronic igntiion instead of points and plugs.
    You don't have to set the timing.
    Oilf filters and engine machining/tolerance is much more advanced.
    You don't have leaded Ethyl!
    The have micro pocessors to control many engine functions.
    Fan belts don't fail and have to be adjusted every 1,000 miles.
    Radiators don't overheat becuase the water has evapoarate or the hose has busted ( at least not near as often)
    Cars don't wear out at 50,000 miles any more ( i.e odometers are not longer just five digits!)

    Welcome to the new age of technologially advanced autos! :)

    By the way, they last longer and require a lot less maintenance ;)


  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    Of course when you option up to a Jetta 2.0T with DSG your getting a car that accelerates like an Accord V6. At this point the Jetta compares more favorably with a TSX than a Civic.

    Hey, I love Hondas and think they're a great company with great products and the Civic is probably the best economy car on the market. But I think the Jetta goes beyond economy car status in terms of build quality and solidness. Obviously I mean other aspects of quality other than reliability when I mention VW such as quality of materials.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I agree whole-heartedly, venus, which is why I put a LOT more stock in the Jetta vs. Accord forum, b/c it is a much better comparison, pricewise or otherwise. The Civic is desinged to compete in the under $20k market, with a couple entries that cost more than $20k. The VW on the other hand, seems the opposite; designed to sell for over $20k, but with a couple (one? Value Edition?) models below that, and comparing them at their matching price points gets tricky.

    Is that a fair statement?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I have been hearing all about these "perfect Hondas" for years also. Scary part is.. get out on the net and visit other chat rooms, or just go to google and type in Honda problems. Yikes! Kind of makes you wonder how Honda got its rep. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure they are reliable vehicles. But I question, just how much more reliable, really??
    I have been researching VW's for about a month now. Granted, they have some issues. But I run into owners with 200,000 trouble free miles to owners that have problems day after purchase. But, same goes for Honda/Toyota/Nissan/Ford/GM... ;)
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    Right now Hondas are more reliable than WVs. End of story.

    Goggling Honda problems tells you what again?

    What we should realize is that the difference between a reliable and a not so reliable car is a matter of a few percentage points.

    A baseball player who hits .330 is considered a great hitter while a player who hits .260 is considered average. Those two numbers are not really that far apart. That .330 hitter will still make around 400 outs during the season.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    No manufacture can produce perfect cars. There will always be lemons, problems, etc.

    If you type in "any manufacture-- problems" there will always be something that pops up.

    But it seems according to both JD powers and CR, Honda in general is much more reliable than VW.

    VW is usually near the bottom of the list, while Honda near the top.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yeah, it seems that Ford is even doing better than VW these days on the reliability front.
  • Hey guys, this is actually to the board not just Scape2. I have a 2004 GLI that I love dearly! It absolutely rocks. But I was in an accident about a year ago, that was a minor fender bender. No worries...except that the shop my insurance company sent the car to, set my @#$% baby on fire! My lovely insurance company neglected to send out an adjuster to reassess...and now I have a $40k Jetta. :sick: It still drives great, sticks to the road like crazy, but because of all the fire damage in the engine (new wiring harness, plastic, etc.) I have had a &%$* pile of electrical problems. :mad: So I started to look for a new car because the electrical issues were becoming a bit much...and the SI is and may still be at the top of the list. UNTIL I saw the report on edmunds...oh the reporters mentioned it was a great car, but the forums were FULL of SI steering problems, back window problems, etc! Now I am scared. Better to have the problems you know then the ones you don't know. ;) And I got to tell ya, when it comes to the 20-25k price range, it is a desert out there for sporty sedans.

    I know there are some V-dub haters on this board, but if I could (stupid body-shop idiots, and their %$#@ fires!) I would keep my Jetta over the SI any day. I've smoked one out on the street...and I am a little under ten horses less than that bad boy. Couldn't handle the curves. :shades:
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    LOL, you posted and joined 3 days late!

    Hey think about it, if you have brand new wiring harness you should have even less elctrical problems. The fire and body damage are not the source of your elctrical problems.

