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2007 Ford Edge



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    It is my understanding that you will always have to say "phone" or "user device" with the nav system.

    In cars with Nav. there are 2 seperate voice recognition systems, the Nav one and the Sync one. The 2 are in series. This means that when you press the talk button you are talking to the Nav unit until you say "phone" or "user device". If you listen closly, you can hear the pitch and quality of the voice prompts improve when you go from talking to the Nav to talking to the Sync.

    Through Advanced Settings, you can eliminate some of the voice prompts. ie "please say a command" and all the reading of the menus. This does not eliminate having to say the commands though.

    You can also press the "talk" button again to skip the prompt and skip "listen":

  • Hey guys,
    Not sure if this has been addressed before. I am leasing a 07 and am looking into getting a remote starter for these wonderful Buffalo winters. Does an aftermarket unit void the warranty? Thanks for your input!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    First, aftermarket parts do not void the Ford factory warranty. HOWEVER if your aftermarket part damages a covered part than that repair is not covered by warranty.

    HOWEVER don't get an aftermarket system. Ford makes remote starts (actually code alarm is the supplier) and they are the best on the market.

    IF YOU get an aftermarket system, you will need to produce a programmed ignition key. When you get your remote start (aftermarket, or ford), you will need all of the keys for the vehicle with you. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT.

  • Got to take my SEL AWD to South Lake Tahoe for first time.. Just "SWEET" ...
    Waited 20minutes at chain control going up Hwy 50 due to most autos putting on chains, a Lexus crossover was in front of us but they stop them to check if they had M+S tires but we were waived by with no problems(Go EDGE).. No problems, it handled superior to my 95 Explorer(days of engaging 4 x4 are over for me & what a blessing).
    Best feature was dropping down into Lake Tahoe very steep grade, deactivated my overdrive by pressing the switch on the gear shift & Grade Assist kick in, touch my brakes once not like my Explorer stepping on the brakes & lowering into different gear(I always thought I was burning my brakes with its weight & hearing the gear wine)..Got to say it took control & it was the best ride I ever took down that grade.. My Edge was full of sludge & grime when I got it back to bay area.. time for a wash... Very Sweet in the Snow.. well worth the AWD,,, :D
  • Mark,
    Thanks for the help!
  • Thanks. As is was, that was the least of our concerns. Shortly after posting, while waiting to bring into dealership, the vehicle would not start. Jump needed and ran to recharge battery. Did this Friday - Monday am. Dealership said computer read battery charge, so they called me and said it was all charged and ready to be picked up. Funny thing though, they couldn't start it either.

    After 5 days they reprogrammed the computer (per Ford) and it starts every time. Sign of things to expect?

    Other than that, love the vehicle.

  • We have had our Edge for 6 months (approx 7000 miles) and have taken it in to the dealership on several occassions for misc issues (power window not working/clunk noise in struts) with the car. HOWEVER, last week (12/26) we noticed oil in the driveway after we moved the car into the garage and then noticed it in the garage. Quite a bit of oil. We had it towed to the dealership; they said it was a gasket/seal on the engine and that they had to order a part. And it would not be in until 1/2/08I'm not sure about this, but a few other people we have talked to said this is not good and to start filling out paperwork for a "Lemon". Has anyone else had issues? Anything as major as this? No engine/oil lights came on inside the vehicle. It drove just fine and this did not happen until I got home from work.
  • Did you check the dipstick to see if you still had had oil in the engine? If you were only a quart or so low you should be ok since you noticed the leak quickly. But if this was a slow leak over time and you were out of oil then you will need to have the dealer check engine wear and damage.

    Did you receive any info on why the gasket fail? Please let us know. I have the Edge on my short list for the next vehicle.
  • Things do Malfunction, espicially with all the Electronics today, think positive (negative thoughts/Lemon will do more harm than good).. I just got my Edge back from the dealership, they replaced Trubine & Speed Sensors, dropped it off on 27th 3pm & really thought it would not be ready till new year with holidays & Ups backup, (Friday, Saturaday & Monday=received the parts & 1/2 day to install them). Love my Edge, I guess the sensors would fall under power train warranty..Lets be positive & the rental was a PT Crusier (what piece of crap)
    Happy New Year.. Positive thoughts to ALL..
  • Has anyone experienced their exterior and interior lights going on when no one is around thier 2007 Ford Edge. My wife and I have never seen this happen to our car but the night time security guards in our condo complex have seen it. They claim it happened several nights w/o any alarm going off or anyone around. I believe they would have no reason to lie to us. Ford could not find the problem.
    Any info would be appreciated...
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