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2007 Ford Edge



  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Well, ... perhaps the Edge wont be the saviour of the Ford motor company after all. Must not be selling well as they've already put a rebate on it.

    Oh well. Maybe they will rename it the Taurus E. That oughtta do it!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Maybe they will rename it the Taurus E.

    That would be abbreviated T-E which kinda sounds like Tee-Hee! ;)

    tidester, host
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    Does anyone that purchased an Edge with the Camel interior have a problem with the reflection on the windshield? Very pronounced and distracting when I sat behind the wheel. Anybody else feel this way?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Throw a blanket over it...

  • Ford is offering a $500.00 rebate on the base SE models only. This is due to the unexpected demand for the SEL and SEL+ models. Those who seem to be interested in the Edge are going for the upper tier/loaded models, not the base/minimally optioned Edge.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    It does sound strange but this rebate is a good sign. It means they can make and sell more expensive models going forward which will yield even more profit. The rebate is to move the base models that the dealers already have.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    Spin it anyway you want, but having to put a rebate on a vehicle after less than two months is NOT a good sign...

    It shows that the new has already worn off. After only one and 1/2 months there should be enough to pull through interest to move the lower models without rebates...

    It was some excellent spin though. Do you guys work in politics?
  • Here is the actual article - not sure of the copyright issues, but I'm sure the forum moderator will take the necessary action if I'm out of bounds in posting this:

    Of course you can interpret the above info any way you wish. Ford miscalculated the model mix (among many other recent miscalculations) and are taking the action noted in the article. I'm not interested in buying an Edge (I am the very happy owner of a Freestyle), but if I were, I would want a very well equipped one.

    Regards -

    M. J. McCloskey
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Was at the Toronto Auto Show last night. Very disapointed in the Edge. Looked very cheap, trim pieces didn't align, and these were show cars! Fit finish and quality of interior bits was sub-par. No less than 3 colours for the dash components. Joints and lines everwhere. What a mess! That tray on the top of the center stack was loose. Have a realative at the Oakville plant and feel sorry for those folks. I won't be buying one of these. Also had a quick look at the MKX. Same thing, and that rod to lift the rear tailgate; what's with that! Comparing this to the Lexus, Acura and others just can't be done. The GM Acadia, etc. are in the same boat as Ford. Not impressed at all. The constant vendor bashing and cost cuting is starting to show.

    I see a thread with the Santa Fe. I was very impressed with this one. Have been a major avoider of the Korean maker, but if I had to buy today, that would likely be the one. Have a Focus bought on the A plan and will not be buying another Ford. A good deal on a bad product is still a bad deal.
  • colecole Posts: 67
    Every auto show that I've been to has vehicles that have been banged on, sat in and just generally messed with by hundreds or thousands of the buying public. Saying that you wouldn't buy a vehicle based upon one that's had a lot of wear and tear on it seems odd to me.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929

    It's a simple matter for a Ford basher to insert an object in a trim joint, twist, and cause a gross misalignment.
  • As a Ford fan (one who has purchased nothing but Fords since 1990) I have been eagerly awaiting my first sighting of the new Edge on the road. Seeing as how the car has been on sale for around 7 weeks, and seeing as how it has been very heavily advertised on TV, I would never have guessed it would have taken until today to see one. It was a Black SEL model parked in a grocery store parking lot. I walked on over to look at it, and to my horror saw the dreaded green Enterprise sticker on the back hatch. I couldn't believe it! Fleet sales already for the car that is supposed to help save the Ford Motor Company? Hello Dearborn? Are things really that bad?
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    Is it true you can't disable the traction control on the Edge? In snow country it's something you need to be able to do. Hopefully it's not something Ford missed. :confuse:
  • driverdmdriverdm Posts: 505
    jasdmw, remember that the Edge for the autoshow, probably hasn't changed since the first autoshow it was unveiled at early last year. Also, remember that several reviews have said that the interior was well put together. Sometimes, one example does not speak for every product.

    To some degree, style is a personal matter. I actually like the color scheme. It makes the vehicle look modern and different to me. The seats also look very good. Take a look in a Land Rover (Range or RR Sport) and you'll something a little familiar with the Edge. The only part of the interior I do not care for is the center stack. It's livable, just not as nice as I'd like it.

    The Santa Fe looks beautiful in pictures but sitting in the interior, there are many areas where you see the cost cutting.

    By the way, I own a Mazda6, and am thinking about of buying a VW Passat (the reliability frightens me though) or a used STS so I am not a Ford Fanboy. I do love the Edge and Fusion. I hate the Taurus and Taurus X. Anyway back to topic.
  • ugmacugmac Posts: 4
    Of course you can disable the traction control.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    You're the only spin doctor here. If sales volume was an issue the rebate would apply to all models, not just the base models.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,854
    i think it takes time for a vehicle to reach a 'critical mass' wher you see them on a regular basis. i still see very few '07 camry's, and we all know they selling well.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    ex4 - don't u live in the SF bay area? Like me? I see more 07 Camrys than - well, I dont want to use too large a hyperbole, but there are literally a zill ... well a lot of them around here. Each as ugly as the one before, but still, people are buying em like hotc... oh well, u get the drift.
    Friends bought a lime green one (talk about hitting the poor step daughter with an ugly stick - a lime green 07 Camry - blech) way back when they first came out. It's a hybrid. Added to their Prius in the garage. Yeah, they're real greenies. I'll tell ya though, gas is stll $3.00 a gallon here (premium) and I'm getting real tired of paying that much. To get a hybrid now is to screw back at the oil companies and I'm beginning to think that's a good thing. And now, Priuses are starting to become deals - 0%, maybe even rebates. Believe it or not, USED priuses are more expensive than new ones in some cases because there are no more car pool lane stickers for Prii so commuters will pay more for a used one with the sticker.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    Turns out it's not even a rebate - it's just dealer cash.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    Ford spends a lot on advertising. They had better fire the agency that inserted the full page ad. in the latest issue of Time Canada. On the fifth page there is a full front view of the Edge with a hood that almost touches the left fender and has a big gap on the right side. I don't know if this shot appears in the U.S. edition. I hope it doesn't. It is dated Feb. 26.

