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Nissan Versa



  • Hi,

    I have 31,000 miles on my 09 Versa Hatch. Lately it is making an annoying popping / clunking sound from the front right. Sometimes it sounds like it is coming from under the floorboards between the left and right front seats.

    It can happen any time, even on a flat surface with no apparent bumps. But most often it happens when going over a small bump (not a big bump) and also when you are starting out from a complete stop, especially when turning right.

    It actually sounds like someone is striking a bongo drum with a drumstick, nice and hard, just once. Sort of a bunk sound. Sometimes you can feel it in the floor of the car.

    Had a lot of horrible roads to drive over this winter with potholes and bumps of all sorts, which may have caused the problem.

    Anyone else have this bunk sound? Were you able to get it fixed ?


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,331
    Roomy is the operative word! I wish I had taken a picture of this, but whiole helping with our high school summer orchestra moving instruments, I had two full size upright basses, three full size cellos, and a passenger inside the Versa with nothing sticking out any window and all doors and hatches closed.

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  • We have two Versas (soon to be three), and the hubcaps fell off my daughter's hatchback constantly. Solution: Bought a 4-pack from Walmart for less than $30, snapped them in, and it's been over six months without a loss.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Seeking feedback from new owners of the 2012 Versa Sedan, especially the base S model with 5 speed manual transmission.
  • Had my 2012 SL sedan 2 weeks
    Good ride for it's class
    Great back seat room for it's class
    Great gas mileage (35-36)
    Strong headlights/foglights
    Plenty headroom for 6 foot guy
    Gauges easy to see for 6 foot guy (most cars I cannot see the top half of the speedometer
    Warms up quick

    I don't have the tech package radio with Nav
    - Contrast of the stereo makes it very difficult to read
    - If you like music, plan on buying a sound system
    - Steering wheel controls allow volume up/down and cycle through 6 preset stations
    - If you hit scan on the radio, you MUST hit scan to stop it on the station you like. Hitting any other button will not stop the scan.
    Headrest is a little on the invasive side. I've driven cars much worse though.
    The buttons on the key are impossible to feel out in the dark.
    The window controls are a little far forward. I'm always blindly using the rear window controls rather than the front.
    The drivers side window control is the only lit control on any of the doors. Good luck finding the door lock in the dark.
    Good luck to passenger to find any door controls.
    The front cup holder area is not lit. (I think you can buy an accessory.)
    There are 6 drink holder which would be good except none of them are convenient. It requires moving your arm in an uncomfortable position.

    With that said I'm sure over time I could add to the list. I am still happy with my purchase.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,331
    Getting our 4th Versa 6-speed hatchback tomorrow. Daughter bought my 2007 from us so it's still in the family, the 2010 saved the wife when she was stopped in traffic and an F-150 plowed into the stopped cars and totaled it, so the 2011 replaced that one.

    Apparently we've been very pleased with our Versas ;)

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  • Has there been any recalls or defects found in the 2012 model?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    edited July 2012
    I'm resurrecting this thread. I have been looking at three models for a brand new driver. The reasons for these three (Fit, Yaris, Versa) are their ability to steer out of trouble, and the tall glass eliminating blind spots. I ultimately will buy a VERY used model to keep insurance costs down. The Versa hatchback is at the top only because there is a new model coming out in a few months and it should favorably impact the used prices (I hope). I currently own a Elantra Touring, which also is an outstanding car for a new driver (great viewing angles, the best brakes I've ever seen). The only reason it is not on my list is that the Elantras are plagued by vague steering, and one must fully pay attention while driving the Elantra or you could suddenly find yourself quickly drifting off into another lane. That type of steering is not good for a new driver. Now back to the Versa. While I have climbed in one or two, I have a few general questions before I ask you to provide any major safety issues with your car that you have encountered (like the electric steering failing on the Fit).
    1. how are the brakes? I rate the Elantra as an absolute 10. I rate my Vibe's brakes as a 2 (come on Toyota, get with it). I read some posts about the warped rotors, but I was wondering if that was a result of the nuts being torqued too tightly.
    2. can I change the oil myself? On the two models I have looked at, one had a plastic apron underneath and another model did not. They both were first gen (obviously) Versa hatchbacks, and I could not figure out why there would be a difference.
    3. should I get the SL, and more importantly, should I get the CVT transmission? I have seen some hatchbacks with the SL logo on the back, yet on, I also see ads for the SL with pictures of vehicles with no SL badging. Can someone straighten me out here?
    Aside from those questions, I'd like to hear any major issues with the vehicle (using the Fit as a model again: electric steering issues, excessive tire wear, few options for tire replacement due to its odd sizing).
    Certainly used Versas are more competitively priced than used Fits, so I appreciate all your pros and cons. Thanks in advance.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    edited July 2012
    My daughter has a 2009 Hatchback SL purchased new... CVT, 65K miles.