    As far as smoking a SI in the curves, maybe you were a better, more aggresive drive. I have beat a Mustang Cobra before, in a slightly modified GSR! Doesn't mean that the Cobra was a slouch ;)


    P.S.- Life is not about beating but the enjoyment of driving!
  • The automatic transmission is rated for 0-60 at 9.1 seconds. Since the manual transmission time was nowhere available, I tested it myself with a stop-clock. First, I tested an automatic 2.5 and got exactly 9.1 seconds. Confident in my experimental procedure, I tested my manual. I did 0-60 in 8.1 seconds (I'm originally from Germany, so I know a few tricks when it comes to make the most out of a manual). Even more, since I had to shift to third at around 58 mph (rev limiter), I tested my 0-58 mph and got 7.7 seconds. Imagine if the rev limiter were set just a little higher... Bottom line: With a manual this car (2.5) is actually zippy!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Kind of like the Civic; it's much, MUCH better with a manual; capable of 0-60 in 8.0 sec with the 5MT Civic. Not bad to be delivering combined mileage in the mid 30s.
  • hehe.. man.. what an entertaining thread! haha...

    i had to get my .02 in as an 06 Civic Si owner.... i'll take my Si anyday.. i like to drive and i love how my Si drives.. sure its not as 'refined' or 'german engineered' but thats what i like about it: reliable, fast enough, looks good, nice exhaust, and a more futuristic interior vs refined...

    plus, does your VW have LSD?? :P

  • In speed or handling. Not to mention reliability and resale after five years. LOL.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    I was interested in the jetta as well but after realizing it took volkswagens engineers five cylinders and 2.5 liters of displacment to get 10 more horses than a civic, i wasn't to impressed. I own an 06 ex and i have never heard of it being less smooth than the new jetta, most reviews on the jetta comented on it's lack of engine refinement and the civic handles great! No snazz? Everyone comments on my car and how clean and handsome it is. And although beauty is subjective, i'm sorry the new jetta looks like an over weight corolla and if i had a penny for how many times i heard that, i could have free lunch for the next few weeks. I don't think it looks terribly bad, but it certainly doesn't rank as the all out king of snazzyness. And as far as the crash test go, the civc has awesome ratings.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    this is the silliest thing i ever heard. Lock up your accord tight, some drifter may come and steal it.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618 has a jet, so i guess that makes them much closer to space than volkswagen, and what good is their space ship going to do if it's 'check rockets' light comes on?

    Someone also mentioned vw, more usable low end torque in the new jetta as oppossed to the civic. Actually, since the jetta is so fat and heavy, that torque may feel like more when driving the vehicle, but actually accelerates in about the same time. If not more.
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    Sems like this is a better comparison since they are priced
    closer.I drove the Rabbit before I got my Civic and was
    impressed with the quiet smooth solid ride and feeling of
    quality. The main reason I went with Honda is I have
    had Hondas since 1978 and trust their reliabilty.I like
    the torque of 2.5 liters but like the fuel economy of
    1.8 liters.I don't think the VW would do much better than
    20 mpg in mixed driving but I am getting 28+ in same
    conditions as my previous Sorento which did 15 mpg.I
    would like a smoother ride though which means I am old.
    Is there such a thing as sports car handling and Buick ride?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Is there such a thing as sports car handling and Buick ride?

    Yep, it's called a two-car garage. LOL... The Civic is not as rough as some of its competitors (Mazda 3 for example), so I'd say you made a pretty good tradeoff for handling and comfort.
  • Truth is its really hard to compare the two.. Honda Civic.. 2500 lbs.. Jetta 3200 lbs.. That is 700 lbs of sound proofing and steel difference. (Engines, transmissions, wheels, brakes ect are about the same weight..) It just plain cost money to move weight..

    If you want fuel mileage.. Get the Honda.. If you want comfort and quite get the VW.. As far as reliability.. I drove my 2000 jetta 270,000 miles before trading it for a newer Jetta wagon.. (Nothing but normal maint as in the manual and was not burning oil..) Think the big thing on all cars is maint.. Most people just do not bother..

  • image

    My opinion why Civic is better than Jetta.
  • What this Honda ad really says:

    "Submit your form, check in your identity, and become one of the masses..."

    " I drive a Japanese car. Me Too. Me three. etc, etc, etc...."
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    My 06 Civic was assembled in Canada,and looks as good as
    anything from Japan.So it is not the worker it's the
    management that cause junk products.If they don't have to
    ship them across the Pacific why aren't they cheaper?Is
    a Civic worth $5000 more than a Focus?The main drawback
    to Focus is everybody has one.I once rented a Focus
    Automatic and it was so boring but my Civic is not.As far
    VW goes the next year will tell if the quality is back
    so it can be a threat to Honda/Toyota.
  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 144
    Well, in a couple weeks my 06 GLI will be 1 year old and no problems. Well none other than the ones I reported earlier:

    Weird rattle at idle-Went away in a couple weeks with no return.