    This has got to embarrassing for Ford. I am in Ford's corner, but gosh they had better get a handle on this.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,854
    i'm a right coaster in connecticut. i don't think any new cars are selling well, here. ads in the paper are 3k off sticker for a prius, 3600 off camry hybrid. have not seen any 'edge' on the road, yet. did see a mkx with dealer plates driving to work one day.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Oh. I mixed u up with another frequent poster here I guess. As I said somewhere else, Prii are geting easier to buy out here in Cal too. 0%, prolly below sticker, though I cant be sure. Reason is no more car pool lane stickers for them. Tell ya tho, with gas over $3.00 again here, I'm gettin ready to go hybrid myself. Oil companies are ripping us off. But then, so is Toyota and the Japanese government. Pick yer poison I guess.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    BTW, ex4, speaking of Connecticut and driving:

    One foggy night, a Yankees fan was heading north from New York and a Red Sox fan was driving south from Boston. While crossing a narrow bridge in Connecticut, they hit each other head-on, mangling both cars.

    The Red Sox fan manages to climb out of his car and survey the damage. He looks at his twisted car and says, "Man, I'm lucky to be alive!" Likewise, the Yankees fan gets out of his car uninjured, he too feeling fortunate to have survived.

    The Yankees fan walks over to the Red Sox fan and says, "Hey, man, I think this is a sign that we should put away our petty differences and live as friends instead of being rivals."

    The Red Sox fan thinks for a moment and says, "You know, you're absolutely right ! We should be friends. In fact, I'm going to see if something else survived the wreck."

    The Red Sox fan then pops open his trunk and removes a full undamaged bottle of Jack Daniel's. He says to the Yankee, "I think this is another sign- we should toast to our newfound friendship." The Yankee fan agrees and grabs the bottle. After sucking down half of the bottle, he hands it back to the Red Sox fan and says, "Your turn!"

    The Red Sox fan calmly twists the cap back on the bottle, throws the rest of the bottle over the bridge into the river and says, "Nah, I think I'll just wait for the cops to show up."
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Drivers of a FWD or front torque biased AWD should never, and i do mean NEVER, be able to turn off traction control. Slipping/spinning wheels at the rear as the result of no TC is one thing, but slipping/spinning of the front wheels, you know, the ones your stear with, is purely an invitation to desaster.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    Unless you're on snow. If you can't turn off traction control you'll be stuck. You have to spin the tires until they can find some grip under the snow. Even the owner's manual says this.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Ford should never have built an SE Edge. The SE is actually misleading if you compare the Edge to the Fusion. The SE Edge has equipment comparable to the Fusion S! The reason for the rebate is that no one will want this trim level.

    I can't figure out what bozoo at Ford thinks that people are going to spend north of 25k for a family/passenger car WITHOUT a power drivers seat. (its not that the seat is that important, its just that a car this expensive should have one and all the competition does.)

    My other gripe is the unpainted door handles. If you can get painted door handles on a $15k Nissan Versa, then you should get them on a $25k Ford Edge.

    Personally I think Ford should drop the current SE, rename the SEL the SE and rename the SEL Plus to just SEL.

  • markanmarkan Posts: 48
    I agree and also hate black door handles. $25k should buy an outstanding package of standard equipment.

    I also wish Ford would offer a few more options as stand alone items rather than part of a package. Packages used to be a grouping of related items but now we have many unrelated items thrown together. I know dealers hate individual options but I hate to pay for options I don't want to get one that I need.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Absolutely, unequivably NOT. TC is really for the inexperienced driver that would otherwise get themselves in trouble without TC as a "nanny". Anyone with any level of experience will tell you that the proper way to "gain" enough traction to initially get up and going on the slippery stuff is to carefully "feather" the throttle.

    And the owners manual regarding TC off has to do with the ability to rock the vehicle back and forth to get unstuck, and yes, spin, the wheels, not to gain traction but momentum.

    Disable TC and then spin the wheels to get moving initially, mono-directionally, and all you'll get is the smell of burning rubber.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    There are situations where one has to "chew" through the snow to find pavement with enough traction to provide beneficial rocking. Disabling TC is required in order to do this.
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    My other gripe is the unpainted door handles. If you can get painted door handles on a $15k Nissan Versa, then you should get them on a $25k Ford Edge.

    FWIW Ford did this with the Explorer too. Our '06 XLT V6 has black plastic exterior door handles. For '07, body colored and painted door handles are standard across the board.

    Going on that, maybe the '08 Edge will have standard body colored handles too. I'm pretty sure Ford did this in the past with other SUVs.
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