    In response to your questions:

    1- Absolutely no brake issues of any kind, and stopping ability is excellent.

    2-Oil changes are a breeze. Her car has the splash apron, and I replaced the plastic securing "snaps" (on the sides, 2 each side) with speed nuts and stainless machine screws. It isn't necessary to remove to get at the filter, but its much cleaner to remove it to get to it. One of the easiest oil changes you will find. Very similar to changing the oil on a Toyota Corolla.

    3-CVT gives the car a feeling of much more power than it actually has... Great for acceleration on Interstate entrance ramps, etc.

    Having said that, she had her CVT replaced under warranty at 49K miles (10 year, 120K warranty). It still ran fine, but a bearing was degrading, making a bit of a roaring noise at slow speed. It wasn't a surprise, as the issue first manifested itself at around 12K miles, and the dealer service personnel and I both agreed to let it run its course before replacing it. Overall, I haven't seen many reports on late model Versa CVT failures.

    My main disappointment is in the front seat door panels, as on both sides the adhesive holding the vinyl on both armrests has released. I have removed them and re-glued the vinyl, but it should not have happened in such a relatively new car so well taken care of...

    On the steering front, the dealer replaced the lower steering shaft under warranty, because the steering had a "popping" feel in it when you turned hard rights (primarily). evidently, according to the service dept., this was a widespread problem and it took Nissan some time to figure it out. Since repair, no issues.

    In conclusion, I wouldn't have any qualm about buying another Versa. In fact, my daughter is interested in trading up to the new model/body style after its been out for a year or so, so that any bugs can be worked out of the 1st year model run.

    I hope this helps you in your search for a car...Good luck!
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    your review was perfect. Thanks. If your Versa has the phone buttons on the left side of the steering wheel, I'll buy your Versa when it is time for her to get the new one. :D I'm amazed how many cars are advertised as SLs on yet don't have the SL badge on the back gate. I'm assuming that to even have a chance at finding the phone buttons on the left side, it will have to be an SL model.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    edited August 2012
    I was lucky enough to drive a SL hatchback with CVT today. Once you look past the cheap plastic interior, I am thoroughly impressed with this car. I thought the brakes were fantastic. I liked that there was a little slop in the steering to keep the car from quickly wandering into another lane. The visibility of course was excellent. I also liked the driving position (high seat position) even though there isn't any telescoping of the wheel. The car zooms from a stop very quickly with the CVT technology and the rear leg room is better than on my Elantra Touring which is hard to beat. I also love the small windows extending the view of the rear passengers. The upcoming Versa appears as though the rear passengers will be looking directly at the c pilar, which is not very appealing. Now, when it comes to buying a used one, I hope I can find a white or light blue one with the phone buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Very up set with the service department and will never recommend this dearler.

    Since Oct. 4th, 2013, i've been waiting on a part for my 2014 versa to get fixed and as of now, all that Bill (manager) has said is, "I'm sorry, but i don't know when this part will be made and shiped out to dealer". And there is nothing we here at the dearler can do to help, but just wait for the part. As if this is going to solve the problem and for me to get around.

    Also reported to Nissan 1 and it's the same B.S with them, they say they will help after my auto is fixed. I NEED THIS RESOLVED NOW, NOT LATER!

    This is very un-professional and they shouldn't be selling autos before the year comes in, if they won't have parts when needed.

    **** To all consumers, think twice before buying from this dealer! ****

    Has any one had this issue or is going through this?
  • Unbelievable.. 93k miles, regularly serviced car.. never again
    Luckily it is covered.. but we are dumping it asap
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