    Knob on the radio mysteriously cracked- Radio head unit replaced.

    While one year is not much of an indicator of a car's long-term reliability, it must mean something as some of the more vehement posters here report their VW being a piece of junk immediately after leaving the lot. Not so hear. Not even a bogus "Check Engine" light. I found the majority of the "Check Engine" lights to be a loose gas tank caps. They're just overly-sensitive. Seems the coil problem from the 1.8T's are no longer an issue either, as my 04 Passat wagon never had the problem.

    All-in-all, I'd say this is an awesome car and a hoot to drive. I never get tired of driving it. I just got back from a 1,500 mile road trip from Louisiana to Oklahoma city and back and was hardly fatigued. True, the GLI suspension and seats are more for a younger man (I'm 40 and pushing 41 in 2 months) but at in my 20's I had Japanese "pocket-rockets" that beat the fire out of me after a 4 or five hour road trip. Funny, they wouldn't even handle half as good as any of my VW's, other than my Passat Wagon. It handled on-par with my 97 Eclipse GST.

    As far as the "fat and heavy" cracks that make one feel as if they made a profound discovery, and are waiting for a Nobel Prize to roll down, I noticed the same thing. Especially when I walked around the car and took a look at the standard accommodations. then after I bought my VW, I had this conscientious feeling of driving a car that looked like a Corolla. I was almost sickened to think that I drove a car that resembled a Japanese tin box. Then another Jetta (Normal 2.5) rolled up beside me at an intersection, with a Corolla in front. THAT'S when I saw the big, HUGE difference: You could really see the quality of the VW over the Toyota. The so-called "fat" was the obvious difference in size of the two, and the VW wears its weight better than the Toyota wears its own paint. Just looks like a better piece all together. As far as the Honda Civic or Accord go, just the interior alone makes me think of a Pontiac Aztek. Thank God it has "Zero German engineering." :P Wouldn't want to see the makers of quality succumb to the masses.
  • Perhaps Honda meant North America, which happens to include Canada & the United States.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    As far as the Honda Civic or Accord go, just the interior alone makes me think of a Pontiac Aztek.

    In what way does the Accord make you think of an Aztek?



    Doesn't seem like a credible Honda slam to me. Honda has high-quality materials that would put a GM vehicle to shame. You may like the design of the Jetta better, but I don't think the quality difference is that large in the Accord vs. the Jetta.
  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 144
    Gee, I went to the Honda site and viewed the latest and greatest photos. I would never compare the Honda's interior to any Pontiac interior. I was comparing the Appliance's interior to the Aztek's exterior. THAT'S the link! :P




    The dash reminds me a little of the Aztek's front end too. Now, the pic you brought up shows pleasing interior. Just another example of Japanese ingenuity.
  • aoogsaoogs Posts: 3
    hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a second car, my old corolla had an untimely demise in an accident =( But now I'm looking into what car to buy, and I love the look and specs of the 2002 Jetta, the gls 1.8t to be precise. I have a couple of questions though

    do I REALLY need to put premium gas into the car, or will it suffice w/ regular if I buy it at 80k miles?

    If i want a car that I can reasonably assume won't cost me over $1500 a year to maintain, does the jetta fit?

    Thanks in advance for any comments, I appreciate all bits of advice (large, word...)
  • I love my 2.5 2005 1/2 Jetta.
    Civics and Jettas shouldn't even be a comparison. They are two entirely different cars and they get compared because of size. The Jetta is a superior driving machine with many more refinements. Sure the Civic is more reliable but I hate the way it drives. I test drove one back in 2000 and ended up with an Accord. I drove a brand new civic last year for a month and couldn't wait till my Jetta came from the shop after my wife damage both the transmission and oil pans. Incidentally, I bought the Jetta as a replacement to my Accord. The Jetta rides and handles much better than my Accord ever did. I must admit that the Accord was fairly reliable but I did have some problems. There were issues with transmissions in 2000 and other years. So many that Honda extended the warranty on both Accords and Odysseys. The transmission on my Odyssey failed at 75,000 miles. The Odyssey had quite a few recalls on some things as well. I have 38,000 miles on my Jetta without a hiccup.
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